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Welcome to a live interview featuring Rashawn Copeland. 

Would you like to know just how important your story is? Your Story matters and this interview with Rashawn Copeland, former Hype Man to Soulja Boy transformed to a soldier in the Lord’s army will encourage you in more ways than one to Start Where You Are.

Recent Author to Start Where You Are published by Baker Publishing, Rashawn Copeland is the founder of I’m So Blessed Daily, Without Wall Ministries, Copeland Ministries and Jesus Feed on IG. A Young Adult Pastor at People’s Church currently in Seminary, has published devotionals on The You Version App and is the host of The Scriptures and Stories Podcast. It was a delight to interview and have this Conversation sharing his story and what led him to the journey he is now on with his family as he Evangelizes and shares his most recent work scheduled to release tomorrow, September the 1st if you are listening to this Episode when it first published on The Radiant Pearl Living Podcast.

Above this post and in this podcast episode, you will find incredible gems in audio format shared by our special guest. We are here to share stories that inspire and empower while spreading the message of hope to other visionaries and entrepreneurs.

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Highlighted Transcript Notes: (The Full Transcript can be downloaded here)

Be encouraged-Your Pain is not in vain. Pain will lead to purpose. 


However, you know, my plans, as it says in Proverbs 19 20 one, many are the plans of a man’s heart. But it’s the Lord’s purpose that prevails. So God had a purpose for me that I never thought he had for me. And what sort of pointed me to my purpose was the pain that I experienced in my life. And our pain sort of gives us this platform in a way to share freely and fully, you know, our brokenness.


I would not have been able to finish this book, you know. I mean, we all need community, you know, and it’s important that we understand, you know, how our vitality, like you were saying in our vibrancy, our passion is connected to, you know, being a part of the body. So I love what the scripture says about our sharpens iron. So does one man show up at another? Man, I couldn’t be a double X, you know, speaking into the lives of however many people will pick up this book because it was never God won’t go.

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*Radiant Pearl Takeaways

  • Discover and Explore the Perk for Pain
  • Start Where You Are-He’ll take you where you need to be. 
  • Jesus is the only one who can take you from not liking books to writing books. 
  • Only God can use the unlikely to do the unimaginable
  • God’s mercy will meet you in the mess
  • Be Free from the pain of your past
  • If you feel stagnant could it be because you are not connected to His body, the church. The community.
  • Let God meet you in your deepest darkest wound

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