Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you weren't sure what to do? It can be really hard to get past feeling overwhelmed, but I have a few tips to hopefully help you out the next time you do feel overwhelmed. Click to learn more and Pin to Save!
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At some point in your life, I am sure that you have felt overwhelmed. It’s one of the worst feelings ever and when you do feel overwhelmed, everything, even basic daily life tasks can seem like a huge undertaking, or a life challenge. HuffPost says, “Being overwhelmed is not a fact — it’s a state of consciousness that limits your freedom and happiness. It requires a shift in perspective. Oftentimes, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re over-thinking everything that needs to get done. You’ve lost yourself and you’re no longer present. Instead of seeing the things outside of you having power over you, be willing to stop and regather yourself. Bring yourself back to the present moment. Remember that you have a choice about the way you want to feel.”

It can be really hard to get past feeling overwhelmed, but I have a few tips to hopefully help you out the next time you do feel overwhelmed. Here they are:

Devote Time Doing Things You Enjoy

When life gets busy and you become overwhelmed, it can be easy to forgo doing things that you enjoy to spend more time focusing on the things that overwhelm you. While checking things off a list sounds great in theory, consistently working without giving yourself time to relax and have fun can take a toll on you. Not only will you begin to feel worn out, but nonstop work can also make you less productive and affect both your work quality AND your level of happiness. Devoting some time each day or week to do something that you enjoy, or something that relaxes you and helps you unwind, will improve your mental health. Setting aside time will help you deal with the challenges you face more effectively and with a clear mind. Even just 30 minutes to an hour a day can make a huge difference! Think about the things you enjoy doing – whether it is painting, writing, dancing, listening to music or even just watching TV – Be kind to yourself by setting aside time to complete that activity.

Spend Time With Friends And Family

  • It can be difficult to share your feelings when you are faced with challenges and when you feel overwhelmed, but there are few people who can listen and understand like the friends and family who know you best. Often times, they can give you the exact advice you need to hear. Even if you do not want to share what you are going through, simply spending time with those who you feel comfortable around. They can take your mind away from your worries, even if only temporarily, and give you the break you need and the reminder that your worries do not consume your entire life. 

Go To Counseling

Sometimes, in order to improve your mental health, feel less stressed, and in result, overcome life challenges, you need to accept that getting help is the way to go. Getting help or advice from a professional counselor/therapist will allow you to receive insight from an outsider’s perspective. When you are invested completely in a personal situation, it can be hard to see clearly, but when you get advice from someone else that is not invested, it can help you see clearly. If you are in this situation, I highly recommend searching for therapists Kennesaw such as the professionals at Ray of Hope Counseling Services. 

With seven convenient locations in Georgia, Ray of Hope Counseling Services provides individual and group therapy, family therapy, as well as couples counseling. In addition to the license and education that each therapist holds, each therapist at Ray of Hope Counseling Services also have additional training and/or hold certifications in their specialty area, which is very important when it comes to helping their clients with life changes and challenges. 

Clinical Director and Founder, Lynn Thompson Umstead, is a trained mental health professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a Masters of Science degree in Clinical Psychology. In addition, Lynn also holds many certifications and/or licenses such as a National Certified Counselor, Imago Relationship Therapist, an Anger Management Specialist, and she is registered by the state of Georgia as a civil and divorce mediator. While Lynn does treat clients in a private practice setting, she also supervises interns and therapists working towards their full licensure.

So, next time you feel overwhelmed and if you feel as if you cannot overcome your life challenges, call Ray of Hope Counseling Services to help you out.

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Write Down Everything You Are Grateful For

Last but not least, write down everything you are grateful for. Writing it down may seem like an unnecessary step, but it will help you actually put your gratefulness into words instead of just going along with the flow, not thinking about it on a daily basis. Write down the things you are grateful for so that you can see all of the positives in your life.

Now that you see the ways you can utilize what you already have to benefit your family, get your celebratory music going and get ready to travel and make memories worth noting with your family.

Turn on The Music!

Play some music on your Portable wireless device while you blast some music in Spotify or tune in to a radio station like the Joy-Fm and online radio like My Hope Radio to hear some amazing music that will really get you going as you take that road trip or take a flight! However, you decide to do it, just spend much needed quality time with your family!

Access a copy of printable checklists in the Resource Library now.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you weren't sure what to do? It can be really hard to get past feeling overwhelmed, but I have a few tips to hopefully help you out the next time you do feel overwhelmed. Click to learn more and Pin to Save!
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    Are you experiencing Anxiety? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you weren't sure what to do? I have a few tips you can use right now to help you  out. Read the full article and say no more to anxiety and the overwhelm.

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