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In this episode of Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live …

You are encouraged to be resilient and build grit on your journey as a Radiant Pearl and Fearless Creator, be inspired by Amberly Lago, author & Top 1% podcast host to consider core concepts to help you on this journey to recognize you are Anointed & Appointed-You can and will be able to Operate In Your Calling With Excellence no matter what comes your way!

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Please enjoy the full transcript of this podcast episode below:

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, Christian Content Creators, fearless creator. I’m so excited to have with me here to deal with them. Lovely. I’m ready. And I want to share with you about this amazing woman of God, because she is going to bring to you some trusting and some incredible information on how to build resilience. Her story is one that has blessed and truly impacted so many, and I want you to be able to really listen and.

What she has for you today? Amberly Lago is a peak performance coach TEDx speaker host of top 1% podcast globally, and a leading expert in the field of resilience and transformation. She is the best selling author of True Grit and Grace and empowers people around the world by sharing her story, how she turned a tragedy into triumph welcome with us today.

So good to [00:01:00] have you here Amberly. Oh, Stacy.

[00:01:03] Amberly Lago: Thank you so much. And thank you for that beautiful introduction. Can I just hang out with you all day?

[00:01:08] Stacy Zant: Yes, I would I would love, love that. You’re amazing. And I’m just so excited that you accepted the invitation today to speak to Christian content creators are fearless creators. I believe there’s no better person to speak on this topic.

And I’d love for you to share with us a bit more about you. You’ve accomplished such a good deal. And I know that as we go through this story today is going to truly be a blessing.

[00:01:37] Amberly Lago: Oh, thank you. Well, you know, when you said expert on resilience, I will tell you, first of all, that is only because I have failed. I have hit rock bottom.

I have been in a near death accident and survived it. So many challenges, and I want to share everything that I’ve learned along the way. So no matter what you’re going through as you’re listening, [00:02:00] and you may be going through a challenge that you can get through that challenge and thrive. And I also want to say to all you amazing creators out there that it was only five years ago, Stacy, five years, that I didn’t even own a computer.

And so, you know why I’m so blown away by your tech savvy skills, but it’s never too late to reinvent yourself to go after your dreams. I completely reinvented myself my whole career. At age, gosh, I was 43. When my book came out, I decided after, you know, I had had a successful career in the fitness industry.

I was sponsored by Nike. I was doing. Fitness videos. I was writing articles for shape or being interviewed. I didn’t type them up. I was being interviewed to do articles for shape magazine and health magazine, and everything changed in the blink of an eye when I was hit by an SUV while riding my motorcycle home from work and. I [00:03:00] remember lying in the street and looking down at my leg that was completely just shattered into pieces. There was blood everywhere. I didn’t even know at the time that my femoral artery was severed and I had no idea that it was going to change my life. So drastically. I really didn’t. Until I was rushed to the hospital, I mean, I had excruciating pain, they couldn’t control it.

I had lost so much blood that they had to put me in an induced coma. And when I woke up out of a coma, they said, I’m sorry, Mrs. Lago, this is like a war wound. There’s nothing we can do for you. You have a 1% chance of saving your leg from amputation. So we need to go ahead and amputate and I thought, well, wait a minute, 1%.

That means there’s still chance there. So we need to find a doctor who is going to be willing to take that chance with me. And let me tell you, it took an act of God. It’s. An incredible [00:04:00] surgeon, a lot of prayers, and it took 34 surgeries, but they were able to piece by piece, put my leg back together.

And it took years of healing and acceptance and a decision that I wanted more out of life and that I wanted to create something more. And. You know, I had a doctor that told me that I was going to be wheelchair bound forever when I was diagnosed with this nerve disease as a result of the accident. And I just want to say that, when we create the vision that we want for our lives, and we become a part of that vision and we have a community like the beautiful community that you’ve created, Stacy.

We can have the life that we have always imagined. All it takes is to tap into our resilience and to build our grit and give ourselves some grace along the way.

[00:04:47] Stacy Zant: I’m just so in awe, how you been able to even look back and put to words, , just the pivotal moments that I know for [00:05:00] anyone, it would be enough to crush them. But in that moment, it’s what really built you into who you are today. The powerful force that is encouraging and uplifting others to know what is deep inside of them

You said 34 surgeries I mean, really you are a walking miracle and, I’m so grateful that you haven’t contained it. You’re also a TEDx speaker. You’ve shared your story on multiple stages. And I would love for you to let us know. How did you decide where you would begin with telling your stories so that you would be able to get your point or message across to whatever audience it is?

Because a lot of us, we do go through a lot of experiences and sometimes it’s hard to get clear as a Christian content creator as a fearless creator to see what is it I’m not going to bring to the people today that I’ve been assigned to, that I’ve been appointed to and [00:06:00] anointed to uplift.

[00:06:01] Amberly Lago: Oh, what a great question Stacy. And, for me, honestly, I didn’t have any idea just how much better my life could get. What I really was clear on was that I wanted to create a community of authenticity, of love and support. I wanted to show people that there is hope there is a way and that we can get through hard things.

And so. I’d been training clients one-on-one and then I started being asked to go speak at like hospital clinics and schools and rehabs. And I got sober in 2016 after hitting rock bottom. When I couldn’t control the pain and trying to cope with like numbing out, I developed a problem.

My inside didn’t match my outside on the outside. I was trying to pretend like everything was okay and everything I wasn’t hurting, or I wasn’t in pain. And on the inside, I felt like I was dying inside and it wasn’t until I decided [00:07:00] there’s got to the more to life than this.

And I want to heal and I want to get better. And I want to share what I learned with other people that I started gaining momentum on. The clarity on my vision and what I wanted to do. And so I thought, how can I turn my pain to purpose? And , this couldn’t have just happened for no reason, how can I turn this pain to purpose and share this hope after I spent?

And it took me years to heal and therapy. I’m not saying it was easy. And it took a community of people that loved me until I could love myself. And I realized when I accepted where I was on my journey, then I could start connecting with other people. And I slowly started building this community and I thought, how can I build a bigger community?

And I thought, well, I could write a book. And I will tell you that we all have these big dreams. And sometimes when we share our big dreams or big vision or a big goal, people might think it’s silly or they [00:08:00] might try to talk you out of it, or they’ll tell you, oh, you’re not smart enough. Or how are you ever going to do that?

And look, I had my own limiting beliefs that I had to, to battle, but I had people near me that were like,you want to write a book Amberly really you don’t even own a computer. Why don’t you just stick the fitness, stay in your lane. And I was like, oh, now I’m really motivated. I think, you know, tell a woman, she can’t do something and that’s the first thing she’s going to do.

And so if you’re listening and I know you have a story we all do, and you’ve had that urge to write a book. This is. Your sign. This is your reminder to start writing. And all you have to do is start becoming a part of that vision. So all I had to do was I didn’t own a fancy computer. I started writing and look, I still have one on my desk right here.

I still write on these little notebooks. And then when I got serious about it and started putting more together, I bought a computer, I took a class, I took a writing [00:09:00] class. I found an editor. I found a publisher that actually wanted my book. And the publisher said to me, he goes, we can not market this. If you want to sell your book to get your message out there, you’re going to have to market and brand it yourself.

And so that’s when I was like, okay, I had like a hundred followers on Instagram. I started going, okay. I’m just going to share my experience, strength and hope with everybody that I can through social media and my goal, and so important to set goals, have a deadline. Starting point have things that you can do every day and have a big goal that you can really be motivated to climb to.

And so I had a goal of in one year when my book came out to have 10,000 followers on Instagram, so I could have the swipe up, you know, the magical swipe it, seeing that small goal. When I reached it, it was a big celebration for me. And I am telling you, because I worked every single day on trying to be of [00:10:00] service and add value through my social media.

When my book came out. I ended up getting on the today show and getting interviewed by Megan Kelly. My book became a best seller, and I only share that not to pat myself on the back, but to say that if I can do this, that anybody can do it. All it takes is consistency. It becomes really feeding your vision with positivity every day.

And one thing I have to say is making sure that you’re seeking. Counsel and not opinion because everybody’s going to have an opinion go to people who have already done what you want to do. Invest in yourself, invest in a coach or a mastermind, but accountability is so important. And one other thing I just want offer as much as I can.

Something that really helped me is yes, I’m all for learning. And I’m still learning. Like I just told you, I just downloaded E cam yesterday. I’m trying to learn everything I [00:11:00] can, but I have learned to really hire my weaknesses and focus on my strengths. So I love writing. I love coming up with captions for Instagram.

I could do that all day, but some things like building a website, I’m not great at. So I hire somebody. So it’s really important to have a team when you’re going after your goals and know what your strengths and your weaknesses are. But I just want to say if I can do that and reinvent myself and have a book that the day it launched was, and I took a screenshot of this between Dr.

Wayne Dyer and my favorite author, Dr. Bernay brown on. Oh, my gosh. Anything is possible if we just work hard enough for it.

[00:11:46] Stacy Zant: Hello, radiant, Pearl. I hope you’re enjoying this video and I just want to give you a friendly reminder to like subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you do not miss any more delightful, [00:12:00] wonderful videos coming to you on this channel.

Thank you so much for your support and let’s get back to the show.

Amberly. I’m just so grateful because you pointed out so many key notions in your share. And as you were sharing your story and what you’ve been able to overcome, one of the first things I heard was this concept of acceptance that is so vital on the journey because, you know, as fearless creators, sometimes we’re not willing to accept sometimes the part of us that really, really needs to be able to get over some of the things that we lived through and knowing even there are limitations, but we don’t let the limitations stop us. So you pointed out even being able to recognize after you’ve accepted. What areas can you maybe improve on or pass on to someone else? And don’t allow the limitations to hinder [00:13:00] you from where you are able to go as a fearless creator and the people you’re able to reach as a result of a community you’ve been called to.

And you’ve been called to such a great group of people, great community that you’ve built. You pointed out Instagram and how you remain consistent. And you didn’t even have to do a whole lot because you built up, you took that time to make that investment in your people, in that audience. And as a result of that, when you came up with this incredible.

Body of work and your story. It was so well supported and led you to all of these tremendous places that you’ve been like the today show. So want you to share with us because there’s so many people that want to share their story, they want to record and write. And we always love to hear the process of being able.

Pen to paper. I love you showing your notebook. So let us know what your process was like to be able to [00:14:00] organize and pull out your story and get it on paper and now get it before the masses.

[00:14:06] Amberly Lago: Well, you know what, thank you, Stacy. And you know, I think first of all, it’s important to share that we all have a story, but.

I think it’s important to share from a scar and not an open wound, meaning that really make sure you’re doing the healing. And you’ve taken the time that you need to take a look at your life and heal what needs to be healed to let those feelings rise to the surface. One of the things that really helped me with that was writing and I mean, writing was a life-changing tool for me.

I remember. When I was in the hospital and I had these metal rods that held my leg together and I didn’t sleep because they would come in every three hours and rip these bandages off of my leg. And I remember. Looking at some infomercial and it [00:15:00] was this beautiful girl in a bikini running on the beach.

And I thought, wow, well, am I ever going to be able to run again? Or they, you know, will, my husband love me. Will I ever be able to wear a bikini again? Will I be able to chase my kids? Are they going to amputate my leg tomorrow? Is my husband going to leave me? Am I going to die? Like I spiraled down into just despair.

And writing is what really saved me. I wrote out the things, instead of focusing on all the things that I didn’t have, or I couldn’t do, I started writing gratitude lists for all the things that I did have and all the things that I could do. And I put my focus on that and it not only helped me. Stay in a place of gratitude.

It shifted my perspective, but it really allowed me to process those feelings. There’s something really different. When you take pen to paper, you can think about stuff, but when you can do a brain dump and just put it all on paper, it is very healing. I think that along with having some [00:16:00] very close, inner circle that I could confide in and talk to and.

Really developing that courage to. Just be vulnerable. I used to think that vulnerability made me look weak or less than, and what I found it was the total opposite that sharing authentically and from my heart and from my scars, I was able to connect with someone and several people that were going through something similar.

And the thing is, look, that’s really hard. Now, a lot of times on social media, because everybody’s sharing their highlight reel, you know, I mean, I’m guilty of just wanting to share like the good things that are going on. Cause it’s hard to acknowledge some of the things that are really tough, but I have found when I share my experience, just yesterday.

I shared on my Instagram that I just recently moved back to Texas and it’s been a little harder than I thought after living in LA for 31 years. And I shared some of the mindset [00:17:00] hacks that have helped. Come to find out. There’s a lot of people that have moved and they’re struggling too. And we’ve been able to connect on Instagram, through DMS.

I’ve had people, I sent it out in my newsletter. I had people reach out to me and because of it, I’m having lunch with a friend in Dallas. I’m having lunch with a friend in Austin. It’s like, when you share what you’re going through. It’s an opportunity for people to connect with you, and it’s an opportunity for you to build your community.

So it’s not just about like, well, how can I share something to sell something it’s about building those relationships. And I think when we build genuine relationships, that’s when we start to grow in every way.

[00:17:44] Stacy Zant: Wow. Every time I can’t help, but say, wow. After you share, because you continue to speak to the core of why it’s so vital to make sure you tap into the true grit that is [00:18:00] required to get to that next level, especially when you were looking to walk in your appointment, walk with anointing.

And recognize that there are people who are called to you that may not even realize that they’re called to you until you make that post until you make that share until you remove the veil and allow people to really see what is going on. And I’m just so grateful, love your feed. I love what you share on Instagram.

And I want to encourage everyone to make sure that they connect and just see how real and raw, it can be to really allow people to get to know you. And I know that that will be a testimony and a witness to others who may be timid, and they’re trying to figure out how can they connect with their tribe with their people.

And you’ve pointed out another thing, the inner circle, having that, having people that you can lean on and we need to share a little bit more about that concept because that’s [00:19:00] going to even help you in your journey to pull out some elements that you didn’t even know were there as you’re looking.

To share your story and to resonate with people as you’re writing that book. And of course, we’re going to get to your journal as well. So just let us know a little bit about that inner circle.

[00:19:17] Amberly Lago: Yeah, well, you know, I would say probably the most important things. So I have a method I’ve developed cause I needed a quick fix for like when I was anxious or when I was sad or when I was tired or when the pain was overwhelming.

Something a quick fix to remind me that I’m resilient and go down this list and it’s called pacer. It stands for perspective, acceptance, community endurance and rest, and that middle part of pacer community, which we just spoke about maybe the most important part of pacer because I used to think that I had to do it all alone.

Like I was tough. I had grit if I just worked harder, if I just kept pushing through, [00:20:00] you know, I grew up with mottos, like, suck it up and get her done and hide your crazy and be a lady. And those carried me through, but suck it up. Only worked so far when I really allowed those feelings to come up. And I had that inner circle that I could ask for help.

And that was hard. Let me tell you, I remember when I was really struggling, I mean, I was at a place where I thought I don’t want to live anymore, but I was too afraid to die and I was drinking every day. And I say that because look, the quick fixes to numb out, whether that’s eating too much or drinking too much or shopping too much or dating too much or whatever it is too much instead of accepting where you are on your journey.

And I had a friend who I knew who, was in recovery and it took every ounce of courage in me because I had so much shame, so much shame for what I had become.[00:21:00] And I was in this victim mentality of how did a good girllike me end up like this, you know, but instead I thought, well, what can I do? How can I become the Victor of my life?

And the first step to that is acceptance and then reaching out to somebody and asking for help. So if there’s in the most important thing I can leave you with today is never. Do it alone. You never have to go through anything alone. There is somebody out there, whatever it is that you’re struggling with, maybe it’s technology, because I struggle with technology.

There is somebody out there like Stacy, who is amazing at it that can help you through. Maybe it is that you’re drinking too much. There’s somebody out there that has walked a recovery, a sobriety recovery in a program, and they can help you. They’ve gotten to the other side. Whatever it is, maybe you’re a working mom and you’re having trouble being, balancing everything.

There are other moms out there that feel the same way. So if you [00:22:00] start to share first, would that inner community, maybe a close friend, maybe someone that you really trust and you start to heal and you start to get gutter. Then when you feel comfortable and nobody knows. What that is until you have to decide, nobody can tell you how to share that, you know, and I think for everyone listened to your heart and follow your gut, and really truly know that you’re never alone reach out, reach out to me.

I answer all my DMS, but the thing that has really helped me the most is having accountability, whether it is. In my entrepreneurial journey, I’m in a mastermind. I invest in a mastermind. I have my own mastermind. I have a coach and I am a coach. I have a sponsor and I sponsor women. I don’t think that we’re meant to do things alone.

And I think when we can always stay humble and hungry. We can achieve such progress. And it’s not about perfection. I mean, it’s about just taking those [00:23:00] little steps every day and celebrate your victories along the way.

[00:23:04] Stacy Zant: Wow. Thank you so much. Amberly, you broke down so many elements here of recognizing the value of the inner circle and , I know some people are familiar with the mastermind, the coach, but then you mentioned something that is a notion that many people don’t really discuss the sponsorship. And, when we talk about getting to that next level as well as in the ministry and the marketplace in the business realm, sponsorship is vital and I’d love for you to just let us know. How would you define that sponsorship relationship that you have maybe given and that you have received so others can understand that concept.

[00:23:45] Amberly Lago: Well, there’s a couple of ways that I sponsor. So I sponsor in recovery and it’s, it’s giving away what has been given to me. And that’s how I keep my sobriety. I give what has been so freely given [00:24:00] to me. So I show by example, but also share what has worked for me. And it’s the same in one of my businesses for health and happiness.

In fact, right before we started this conversation, I was texting with my dad and who would have thought I’m actually sponsoring my dad with a health and wellness program. And I am sharing. With him because he had back surgery and he’s having a lot of pain and a lot of inflammation he’s coming over to the house tomorrow.

So I can get him set up on a program. So sponsorship can look like so many different things, but it’s really taking the hand of another person and sharing what you have learned along the way what’s worked for you along the way and letting that ripple effect so they can learn and grow. And then. Sponsor someone else.

And you just continue to spread the health, the joy, the wellness, the [00:25:00] vitality. So we can all. Feel better and do better because you know what, when we feel better, we can do better. And so sponsorship for me works in my spiritual life. You know what Stacy, when I just, when I moved here, the first thing that I thought, this is what I needed.

When I first moved, I gotta find meetings to keep my sobriety. I have to find a church and I have to find a barn for my daughter, cause she needs to be around her horse, crazy girls. And so. Right away this first week I was here. I had a friend I never met in person. We met her. Name’s Rachel shear. She is amazing.

She’s a nutritionist. She lives in Dallas. I only connected with her through social media. She’s like, do you want to go to church with me? I’m like, yes. So I have a new church. And so when you surround yourself with like-minded people, with people that, that want to feel better, that want to do better, that want to grow and stay connected to their [00:26:00] higher power.

It’s amazing. I feel like we meet people that are meant to come in our lives. That’s how we met, you know, it’s like, I’m so happy. I get to call you a friend and thank goodness that’s through social media.

[00:26:15] Stacy Zant: Wow. You are always just hitting the point where it’s, something that we can really feast on and ponder on.

And I’m just so excited because I was thinking about our story as well as you were sharing these connections. And it’s just so amazing if we. Listen and accept, the calling the nudge to show up in different places to meet with certain people. we just never know where it’s going to take us and lead us.

Now you found a church. Here we are connected and sometimes it simply starts with, I see something in this person or recognize, what they’re doing. Let me send a message. Let me just connect. And let me just see. what is this going to lead [00:27:00] to? And I believe that it really is the unction. Of the holy spirit that lives inside of us, that is directing us and we have to really be discerning and we have to really be in tune. And I believe, you’ve been in tune Amberly in so many different ways that has led you to create such a highly impactful book, podcasts, which I know we don’t have enough time to get into all of these things, but I’m just so grateful that we’re beginning to just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of, what you are able to accomplish.

If you simply accept the call and you simply do the work. And so I’m just so grateful. Amberley, I want you to share, even in terms of the journal, cause you spoke a little bit about. Having that attitude of gratitude, being grateful in spite of everything that you’ve been through. And you’ve created such a tremendous resource.

I want you to talk a little bit about your freebie and then wait, we’re going to talk about what you’ve included in the prolific [00:28:00] bundle.

[00:28:01] Amberly Lago: Okay. And Stacy, I just want to say, I love what you said about that. Nudge, like listening to the nudge. And you know, I was at dinner the other night here at the new restaurant.

There were some ladies there were three ladies at a table and I was like, I’m going to go. I need new friends in Dallas. I’m going to go introduce myself. I listened to the nudge. And then I was like, well, my family thought I was crazy, but I’m like, no, I want to meet women. These look and guess what?

I have three new friends here in Dallas, just because I listened to that nudge. So go listen to the nudge, send the text message, the DM, call someone, go up and introduce yourself. I set that example for my daughter. And so she’s doing that, her new school now, but yes, gratitude has been such a huge part of my journey.

It still is every day I practice it every day. I have a group of women that we call ourselves the God squad, and we share what we’re grateful for [00:29:00] 10 things every morning or night. And I start my day out with that. And so it’s one thing to think about it. It’s one thing to write it down, but when you share it with people, Then it shifts your perspective.

You can see what they’re going through in my goodness on a day when I was in a pity party and I saw that one of my girlfriends was having her last chemo treatment. I thought, wow, how blessed am I? That I’m cancer free. So it’s a good way to shift your perspective. So I created a downloadable gratitude journal. that I’m happy to share. You can find it at AmberlyLago.com, but I think you have all the links and all that as well. So it’s just a good practice that if you do it every day, it changes your life. It’s alchemy. It really does get you focused and realize what you do have and what you can do.

And so to me, it’s gratitude is my medicine.

[00:29:57] Stacy Zant: Yes. Oh, my word, you are a lady after my own heart. [00:30:00] Like every time throughout this conversation I’m like, yes, I’m just loving her more and more that God squad. I’m sure everybody wants to be a part of that. I know I do. And you know, just recognizing it does begin with even getting through the muddle of what’s in our mind, out on paper, counting our blessing, seeing what we’re grateful for.

I’m just so grateful that you have created a resource like this. I want to encourage all of our listeners, those were tuning in of course, watching this live, just being able to have that opportunity to take something that you’ve labored over with love, to help guide others through the process.

And then you have been so generous and really, because you’ve taken the time to put together a playbook, you’ve put together just a plethora of resources that normally they would have access to at a certain fee. But because they’re getting The Prolific Bundle, they will have access. And I’d love for you to share with everyone a bit more about these details.[00:31:00]

[00:31:00] Amberly Lago: Yes, I’ve created for your community and because I’m really excited just to be a part of your community and so grateful for you, Stacy. Seriously, I thank you for this opportunity to share with your community. And I thought, what can I create for you and your community? That will really be something that people can.

Use as a tool to thrive. And so I created a playbook and it’s how to get through anything and thrive. And it will talk you through ways to shift your perspective, how to be in acceptance. So you can take action to go after your goals, how to build your community and what you can do. And Endurance, How do we get that endurance?

Cause my goodness, you know, being an entrepreneur takes a lot of endurance, so talks about how to build grit and then the final part of building your resilience, which is rest and finding creative ways to make rest a priority. Because if you really want to be resilient, sometimes you have to strategically stop.

[00:32:00] And I had been so serious about this Stacy that I now. Even, I mean, my husband got me this ring, it’s called the aura ring and I wake up. The first thing I do is go, okay, how much sleep did I get? And I’m in a competition to really set a goal for myself to get seven to eight hours at least of sleep at night to just boost our immunity and for brain clarity and for healing.

And so I wanted to create this so you can take this playbook and apply it to whatever challenge that you have going on in your life or. Just to build up your resilience. So if you know, God forbid, something does come up, you will have something to get you through. You will have strengthened your resilience.

So I am excited to share this. I’ve I’ve really put a lot of thought and intention behind it, and I really, truly hope that it gives others just the tool they need to get through any challenge.

[00:32:53] Stacy Zant: You really have Amberly and, you know honestly, I cannot say enough [00:33:00] about just the attention that you’ve taken to serve, to show up.

It is such a Testament to what you embody the work that you do. Everything is filled with excellence. And one of the things that we really want to drive home is really operating in excellence as someone that is anointed and appointed for the season. And you have been anointed and appointed for the season, and I’m just so excited about what is to come and, it’s amazing because as you continue to share, I find so many different things that I could go into a conversation with you about.

And we just want to give people a taste today because we want them to receive when you do your live segment during our summit, and they’ll have an opportunity to learn and to feast and to grow as drill deep on this concept of knowing that you have that resilience in you and you can build that grit. And so one of the things our listeners love to hear is what does it mean [00:34:00] to you to be a fearless creator? How would you define that? And what role does that play in your life?

[00:34:06] Amberly Lago: I think it’s staying true and being you like really just, you know, I feel like life can change in the blink of an eye.

We’ve been through so much in the past two years, and it’s really a call. God is calling us to step into our courage and really go after what our vision is. So to me, it is being authentically you and taken a step every day to get closer to what your big dreams and your big goals are and celebrating every step along the way.

So. Thank you for having me. And I’m just so grateful that I get to see your face and so excited about March as well. So thank you, Stacy.

[00:34:52] Stacy Zant: Thank you. Amberly. I want to give you one last, you know, hoorah of, any final words you want to share and how people [00:35:00] can connect with you? Thank you.

[00:35:01] Amberly Lago: Well, really think that connecting with others is the best part of this whole journey, the best part of my book writing journey, the podcast, being able to connect with others.

And so I want to hear from you, reach out to me. You can reach out at amberlylago.com. You can text me at 8 1 8 2 1 4 7 3 7 8 or. Look at some of the behind the scenes shenanigans on Instagram at Amberley Lago motivation. But I do want to hear from you and want to connect with you and just grow our tribe of faith-filled passionate people.

So Stacy. You’re amazing. And I have to just say all she is brilliant and tech savvy and has helped me today more than you ever know. So I’m grateful for you and your friendship and for this chance to be with you and your community. So thanks for inviting me to your amazing event.

[00:35:53] Stacy Zant: Thank you Amberly. Oh my gosh. Your kindness, your graciousness knows no bounds. [00:36:00] And I want to encourage everyone as you’re listening to this episode, as you’re tuning in, maybe on the YouTube channel, wherever you are receiving this, I want you to take advantage of the opportunities. I know you’ve taken notes, but take it a step further.

Get that gratitude journal. And then as a Prolific bundle VIP holder. I want you to be able to drill deep, with the playbook that Amberly has so graciously provided along with a plethora of other resources to help you operate in your calling with excellence. You are anointed, you are appointed and we’re positioning you to do what it is that you’ve been called to do with excellence! Until next time see you again soon!


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