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The snow is slowly falling and your home is all ready for guests, neighbors and family members to enjoy. Did you remember to not only get the interior of your home ready for the winter months but also your exterior? During the winter, your home’s exterior, which also includes your deck, is actually more vulnerable to damage if it’s not properly protected. Are there some easy tips to keep it ready for the upcoming new year? You bet and I’m sharing a few with you now! 

  1. Declutter If you are one to put plenty of planters and plants on your deck, hopefully you removed them before the cold started! Be sure to clear away all the clutter on your deck! Leaving this behind can leave wood discoloration when the snow makes its way to your area. The best way to do this is to store these pots and planters in your garage or under your deck if you don’t have enough room. If you have any patio furniture, this also should be stowed away from the winter or stacked in a shed that’s well protected. 
  2. Remove Any Buildup or Mold – YUCK! There is nothing worse than having mildew or mold present especially when it comes to your deck. The bad part is it’s a pretty common breeding ground for them because it will attract moisture in between the tight boards or cracks. Before you close up shop for the winter, remove all that you can so it makes it easier to NOT have to do afterwards.
  3. Use A Water Repellent Seal – If you really want to make sure that your deck is prepared for the winter, using a seal is the thing to do! Having a high-quality sealant that will fill in the cracks as well as coat your deck surface like a shield against ice and moisture will untilatemly help you in the long wrong. It may require the removal of any prior finishes but it does result in well worth the extra work that you’re putting in to make it last longer for years to come. 

Image; Brazilian Wood Depot

4. Replace The Wood – If this is the year you think that your deck just needs replacement because the wood is rotting, my suggestion would be to replace it. Who can you call to help you in this jam? The friendly company at Brazilian Wood Depot is your answer! Installing this hardwood deck is an investment and something that will last you and your family a lifetime, help raise the value of your home just eliminate all the headaches of typical decks you’ve seen or used in the psat. Located in the Atlanta area, they offer low-maintenance additions and hassle free wood for your home. To ensure its color longevity, apply a deck oil just once person season! That’s right, no need for treatments to prevent insect issues or forgetting to replace the wood board. One of my favorites is Ipe decking! Ipe is one of the hardest woods in the world which is why it’s incredibly popular for its durability and longevity. It’s also naturally resistant to mold, fire, decay and insect attack. It comes in a rich brown with red amber hues. The grain is extremely dense and tight with visible cathedral arches and contrasting grain patterns. It’s truly a wow factor when it comes to decks and one of your guests will be raving about. 

5. Remove Snow – Similar to removing snow off your driveway when you see it, you’ll want to do the same for your deck too. Remember to shovel in the same direction as the boards run to avoid damaging the finish if you can. Although you may think to put salt or other ice melting products on your deck, my advice would be not too. It actually might cause discoloration or more damage to the wood. 

Of course there are just a few ways ways you can protect your deck in the winter. Remember to have protective insulation during the cold drifting snow days and if you decided to shovel snow off your roof and deck, dress as warmly as possible! Hopefully these tips can help you keep your deck ready for the warmer months to come as well as the headache that may come with all the wear and tear it endures too. If any questions or concerns come up, I’d also suggest called the staff at Brazilian Wood Depot to assist you in what to do. Regardless, do your best and know that it’ll all be worth it when Spring arrives. 

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