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It’s safe to say, before you even begin making an Inspiring, Inviting and Organized Home Office or Craft Room you need to Declutter. 
I even have a special article written just on the process of decluttering
Today I want to share with you 7 steps you need to make and that I made to create an Inspiring, Inviting and organized home office, at least I’d like to think so. I’ve even broken up the steps further by providing 18 materials you need that I utilized to make a simple, chic, feminine and functional craft room. It’s perfect for all the work I intend to complete and craft centered tutorials I plan to incorporate while working inside of my Home Office/Craft Room this season. 
I so enjoyed preparing collages, full photos before and after photos with swoon worthy visuals to inspire you to begin or simply take your process deeper in creating a space you absolutely love!

So Where Do You Start When it Comes to Home Office Ideas Decor?

It’s no secret that there are many ways to go about setting yourself up with a decked out home office but how about creating a Home Office that can double as a Craft Room with a small room to renovate and make your own. This is exactly what I plan to provide. Take the time to look over the slideshows shared on this page, the process of creating a space you can absolutely love and materials to help you achieve that worthy goal. 

Stacy in Home Office with Neewer Ring Light
Radiant Decluttering Home Office Transformation 1
Stacy in Transformed Home Office behind Neewer light

While House Beautiful shares Home Decor Ideas that will transform your space, I want to show you directly how I transformed my Home Office from a Small Bedroom-formally one of our guest rooms to my craft room and at home work space I truly love. It’s like a dream, I just love creating content here and spending time dreaming up my next big project as I encourage others to Fearlessly Create. 

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces

Ever Wondered How To Organize Craft Room on a budget?

Before I share the exact Furniture and storage solutions I used

Let’s check out the small steps I took to complete the whole vision I had in mind for my home office. As you’ll see, it’s all in the details and I am going to keep things simple with the seven steps and 19 materials secured to make this vision a reality. 

In order to stay within a certain budget, you must have a plan and list of areas to tackle for a complete look at what you will need to get this Home Office or Craft Room Project done. 

7 Simple Steps and Areas that lead to Organization Ideas for Home Office

In the order of my small home office transformation you’ll see the exact areas I worked on, in the order listed, sometimes based on arrival:

  1. Book Case
  2. Walls & Window
  3. Table & Furniture
  4. Electronics, Gadgets & Fandelier* (the most recent addition to my radiant space)
  5. Carts, Baskets & Flooring
  6. Closet, Shelves & All The Things
  7. Curtains, Carpet Rug, Curtain Rods and Ties

From Home Office Desk to Craft Room Furniture and Storage Solutions

Easy Access List of Home Office Ideas and Craft Room Storage

I must Admit Amazon makes it super easy when exploring where to buy Craft Room Furniture. 

Once I figured out what color to paint my craft room and Home Office, so it would be a place I could delight in spending time, I was able to move on to other vital elements like moving my rolling carts, Cricut Maker and feminine fancies from downstairs to my new completely chic space. 

As you can probably tell, this was such a fun project worth all the effort and time. Now I feel like I can enjoy the fruits of my labor. I can’t fail to mention the work my Father (Happy Soon to Be Birthday to my Dad! He may be out of the country right now and another reason why I love Amazon is that I can order an ebook that I can send as a gift since he started reading a book I left on the counter while he stayed at my home to help me complete this Home Office Renovation project). I am also grateful for my dear husband who put the final touches on completing this renovation project. You can see them in action throughout the process getting to some hard to reach places. They played a glorious part in the recreation 😉

Amazon Clean & Renewed Home Office List at your Service:

  1. Fandelier Statement Centerpiece
  2. Small White Book Case
  3. Paint (Colors used were white-satin, Funky Shack Aqua and Haute Pink)
  4. The Perfect Adjustable Home Office Desk / Workstation Stand-Up Desk also ideal as a Craft Room Table
  5. White (Natural Silver) HP Monitor
  6. Premium Acrylic Monitor Stand
  7. Ergonomic Laptop Stand
  8. Ergonomic White Home Office Chair
  9. Cell Phone Holder for Streaming
  10. Storage Rolling Cart
  11. Gold and Rose Gold Wire Baskets
  12. Laminate/Vinyl Flooring
  13. Closet Rack Shelving
  14. Vinyl Storage 
  15. Peg Board
  16. Sheer Home Office Curtains
  17. Craft Room Carpet Rug
  18. Curtain Rods with Acrylic Diamonds
  19. Curtain Tiebacks

Complete Look at My Home Office Decorating Ideas and Progress

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1st Step to Sprucing up Your Home Office is to Declutter:

Prepare Your Craft Room Organization in Order

I’m so excited to equip you with the tools you need to create a space you love and to make it easy to do so after having gone through the process myself recently. 

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