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I am truly honored to have you here and to have you think so much of this God-given album that you took the time to visit this page! This site and everything within was created with you in mind- with loads of love for Christ and the Gospel we hold dear.

Thirst For You EP by Stacy Zant Available on all outlets

You may purchase “Thirst For You” The 1st of many EP releases to come available on all digital outlets.

Now, on to the digital download copies to all the songs on this album available for immediate download when you purchase below:

Please note, this is the only place where you can currently purchase the full CD and compilation of original works featured on this “Fearless” Album release. If you like happy mail, then you will want to purchase the physical copy from this site directly.

Check out the recent interview featured on WATC-TV Atlanta Live with our Spanish church band and then sharing briefly how this album and released EP came to be:

I am elated to share this album at upcoming events where you will be able to get a physical copy of this CD to play in your car and in your CD player (Do people still have those? This is a valid question, because I know some of us like to keep it old school and we would like to keep this option available for all our beloved old souls) 😉 I’m an old soul and have been one all my life.

You know the girl who just clicks with older people and would wear oversized clothes because her mom had all her clothes tailor made-maybe she thought, surely she would grow into her clothes! I was that girl, and still am that girl, a true old Apostolic soul <3

Thank you for gracing my page with your presence. Truly and gratefully in Love with the savior Jesus.