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The idea of your Story matters and Writing Well continues with a focused exploration on Faith and Writing during this series of talk and encouragement for Lent. Have you thought about your personal story and why it matters? we will continue to discuss the power of your personal story, prayer, journaling and community through discussions in our Facebook Group and on Clubhouse throughout this series. 


You’ll want to make sure you have a designated space to record and get clear on your personal story. If you would like more help with this and have a story to share when it comes to your home-learn more here for an opportunity to be featured as a co-author in our upcoming book and have your story shared in audio format as well in an upcoming series to be released on our Podcast. 




Ready to Write Well, Learn more on worship and how to get published? You’ll want to check out this episode and resources to help you on your journey to writing well. 


In This Episode The idea of your Story matters and Writing Well continues with this interview featuring Today’s guest speaker- Tunji Olujimi, an author, coach, pastor and worship leader sharing his personal story and the impact possible through pushing past setbacks and dyslexia to operating in your strengths as you write and get published as an author. 

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*Opening on Purpose & Your Beautiful Story

At 1st glimpse, you’d think these are just withered roses…but there is a story and message here. When my husband and I returned home from service today, we entered into our kitchen and later into my home office to smell a sweet smelling savor we could not ignore and could be likened to that of worship lifted up to our king. I shared with him to look at the once very beautiful and vibrant roses he gave me only a week ago and how much fragrance it is producing today. 


How is it that something that we perceive with the natural eye- that is so lovely to look upon- not produce fragrance in the way this withered and dying version of itself can produce?

It’s a wonder. It reminds me of how circumstances in our lives that we thought would completely crush us or make certain parts of us die will produce a fragrance that is undeniable. There is something about the crushing, dying, what we believe to be withering away and brokenness that serves a beautiful purpose, providing greater value than we could have ever imagined. 

I pray God continues to send little reminders throughout your days, that simple yet powerful encounters exist in everyday things. The brokenness you may be experiencing or you may know someone is experiencing in this season is a part of God’s divine plan to make you a witness that he gives beauty for ashes, he turns our mourning into joy and our dying dreams into fulfilled promises. 


There will be no denying the fragrance your life will bring to this world, your loved ones, your community, your home, your congregation, your friends, your life when you know your life is not your own, but it was created to fulfill a beautiful purpose no matter what state you are in. 

Radiant Pearl Takeaways:

  • Break free from the mindset, that you can’t do something because of a condition or natural ability. 
  • Don’t allow setbacks to stop you from fulfilling purpose.
  • Disappointment is a stepping stone to your next level. 
  • A Book can go places, where you can’t go. Everyone has a book in them and a story to share.
  • Understand who you are in Him. 
  • When we understand our identity in God then failure can’t stop us. 
  • You can make impact, influence and income. Don’t just write to write but what is it you can do beyond the writing? 
  • How are you going to use your book to make impact?
  • If you just want to sell on Amazon, that’s fine but there is more you can do with your book.


Final Call to Actions:

As we continue to share multigenerational stories that inspire, I want to invite you to tell a friend about this podcast. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook what was your greatest takeaway from this episode (when it comes to recognizing that all you need is small seed faith to move mountains with prayer & power in your life?)


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  • Outro-Listen to the stories of our elders, millennial mentees who’ve become mentors themselves as you strive to find your purpose. Delve deeper in the discussion and ideas through journal questions provided in our weekly newsletter. Thank you for listening to Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live with Stacy Zant Visit us on Clubhouse and I look forward to connecting with you as I encourage you to live a radiant life you love!

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This week’s journaling questions are:

  1. What is significant about your story?
  2. How has pain and setbacks shaped you into the person you are today?
  3. How will I take the time to develop the disciplines in my life on my journey(with journaling, planning and writing consistently?)

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