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Today, let’s delve into the profound significance of Good Friday and Holy Week. As we reflect on this sacred time, I’m compelled to share the songs of worship laid on my heart by the Lord. This season, my thoughts gravitate towards the immense sacrifice God made on the cross, solely for each of us. 

Personally, I’m awestruck by the gravity of God’s decision to lay down His life, not just for those present at His crucifixion, but for generations to come. Who am I that God would be mindful of me? Let me remind you, He’s mindful of you and I.

We Serve a God of Answered Prayer

The enormity of His sacrifice becomes evident as we acknowledge that He willingly surrendered His life, relinquishing a humble yet profoundly influential existence on earth. He exchanged it all so that we could experience the promise of living again.

Today, we reflect on the resounding declaration: “It is finished.” What does this simple yet profound statement signify? It signifies the culmination of the ultimate sacrifice. Let us unite in prayer and proclamation:

“Thank you, Jesus, for all you’ve done, for who you are, and who you’ll always be. Your ways are marvelous! 

Daily, you remind us of your goodness as our heavenly father, the lion of Judah, and the savior of the world. Today, we express gratitude for the decision you made on the cross.”


Let’s explore ten keys to unlocking answered prayers and embracing renewal:

  1. Heavenly Father’s Will: Surrender to the will of God, aligning your desires with His divine purpose.
  2. Embrace Good Things: Receive the good gifts God offers, recognizing His blessings in your life.
  3. Eyes of the Lord: Understand that the eyes of the Lord are upon you, guiding and watching over your every step.
  4. Power of the Holy Spirit: Cultivate a vibrant prayer life empowered by the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to intercede on your behalf.
  5. Throne of Grace: Approach the throne of grace with confidence, knowing that God hears and responds to your prayers.
  6. God’s Promises: Cling to the promises of God found in His word, trusting in their fulfillment.
  7. Faith in Jesus Christ: Place your faith in Jesus Christ, believing in His name for salvation and transformation.
  8. Fervent Prayer: Engage in fervent prayer, pouring out your heart before the Lord with sincerity and passion.
  9. Loving God: Love God wholeheartedly, obeying His commandments and walking in His ways.
  10. Peace of God: Experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, guarding your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

In the journey of faith, we encounter uncomfortable questions and uncertainties. Yet, we press on, knowing that God’s hand guides us through every trial and triumph. Let us not waver like a double-minded man but stand firm in the promises of God.

As we navigate life’s complexities, let’s remember that God’s desire is for us to bear fruit and experience His abundant blessings. He knows the desires of our hearts and invites us to seek Him earnestly. Trust in His plan, for He alone understands the intricate details of your life.


Real Answers Through Prayers

In the New Testament, we find real answers to life’s toughest questions. Let the story of Jesus be your guide, illuminating the path of faith and righteousness. May our prayers be fervent, our faith unwavering, and our hearts aligned with the will of God.

As we journey together, may we experience the transforming power of God’s love and grace. Let us build upon the foundation of prayer, rooted in the truth of God’s word. With hearts surrendered and minds renewed, let us live boldly for the glory of His name.

When we invoke Jesus’ name in our prayers, we tap into the authority and power vested in His name. The Word of God assures us that whatever we ask in Jesus’ name, it will be done for us. Therefore, let us approach the throne of grace with confidence, knowing that our prayers offered in Jesus’ name carry weight and significance.

In times of unanswered prayer, when it seems as though our petitions linger before the face of the Lord, we must cling to the promises of God. Though it may take a long time for our prayers to be answered, we can trust that God is working behind the scenes, orchestrating events according to His perfect will. He is our ever-present help in times of need, and He hears the cries of His people’s prayers.

In our own personal testimony of the Breakthrough we experienced in our lives after praying to God for the Answer and solution to our problem, our God delivered and gave us the breakthrough we yearned for and you can read more on that here.

Access God’s Faithfulness

The power of prayer is not contingent upon our own strength or abilities but upon the omnipotent God of the Bible. It is through prayer that we access God’s power and experience His mighty works in our lives and in the lives of others. As we pray according to His will, we witness the ways God moves mountains and performs miracles beyond our comprehension.

Consider the eternal wall of answered prayer, a testament to the faithfulness of God throughout generations. Each answered prayer, offered in the name of Jesus, serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness and the efficacy of the prayer of a righteous person. Our prayers extend beyond ourselves, shaping the future for generations to come.

As James, the apostle, reminds us, we are to have faith and trust in God’s plan, even when faced with uncomfortable questions and uncertainties. Our own faith, no matter how small, is a part of God’s greater plan. He sees the understanding way in which our prayers align with His purposes, guiding us like a wise best friend.

As we gather in the fellowship of the new church, let us explore every kind of prayer with real faith, knowing that God desires to grant the desires of our hearts and bring about great results. Let us guard against praying with wrong motives but instead lift up our petitions in the name of the Lord, confident in His grace and mercy.

Let us approach the throne of grace with boldness and humility, knowing that our prayers have the power to move mountains and transform lives. May we continue to seek God’s face, trusting in His promises and relying on the name of Jesus as we journey in faith. Let us hold fast to the promises of God, knowing that He is faithful to fulfill them. As we walk in obedience and faith, may we witness the fulfillment of His purposes in our lives and in the generations to come. Amen.

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Pray & Proclaim with me:

Thank you Jesus for all that you have done, for who you are and who you will continue to be. You are marvelous in all of your ways! You remind us daily that you are a good father, lion of Judah, savior of the whole world. And today we thank you for the opportunity to give you reverence for that decision you made on the cross.

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Who am I that God is mindful of me? Want to focus on the significance of Good Friday and Holy Week? You've come to the right place. Listen to these songs of worship during this season of reflection and be compelled to think of the price God paid on the cross, just so we could be saved and to someday Live Again.
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