[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: We are going to discuss walking in purpose or passion. Wow. When you hear the words, purpose, passion, would you say that these words are overused? Would you say that you’ve pondered these two words in your life over and over again, and as to whether you are walking in these two different modes of being walking in purpose or passion, how would you define purpose?

Is that something you’ve embraced? How would you define passion? Are you. Seeing both as interchangeable words that operate in your life and that give you meaning as well as giving you vision and mission for your purpose, [00:01:00] your reason here on earth. It’s always so interesting to hear people’s perspective on this particular word of purpose.

We define it and then we speak about it and then we apply it to why we do the things we do and why we go, where we go and who we decide to connect yourselves with. All right. So we’re going to have our first guest Alex come up and share her thoughts as to what purpose and passion means to her as well.

What it means for her to walk in purpose and passion, and then we will get into the definitions as I’ve done a little bit of research as usual to prepare, and we’ll be able to go and explore further. So welcome Alex. Yes, we’re counting down 3, 2, [00:02:00] 1. Welcome Alex. Thank Lady, Stacy. How are you? Wonderful.

It’s so good to have you here today and thank you.

[00:02:11] Alex: This is my first forum wisdom. It’s an honor.

[00:02:18] Stacy Zant: Thank you so much. You’re most welcome. We’re so glad to have you on here. This app is certainly filled with so much wisdom and so much insight. And so I know we’re going to get and glean some insight from you today, as already are showing up with this energy and this excitement in this topic and this platform.

So I want to give you an opportunity, introduce yourself to us and let us know if you’re walking in purpose or passion

[00:02:46] Alex: okay. I am a retired, I’m retired from the military. Twenty-five years served 25 years, army reserve, five of them active. I did a [00:03:00] mission Fort Polk, Louisiana a year and a half operation, Iraqi freedom. Where I was the NCRC of case management. I did rotation at fort hood where I was the executive officer for the commander at the soldier readiness processing center. And I retired November 30th. So this 30th we’ll be officially a year that I have been retired. So I’m excited about that. I actually enjoyed parts of it, the service there was some rough patches, but I made it through.

I met a lot of amazing people. I did have some experiences that I, they shaped me. That’s what I’ll say about those. They shaped me and who I am right now. I always felt that there was [00:04:00] more that I could offer. I wanted to be a teacher. So untraditionally I ended up being a teacher to those that I lead. So for that I’m thankful I knew there was something higher that I aspire to. And I was just hoping that maybe I would find that missing piece and be able to fill that void. And I think I have been able to kind of tap in. After that Fort hood admission, it was it wasn’t the best mission for me being in leadership. I was the commander was new and the first Sergeant was new and I was the executive officer in the middle of them. So on top of my job, I had to kind of feel the void that they didn’t fulfill. And it caused a lot of stress, so, but I made it and the soldiers helped me along the way. So for that, I’m grateful now about purpose [00:05:00] and passion. My purpose, I always knew that I was here to serve on levels higher than myself. And for the most part, I was doing that fully in charge, but I was always second in charge to someone. So I did have to learn to be the Indian and be of service. So for that that was humbling. I had to keep my ego in check a lot and I needed help doing it. So I made sure I always had a mentor.

So mentors kind of help you shape your purpose here. And to let you know, it’s not really about you per se, you literally have to be willing to compromise and sacrifice at times. So for that I just had to learn how to navigate because it was difficult at first, but I did learn how to navigate now since I’ve retired and I’m more free hopefully we’ll find what my passion is right now. I love to write I’m an author as well. [00:06:00] I have a few books on Amazon and I’m working on a series of three eBooks right now. But I’m not here for that. I’m not here for that. I really, and learning how to be social again. My mom had a couple of strokes at the beginning of the year, so I’m a new caregiver and I’m learning how to do that.

So it’s basically taught me a lot. I don’t have children and I’m divorced, so I didn’t know how to take care of others. It was more about. me. And if this mission was coming up, I was the one that they could tap on and say, Hey, I could pack up. I could live out of a bag easy. I didn’t have to worry about making arrangements or anything.

So this has been humbling to have to be here. So me and my sister, 24 7 to make sure she’s okay. And then my dad had an accident, so that kind of added to that as well, but we are making it and we are 10 months [00:07:00] in, this is month 11 and I’m looking forward to what God had for me with that, because I know it has to add to all this in this process. So thank you again. Lady Stacy for allowing me to come and speak on your platform to. And I am grateful that I was able to share that,

[00:07:22] Stacy Zant: wow, Alex, I’m grateful that you came up, you came in and you shared your story, your gift of a voice. And not only that, but your service, you are walking in your purpose sis, I know wer’e always exploring that side of things and where we are and where we desire to be, especially in the season that we may presently be in, depending on factors out of our control.

Like you mentioned your mother and, just now being in a position where a part of your purpose is taking [00:08:00] care. And I just really appreciate. how many times you said you’re grateful because I believe that perspective of living and having the experiences that you’ve had and what it taught you and how that has shaped you into the woman of wisdom that you are today, that you could go into such depths and what your purpose was and what your purpose is going to evolve into.

Even in the season, I could hear. As you were sharing that there were moments that you experienced that was discomforting, that was painful. And it’s in the crushing that our purpose, sometimes it’s birthed the pain that we experience that does become not only a testimony to others. always hear this sort of cliche that there is a message in the mess.

am so grateful that you have really answered the [00:09:00] call as an author. And I believe that God led you here to just share with us and to, into every listener here today. Because you shared that you’ve written a number of books. We actually did a room about an hour ago, that was titled writing and community.

And we are actually doing an anthology for Christian content creators who are authors. Some of them are podcasters and some of them have written memoirs. They want to write books, but they also see the value of writing in community, knowing that iron sharpening iron, and knowing that there are so many elements and creativity and innovativeness that we can tap into when we’re intentional in community and we’re walking in purpose and passion.

So I wish I had changed my settings so we could make this a little bit longer, but if,

[00:09:49] Alex: oh, no, I appreciate. No, I so appreciate. I appreciate this. It was my goal to be on this platform starting today and I made sure I know [00:10:00] it’s late. But I made sure that I wanted to honor that thing. And I appreciate you again. Thank you so much.

[00:10:07] Stacy Zant: No, thank you, Alex. Can you just share any last words about where people can connect with you and your books?

[00:10:12] Alex: I’m the divine CEO on all platforms, so I’m here and I’m on speakeasy. So I’ll see you. If y’all don’t know about that, I’ll make sure that I put the information in my bio.

[00:10:25] Stacy Zant: Thanks. Wow. Thank you. That was absolutely amazing. And just always so excited and so blown away by the people that we get to connect with and that just come up and speak and share their gifts with us, their journey, their life, their wisdom. And so Alex, I know that not only for those listening right now live, but those who will listen in the recording.

We do have a podcast, the Radiant Pearl Living podcast, and took the time to hear from multiple [00:11:00] authors of their story and why they write and how they’ve gone through the journey of writing. Well, and a lot of the themes that we hear is that they were just in pursuit of their purpose. They were in pursuit of walking and living with intention.

And a part of that is embracing the passion that comes with you. Being able to be source of influence, a source of strength, a source of inspiration to others. And I know so many like myself, just hearing Alex share. Not only her journey of even having to learn how to be a leader, but also to serve and to be under leadership.

And I believe there’s just so much just within that one topic and that one specific share out of all the other incredible things that she spoke about today that [00:12:00] we can run with and we can apply to our lives. And we can see, yes, it is difficult, but we’re all called to it. We’re all called to serve and to lead.

And what does that look like for you when you’re walking in your purpose, you do end up becoming maybe a master of your craft, because this is something that you have embraced and you’re wanting to go deeper in. You’re wanting to learn ways that you can keep showing up utilizing this craft because your purpose means so much.

And then. It ends up becoming your passion because you see the results, you see the lives that are being impacted, whether there are people under your leadership, or there are people that are just coming in contact with your story that you’ve written and you’ve put out there on the worldwide web or on Amazon, or the many different forums that are available to us today, like this app.

And so just thank you. Thank you. Thank you for [00:13:00] speaking up and sharing your voice, your story with us. And if there’s anyone else that has taken the time to consider walking in purpose or passion or both, have you embraced the call, a call that you are excited to talk about, that you are excited to share with the world and you are excited to shed light on.

On the wisdom that you’ve gained as a result of doing that, walking in purpose or passion. And as we continue on for those who are new for the first time in this talk, or to me every single day for 10 days, then 21 days, then 30 days, then 40 days, I will be coming to you live. And with this intention that I’ve set, bringing to you a new topic, a new perspective, and the new opportunity for us to share our.

And to [00:14:00] share our stories and to share our journey and perspectives on the different topics that I feel that to share and to break down. So today, as we’re talking about walking in purpose or passion, you know, I love to bring to you definitions, right? So I did look up right before coming on here, live and wanted to define purpose.

As I’m asking what purpose looks like for you today. And if you are walking in purpose, let us see what the actual definition says. Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created, or for which something exists. Purpose is defined as having as one’s intention or objective. What is your purpose?

What is your reason for doing what you do? What is your, why? Why [00:15:00] do you do what you do? Why do you show up? Is it something that you enjoy? Is it something that brings you life and light that lights you up? Chances are you are walking in your purpose and, you know, I always love to get scriptural. I’d love to bring it back to the foundation as a believer.

And so this scripture that talks about purpose to a degree here. So many of you, if you are a reader of the word, you know, this scripture. For, I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future Jeremiah 29 verse 11, that is purpose defined.

God has a plan for us. That is his purpose. He has declared it. What is your purpose? Have you declared it? And [00:16:00] then it continues to say plans to prosper you. So that includes everyone who is listening or tuning in. It includes you, the individual who has been led to just receive in this moment and maybe to contribute in this moment.

With your presence with you walking in your purpose with you showing up and being here and leading talks and discussion giving opportunities for people to share their perspective on what you’ve been led to bring forth to the masses. You are walking in purpose, you are igniting purpose in others. When you speak up, show up and operate with intention and with a plan.

So these plans that has been declared is a purpose that God has fulfilled in each and every one of [00:17:00] us. And if you’re a person that is still longing for hope and a future, maybe right now, it doesn’t look as bright. It looks more bleak. But be reminded in this moment that there is a plan that has been proclaimed, that has been declared by the Lord, the creator of the universe, the creator of you and I, to remind you that he has these plans, not just for me, not just for one, but for you and I, for the collective community, he is speaking to each and every one of us that he has a purpose.

He has purposed to see us prosper and to see us not be harmed, but to receive hope as he gives hope and to see us embrace a future as he [00:18:00] has given a future. Have you embraced that in this moment? Are you walking in purpose or passion or both? Now, let us define passion. What does passion look like for you?

What does passion mean to you? For myself, I am a passionate being. I get passionate whenever I am before people that I know I’ve been called to impact to speak life into, I get passionate. I know it’s so much easier to get passionate when you can receive the energy from people who are there in your environment and it lights you up, it gets you excited.

And you cannot control the emotion that is emanating. That is just lighting up in the entire sphere that you’re inhabiting. And so people experience that people long for that people [00:19:00] gravitate towards that. So when you are passionate, when you are impassioned to bring forth something to your audience, to your people, they feel it, they resonate with it and it creates such an impact.

And so of course, in this moment, I’m going to definitely encourage that every one of us walk, not only in purpose, but also with passion in passion being passionate. I think now it’s perfect to define passion. Passion is defined as strong and barely controllable emotion. Wow. It doesn’t take much words to define passion because it’s so descriptive.

It’s so explanatory as to what that one word means and the impact it can have. We’re talking about people who come into your sphere of influence come into [00:20:00] your particular place that you are showing up and they are ignited. They are reminded and they are able to leave with such encouragement. Because you are delivering with passion because you are walking with passion and in passion.

And so I get passionate when I sing, I get passionate. When I write, I get passionate when I speak and I’m not tired. I get passionate. When I have prepared myself, I get passionate when I have a message that I believe in, and that I know is going to change transform lives listeners. that is what is going to get you passionate, knowing the results and the reward has another upcoming talk, giving you a little bit of a taste here, a little bit of a sneak peek that I hope you come back and receive and [00:21:00] add your thoughts to, and your conversation.

And value perspectives matter. Purpose matters, passion matters. It ignites purpose and passionate in others when you are walking in purpose and passion. And so knowing that you can be strong, you can be bold. You can be fearless, you can be, oh, my word, passionate, all of these things that we love to say, and we’d love to drive home every single day when we show up every single day, when we speak up every single day, when we share our stories, because we’ve done workshops series on this very topic of your story matters.

When you know your story, you share your story. I believe you’re walking in purpose. And then when you see how other lives are being changed and impacted, and they’re being transformed by what you have [00:22:00] shared, not just anything you’ve shared, but your story, your life, your journey that has made you into who you are today that has formed you.

Fashioned you created you into this powerful force and being then you are impassioned. You are passionate about continuously sharing that story in all the ways that are made available to you and all of the ways that are possible. And so I want you, if you are an author, you are already writing your story.

You’re already impacting others with what you share. And with you walking in your purpose, that is unique. That is so beautiful. That is needed. Then you are able to go the next step go, the extra mile and make sure that those who don’t read who are not readers, maybe they read just because they have to read.

we have to read instructions. We have to read how to get from here to there, whether it’s a [00:23:00] map or your GPS or Googling something, but being able to tap into those who yet need to hear your story on a podcast, on an audio social audio app, like this one, or if you are simply. Having a recording and recording that particular story in audio format to be distributed and shared as a legacy.

As I love to say, as I heirloom for the next generation, maybe you have children of your own that you want to be able to give them an insight of what it has been like for you living the life that you live, and then being connected to that tapestry and to that story, being an offspring and being a part of this heritage, the strong, fearless, bold, courageous, confident heritage that you’ve taken the time to [00:24:00] record with purpose and with passion.

How are you being intentional today? How are you taking time to walk in purpose and to make sure to delight in passion, be impassioned to go out outside of where you currently are operating, add other elements to the ways in which you are able to impact lives when you walk in your purpose and passion.

I want to invite you to seek out ways, whether it’s connecting with me individually. You heard me mentioned earlier if you were here from the beginning that we are doing an anthology and we are writing in community for community, and, in community. And so if you’ve ever been at a stage or a season, maybe you’ve already written so many words, like our beautiful guests, Alex, who has authored multiple [00:25:00] books.

And maybe you just want to have another way to express yourself and bring out sides of yourself that you didn’t even know existed, but would come forth as a result of you connecting with new individuals who have similar and different stories to share being intentional, being considerate, being guided, as we plan towards getting these ways of having your story be shared and shared in multiple ways.

So. When I speak of these multiple ways, and we’re talking about writing the book, being able to get to that status of becoming bestseller so that you can reach more people with your story, whether it’s an Amazon or all the other places as people come together and they share it with their community.

And it’s uplifting everyone involved who is in one accord and who has similar audiences as believers, as fearless [00:26:00] creators, as Christian content creators who see the value of writing and community and why you write for your community for your life, for your business and or your ministry. And so it’s always enlightening to see why other people choose to do what they do.

Why do they choose to show up the way they show up? Why do they choose to live a life on purpose with purpose? Why have they chosen the specific ministry or business or venture that they have chosen? And I know that will give you insight, especially if you are in a place where you’re wondering you’re seeking or searching and you’re in pursuit of purpose and passion.

I hope you’ve been encouraged in this moment, in this talk in this season, in this gathering, in this [00:27:00] opportunity that we all have to simply turn on an app, turn on the mic, hit the record button and share our stories, share our journeys. And the impact that is possible when we do just that. Wow. I am amazed that as we take time to walk in purpose or passion, we really do discover more and more about the reason why we’ve been placed on this earth and the season that we’re in to fulfill this great call that we have embraced.

Hopefully you have embraced. I am embracing, even in this moment, I see the difference. It makes to write the vision, to make it plain, to record my story, to record my journey every day, taking time to write in my journal, my prayer journal, or my planner, even my digital [00:28:00] platter, and have been able to encourage and inspire others to do the same with having produced prayer journals that are actually spiral bound with the rose gold.

For those love details, love aesthetically pleasing and beautiful things to encourage and inspire them to create and to record. But then. Also recognizing that we’re not all the same. And so having other modalities and ways, whether it’s a spreadsheet or a note pad or a digital planner that you can pull out.

And if you’re all in on tech, you can still record and write and recognize that you too can plan and have an intention have a purpose, define that purpose, walk in that purpose and then inspire others to do the same. So we’ve gone through purpose and what it means, how it is defined [00:29:00] by the general sense.

And by my perspective, Alex’s perspective. Hopefully your perspective, if you feel led to add your perspective, your fully. To whether you’re walking in purpose or passion by all means feel free. Reach out, go to radiant PIR, living.com and click that speak pipe and send over your recording.

As you’ve had time to mull over to think over, and to be able to put to words, whether you’re walking in purpose or passion and what that looks like to you, what that means to you in the season, in this journey of life. And so that I went into the scriptures pertaining to these two words and these two thoughts that are so vital on this path and journey in life.

And I didn’t yet share a scripture on passion after sharing the definition. Colossians [00:30:00] three verse 23 says whatever you do work heartily as for the Lord and not for men, you’re going to find that strong and barely controllable emotion. When you are operating from a place that is so much bigger than yourself, that is beyond even reason or scope of being it is out of this world that is ignited by the heavenly. Creator, the one that is above. All right. And so to think of the idea that you’re working, not for men, you’re working heartily, you’re filled with passion, you’re filled with purpose to do the thing that you’re called to do. You do not grow weary in well-doing. You may have moments where you need to glean and receive strength from the Supreme being the king of Kings and the Lord of Lord, our creator, the master creator, [00:31:00] Jesus himself, and then being able to go back to the well, the wellspring of life that is going to rejuvenate you.

That is going to remind you that you can work heartily. You can produce and walk in purpose. And passion, not purpose or passion. You don’t have to choose one or the other. You can embrace and walk in both. You can do that. You can do that today. You can do that in this moment. As you continue to show up, as you continue to give off your time, your talent, your treasure is as you continue to speak up, even when you don’t feel like it to show up for the people that you’ve been called to reach, and that has been called to you so that they can receive what they need to, to also carry the Baton forward and to live life with intention.

When people don’t have intention, when they don’t have meaning, you know what the [00:32:00] alternative. We don’t even want to talk about the alternative. I know some of you may have experienced that darkness of just wondering and wandering right. See, you’re wondering with an O and you’re wondering with an a, just going to and fro trying to figure out if this is it, this is all that life has to offer.

No, this is not it. There is so much more. And when you are walking in your purpose and your passion, you see that you are encouraged in yourself

to go forth,

to go forward, to not stop, to not remain where you are to not be stagnant. But to continue on, even when things get difficult, your why becomes your driving force?

Your purpose becomes the steering wheel for where you need to go. What do you need to [00:33:00] do what you need to say no to what you need to say yes. To where you need to show up who you need to collaborate with and how you need to pursue, pursue this God given call, pursue your purpose, pursue what you are passionate about and let it be one and the same if possible.

If you are wondering, how can you continue to take steps to show up in the best way possible. I want to encourage you in this month, today, this day, you can begin, you can begin that journey of writing, writing that vision and making it plain, writing your story, making sense of all of the outlines of why you’ve experienced what you’ve experienced and the journey that you’ve had to go through to get to where you are today.

And I’m so excited because now we have some guests coming to us to share their [00:34:00] thoughts of walking in purpose or passion. I don’t know if it was a specific thing I said, but then we had two people at the same time raised their hands to come in. Now we have three people, so I’m very, very excited. And so I’m gonna bring over my beautiful friends in some of you I’m getting to meet for the first time.

So I’m now I’m going to welcome up Melissa. Who’s joining us in three. Two one. Welcome Melissa.

[00:34:30] Melissa: Hello lady, Stacy. How are you?

[00:34:33] Stacy Zant: Oh, so blessed and so excited to have your voice be a part of this conversation.

[00:34:40] Melissa: Wonderful. Thank you for honoring me with sharing this space. Yes, I’ve been listening for a moment here. I wanted to really kind of catch the essence of what you were sharing about walking in purpose or passion and determining really the difference between the two and what really resonated to make me hit that button to join was when you discussed the [00:35:00] writing. And I can personally speak to the power of written word spoken word and how that helps to center us to declare and decree so that we’re in position for purpose.

Because I truly believe passion can run out. Because it comes from a limited well versus purpose. It’s anchored it’s regardless of feeling or emotion. And what we write down is what keeps us focused on that. So I love where you were going with that. And I just wanted to contribute and say writing has been one of the most powerful tools.

I mean, we look at Habakkuk two and two, right. Upon tablets and, and to make it plain. And that has been accomplished for me in my life and my spiritual journey. My walk with Jesus Christ. It has been to understand my places to write. And then it says that they may run and writing has led me to my day.

So often as entrepreneurs, speakers, [00:36:00] influencers, whatever it is you do we try to write and run at the same time and it just doesn’t work. And so I would just want it to impart the power of journaling along with your prayer journey and meditation to write what you hear, holy spirit, download those can be markers or keys and the direction of your purpose.

And then you go back and read that to refuel your passion when it runs out. So I just wanted to just share that, how it personally resonate when I heard you tie writing into purpose and passion.

[00:36:31] Stacy Zant: Wow. Oh, my word, Melissa, you are a lady after my own heart, and I’m just so grateful that you pushed that button and came up and shared that nugget, that beautiful Jewel with us, as a reminder, yes.

That word writing up on the tablets, writing that vision and making it plain. And then as you took it a step further, Melissa, other people, yes. The, they, they are going to also run with it. They’re going to see [00:37:00] how, what you have written, what you’ve shared has resonated with them. Maybe it’s that idea of deep calling to deep those individuals, that common connect and resonate with your message, because maybe they’re experiencing the same thing or they’re recognizing how they can overcome and be triumphant as you were.

Speaking life, you’re mentoring them with the words you proclaim and you, author and you pen and there is so much beauty in that. Oh my gosh. I love hearing that you are a fellow journaler and I’m sure there are others who are hopefully walking in that Melissa, I’d love for you to share, with us a little bit more about the, they, who are the, they, that you found has really been able to come into your tribe and to work with you as a result of you walking in your purpose and you writing and journaling and doing the thing that you’ve been called to do

[00:37:52] Melissa: so to add more depths to the they when I look again and staying on top of here about purpose and [00:38:00] passion, the, they are your whos and they’re connected to purpose. Purpose is a group effort. Passion is a social. Initiative. Okay. Passion is a solo solitude moment of what you feel on the inside purpose is absolutely external.

It is selfless. Passion is selfish. Purpose is self less. So when you talk about the they to be honest, when I started this and it’s really just all manifested for me this year, truthfully, after years of coaching, speaking, all of this, and one of the biggest mistakes I made, I’ve left corporate twice to build businesses.

And the biggest mistake was when I kept my mouth closed and try to build and solitude, you know, working from home, we think. Hey, let me kind of be hunched over in the dark in my office and just typing out these plans and figuring it all out. And I was asking so often, how, how do I do this? How do I help other people?

When [00:39:00] if you look, if we’re using spiritual, biblical reference here, I absolutely love to refer to Moses and Jethro, right. Jethro was right there as his father-in-law. You can definitely look at the word more about this, but Jethro came to Moses said, you’re gonna kill yourself. Like you’re trying to do everything on your own.

And this is just not possible. I mean, Yeah. His whole purpose, right. Was to lead Israelites to the promised land, but they had issues. They were human, they were hungry. They were mad. They were going through things and he just couldn’t handle it on his own. Moses could not possibly be on the mountain and sit with God and get heavenly downloads and instruction from holy spirit.

He couldn’t write on the tablets while dealing with their problems. So Jethro his father-in-law saw him in great need and came to him with a solution. Now you’re first, who are people that come to you with solutions? Probably unsolicited. They genuinely just want to see you thrive. They [00:40:00] want to see you get past your stuck place.

They’re literally watching, they’re ready to contribute. Not even ask. They’re probably totally pro bono really just like, Hey, can I, can I just take some of this off of you? And what happens is we have to be very mindful of a controlling spirit or prideful spirit. Like, Hey, I got this Moses totally could have shoot Jethro away.

He said, no, I’m listening. And he told him about, the fifties and the one thousands, which if you read it, it talks about groups of people who are assigned to people. So going, even tying that back to Habakkuk two, and to the moment you start writing down, even if it’s just how you do one or two simple tasks, they just write down, how did.

What were the steps I took? How did I finish? It is a star making a list of tasks you like, and you don’t like, like then you say, I hate doing this, but it’s a necessary task. And then just put that before God, don’t ask him [00:41:00] how say. Where’s my who. Where’s my Jethro. Where’s my person that’s assigned. And when I started to flip the way I wrote down what I needed before God, and I spoke that back to him, that’s why declaring and decreeing is so important to declare and to decree is to right into speak.

They go together. So when you talk about your, who do not discount people that are immediately in your circle, there have been a total strangers who came and when my vision got clear, my vision got clear through the writing. Okay. And it says, write the vision, make it plain. It took five years of whittling away of what I thought it was out of passion.

We started a bunch of passion projects, right. But it took five years for me to whittle down. And there were people coming alongside. The more I wrote, the more I looked up and there were more people like, I get what you’re doing. Can I help you? Oh, okay. Like if you look at my bio, it says. I activate the voices of the unseen.

Unheard took [00:42:00] five years for me to finally get to that one sentence. It doesn’t matter whether it’s kingdom, corporate or community. When I say that people instantaneously, oh my gosh, I get it. How can I help you? How can I come alongside you? It’s the people that if you can tell them what you do and, and without question, they’re like, I’m with you, watch, watch them come alongside you.

If you make it plain. The next thing, when you talk about the whom is like I said, total strangers. I mean, you look at even Jesus Christ. He wasn’t honored in his own home. And it was strangers that he found in the marketplace that came alongside him. Those 12 strangers 2000 years later, it started a movement that’s still here.

Right? Strangers. The other thing, when it comes to your, who as I wrap up is it’s going to be. People who are probably five years ahead of where you are in terms of where you want to be at five years behind where you are, meaning, look, think about who you were five years ago. They’re trying to get to where you are.

So they want to come [00:43:00] along beside you and be mentored. They want to be coached by you because they obviously see that you accomplish something that they themselves are trying to get to. And then also the ones five years ahead of you are looking for a place to impart the wisdom they learn. If you would be a good steward over and include them in the journey.

So look ahead and behind so that you’re activating both levels of people to go along the journey with you.

[00:43:27] Stacy Zant: Oh, my word, Melissa. That was absolutely incredible. Not only, you were taking us through that journey, was I just smiling from ear to ear, but there were so many moments that would just. So powerful that got me to a place where I was just like, wow, God is speaking in this moment. And through you woman of God, just so appreciate you. And how you broke it down. I did write down some points and I am going to go back and utilize my descript tool to be able to get the transcript of everything [00:44:00] that has been shared. Absolutely amazing. I always love to have everyone be able to share how people can connect with you.

And I’m going to make sure I go back and create the settings so that we can have longer time. But I know we had some other guests that were also waiting. So excited to bring to you Linda, who I know from clubhouse, and then we had some others and hopefully as we are making our rounds in the sense of listening to these talks.

And I so appreciate that Melissa took the time to just listen in and to get the heart of what was being discussed in this title, in this topic, and then contributing her powerful dynamic download straight from the throne to share her perspective. And I’m just so grateful that God also led me to ask her that follow-up question as to the who, because I know people are still grappling with that idea of who it is that you’re called to serve, who is it that, you can really [00:45:00] pour into and be an impact and walk in purpose with helping as a mentor, maybe as a coach.

another followup question that I wanted to ask you, Melissa, that maybe you can think about when we get back around to being able to get some more shares is for the passion of Christ. You know, we know a whole movie that was created on that, and we know that God’s passion for his people, that we know that, that wasn’t selfish.

Right. And so wondering how we can even think of different ways that passion can play a role in us being able to serve others, hopefully even operating in purpose and passion and letting it still serve the community and not being something that we are doing selflessly because, oh my word, I love how you broke that down.

And I loved how you took the time to just really drive home these points in these words and the importance of knowing. [00:46:00] What you need to be doing when you’re walking in purpose, versus when you are someone that is just operating by your passion, that can be fleeting. And that is a strong and barely controllable emotion as defined literally by the definition.

So thank you for that, Melissa. Thank you for being a blessing and thank you for adding your gift of a voice with us here in community. Now we’re going to have Linda two, one. Welcome Linda. Hi Stacy. Great to see you tonight. Yes!. It’s so good to see you. It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to talk, especially one-on-one.

How are you doing today?

[00:46:38] Linda: Oh, I’m doing great. And you know, I saw your topic and I just, I love this topic because I believe that. Once we get to a certain point in our lives. We’re asking ourselves these questions. Why am I here? Why is this planet here? What’s my purpose on this planet? I started asking myself that question at age [00:47:00] 51, and it took me a couple of years to hit on it.

But I do believe that I have figured it out. And I believe that this is my true belief is that once we figure out our purpose, it’s our job and duty to live the rest of our life on purpose instead of on accident, I spent the first 51 years living on accident because I didn’t know what my purpose was.

So here I am to live my purpose and to fulfill that every day. And it’s on my mind every single day now.

[00:47:30] Stacy Zant: Wow, Linda, I know that you are walking in your purpose and I think it’s so beautiful that you pointed out this concept of, that it can take you a while. Just as a previous speaker, Melissa was sharing how, maybe you have to revisit it, do you have to keep refining it and then refueling yourself, and then being able to get clear on what that one statement or tagline or mission you have for your business and what you do and how you show up and the impact that that [00:48:00] will make an others on the receiving end.

And so I’d love for you to share with us, Linda, because I know that you are showing up in multiple ways. You have a community, you have your podcast, you are showing up on clubhouse and other places, and I’d love for you to share with us, Has become now your purpose and how are you seeing that affect the people that you’re called to serve because you are walking in that.

[00:48:23] Linda: Yeah. Thank you for the question. It’s really great. And one thing I love about life and my life is that my purpose has come from my tragedies and I think a lot of us have that. And you know, those tragedies that we’ve gone through, that those have led to us saying, wow, I think this is why I’m here.

And for me, it was that I grew up in a very volatile, abusive alcoholic household. And in my household, like a lot of kids, I, you know, finding out nowadays, but, you know, we were better seen than heard. Our kids are better seen than heard. Go sit down and shut up. And nobody wants to hear what you [00:49:00] have to say.

And I truly believe that I didn’t have any value. I had no reason. To be here. Like, I really, really believed that. And at 51 I was asking myself, what is my purpose? Why am I here? I don’t have any value. I don’t do anything important. And I truly believe that I didn’t have a purpose. And then I worked with a life coach who helped me to start to see that I have value.

And it was through that process of discovering my value that helped me to tap into my purpose. But I had to, for me, I’m a person who is very introspective, but I need to know the questions to ask myself in order to be introspective. And so I was just started asking myself like, you know, how do I see myself serving my purpose while I’m here?

And I discovered that it was that childhood, by the way, I ran away when I was five and I was gone an entire week. That’s how much I hated that household. [00:50:00] Like I knew at five years old that I didn’t want to grow up in that environment. So when I came home, I came home with my tail between my legs and my head bent down, literally bent down.

Cause I wouldn’t even look people in the eyes for decades, decades to come. Cause I had so much fear. So when I started walking this path and trying to figure out my purpose, I found my voice and I started speaking and saying what I thought. And I had a lot of fear over that because again, kids are better seen than heard.

And that was, what I believed about myself even as an adult. And so I was scared to share my voice, but once I started sharing my voice, I found that I was met with a lot of people would praise me and. I realized that I actually had value in sharing my voice. So my purpose, what I discovered is I have an ability to [00:51:00] invite people, to share their voice.

And that is huge because there’s so many people who are scared to speak up. They’re scared to share their own true thoughts for fear of judgment, which is the number one fear. And I learned how to break through those fears. And now what I found is that oftentimes when I speak, people will raise their hand and say, I want to speak.

I want to speak, even though they’ve never done it before, because giving people that courage and, or some people say permission to speak there’s nothing like it. For me, it’s been a huge game changer. So what I discovered is by sharing my story, it invites others to share their story.

And now what I do is I publish books, which is all about story. It’s all about sharing their voice, sharing their stories with the world.

So it’s been an amazing journey of self discovery, who I [00:52:00] am, what I’m all about, what value I have to offer the planet and to live that purpose. Every single.

[00:52:07] Stacy Zant: Wow, Linda, you are such a gift, from the first time that I had an opportunity to share with you in community, helping people to find their voice, to use their voice, to ask questions pertaining to that gift of a voice that is possible to be used through podcasting, and then having you be a part of our workshop, sharing and how you can get all set up with the Roadcaster pro and then just seeing your growth and seeing how your fearlessly showing up on multiple platforms in multiple ways.

I can truly say Linda, just as you shared here today in this moment. You are giving people permission to speak as you share your story. And as you continue to show up and I wrote down so many incredible notes on what you shared, it as well. And I’m just so excited about the journey that we are all on [00:53:00] that God has us on.

And when you spoke about finding purpose in tragedy, I know a lot of us don’t come from that perspective or that place of being able to dig deep, we try to just put it under a bushel, hide it away. asmemories that we don’t want to explore because it brings us back to a place that we would prefer not to be back at.

Do we want to live in the light? And so I would love to hear your perspective. You have few more minutes, but I’d love for you to share, more about the ways in which you’ve been able to help others explore this side of them that is necessary to bring forth in their story so that they can boldly and courageously share

[00:53:39] Linda: oh, great question. I love it. Well, one of the things that I started doing maybe only two years ago is that when something wasn’t going right, or wasn’t going well, or, wasn’t turning out the way I wanted, or there was a tragedy or, all these things that are, we look at them and we say, why is this happening [00:54:00] to me?

Why is this happening to me? What I do instead of saying that I used to say that for decades, but what I do now is I look at it, the situation and I stopped myself and I asked myself a completely different question. And that question is, what am I supposed to be learning right now? And just by changing my language to that, I’m no longer a victim.

I’m no longer a victim of the circumstance. Instead, I’m a student. Of the experience and it changes the way I go through the experience. So just changing our language, changing our questions that we ask ourself, will change the way we see the world. So just ask yourself that question. What am I supposed to be learning right now?

What am I supposed to be learning right now? And watch your life change. I mean, because the answers will come to you. They will come to you. If you have an open mind, you must have an open mind about that.

[00:54:54] Stacy Zant: Linda, you are just so incredible. And just hearing you bring it back [00:55:00] full circle. Linda, how can people connect with you in these last seconds?

[00:55:04] Linda: Just connect with me on the links there in my bio.

[00:55:08] Stacy Zant: Awesome. Awesome. Oh my gosh. So appreciate Linda sharing her gift of a voice with us. And she brought it full circle. When she started in the beginning, she said that she was able to find her purpose when she discovered her value and knowing the questions that she had to ask herself, she even had to enlist the help of a coach and to getting to where she needed to be and finding her voice and recognizing the value in saying what she was thinking.

You know what she had to live through what she had to endure and then having an overcomers mindset. Now she’s helping others, to triumph, and to be overcomers with their stories. And so I love that she shared that in the beginning. And then she ended with that same thought of shifting the questions you ask, changing the language.

Are [00:56:00] you a person that is walking in your purpose? Have you embraced it? Have you declared it and decreed it? Like we heard Melissa share earlier, knowing that it is all about what you speak and what you write, they are sometimes one in the same, but you have to make the effort to do both. You have to take your voice, use your lips, use your mouth and do proclaim and speak those things that, you know, you need to embrace in your life.

So you can walk in purpose. As well as passion. And then also recognizing that there’s another element to it. You can’t do one without the other. You need to take the time to write the vision and to make it plain and to make sense of it, bring meaning to your life with what it is that, you know, you’ve been placed on this earth to do, and being able to shift other people’s perspective, their minds and allowing them to see that they were created and [00:57:00] positioned for greater.

If they’re in a place where they’re at the low of the lows, you were able to take them to a place where they’re able to be at the height of Heights because of how you have led with your story, how you’ve given them the permission. I just love, love, love that word. That Linda brought to our attention. You are. Encouraging and you’re making others courageous. When you speak up, when you share your story and you recognize that your story truly does matter. Oh, my word I’m just so grateful that even as we were getting ready to wrap up a talk on this topic of walking in purpose or passion, that we had so many that were ignited and these moments to just speak up, to just raise their hands, to share their voice, to share their gifts.

That is what your voice is. It is a gift that is meant to be shared. And knowing that you have an opportunity to [00:58:00] share that in your story, and it is going to ignite, it is going to inspire. It is going to give people a permission. To show up and to share theirs as well. And so, you know what? I’m always amazed because there’s so many of us, who arenot only in alignment.

We are not only in one accord with what we’ve been called to do into produce. But then we recognize that all of these gifts combined can reach so much further because a lot of us, we are bringing together different communities, collective communities, and sharing and presenting and having their voice and their stories be able to be communicated with the greater world for the greater good.

And so I love that that’s something that Linda has embraced as a part of her mission and her purpose. It is a part of the purpose that each and every one of us, I believe who have communities, we’re trying to figure out ways to create opportunities, whether you have your podcasts. And I [00:59:00] implored some of you who were listening as we were breaking down the definition and the scriptures of what it means to walk in purpose, what it means to have passion.

And then recognizing if you didn’t feel in this moment that you could speak up or you could come up and share your voice, that you could go to radiantpearlliving.com and hit that speak pipe that is under the main page for you to be able to click over and share your voice, share your story. And I’ll be able to embed that in an upcoming episode, because we love hearing different perspectives.

We love hearing different stories, and we love empowering and bringing that to those who are our avid and consistent listeners over in our podcasts. So we do have radiant pro living and then we have the Fearless creator and it is our mission to help you not only. To plan for a radiant life that you love to write, to utilize journals, to be able to hear other [01:00:00] author stories.

We did the Writing Wells series that was grant funded to have a writing well workshop series. And now we’re doing an anthology just finding a way to be able to collect our voices, collect our purpose, our passion, and be able to communicate that and package that in such a way that others are going to be inspired and impassioned to do what it is that they’ve been called to do and to take action.

If you are someone that desires to take that next step, you desire to walk in your purpose and passion and to encourage others to do the same. We’ve been having this. We had a room tonight that was led by one of our amazing moderators in leaders, in the Christian content creator community. And he spoke on writing. In community. And yes, I may have studied English and writing myself, but I don’t believe I have all the answers.

I don’t believe[01:01:00] that I know it all. I believe that I can collaborate. I can connect and I can link arms with other individuals who are also passionate about this one thing, helping people to confidently fearlessly, use their gift of a voice, doing it through podcasting, through speaking. Through showing up and doing it fearlesslyand then also doing it through the voice you share on paper, through the written word, through what you proclaim, what you, oh, my word, you speak over other individuals.

You speak life with what you proclaim that Melissa shared declare and decree, right? Seeing who it is. That’s connected to you that need your story that is coming up behind, around beside you. Whether you’re mentoring them, you’re coaching them. You’re taking them alongside you on the journey and the community [01:02:00] that you’re building and the platforms that you have, and you are not keeping it to yourself.

You’re spreading the love. You’re joining forces because you know what, Together. We’re able to reach so much further. We’re connected to a vine that allows us to be branches to others, to provide shade to others, and to allow people to find safety, to find warmth and to find hope just as I spoke about in this last scripture on passion, whatever you do, work heartily as for the Lord and not for men finding an opportunity to use your gifts, that was a theme our summit, use your gifts be fearless. And then there was a component of being profitable. You know, what the profitability, the monetization that comes about when you find that you become a bestselling author and your books are selling off the shelves, whether it’s on, in-person shelves at the bookstores or on the digital shelves and [01:03:00] Amazon.

You find that you struck a chord, you found that you have a message that is powerful, that has been able to reach the masses and then the profitability comes. And that is not what you were seeking for. You are seeking to serve. You were seeking to help. You were seeking to show up and be a blessing. And so I believe that each and every one of us has that same opportunity.

Are you going to grab a hold of that opportunity today? Are you going to leave? This message being at the top of your mind so that you can walk in purpose and passion, not one or the other, but both you are able to do that in community.

So encouraged so delighted by each and every individual that has come up and shared their gift of a voice with us, no matter your journey, and no matter what it is that you’ve experienced, [01:04:00] it is a testimony to others that you’ve been able to endure. You’ve been able to walk through and turn your tests into testimonies, your mess into messages, turning, whatever it is that you had to live through.

Maybe even the tragedy as Linda just shared. You’ve been able to find purpose in that, and you’ve been able to run with that and allow others to do the same. And so I’m just really grateful. That was the very first thought that Alex brought to our attention in the very beginning, she kept sharing.

How she was grateful to have a spirit, a perspective of gratitude that is going to go a long way. That is going to allow you to be able to ask the right questions in your life and to have the right perspectives that will draw the right people, the who, the what the, when the, where they will allow you to walk in your purpose[01:05:00] and your passion.

So if you’re listening to this today, I want you to ask yourself that question. Are you walking in purpose or passion or both? Have you answered that for yourself in this moment or in the days to come take the time to write it, take the time to record it. You’re recording it with a pen and paper. You’re recording it with a stylist.

If you have your iPad or another device, and you can write with the apple pencil, I did release a digital planner page. That was a free gift to my community and that will allow you to guide you. If you need a journal, you need prompts. You need to ask yourself the right questions.

You need to be able to go on a journey and a path of discovery. Then don’t do that alone. Find a community, seek out these amazing voices and individuals who came up and shared their wisdom, shared their words of encouragement and their journey with [01:06:00] us, and then be encouraged to do the same, speak up show up.

Write. And just make the vision plain for you to be able to run with it for you to be able to know what to do with it. Sometimes we don’t make sense of what we’re going through, what we’ve lived through until we’ve taken the time to brainstorm, to write it down and then to ascribe what it all means and where it fits into the cycle of life.

So many important questions to ask ourselves today. And I hope not only have you asked yourself those questions, but in this moment you were encouraged to take it a step further and to take action, write it down, record it, take your phone and record something today. Send it over to me or send it over to your community.

Get feedback on it. And be refueled to continue on that cycle of walking in purpose and [01:07:00] passion. If this blessed you today, and maybe you got something, even if it’s one thing I always love to ask listeners on our podcast.

And those of you who are here live to let us know your takeaway, let us know what stood out to you the most and let it refuel the individuals who were able to show up that it refuel well, even this talk and the ways in which I will continue to show up with different topics, different ideas, and different things that we can explore as a community.

To encourage the greater good to encourage those who were called to serve. Those were called to pour into, and those were called to serve, to do the same walk in your purpose and your passion today. If you’re just walking in your purpose, explore, go deeper and see who you need to align yourself with[01:08:00]

never stay where you are. Never remain stagnant. Keep going, keep pursuing as there. Those who pursue happiness, pursue purpose, pursue and invite others to do the same and recognize that when you simply show up, you turn on this app, you turn on the record button, you go live, you get yourself, camera ready.

Like we do. When we have our weekly podcasting and YouTube runes and just creating a space that will invite others to walk in what it is. They have been placed and positioned on this earth to do. There’s so many resources available to us and we want to be a resource ourselves. And it’s just so amazing that we are able to take step after step.

We are able to go leaps and bounds when [01:09:00] we hear a different perspective when we are ignited, when we are reminded and when it’s sparks something within us to not only raise our hands and to speak and to speak up and to speak out, but also to take action in writing, recording, and bringing that to the who that we’ve been positioned to serve.

And so maybe your platform is as it is here on wisdom, maybe you’re finding your voice by being in community on Facebook or on clubhouse. It’s always so interesting to find who flocks to the different places. There are telling things, you know, those of us who are speakers, those of us who found our voice or were on a path to discovering the value in our voice.

We make meaning by showing up consistently, we make meaning by showing up in community and with others, by giving [01:10:00] other people an opportunity to speak up and to share their gifts with the world, your light will never be dimmed. Your light will just shine brighter and brighter as you walk into your purpose.

And as you are passionate about serving and leading with passion and purpose, It’s my prayer. It’s my hope. It’s my desire that not only were you inspired in this moment, in this talk and on this day, but you also were able to be mindful of the value that you bring to this world that you proclaim with what you say with who you connect with, with what you write and with who you have embraced to come alongside you.

And to be a part of your story, our stories are not just for ourselves. They are for everyone that we’re [01:11:00] connected with the people in the present and the people to come. That is why our stories that are recorded. They become like heirlooms. They become as a legacy. So many people in times past, they leaned on historians to write and to record their journey.

And if they didn’t do it themselves, guess what? There had to be others that try to define and come up with what life may have been like for them. So they did not have the opportunity to pen their own story and to leave a record of what it means to be them to live in their shoes. Don’t walk in their shoes and what a pity, what a disservice, what a lost opportunity that was.

But we have no excuses. We have that beautiful gift, that blessing that we can be our own historians, that we can record our own stories, that we can [01:12:00] share our own lives and make meaning of it and allow it to be a witness, allow it to be a blessing to others that will come behind us, whether it’s our children, our children, children, for generations to come, we’re living not just for today, we’re living for tomorrow for the future.

And what is ahead? We heard that scripture, we heard that reminder. that is my prayer for you today that you will remember, you will be remembered as a leave this last, which was the beginning scripture. For, I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you plans to give you hope and a future.

Your future is bright. Your future is overflowing. Your future is filled with hope and prosperity, abundance. All of the amazing, amazing words we love to describe. We love to decree. We love to [01:13:00] declare we love to speak and write over our lives. And those were connected to us. Those who are called to us.

Those were in community with us and by us. Wow. What a blessing to be a part of the tapestry of creating and encouraging and reminding that you too. can walk with confidence can speak up, can share, as you walk in purpose and passion, love you. Tonight has been so rich has been so blessed and encouraging, and I hope you will leave with a fresh new wind and fire, a reminder that you’re never in this alone and that there are people who wish to see you not only win and succeed, but wish to cheer you on as you share.

And as you speak up and as you write in community with us. So come on this journey.[01:14:00] Reach out to me, connect in all the places. If you can if you’re longing to learn and receive more encouragement, because that is my mission, that is my vision. And that truly is my purpose and passion walking in that and encouraging you to do the same.

Always here to remind you to plan for radiant life you love and to simply unequivocally confidently courageously all of the descriptive words fearlessly create, see you again. Very, very soon till next time


Lady Stacy