Lent, a significant period in the Christian calendar, encompasses a journey of reflection, preparation, and spiritual rejuvenation leading up to Easter Sunday. Rooted in centuries-old traditions and spiritual disciplines, Lent invites believers to emulate Jesus Christ’s withdrawal into the desert for 40 days, symbolizing sacrifice and devotion.

What is Lent?

Lent, the 40-day period preceding Easter, commences on Ash Wednesday, serving as a time of introspection and readiness for the Easter celebrations. It mirrors Jesus Christ’s retreat into the wilderness, resonating with themes of sacrifice, repentance, and spiritual renewal.

The Origins and Significance of Lent:

Dating back to the early days of Christianity, Lent finds its roots in the solemn observances of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. It traces back to the practices of the sixth century and gained formal recognition during the Council of Nicaea. The Latin word “Lent” denotes lengthening days, symbolizing the journey towards spiritual enlightenment and the promise of new life in Christ.

Lenten Practices and Traditions:

Throughout Lent, Christians engage in various practices and disciplines, including prayer, fasting, and acts of charity. From the ceremonial washing of feet on Maundy Thursday to the solemn processions of the Stations of the Cross, each ritual holds profound significance in the Lenten calendar. Eastern and Western churches alike observe Lent with devotion, fostering spiritual growth and self-discipline.

The Journey of Lent:

Reflections and CommitmentsFor believers, Lent serves as a time of self-examination and commitment to deeper spiritual engagement. It offers an opportunity to realign priorities, cultivate inner transformation, and foster a closer relationship with God. Through prayerful reflection, fasting, and acts of kindness, individuals embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Lent in Practice: 

Embracing Spiritual DisciplinesThe Lenten season presents an occasion for believers to embrace spiritual disciplines and foster a closer walk with God. From fasting from indulgences to engaging in acts of charity, Lent offers a structured framework for personal and communal growth. It provides a platform for believers to heed the call of discipleship and embody the teachings of Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

Navigating Lent: 

Practical Considerations and Resources As Lent unfolds, individuals may seek guidance and resources to navigate the spiritual journey effectively. From printable guides to prayer journals, these tools offer invaluable support in fostering a meaningful Lenten experience. Frequently asked questions, such as the origins of Lent and its duration, serve to deepen understanding and engagement with this sacred season.

A leading source of news and information defines lent for us: Lent is the period of 40 days which comes before Easter in the Christian calendar. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter. By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days

Here are three reasons I have decided to participate in Lent

  1. There are so many distractions and things vying for my attention throughout the year and this is a structured focused time of preparation for a personal encounter with Jesus. A time to refocus, meditate, grow and delve deeper.
  2. It helps my husband and I evaluate and grow spiritually together. With the plan to prepare special meals for this time, we can intentionally observe aspects of this tradition to enhance our family health, time and focus on Godly things that matter.
  3. I desire to answer the call and invitation to follow Christ’s example in The Word faithfully and practice active discipleship through building my relationship with Jesus and others in a communal sense.


3 ways to renew and record this Lent Experience Preparation Guide Journal Journey 2

Struggling to decide whether you should participate? Think about whether you could use a structured time to draw closer to God in community. Like so many communities, it’s an opportunity to be held accountable during this time you’ve set aside with others who are dedicated to sacrifice and exercise the spiritual disciplines through selflessness. It will undoubtedly realign your perspective and deepen your relationship with Christ as you prepare to celebrate the death and resurrection of our king! Prayerfully, choose to “Live Again” by 1st dying out to the habits that can sometimes hold us captive.

Honestly, I just decided I would participate in this consecrated time and tradition on the morning Lent began in 2020. The night before while I was completing some projects alongside my mother for Pearls and Pillars, a live video with Dr. Jamaal Bryant was shared by one of her friends that had us, as well as many other millennials thinking of the significance of Lent. He encouraged his members and those who wish to join the journey to not spend through a financial fast. When we think of fasting, we immediately think of “what food or habit I can sacrifice and give to God during this period of consecration.” This is however another form of fasting that is compelling to consider.

The purpose for this post is to encourage you to go on the journey to make the decision to fast and pray. And to provide tools to equip you on your journey. What method do you intend to utilize? Downloading this guide and journal will prayerfully & effectively inspire you to go on this journey to Refocus, Recommit, deepen, refresh & renew leading to resurrection!

Lent Experience Preparation Guide Journal Journey 1

It does not take too much to simply begin! Whether you are reading this on the 1st day of Lent or the 20th day of Lent. Today, you have the useful tools and guides you can use to begin and follow-through on your journey.

1st is the free printable guide I offer to begin your journey to think of what your priorities are and the personal encounter that will take place during these 40 days of fasting and seeking His face.


Get ready to take some notes by grabbing your Radiant Pearl pen and Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal or Traveler’s Notebook so you don’t forget anything and have all your Radiant thoughts in one pretty and convenient place.

Lent stands as a sacred period of preparation, reflection, and spiritual renewal in the Christian calendar. As believers embark on this transformative journey, may they find inspiration and strength in the timeless traditions and teachings of the Lenten season. Let us embrace the call to prayer, fasting, and acts of kindness, as we journey towards the celebration of Easter and the promise of new life in Christ.

Your Lent Journal Journey Printable Guide
What is Lent and how can you renew and refresh as you draw closer to God during this season? Downloading this guide and journal will prayerfully & effectively inspire you to go on this journey to Refocus, Recommit, deepen, refresh & renew leading to resurrection!

The season of Lent marks a pivotal period in the Christian liturgical calendar, commemorating Jesus Christ’s public ministry and his ultimate sacrifice for humanity. It begins with Ash Wednesday, symbolizing repentance and the solemn journey towards Easter Sunday, the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Throughout Lent, believers immerse themselves in sacred scripture, drawing inspiration from biblical teachings and narratives that illuminate the path of faith and redemption.

Holy Wednesday, situated within the Lenten calendar, holds particular significance as it reflects on the events leading to Jesus Christ’s resurrection. It serves as a poignant reminder of the lengthening days, symbolizing the gradual emergence of hope and renewal amidst spiritual introspection and prayer. As believers embark on this season of fasting and reflection, they are called to embrace the ordinary time of everyday life, infusing each moment with acts of kindness, compassion, and devotion to God’s word.

The first Sunday of Lent marks the commencement of this solemn season, inviting believers to journey alongside Jesus Christ in his desert fast and spiritual preparation. It heralds a time of inner transformation and true conversion of heart, symbolized by the waving of palm branches, a gesture of homage and reverence for the Lord’s resurrection. Throughout the Sundays of Lent, believers engage in a myriad of Lenten activities, from prayerful contemplation to charitable deeds, as they anticipate the glorious culmination of Easter Sunday and the triumph of light over darkness.

Lent stands as a sacred period of preparation, reflection, and spiritual renewal in the Christian calendar. As believers embark on this transformative journey, may they find inspiration and strength in the timeless traditions and teachings of the Lenten season. Let us embrace the call to prayer, fasting, and acts of kindness, as we journey towards the celebration of Easter and the promise of new life in Christ.

As believers journey through the Lenten season, may they find solace in the solemn songs of worship and the nourishment of full meals shared in fellowship. Let the word of God guide their steps as they honor obligatory days of fasting and embrace the sacred rituals that accompany this holy time. As Easter approaches, may the joyful anticipation be adorned with symbols of faith, as you journal why not add an Easter sticker to your entry  symbolizing new life and renewal. Just as Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on Holy Monday marked the beginning of a transformative week, may each day of Lent be a testament to spiritual growth, inner reflection, and unwavering devotion. With a 40-day calendar journal as a faithful companion, may believers navigate the Lenten journey with purpose and perseverance, emerging strengthened in faith and ready to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The idea of your Story matters and Writing Well continues with a focused exploration on Faith and Prayer during this series of talk and encouragement for Lent. Have you thought about your personal story and why it matters? we will continue to discuss the power of your personal story, prayer, journaling and community through discussions in our Facebook Group throughout this series. 

You’ll want to make sure you have a designated space to record and get clear on your personal story. If you would like more help with this and have a story to share when it comes to your home-learn more here for an opportunity to be featured as a co-author in our upcoming book and have your story shared in audio format as well in an upcoming series to be released on our Podcast. 



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Frequently Asked Questions:

When does Lent Start or When is Lent?

  • Because Lent follows the liturgical calendar, the exact date that Lent falls each year changes. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is always held 46 days (40 fasting days and 6 Sundays) before Easter Sunday. – 40 Acts

What is the Meaning of Lent?

  •  By observing the 40 days of Lent, Christians replicate Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and withdrawal into the desert for 40 days. Lent is marked by fasting, both from food and festivities.
  • Christian churches that observe Lent in the 21st century (and not all do significantly) use it as a time for prayer and penance. Only a small number of people today fast for the whole of Lent, although some maintain the practice on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. It is more common these days for believers to surrender a particular vice such as favorite foods or forms of entertainment. Whatever the sacrifice it is a reflection of Jesus’ deprivation in the wilderness and a test of self-discipline. – BBC

What is Lent and Why Is It Celebrated?

  • Some Christians also take on a Lenten discipline, like reading the Bible and spending more time in prayer to draw nearer to God. Strict observers of Lent do not eat meat on Fridays, often opting for fish instead. The goal of these spiritual disciplines is to strengthen the faith of the observer and develop a closer relationship with God. – Learn Religions

  • The three main things people focus on during Lent are prayer, fasting (abstaining from something to reduce distractions and focus more on God) and giving, or charity.Prayer during Lent focuses on our need for God’s forgiveness. It’s also about repenting (turning away from our sins) and receiving God’s mercy and love.Fasting, or giving something up, is a very common practice during Lent. The idea is that giving up something that’s a regular part of life, like eating dessert or scrolling through Facebook, can be a reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice. That time can also be replaced with more time connecting with God. – Cru

How Long is Lent?

In Genesis, the flood which destroyed the earth was brought about by 40 days and nights of rain.

    • The Hebrews spent 40 years in the wilderness before reaching the land promised to them by God.
    • Moses fasted for 40 days before receiving the ten commandments on Mount Sinai.
    • Jesus spent 40 days fasting in the wilderness in preparation for his ministry. (BBC)

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