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[00:00:00] Hello, Radiant Pearl. Welcome back to another uplifting episode of the Radiant Pearl Living Podcast, your source of inspiration for Radiant Pearl Living. I’m your host, Stacy Zant, and in this episode, we are going to continue the idea of your story matters, writing well, and making Radiant. Prayerful plans that matter.

Thank you for joining me today as you are encouraged to consider why prayer planning and journaling is a priority in 2024 and let’s not forget keeping the main thing. the main thing. As we embark on this new year, let’s set the tone for a radiant life filled with purpose and passion. The very theme and premise when we first launched this podcast, we have come full [00:01:00] circle in so many areas of living this life.

And today we’re going to explore why incorporating prayer Planning and journaling into our lives is more crucial than ever. First and foremost, prayer is our anchor. It connects us to the source of strength and guidance. Jesus in him, we live, we move, and we have our. being. And he orders our steps as such because we are in tune.

We are sensitive and discerning to his spirit and where he is leading us to go and maybe to stay. We cannot afford to get so caught up. In what we think is best or how we should best execute a thing as we gain years of living experience and accomplishing all the things we set out to accomplish.[00:02:00]

Because truth is, it is God who guides us and who orchestrates every aspect of our lives. Even if we acknowledge this fact or not. This is the case. I am a walking testimony of that. Having years of praying for certain dreams and promises to be fulfilled. And one of the greatest gifts in marriage, if you know our story personally and what we’ve shared most recently through a Live Again project.

And it took the appointed time in the Stepping back from doing certain things, from being caught up in all the plans and day to day hustle bustle of life and accomplishing goals for me to shift my perspective and have God lead me to the right places, the right people, and [00:03:00] to see the vision, the promise be actualized in the right season.

That’s the kind of God we serve when we spend time to consider that his plans are always greater and that he desires good things for us. He desires good things for you. That is why you’re tuning in today. That is why God led you here. He truly does know the end from the beginning, and it makes perfect sense to let him lead you willingly to the places you should go and the steps you should take, rather than fighting to figure things out all on your own.

After all, his plans are perfect, and his thoughts towards us are good. So good! Jeremiah 29 verse 11 says, For I know the [00:04:00] thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Let that word wash over your spirit in this very moment, knowing that God has devised, perfected, and purposed for you to be where you are right now.

Especially when your desire is to please him, to honor him, and you’re seeking him with every step that you take. When we breathe, that becomes a prayer unto Him as we seek His face and His direction day after day. If you’re a planner, like a lot of us are in the Radiant Pearl community, we are planning together, dreaming together, and seeking God together.

And so as we really purpose in our hearts [00:05:00] to make prayer, planning and journaling a priority, you see first and foremost from the word of God, why it’s so invaluable to trust him and allow him to direct you and order your steps and your path. In 2024, Let’s make prayer a priority seeking God’s wisdom in every decision and surrendering our plans to his perfect will.

We’re not about this permissive will here. We know that God will allow certain things to come to pass in our lives, and we have to go around the bend and all the topsy turvy twists and turns that we could have prevented if we only stayed on track, no matter how difficult, no matter how discouraging [00:06:00] and maybe even doubtful and disappointed you are on the path that he has you on.

It’s building you up. It’s making you stronger. It’s building up your spiritual muscle and backbone because we know life isn’t easy and it serves a lot at you, but God always has your best interest at heart. And that is when we kneel in, kneel down in prayer and we take time to press in, press into him and his love and his mercy and his goodness and His grace and His favor.

But none of this happens if things are so easy and wonderful, like butterflies just moving through life and never truly blossoming into all the things that God has for us to be. And to become. [00:07:00] His plans are perfect. His goodness and his mercy is overflowing. Do you see it? Are you grabbing a hold of that truth and that fact today?

Now, the importance of planning cannot be overstated. It’s important. We’ve heard it before. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Well, planning gives us a structure. to our dreams and turns them into achievable goals. So if I know that I want to accomplish a thing and we speak as fearless creators a lot about the big picture plan, you know, you want to pull off this huge event or you want to be able to accomplish this goal.

No matter how big or small that dream or goal is, you first give it to the Lord in prayer. You decide that, let it [00:08:00] be His perfect will. Let it be done in me and through me. It’s not in my own might, power, or strength, but it is in Him. And when He’s at the forefront, it is going to come to pass beautifully in the expected time and season.

And no one can do it like our God. Right? So I want you to think about making those plans, but giving those plans over to him in prayer, having a structure, having actionable steps and goals to meet that big goal and dream that you have in mind. Let’s be intentional about our aspirations, making plans that align with the purpose God has for us.

Because we may get excited and even carried away with this vision that we believe is the ultimate vision that should come to past. But if God shifts things, he shifts your life, perspective, [00:09:00] and circumstances, and you’re in tune hearing his voice and you know, okay, the vision that I had in mind was not quite the vision that God wanted to fulfill in this season.

What do I need to do now to make sure that I’m in alignment with God’s plan? If you’re spending time in prayer and you’re seeking the face of God consistently, as you’re taking these actionable steps, you’re making those goals, you’re writing the vision and making it plain, then it will all take shape and form into the beautiful big picture plan and vision that God ultimately had in mind for you and can I tell you it is greater there is nothing quite beautiful or more captivating than God’s perfect will and plan revealed in the season and in the moment that [00:10:00] he has in mind for you.

So let’s be in tune. Let’s be willing and able to take a step, take another step, pivot, move to the side, stay put, whatever he’s speaking and telling you to do in this moment to actualize that dream and take those necessary steps. Be willing. Let’s be submitted. Let’s be available. Let’s be at that place where we are surrendered.

That’s the most difficult thing, but it is the good thing. It is the godly thing that he has for us as we make our plans. So I want you to think about that purpose and making your plans in this season, in this year, that align with God’s purpose and will for you, journaling. will play a significant role [00:11:00] as you continue to ponder and reflect on God’s goodness.

Yes. And rejoice in that fact of what God has done. He’s allowed you to see another year. He’s allowed you to Be at this point in your life where you are open, willing, and available, listening to hear his voice and he’s speaking even now. I pray that I am that submitted vessel that he’s using a conduit to minister and speak into your life, to remind you of what is and what is to come.

And so, journaling. If you can spend time even now as we do on our lives or the different YouTube videos or our circle plan member calls and the different ways that we meet as a community in the Facebook group and through our summits, conferences and events with churches and so many others doing tremendous things in the [00:12:00] kingdom of God and the body of Christ, we want to spend time being reflective on the journey.

On this journey of life and in the word of God, allowing us to take note. Of how God is moving and how he has already done what he said he would because we’ve recorded those prayers in our prayer journals and he led us back to see just how faithful he is and how he was able to accomplish what he said he would when he put that desire in our hearts.

So know that journaling is a journey. It is an opportunity to document our growth, to see God’s hand at work in our lives, to express gratitude and hear God’s whispers in the midst of our thoughts. Oh, our thoughts that are flailing, that are so many and we just have to get it [00:13:00] down on paper or in our gratitude journal, in our digital planner, in all the ways that we’re taking time to note.

This year, let’s commit to journaling as a practice of self discovery and spiritual alignment. You never know, it may turn into a book. That is how my first book was birthed as a teenager. journaling, keeping a diary and speaking to God with the words that he would impress on my heart as I would continue on my day to day studies and living and being in college and just walking with him and listening, being keen to hear his voice.

So this self discovery and spiritual alignment, I’m praying and believing it will be In your life this year, it will come to [00:14:00] pass what he has spoken and to help you on this intentional living and radiant Pearl living journey, I am excited to introduce to some and to share reminding for those who are already familiar that we have an all new Radiant Pearl Dream Life Digital Planner, and it’s not just a planner, it’s a tool that I’ve designed to infuse your plans with faith, turning your dreams into a radiant reality. Remembering to take time to note the categories that God has you to focus on, whether you are preparing your meals and planning for what groceries you need to get so you can nurture your body, nurture your family’s body and making sure that you’re healthy.

Or maybe you’re in a season of homeschooling and you need to plan the day to day studies for you as an educator or for your [00:15:00] children and those that you’re called to serve and to help. And I’m going to talk to you today about how you can help instill and impart the Word of God and knowledge. Maybe you need to spend time, day after day, making sure to record appointments and you have your hourly so you can spend time in devotion.

And in prayer, whether you’re listening to a message like you are today in a podcast, or you’re listening to a live on YouTube and you’re receiving the word or in person in the church, your local body that you will not forsake assembling in. And. You take the time to note those sermon notes, apply those sermon notes, and apply the PEARL method so you can pray and reflect and do all the things that we take you through step by step.

Grab a quick checklist or page reminder [00:16:00] infographic of what the Pearl Method is about. So you can apply that or use the Pearl Method outlined in your Radiant Pearl Dream Life Digital Planner. It’s all there for you in the faith section. Maybe you want to scrapbook and keep mementos and see and be reminded that moments matter and it’s all beautifully outlined for you already and all you have to do now is write.

Record, place your picture on the spread so that at the end of the year or the season you can go back and see what the Lord has done. These are all things that we have made available to you to help you in your journey and make your dreams become a radiant reality. So before we wrap up, I want to leave you with this.

God has a beautiful plan for your life. Through prayer, planning, and [00:17:00] journaling, you can align your steps with his purpose and experience the radiance that comes from living in his will. Not his permissive will, his perfect will be done here on earth as it is in heaven. He’s gonna give us the stare of daily bread as we spend time to reflect on his radiance and how he’s created us to be radiant.

Just remember, as we look to the word, as we’ve provided scripture calendars in the Resource Library, take the time right now to go to RadiantPearlLiving. com or directly to theFearlessCreator.com/ResourceLibrary. And if you’re interested, Even if our circle is not currently available to the public, you can join the wait list.

If you’ve listened to previous episodes, you’ve heard about the [00:18:00] radiant pearl circle. And we have both circles for radiant pearls and fearless creators. Those who are looking to plan for radiant life they love, and those who are looking to fearlessly create and bring an income in their household, in their ministry.

as a fearless creator in the ways that God has positioned and called you for such a time as this. So if you’re ready to make 2024 a year of intentional radiant living, I invite you to not hesitate in going deeper in the word, in truth, in prayer, in planning, in journaling, all the things in all the right times.

Thank you for joining me today on this episode of the Radiant Pearl Living podcast. Head over to our website, radiantpearlliving. com or directly to [00:19:00] thefearlesscreator.com/prayerplanningandjournaling directly for notes on this podcast episode. And until next time, keep shining bright, radiant pearls.

And remember, we love to be social, to hear from you and to connect. So let us know how this particular podcast episode encouraged your heart and spurred you on forward. In your plans for 2024 do so by sharing that in our Facebook group or directly with me, lady Stacy’s aunt on Instagram, where I love to reshare your highlights and your takeaways.

When you tag me, we also have today’s episode being brought to you by the fearless creator. and radiant pearl circle prepared strategically and intentionally with a collection of resources, planning tools in a variety of ways that there truly is something for everyone. [00:20:00] Receive further encouragement in community that is created to help you operate in your calling with excellence.

You will have access to a plethora of training products along with the Fearless Creator Summit that we host each spring and fall to various degrees and covering various topics. The Radiant Pearl prayer journal package that we have created to equip you for faith filled moments recorded intentionally.

each day through prayer, worship, journaling, and Bible study. Enjoy the sample pack of a radiant pearl planner and what we have available to you for free. So you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. Check out the show notes so you can get that link directly and make sure that you check out the circle at thefearlesscreator.Com/circle. I’m so grateful and delighted that God led you here today [00:21:00] and that he’s brought you through to another year, another season, and that there is so much more to come as we continue to share multi generational stories that inspire. We want to hear your story. We want to share your story, and we want to hear how your commitment to walking.

In Christ with prayer as your guide with him leading you ordering your steps and allowing your plans that are so beautiful to be brought to fruition in its season to see the dreams. Come full circle and be made beautiful. And it’s time as you envision, as you record, as you plan, there is so much more ahead for you.

So share with us and all the social media platforms and use hashtag radiant pearl dream life so that we can see and [00:22:00] cheer you on. As you utilize your digital planner. And yes, even your physical planners, because some of you have already received those in the mail as we are continuing to restock because we know how important it is to plan and keeping those plans in the forefront and bringing it to the Lord in prayer.

We want to feature you, so thank you for spending time today connecting as I encourage you to plan for a radiant life you love and equip you to fearlessly create. Until next time, be blessed and continue to be the radiant pearl you’ve been called to be.


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The Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal Package, created to equip you for Faith-Filled Moments recorded intentionally each day through prayer, worship, journaling and Bible Study. And now we have the sample pack available to you for free so you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. 

Learn more at https://thefearlesscreator.com/samplepack 

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