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If you are you Wondering if you really need a Content Calendar for your blog, Podcast or online business? Here are 5 reasons why you need a Content Calendar to Plan Ahead and Succeed in your life goals. Are you a person who is trying to find a simple system to plan consistently and effectively towards achieving your content creation goals? Then, this episode is for you! Listen and learn the answers to five questions content creators normally have and why you should use a template that is proven to make this important to-do simple and streamlined.  

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I went out yesterday evening for the first time since the week started and felt the crisp cool air kiss my face and my did it feel heavenly. Fall is almost fully here ya’ll and then winter!? Where did the time go?

Personally, last week was a bit of a struggle due to my allergies flaring up after getting creative in the kitchen. My chosen ingredients included lots of milk, cheese and :ahem: macaroni in the crockpot. Here I thought I was being clever, whipping up a new tasty lunch my husband and household could enjoy, only to find it may have been too much for my palette at the time. As I get wiser in years, I realize there are things that didn’t affect me before that totally affects me now. {{ subscriber.first_name }}, Can you relate? Let’s just call it growing pains 😉

Recently, I shared I was working on some special resources for you. I’ve added them to your dashboard if you have an account with us and I wanted to share one directly here for you to copy and take to our end of the month coworking planning session. There will be tutorials and more opportunities to follow as a Fearless Creator subscribed to The Fearless Creator Plan. 

Now, I want to address the 5 (Five) Key reasons why you need a Content Calendar:

1. A Content Calendar Keeps You on Track With Your Ultimate Goal

As Entrepreneurs and online superheroes making our digital footprints known in the online world, we strive to solve problems with no proximity boundaries or limits and we are all too familiar with the shiny new thing or squirrel syndrome. However, if you have prepared a content calendar in advance, it can keep you on track to accomplish what you originally set out to do without giving in to the distractions of “all the things”. This is a major win and reason to have a Content Calendar in my book. 

2. Why Is a Content Calendar Important? Clarify Where You Are Going

If the above reason wasn’t enough to get you reaching for a content calendar of your own. Think of the fact that if you have not utilized a systematic approach to achieving your goals before, then you have no way of knowing what you truly want to achieve. You are therefore hindering the possibility to get to where you want to go. You need a clear vision of the big picture plan with the end in mind and outlined path for what steps you need to take to get there. Which leads me to the third reason to have a Content Calendar Template.

3. Why Use a Content Calendar? Simplify Your Steps

When you know what your ultimate goal is and the action you want your audience to take, then it is so much easier to outline the steps to get you there and your audience there as well. A Content Calendar Template makes it so much easier for you to simplify and do what I like to call the Rinse & Repeat Method when you find what works. The way a Content Calendar is structured you will see allows you to plan out what small things you can share each week to strengthen your call to action for your business to be profitable as you create content around your offers.

4. How To Create a Content Calendar Template That Will Streamline Your Process

It’s so much easier than we think to get a system in place that actually works, especially when there are proven templates that are tried and true. What do I mean by that? I mean there are tons of content creators out there providing valuable information, resources and tools to help solve your problems and this goes for creating a content calendar as well. You simply need to utilize a template created by a creator that is finding success in staying on track, week after week, month after month, year after year…with a plan that works. No need to reinvent the wheel here! My clients understand the value in this and I’m always delighted when I receive feedback like the one I received recently from a thriving therapist who I am helping get her vision to be organized and have a plan in place to launch her Podcast effectively. It’s a beautiful thing to reduce the overwhelm she first had when she just had a vision and did not know where to start. I can’t wait to share more on this with you.

5. How Does a Content Calendar Work? It’s the Tool You’ll Keep Coming Back to In Order to Evaluate What Is Working For Your Business

When it is time to Evaluate what is working, what you need to improve on and what to just plainly get rid of, a Content Calendar is a great way to track what’s working. This is especially important as you can revisit your topics, keywords, headlines, social media shares and launches all recorded in your Content Calendar. Talk about a clear and inexpensive way to consult your calendar, so you can improve or prune your content creation. Now, if you pair this powerful resource with your email list provider analytics and website google analytics for traffic, you have a powerhouse method of using your analytics to get things rolling for the next quarter. It really does pay off to take the time to plan out in advance. Trust me, it gets so much easier over time. You simply need to begin.


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So, Here is a Recap of what was discussed in today’s episode:

  • A Content Calendar Keeps You on Track With Your Ultimate Goal

  • Why Is a Content Calendar Important? It Clarifies Where You Are Going
  • A Content Calendar Simplifies Your Steps
  • A Content Calendar Template Will Streamline Your Process
  • A Content Calendar is the Tool You’ll Keep Coming Back to In Order to Evaluate What Is Working For Your Business

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