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What is Gratitude and Why Is it So Important?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Gratitude as: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Gratitude Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Welcome to our talk today on gratitude. You heard me share yesterday that wanted to come on and address this concept of having an attitude of gratitude. I gave it much thought, I thought of some additional words that I could possibly dwell on and consider in this moment in the CSUN.

And I decided to keep it simple. You’ve been seeing me title some of our talks here with just one word, because they want us to be focused on how you would define this particular word or concept in your life in the season. And I immediately thought of a grateful heart. Give, thanks with a grateful heart.

There’s a song that goes like that. Give thanks knowing that you have to have a grateful heart and it is something that begins [00:01:00] in the deepest, inner most part of your being to have an attitude of gratitude.

You have to think we’ve spoken in times past and thinking on what sort of things are lovely, true of great report. And it does start in our mind to be grateful. We need to embrace this gratitude, this attitude of being grateful and of course, giving things. From the core of your being, because then it is going to spill over into all the other facets of who you are and what you’re able to achieve in life.

As you come in contact with people, as you take the time to connect and build relationships, it really does paint the picture of your perspective and the [00:02:00] joy that you have because you’re grateful and you give thanks. Even in the small things earlier today, I had a headache that seemed like it was never going to go away.

And I said, you know what? I’m not going to dwell on the negativity. I’ve never been one to do. So I’ve always looked at the glass as being half full. And I know that it’s worked out in my favor because people would not be able to tell when I’m down, because I chose to dwell on the things that are higher, the things that is going to turn things around in my mind, and then in real life.

And I wholly subscribed to this idea that of course, God is working all things together for my good. So who am I to complain if I’m experiencing turbulence trials, disappointments, it is a part of the journey to maybe teach me [00:03:00] a lesson or to build character or to develop into the person I need to be so that when I get to that higher place, that deeper place, that glorious place I will be able to sustain and also soar.

In that new place that God has in mind for me. And so I embrace whatever it is that would come. Do you embrace even the low moments and try to dwell on what can you give God, thanks for what can you think on that will shift your perspective of being in a place of gloom or dreeriness to a place of gratitude and even joy.

And so I started to sing. That’s one of the ways I encourage myself, I start to think of the hymns. I think of the [00:04:00] songs that God bring to my mind and my spirit. There was a time, honestly, when I would turn on music. And in this moment, I could say that I’m just so grateful that I have a foundation. That allows me to go back to the things that I know will encourage me on this journey.

So we’re going to welcome our first guest, Daryl. So I get to have you joining me here today in 3, 2, 1, Darryl. I’d love to know your thoughts on gratitude.

[00:04:35] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah. Hi, how are you tonight? Lady Stacy.

[00:04:41] Stacy Zant: It’s so good to have you here. And I forgot to actually change the time earlier.

[00:04:47] Daryl Ledyard: Oh, that’s okay. I won’t use up that much time.

Yeah. Yeah. So one of the things I love gratitude and, I’m going to go back to our Instagram posts that I wrote [00:05:00] a couple of years back about gratitude. The image of it was gratitude is the key that unlocks a life of luck. And luck is in quotations. Right? And my comment was that a lucky life okay.

Is like the universe is a circuit that I believe that gratitude amplifies blessings. So like, if you basically have, you know, action, you’re taking action, but you also add and include a layer of gratitude in your everyday life. Right? Your mantra is how you approach life, but you’re also taking action.

I really believe that puts you in a really sweet spot when it comes to blessings coming your way, how you frame it, it just seems to work. Like automatically like a law where that gratitude just[00:06:00] makes you look a lot more lucky everyday.

[00:06:03] Stacy Zant: Wow, I appreciate that perspective, Daryl and I’m so grateful that you brought up this idea of blessings and knowing, honestly that whenever you adopt that thinking of just being grateful and, I know that that can be interchangeable. This idea, people say it’s luck, but we call it blessings.

And just recognizing how, what we do present out to others and to the world is ultimately what we’re going to receive. So if we adopt that thinking of being grateful, I feel like we’re going to have more things to be grateful for. And, oh my gosh, I appreciate you bringing in that quote as well. Could you share with me, one thing that you may have considered today that you were grateful for, or that you would love to share with us?[00:07:00]

[00:07:01] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah. I get to spend some time with my college age daughter today and she’s finishing up her final papers before the trip the Thanksgiving holiday. And we were talking we had a whiteboard in the conference room at my office and we were just talking, you know, goofing around and she has like one class tomorrow.

So, you know, we were just having fun. But yeah, I was talking to her about my life right now. I, I feel as though I have a lot of gratitude for how my schedule is today and how my finances are today. Because I’m in this sweet spot where I have enough money to to do what I need to do. It, isn’t what I call skyscraper money, or, you know, I’ve got money managers and, you know staffs of people and all of these things that start to complicate things.

I have this team of contractors that work for me, but I [00:08:00] am a solopreneur, right. I get to call my own shots. I have my own office. I have, you know I have a consulting client that I spend three hours a week with, but the rest of my time is for me to play in this face of my business and to build things that are unique and solve problems.

And I just was so grateful and I was telling her how grateful I was for the fact that that I’m in this sweet spot and, and, and at some, and she was saying to me, you know, why aren’t you, you know, why aren’t you. Unhappy that you’re not a billionaire. Right. And and I was talking to her about the people that I’ve been surrounded by in my professional years and how the things that I’ve taught them, you know and the things that I’ve provided in tools and things like that have been have given them life changing income.

Right. And so the mere [00:09:00] fact that that is occurred, right. Makes me feel overjoyed. You know, it makes me feel joyful and happy that I’ve been able to make a difference for a lot of different people in different aspects, you know, different professional things. And And so I, I look at those small little things, you know, and, and have as much appreciation as I can for the good things.

There are times there’ve been times I’ve been in business, my entire adult life, right out of college. I started my first company and there’s been times when money was, you know, a little bit difficult and I wasn’t able to play. Right. There’s times when I had to have clients that took up so much of my time, I didn’t have the space and time to enjoy my family as much and things like that.

But I got to tell you right now, I’m right in this spot where I have a lot of Darryl time that Daryl can choose to do wisdom if he wants to, or [00:10:00] he, Darryl can choose to do. Or something like that. And so I’ve always felt that having, you know, discretionary income and discretionary time to work on the things that bring you joy and fill your bucket, you know, is the sweetest spot that I could ever imagine.

I feel like a billionaire without all the trouble.

[00:10:22] Stacy Zant: Wow. Darryl, I absolutely loved that. And I could hear, you know, as you were sharing, not only this attitude of gratitude, but also the contentment, the peace, the joy, and the blessings that it brings, knowing that you’re grateful even to have time. That’s one of the things that really stood out as you were sharing time to spend with your loved ones that you value, like your daughter, what a blessing and that.

Having the time I loved when you said having that time to play in your business, do [00:11:00] the things that yes, that lights you up that brings you in life. What a blessing. And I know I took the time while you were sharing to go and check out your bio and had to definitely connect with you because I see you’re in the tech space and I’m sure you have so much wisdom, even with your, with your photo here.

I can see with your head head said, I didn’t know if you’ve ever been in any of the similar casting rooms that we’ve done on clubhouse and I’m here on YouTube, but I’m excited that you are able to. Really poor in to such great degrees, letting people know even this idea of success, you know, people define it in different ways, but you are representing those people who can be content and grateful for the blessings and where you are today versus where it is that you are probably headed.

And also where it is that you envision [00:12:00] yourself as you work towards you know, accomplishing more and more, but just being grateful for where you are today. What a blessing.

[00:12:08] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah. Thank you so much. The, the headphones on my head, this is kind of a funny story. If you have a second. So you know, Daniel daily, I, I joke with them and I tell them that these headphones were born on my head, but it, it is a little bit funny because I spent, I wanted to be a radio DJ since I was about eight years old.

Okay. And so I did have these headphones born to my head because it was my destiny because when I was 15, I started my very first radio job. And I worked through high school and college and all my adult life in radio. And I did you know, shows on multiple radio stations. I worked for iHeart radio and I did, you know, the corporate radio thing for many corporations I’ve worked for over the years.

But my big goal when I was young was to own [00:13:00] my own, my own radio station. I wanted to be my own boss and radio and everything changed over the years where a radio station really isn’t owned by people it’s really owned by big corporations, right at this point. And so when podcasting started to become strong and then clubhouse got to be strong, I was like, wow, this is great.

I could like literally do this social audio and do the things that I like to do from a very genuine standpoint, not just announcing the latest Brittany Spears song. Right. So, so I, I got I heard about this wisdom, man. And I was like, wow, this is interesting. This, this pairs up with the things I’ve been doing on Instagram and the things that I, I tell my kids, I always have these little lectures of love.

And we, we talk about things in a big way, you know, big life stuff. And we just love this. This is our family. We just love to talk deep about things. It’s my, that’s my [00:14:00] genuine nature. Right? So I was like, wow, I get to do radio and be my genuine nature at the same time. And I’ve never had that in 30 years of broadcasting.

You know, when I lost my radio job with iHeart radio in when they dropped about 800 DJs on the same day before, you know, computer automation and everything, I was like, ha. I got interviewed by rolling stone magazine. I got to, you know talk to a lot of people. I had job offers listed on my, I had like 10 job offers on my voicemail that same next day, you know?

And I was like, I’m not taking any of these. I’m just so happy. And then COVID hit. And then I pivoted my business. I’m sorry if I’m taking up too much time, but I’m so excited to talk to you. So, so I pivoted my business because I’ve been building software. While I worked in radio radio was my hobby.

Right. It was just my little kid [00:15:00] dream to do it. So I just kept doing it right. And everybody knew me for that. But then when COVID happened some of my consulting business had, had kind of faded away pretty quick. And also I had a lot of projects that got put on hold and it was like, wow, this is the perfect opportunity to pivot because nobody’s expecting anything of me right now.

And I’m going to reinvest and put things into myself. Right. And so I took that. My knowledge and building, building apps and building web apps and things like that, and started solving problems that I found in the market that I was in and just started building these things. And I had people lining up to buy this software during COVID before it was fully finished and it like I, so I ended up paying, you know, for about seven weeks of development out of my own pocket by blah.

But after that, I had so many people wanting to buy the software that I’ve built seven [00:16:00] software since that point during COVID seven softwares. And I haven’t really paid a dime for any of them because people just dug what I was building and they, they, they bought into it. So here I’ve just made myself.

This transformation due to this terrible pandemic, right? That I feel guilty maybe a little bit. That it’s been wonderful for me because it said no to so many things that were taking my time and the radio closing that opportunity so that I could devote all myself into myself. And so all of these funny things that, that take place that, like you said, just give you blessings, you know, a door closing you.

I get fired from a you know, big radio corporation and somebody be like, But I wasn’t sad at all. I was excited, you know, and, and when I realized that it was in the shutdown for this, COVID-19, we couldn’t really leave our houses for anything, [00:17:00] but it was an emergency kind of thing. I was like, wow, this is a great opportunity for me to work on my, my developers and build these apps.

Right. So every single time there was like a an opportunity to, to be excited. Even if it was a setback, I saw it as an opportunity. And my, I put my gratitude rate. Like I said, I talk about this stuff with my kids. I put it right up front and center, and I said, I’m going to find a way to make this be good for me.

And that’s how I live my life. And that’s how I got through in a better position now than I was then, right. Is to put gratitude ahead of. Despair in inviting pain, inviting trouble to yourself of pity or any kind of, you know, oh, I’ve got this trauma or I’ve got all these issues I say, okay, but there’s gotta be some opportunity from the trauma that you learned from, right.

I mean, how do we twist it [00:18:00] and bring it back into focus so that it is a launching pad instead of something that is a steam roller, you don’t want to have life be a steamroller to you. You want to use it as a trampoline and let the things that drop you down, lift you up.

[00:18:16] Stacy Zant: Yes. Yes. Oh, my word, Darryl. You’re you’re speaking my language and I know that is why we got connected here this evening.

And you were like preaching to the choir here. And I know a lot of the other listeners probably may feel the same. I love how God leads us to these chats, these conversations, and, you know, while you were sharing, one of the things I always love to say is the stumbling blocks really do become stepping stones, you know, have that perspective.

Yes. And as, as a little girl, I just remember, even while I was in college and I would come across so many different, you know, situations, and we just had to look at it in 1 day, I said, okay, [00:19:00] Because Facebook came around when I was in college. And my very first year of college to be exact is when they launched, you had to have a college email, you know, the very beginning of things.

And I posted on my status. That was the time when every single day I was changing my profile picture. I was always writing new statuses. And one day I put Dreams delayed is not dreams denied. And my notifications went buzzard because that really resonated with myself, but also others. And that’s the beauty of us even showing up and speaking our truth, speaking the truth, you know, just sharing our life, sharing the highs, the lows, the joy as the ups and the downs and recognizing.

Yes. When you’re in the middle of it, you don’t want to pull people down. You want to be the one to encourage and inspire and show people, Hey, you can overcome this. You can be [00:20:00] victorious, just look at what I was able to get through. And you can be that, that witness, that testimony after the test that you have.

Right. And I’m just so excited for you Daryl, because you shared so many things, you were sharing your joy. And I was like, yes, keep on sharing Daryl.

[00:20:20] Daryl Ledyard: Thank you so much. I mean, yeah. I mean, who, who would be happy to get fired? You know? But yeah, it was the best, one of the best days of my life.

[00:20:29] Stacy Zant: Wow. And, you know, it’s so interesting too, because Daryl, when I was in high school I did the announcements in Highschool

[00:20:38] Daryl Ledyard: Me too, for four years because I was the radio guy and they were like, let’s give this freshmen the job to do the announcements. And they had me do it for four years.

[00:20:48] Stacy Zant: Yes, I did it all my years of high school too.


[00:20:51] Daryl Ledyard: Wow, we’re like soulmates,

[00:20:53] Stacy Zant: I don’t remember what I got for my super lative. I mean, I, [00:21:00] I mean, I should remember because I’m really not that old, but it’s funny, but it’s just so interesting that a lot of us, we get called, when we ended up going into the podcasting and broadcasting, a lot of us have.

Same kind of journey. And I believe it has because we had that perspective where we just learned and we grew from the experiences that would otherwise knock people down and maybe even keep people down. We chose to utilize that as a way to become better and to encourage others because no one wants to listen to someone that’s, always down and always crying about, you know, what’s going on in life and what worries me, but they want to hear you inspiring them, encouraging them, you know, with, with your authentic life and the way that you perceive things and you share things and you encourage them.

And I would love to find out Darryl, if you have any particular [00:22:00] old recordings that’s circulating around, but you can go back to and even share.

[00:22:05] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah. And it’s funny I was very much doing it when I was first starting out, I would study my air check tapes. They call them air checks back in the day.

And I probably have some really old ones on cassette somewhere, but they got really brittle. You know, that’s a long time ago actually, you know as I got, you know, like the last few years I’ve been doing morning shows and you know, filling in for different people cause I was doing a good, we’re doing this full part-time full-time so it just depended on if, if there was a shift in the morning show, I would, I would take it over for a year or two sometimes until they had somebody.

But I didn’t record them because. I didn’t like, I don’t know. I was trying to check it out. I was just doing it because it was what my identity was. After you, you know, you’re doing things for a lot long time, everybody knows you as that guy that has all of the concert tickets and goes backstage and all that kind of stuff that I got to do [00:23:00] that was just like, okay, that’s what Daryl’s supposed to be doing all the time.

But but I really wasn’t like caring about the legacy of listening to that or having my kids listening to it, you know? So I didn’t record, unfortunately, a lot of the stuff that I did as a, you know, corporate radio disc jockey.

[00:23:18] Stacy Zant: But I’m just so grateful, you know, that you have touched on so many things to really encourage even those who are listening or listening to the replay. I don’t know if you do this Daryl, but my plan is to actually, and I started today. I’m talking about gratitude because it’s one week until Thanksgiving, you know, You know, sometimes they just get inspired to speak on a topic moments before coming on here live and I do ponder and think about what is it that I could just really bring forth value in meaning and of course, wisdom.

And, and, you know, if it’s a conversation that others resonate with, I’m always [00:24:00] excited to hear their perspective and to add that extra flavor. But I know with you being a podcast or I’m planning to repurpose all of my talks here to my podcasts

[00:24:15] Daryl Ledyard: at time for wisdom, I just grabbed the domain time for and I’m putting my interviews on there.

So I have like five interviews and I put them on YouTube as well. And I put them into the wet, I actually linked the website to the the channel here for the replays, but yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah, you and I are like, you know, brother and sister, we have someone to comment.

It’s so funny.

[00:24:39] Stacy Zant: Yes, yes. Yes. I mean like people do attract like people and I feel like, you know, a lot of us we’re finding each other, we’re discovering deeper relationships. Cause we have a whole group. Club and a wave of us came over from clubhouse. We have the Christian content creator and the Fairless creator clubs [00:25:00] over there.

And we host consistent rooms throughout the week. And one of the brothers who just came on this app, when it launched stated in our group chat, cause we have a back channel with all of our admins and leaders and all that. And I was like, you know what let me go ahead and check it out before we say, we’re going to come over here as well.

And I just got hooked. I, the first day I said, I’m going to do a challenge and I’m going to show up every single day. And since then, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing a chat every single day, even when I don’t feel like it.

[00:25:31] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah. You know, I did the same thing I said to myself that I, I’m sorry. I keep saying I’m doing the same thing, but when I first got this, I said, I wasn’t going to stop until I had 10 talks, you know, I was going to do 10 talks and then like, you know, some of those talks I had. You know, 700 people. I know, I’m like, what the heck is going on with me? I mean, this is really amazing.

So so I was like, I didn’t have that kind of love from clubhouse because it was. [00:26:00] You have to really share the stage. And it’s more of a, like a click kind of thing where there’s like a group of people and you’re sharing it’s, it’s a different situation. But at first I was, you do it’s a tribe. Yeah.

Yeah. I totally get that, but I love the intimacy of this. I love the things I’m learning from people on here and so many different areas,

[00:26:23] Stacy Zant: I don’t know how you made that pivot and that switch and I I know we have someone in the queue, so that person will probably be my last chat, but I definitely, you know, wanted to you, you really intrigued us.

I’m sure I’m not the only one when you made that pivot into going into tech, because I actually I’m in tech and I started working on an app myself. I haven’t shared this with anyone. But. A different concept from, you know, the different kind of apps that are coming out there, but I I’d be very curious to find out how did you make that sort of leap, you know, to create [00:27:00] something of your own, like a software.

Do you want to share a little bit about that before you go?

[00:27:04] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah, it’s actually goes back to the nineties. It was in 1990s when I started my, my first company and it turned into a disc jockey network for finding DJs, for weddings, parties, trivia nights, bars, clubs, all this kind of stuff. And I built a software app back in the early two thousands.

So I’ve built the first website and I had this big vision of what I was going to build. So before there was, you know, there was software for in the cloud, I w I built a platform that we ended up having over 10 million leads that came in in the course of about 12 years for weddings and parties and all of these kinds of things.

So I kept building that up and it was the leading Thing online for that, for that thing. And for a long [00:28:00] time until Google changed a lot of their algorithms and things like that. And so I, after that I built probably 400 websites and WordPress and, and and a lot of them for clients, I have, you know, hundreds of, of clients I’ve built websites for.

And then I got hired by a company in San Diego to to run to build a lot of mobile apps for and I’m not a programmer. Like I can’t code like anything, but I am like visionary when it comes to, you know, building in the architecture for software. And like, I. Saying to talk to my developers and I’m like, you bring me the problems and I’ll talk you through on how to solve it, because I have so many years of experience in tech that I know ways around things, and I’ll just talk you through it.

And that works a hundred percent of the time so far that whenever we, we do something and they get stuck, I figure out a way to get them around it. So I’m buried [00:29:00] with tech. All of my roommates in college were CS majors. I was a radio TV film major in the midst of all that. And I’m a marketing management major.

But I’ve, I’ve been immersed with tech non-stop since college and yeah, I felt countless. Things online, so,

[00:29:18] Stacy Zant: wow. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Daryl, once again, you know, just the commonalities from your story, and it’s amazing that this cross intersection of art and technology, and you would think that technology is more math and science because of all the technicalities, but it’s so interesting how we’ve been wired and we’ve been created isn’t human humanity and, you know, creation just such a mysterious and beautiful thing.

It blows my mind. It’s something I’m grateful for because I’m learning so much, just even having this conversation with you, even about myself, even about people who are like [00:30:00] us, you know, who are called to do so many great things. And to know that you’ve been able to start doing the things you’re passionate about for as long as you can remember, you mentioned with your headphones just for you couldn’t remember, and you’re still pursuing and going further and deeper.

Do you train others or have any of those stories? Step-by-step I know you’re sharing your wisdom here.

[00:30:24] Daryl Ledyard: Yeah, I am. I’ve got a YouTube channel. But I don’t sell anything on here, so I don’t talk about it. So if anybody wants to dig into what I do you can look me up on clubhouse profile.

Cause I have more space to put things on there, but it’s up to you to find things out about me. But, but keep in mind. Okay. I’m 49 years old. Okay. I’ve been working since in, doing programming and stuff. Since I was a kid, it’s a basic programming, but life is short. And life is long because if you look at it, it [00:31:00] shocks me how much I’ve done in that life that I’ve lived and how many concerts I’ve introduced on Ben backstage and all the stars.

I’ve. I mean, it’s, it’s mind boggling the life experiences that I’ve had. And I’m just one of many, like so many people have done so many things, so make sure you’re living your life in gratitude because life is too short not to. And I work very hard to, to have what I have and to, to be where I am, but everybody can achieve great things in life. Life is long enough that you can achieve great.

[00:31:40] Stacy Zant: Amen. Wow. Thank you for those amazing parting words, Daryl and I, it’s just so incredible that you were our first guest tonight, and I feel like you just took it home and I’m excited for

[00:31:55] Daryl Ledyard: sorry to use your clock, but it was too exciting to talk to you

[00:31:59] Stacy Zant: It [00:32:00] really, really was.

And I’m looking forward to future talks for sure. Awesome.

Wow. What a blessing to have Daryl join us and share his wisdom. You know, just reflecting on this idea of his topic of gratitude. I want to just think Daryl for just raising his hands and coming up and just pouring in and bringing such joy. As I mentioned earlier, having the headache and now I feel like it’s all together gone.

As I was thinking, it’s all together. Lovely. As we think of these things and just thinking how God allows us to cross paths with people who bring so much value. So much life and joy into her life. Even if you meet them for the first time nothing is ever in being and nothing is ever squandered. I just love how God works.

So now we’re going to welcome our first or second guest here tonight. And I’m so [00:33:00] excited that our lovely desk left. Lafira welcome. How are you doing tonight?

[00:33:07] Lathyra Ranger: Hi, it’s Lythyra and yours is Stacy right?. Stacy Zant

[00:33:10] Stacy Zant: Yes. Thank you for your patience. And you’re amazing for just hanging out with us here tonight. I’d love to hear about you and your idea of gratitude.

[00:33:22] Lathyra Ranger: Well, first I want to say thank you again for allowing me to speak and this one was necessary. This room was so necessary because I had a really, I had a really off week. I think the last two weeks has just been an incredible storm. And so today my husband was saying, to find things, you know, find things to be grateful for.

Because I was just having a moment. I’m a mom, I’m a toddler mom. I have a, five-year-old a two-year-old I’m also a believer. I’m also an influencer and I’m also a fellow podcast that will be relaunching my podcasts in January. For moms. Yes. It’s for [00:34:00] moms so that they can have a moment, like what I needed.

And so I truly had a, when I said these last two weeks has been like a storm for me. And it started to affect me. A friend of mine said, I told her, I said, I feel like I’ve hit a wall. And she said, oh, you know what? I saw a quote that was floating around the internet. And it said, whenever you feel like you’re hitting a wall, sometimes a wall is really for you to rest.

And so I have been sitting here. Thinking about that. Like how have I been resting? And because a lot of times when we’re in storms, it’s hard to be grateful. It’s hard to be grateful when you’re going through a trial. And what I find is what I, what I’m learning now through this is how to allow gratitude with the power of gratitude, to be my compass point and to be my compass point in adversity.

That is something that I’m learning tonight. Even as you guys were speaking, you know, the whole spirit [00:35:00] just was talking to me, you know, God just was speaking to me. And he was saying to me, that gratitude is my compass point and navigate this adversity and this storm, because we don’t because we have to be anchored in a storm.

If we’re not anchored in that storm, we will literally. Be tossed to and fro and by toss to, and fro sometimes that looks like I’m unsure, running away from the vision, not being obedient to God. You know, just, just what’d you call it a lack of focus distracted. And so that’s what it looks like being tossed to and from, and even discouraged.

And so I’m so sorry. I have kiddies in the restaurant that I’m not aware that I’m on an entire life

mommy moments. I know. Right. And so I just feel like this storm is really teaching me the power of gratitude. And so when I saw this notification come up, [00:36:00] I haven’t been on the wisdom app since my first re talk couple, couple weeks back, I think, a week or two ago. And when I saw the gratitude topic, I said, I have to come because my husband had just talked to me about this.

And I said, let me listen. And you and Daryl will having such a beautiful conversation. I just said, you know, and as you guys were speaking, just, you know, God just spoke to me. And so it, he, the thing about gratitude is that it reframes your personal. Yes. Yeah. My entire perspective of this entire storm and ordeal that I’m currently going through.

It’s been reframed when I sit back and I try to get into a space of gratitude and the reason it’s so important to get into that space of gratitude is because the Zen, we can control our thoughts. We can control the narratives and perspectives that, that, that are created. And sometimes, you know, you know, Satan launches his fiery darts, those, those thoughts, those negative thoughts we’re able to control.

Through the power of gratitude. [00:37:00] And so he told us that when God speak and he said, I give you power to trample over the serpent and scorpion. And I feel like gratitude is literally a tool that he’s given us. I’m constantly hearing over and over. God has given us the tools that we need. It’s in us. I keep putting that that’s been a resounding theme for me for the last two weeks.

And I got it tonight. If I didn’t come in on your chat, I would not have gotten this revelation. You know, it would not attract. And so I get it it’s in us. And so the tool that is in me is gratitude. And so gratitude, is it like he got, just let me know that it unlocks the power to the next level. And so now.

It’s like, have you ever watched Jumanji?

[00:37:45] Stacy Zant: A long time ago? Yes.

[00:37:48] Lathyra Ranger: It’s like every time they will have to go to another level. They win something, they get a jamun and they go to another level. Well, for me, I, I think of those gems are wisdom. And so, cause you know, the Bible describes [00:38:00] wisdom as precious stones.

He’ll rebuild our walls and foundations with precious stones. I believe it’s Isaiah 61. And so I, I consider, you know, the gems, the precious stones to be knowledge and wisdom. And so it’s like, I got so much wisdom now and because of the power of gratitude, I’m able to. To remain. Cool. What would have caused me to flip out what would have caused me to lose my cool or, or, you know, make me lose my perspective because of the power of gratitude I can recenter myself.

I can just rethink about you know, just re re renew my mind. And so I’m so thankful for, for this chat, because I’ve been able to reframe my mind. I’ve just been able to, my calm has been restored because what I love the story about Jesus and the storm, when he called peter to come to him,

Well, as I sat here and I listened to you and Daryl I’m like, this [00:39:00] is almost a moment for me with Jesus saying, come out of the boat, come out of this, this, this, this box to in thinking that you have this narrative this perspective come to me.

And even though Peter sank, because you know, he lost faith. It’s like that for me, what that looks like for me in my life right in this moment right now is I had lost faith that God sees me, that God is with me in this storm. And Jesus still reached out his house. You know, he’s still reached out his hand to pull him up.

And so this talk tonight was Jesus pulling me up. Cause I was really thinking I was about to sink. Cause I’m like, God, how is this happening? Like how did this storm come into my life? How are you? How I don’t see you. And, and, and I just sitting here just listening, you know, God was like, just because I’m invisible doesn’t mean I’m inactive.

And so that was just really powerful [00:40:00] for me. That, you know, he stretched his hand and sometimes the stretching of God, th this is what cause you know, a lot of people read the Bible and then they would like look at it and not really understand it, or see the manifestation of the Bible manifesting itself in their life.

Like this is this moment where Jesus stretched out his hand to Peter and said, come, this is this moment. This talk right here on wisdom. This talk that you are hosting is literally Jesus stretching his hand to me and say, come up. I know you signed in your faith. I know you thought I left too, but come.

And so I just thank you so much for, for doing this because, oh man, I’m so restored. There’s a calm in my soul is like, like Psalms 23. He said, I restores your soul. And you restore my soul because the storm, the water was getting in the boat. The water was getting in my mind and it was just, it was just sinking me.

And now I [00:41:00] can just I’m I’m I’m so thankful. So thank you so much. And one thing, another thing I’ve learned is that gratitude is it really starts from acceptance because as I listened to you and Daryl speak, I’m like this thing starts with accepting, accepting what it is. For what it is, and, you know, accepting where you are, what you can do and what you can control.

And so that’s where that is where gratitude starts right there. It’s it is a family. It is, it starts between contentment and acceptance. So I just want to I’ll guess I’ll use my mic there. I just thank you so much for, for doing this room. If you only did this room for me, bless you. God bless.

[00:41:46] Stacy Zant: And let me make sure I’m saying your name. Once again. It’s such a beautiful name, also very unique, and I just so appreciate you. Out [00:42:00] gratitude, having that attitude of gratitude as you were sharing, and you you’re really like a Ray of sunshine. And, you know, I would never have known that you were experiencing the storm because your perspective and the way in which you shared, you know, with such authority and such clarity, enjoy.

It’s such a blessing and an honor, just giving glory to God in this moment that he led you here. You know, this particular talk, I didn’t put spirituality as I normally do in some of my other talks. You know, really tried to go off of just the leading of the prompting of the holy spirit, right before I come on this app, I may have a whole other idea of talks that I’ve written down in my Evernote.

And I I’ve said it’s on my previous talks. I’m like the moment that I’m going on, I have to just talk to God and say, you know, what is it you want me to speak on? And in that moment, if there is a shift, there’s a change. I go with [00:43:00] it because I know that it’s going to be for someone. So I thank you for encouraging me in this moment as well, reminding me how important it is to hear the voice of the Lord and to just be discerning and not go off of maybe my own feelings.

Because I had excuses. I had so many reasons why I shouldn’t come on tonight because of the headache, which is no longer here anymore.

Oh my gosh, we serve such an incredible God that he knows where we are and he meets us at our point of need, even through the airwaves of an app that we turn on. It’s amazing the ways in which he speaks. And it’s just, you were in tune with the Lord tonight, life, the Farrah, because you also had. Take the step you had to accept that you were in the space, you had to accept, you know, God’s voice and decide [00:44:00] to make a decision and choose to get to that place where you could receive that.

Paul, that invitation, that reminder to get out of the storm and to walk on water and to be able to just let God lead you and direct you. And he led you to speak to the people tonight, not just here on this app, but even for those who will later hear this on the Radiant Pearl living podcasts for Christian content creators, just knowing.

It all boils down, to your faith, to how you decide, to allow your thinking, to frame even your way of behaving and the way that you show up. And I just so appreciate the journey that you’re on. I want you to share a little bit more, if you feel led, you know, on your purpose and you know, your vision for this podcast that you are looking to do, is it, is it another season off in the new year?[00:45:00]

[00:45:00] Lathyra Ranger: I started it two years ago, two or three years ago. And I put it down because I had to restructure my home. My, we literally have went through so many. We went through a loss, the loss of my mother-in-law and then so much things was just transitioning and happening. And so I just put it down because I needed to show up whole and heal.

Even for my audience, I’m helping them. I’m giving the moms a moment because it’s called the and podcast. I’m giving them a moment so that they can just be nourished so that they can flourish. And I wanted them to show up in their motherhood, whole and heal and empowered. And I, and. Me to do that for them.

I had to do that for me. And so I said, okay, there’s a lot of transitioning going on. And sometimes we do have to take a step back and just when we’re in a transition, just to make sure that things are in [00:46:00] place, you know, they’re restructure. And so I took us to, I took it breaks. And I’m going to relaunch it in January and I’m, and this is just to help moms.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, a frustrated mom, a tired mom, a sick and tired mom special needs mom, because I’m a toddler mom. I have a five-year-old and a two year old and my son has some special ed. My son has special needs. And so, because, because of those needs, it really touched me to help moms in the moment and not just special needs mom, because when I went through depression, the first two years of motherhood, I was literally sinking again in depression.

And one day, like after I found out my daughter, I was pregnant with my daughter. I said, you know what? I have to do something because my discontent. It just elevated to anger, to disappointment, to anger than rage. And then I just watched my [00:47:00] home a storm just come into my home and that storm was just unhappiness depression. And I just got tired of it. I got tired of not having any spontaneous spontaneity, not having any joy in my house. I got really tired. And so I’m like, okay, I gotta do something. And sometimes we don’t have a lot to do something. And sometimes the thing we can’t afford to do, we can’t afford not to do.

And so I said, I have to do something. And so I just started going out to the beach. I literally lived two minutes away from I’m from The Bahamas. So I literally like two or three minutes away from the beach. And so I started going to the beach with my kids. Then I started taking them to the park and I saw what it did for us.

I saw how meet both my kids and I had moments of moments of connection and what it did for me. And so of course the pandemic came and so there had to be another adjustment in different things. And so when I [00:48:00] started putting structure that household structure in place,

I started to realize how much like besides household structure, you need community. And I would like to be, I am going to be what I needed sometimes what you need it, you can’t find because we are called to create.

[00:48:18] Stacy Zant: Right

[00:48:20] Lathyra Ranger: for me, I’m like, I’m not finding this tribe. I’m not finding this community. So let me create it. And so I’m like, I’m going to do that. I’m going to do this part gas again, because I need a moment.

I’m a stay at home mom and with a special needs son. I always need community always because you have those moments when everything is just chaos, especially in toddlerhood, everything can be chaotic. But I love that with gratitude, the power of gratitude, it can help moms to recenter themselves. It can help moms to change their perspective so that they can flourish.

Because most times we’re not flourishing in motherhood because our perception. It [00:49:00] is our perspective. And so it is normally my perspective. Anytime I have a moment where I’m sulky, I’m sad, I’m discouraged, I’m angry. It’s a perspective. It all boils right down to that. What am I thinking? Like if my son is making noise on my daughter’s doing something, spilling something and I’m angry, what am I thinking?

Oh, my child is just making me mad. That’s a wrong perspective.

[00:49:26] Stacy Zant: Right.

[00:49:26] Lathyra Ranger: That’s a wrong perspective. And so that’s what I’m doing on the moments podcast, I’m helping moms to shift their perspective so they can flourish as they nourish. And so I look forward to it because every,

every mom needs a mom ent.

[00:49:41] Stacy Zant: Yes. Wow. That is so beautiful Lathyra, as you were sharing even earlier, and then you went deeper into this concept and the priority and the vitality of community, and I was immediately thinking of someone that it would be so great for you both to connect. I don’t know if you know [00:50:00] Camille and she has a club on.

So awesome. So I’m so glad you guys already know each other. You can definitely connect us, see a lot of alignment there. And she has helped serve in different capacities. You know, of course, on the other app, we have the Christian content created our club. Maybe both could do something together.

But I also thought of another amazing Woman of God that, right now she’s touring different podcasts as a mom of a special needs son as well. And she actually wrote a book. The name of the book is called Parenting Interesting Children. And so I don’t know if that’s something that, maybe we can connect on IG message.

You guys can both also connect with each other. I don’t know what it is, but I have a lot of. Mom friends who were passionate about moms and, you know, and I’m just so excited to see what God is going to do as everyone links up. And, like you were talking about finding that tribe and that [00:51:00] community and seeing the ways in which you can pour in, even from a different perspective, being an island mom, and, you know, just recognizing all of the different flavor and insight and revelation that God brings to each of us, I’m excited for where you’re headed and what God’s already done in your life.

Lathyra, thank you for sharing all of that.

[00:51:22] Lathyra Ranger: Thank you so much for having.

[00:51:23] Stacy Zant: Yes. So I want to give people an opportunity to further connect with you and also want to make sure that we stay connected because you just blessed my spirit so much. Not only with your encouraging words and what God deposited and shared in your spirit has you were listening and you are receiving that calm.

I want to share with you too, because I forgot it earlier as I was going on talking about other things, but one of the things that you shared, the words of rest and recognizing that even the door being closed or certain things being in your [00:52:00] way, it’s not going to be, based on your perspective, you can see it as not just, something stopping you, but something allowing you to rest and to pause and to even replenish.

And it’s amazing before I did this room. Those were some of the thoughts that came to my mind. I was like, oh, I already did a room on rest. And that was such a great room. And I was like, oh, you know, be still because I feel like I’m constantly doing, doing, doing, creating, creating, creating my mind is running, a mile by the second.

And a big part of that is because I have a brand called the fearless creator. So we’re always fearlessly creating and showing up

This is just one of many apps, that we, that I’m investing time into. And, I ended up coming on this app. I always need to come on earlier in the day. And the only time that it seems like I come on earlier is when I have it scheduled for a simulcast to be on multiple places. We already have a Room on clubhouse and then going on [00:53:00] YouTube and we’re simulcasting here and then we’re repurposing on the podcast.

And so it’s just to kill, you know, three or four birds, not literal. Right. But all of those things done simultaneously. I just do it once and I’m able to show up in all of the places and I have invested in the technology and the things and it just, it just in my mind, I’m like, yes, I’m accomplishing so much, but why do I feel at moments.

It gives me a high and I feel so rejuvenated. And then there are moments where it’s like, oh, my word, I feel depleted. I’m so exhausted. Thinking of even the next move. I’m thinking of the next innovative idea that I feel like has been a download from the Lord. And then I have to remind myself, Stacy, cause we had a room today about health is wealth in our club and just recognize that.

Took my bottle of water. I started to drink a little bit more water, just even evaluating, reminding myself, what did I eat today? I know we’re going to be [00:54:00] doing fasting, but how am I taking care of my body while I’m busy creating and working. And I saw the value of just and it came strongly my mind.

That’s something we’re so busy doing that we don’t value and appreciate the moments of just being right. And so I went back to that place where I was like, okay, I have to pull out my journal. I have not taken the time to really write down as I’ve done in times past I have my digital planner or my digital journal and thought it was like, you know, sometimes you have to strip everything else away and you just need to be still.

And so I just started to sing some songs that the Lord laid on my heart as I warmed up some things, for me to get some food and get some things in my system. And I was just like, God, I’m so grateful. I’m just filled with gratitude in this moment that you’ve laid a foundation that I can remember when things become so overwhelming when things become, just so much I can go back to the rock. I can go [00:55:00] back to, the God of my salvation, because this is something that I was able to grab a hold of from a little girl growing up in the island of

Jamaica. I don’t know Jamaica

[00:55:14] Lathyra Ranger: the islands yes

[00:55:18] Stacy Zant: but yes, that’s how God reminds us. He shows up and he. Allows us to be able to pull back from the well, the wellspring of life in those moments where it seems like, how we may have forgotten because we don’t have time to really reflect, but God calls us back. He calls us back to him and we experienced that peace.

We experienced that joy. We experienced that calm and Lathyra, you were such a beautiful reminder of all of those things here tonight. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You kept saying that word that I’m saying that’s what happens when you’re appreciative, when you’re thankful you are [00:56:00] going to just live in abundance and you’re going to see not only your own heart soar, but the piece that you’re sharing with and your income, communitywith they too, will experience that same joy and gratitude that you’re exhibiting and you’re sharing. So thank you.

[00:56:16] Lathyra Ranger: Thank you so much. I received those words. I receive it. Thank you so much.

[00:56:21] Stacy Zant: You’re welcome love. I’m looking forward to next time you have a blessed rest of your evening. Let’s maybe schedule something where we can see how we can collaborate and connect and all the other places. Okay.

[00:56:37] Lathyra Ranger: Yes. I followed you on Instagram. I was already following you on here

[00:56:42] Stacy Zant: oh. Okay. Awesome. Awesome. All right.

[00:56:45] Lathyra Ranger: Yes, Talk soon.

[00:56:46] Stacy Zant: Yes have a blessed night.

[00:56:48] Lathyra Ranger: You too.

[00:56:48] Stacy Zant: Wow. What a blessing, what an honor, just to have had these conversations tonight from Daryl coming up and sharing his [00:57:00] wisdom to the beautiful Thyra coming up and sharing as she was just resting a while. And she hit the hand raising, I guess you would say moments after Darryl. And I was like, oh, hope she sticks around because I forgot to change my settings.

And we have 30 minutes chats and I intentionally had wanted to come on and change the setting to do 15 minutes. Because as I mentioned earlier, I had a challenging day. And even within the hour of me coming on here, live. For this talk. And so I was like, okay, I’m just going to, I’ve committed myself to this.

And I’ve already done the 10. That was my first goal. And then the 26 building the habit, and I’m now 23 talks in, and this is the 24th one. [00:58:00] And then recognizing, the next goal is 30 days and then 40 days. And who’s the tell what will happen next. But those were the goals that I shared and you all are holding me accountable to that.

I’m holding myself accountable to that. And so despite how I’m feeling, despite the excuses that would want to come up in my mind, I said, no, I’m going to have to push past this. And even if I spend 15, 30 minutes tops, I would’ve known that I did what I said I would do. But then God had other plans after sharing for a little while.

Didn’t we. Go into the definition, right? If you’re just coming in, normally you hear in the talks that I do with, whether it’s the one word talk where we’re just taking time to delve deeper in a word that really has been given from the throne. That God leads me to share here on this app. In this particular talk for the [00:59:00] night and sometimes it will be longer than a word, but what I do is I try to just define the word and then share what the scripture has to say on the word, because that for me is the truth.

Right? And just as a believer, I really do go to the word to be that basic instruction before leaving earth. And so it really does guide me and give me that frame of mind that I need to make meaning of the word and the world and what is going on around me and how I can respond and how I can be led to be that light, to be that witness, to be even that example, When I pulled up the definition, which I’ll share here at the end gratitude, you’ve heard from these incredible voices and guests here tonight, what it means to have that attitude of gratitude, to be grateful, to have a grateful heart.

That’s what I want to [01:00:00] speak on tomorrow because, recognize that I’ve been getting ideas on so many different topics and so many different things, and yes, there is alignment because I end up referring to all of them in my talks, whether it’s process and progress and being steadfast, being persistent, the power of endurance, all of these talks that we’ve been delving deep into.

Like we did from the very first days we were on clubhouse and we decided that, or I decided, I love saying we cause we have such a strong and beautiful community, but I recognized during lent, I was going to go for 40 days. Speaking about being Faith filled. We had put a calendar together. So people could go into the scripture every day to grow and go deeper in that topic, in that topical study of what it means to be faith filled.

And then we went into fruitfulness and then we went into endurance and then we went into steadfastness and before we knew it, we had so [01:01:00] many amazing 30 day, 40 day calendars to keep people on a journey and to go on an experience of going deeper in the word and in that word for the month. And our time of examination together.

And so I feel like God has led me to speak about all these different topics that have really resonated, not just with myself, but the people that I believe God has called me to. So I don’t find it by chance or by coincidence that you were led to this talk today, or that you’re listening to this on the podcast.

I believe these testimonies, these voices, you need to hear them. And I want to invite you to connect with them. And I will, you know, as I normally do with my podcast episodes, I will link out that you can connect with these incredible way, says. Just be able to have different quality voices [01:02:00] sharing with you and encouraging you and allowing you to step in to your purpose and grow deeper in the wisdom that they provide.

And so gratitude is defined as the quality of being thankful readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. Wow. The example uses, she expressed her gratitude to the committee for their support. It’s when you recognize someone, when you give thanks. When you show your appreciation, when you’re kind with the words you say, I believe I’ve mentioned this before, but this idea of even, our communities that are growing and in different spaces, whether it’s on clubhouse or on Facebook, where there are group that we have, or whether it’s, the summit that we’ve put together [01:03:00] or the different sort of experiences and online events, and even in person, because I’ve had an opportunity to meet some of our creators, Christian content creators in real life, God led us to be able to meet up and to have lunch.

And you see that on my Instagram. And it’s just so amazing how we can take the relationships that we’ve been given that we’ve been blessed with. And we can go deeper with them. Some people I’ve known, you know, just from a distance. Whether they were visiting or church, or, you know, just connected to the church family or to, you know, just people that we know.

And God allows us to have deeper relationships when it’s the right time. I always believe things are not only working together for good, but it really does come together beautifully. And it’s time. That is how our savior works. And I’m just so [01:04:00] grateful. You heard me talk about being grateful for just humanity.

And I know there are a lot of things that we could point fingers on and say, oh my word, look at how the world is and look at how people are and, you know, just humanity. But I’m saying, look at humanity, look at the mysterious ways in which we are able to consider others even before ourselves. And we’re able to pour out, we’re able to connect.

We’re able to accomplish great and mighty things when we are in alignment, when we’re in one accord. And when we are working together, when there is synergy, when there’s collaboration, when we’re honoring each other, sincerely, and I believe that’s what everyone feels. That’s why we get so many messages from people saying how much they feel the love and the warmth, because we are operating from a place of gratitude.[01:05:00]

We love the people that we have been blessed to pour into and to have them pour into us and recognizing that our lives would not be what it is without that. Our lives would not be filled with so much richness, wealth and value without their kind of words, their encouragement, their upliftment, even simply for their presence and their being just that alone can make a difference.

And so having that attitude of gratitude, that readiness and counting your blessings and recognizing the beauty and the moments that you’ve been granted and given here on this earth, not just for the season, but for eternity the lives you were able to impact. And yes, you may just be planting seeds in [01:06:00] this moment.

Maybe it’s up to someone else to water.

Maybe you’re the one that’s called to water, but just being able to pour out and even to rest, to be still and have God flow through you. And you can be that loving witness, that light and that source and reminder of who you can be when you’re able to have that mindset, that perspective of giving. Thanks, Give, thanks with a grateful heart.

Give things to the holy one because of who he is and not just because of what he has done when you have that perspective where not only everything is working together for my good, but recognizing that every moment is a teachable moment. If it’s not quite working out the way that it should, [01:07:00] maybe the lessons I need to receive in this moment is just what I need to help me for the next level, the next dimension and the next purpose that I will fulfill.

And so one with pat today, I hope you’ve taken the time. If you don’t have a gratitude journal or a way in which you can be stale, you can rest on the words. You can rest on the reminders and even the revelations that you receive as we are in community, as we’re discussing, as we’re sharing. And as you’re hearing the voices and the stories of other,

thank you for pausing with me. For delighting in community with me today for having that attitude of gratitude and embracing the journey that you’re on. Wow. We’re in for a ride we’re in for a treat.[01:08:00] It’s all a matter of how you decide to view your life and to embrace the journey and the struggles.

That you have been able to endure up until this point and believe it or not, that is still yet to come. There is so much more ahead, so much more in store and they hope you will not only be reminded of fact today, but you will take action, whether it’s simply getting out your pen. I always love to say my Radiant Pearl pen,

my Radiant Pearl pen. If you’ve never seen a picture, you can go to my YouTube channel and you’ll be able to see the backdrop of my entire setup of my home office and just seeing the pens that are laid out, not only behind me, but in some of my setup on photos that you may see on Instagram as well. And the beauty of even [01:09:00] having something that you enjoy and you delight writing with recording with.

Reminding you that you need to go back and just enjoy and reflect on the moments that you’ve been able to live through. I mentioned earlier, I have my digital planner. I have my actual printed planner that I haven’t been using as much. I usually use my planner as a way of recording, even after I’ve accomplished certain task.

I want to be able to remember and recall what it is I was able to do. And how is it that I was able to evenbe still and accomplish and delight in the experiences that God has blessed me with. I see it more as a, memory book, an opportunity to go back in my disk version of my planner or in my spiral bound planner.

We have so many different forms and it’s [01:10:00] beautiful. I just want to go to it. But I also pull out my radiant pearl pen. And on one side it says you are radiant. It’s carved out. We have the rose gold. We have the men, we have the pink, we have the blue, we have the purple, like a lavender color. We have a peach color and it has a beautiful Pearl on top.

And it comes in a clear case that allows you to see the beauty as it’s there contained. But when you pull it out and you touch it, you have it in the Palm of your hand. It reminds you as you’re recording in your writing, that you are radiant. And so even if you have to say that about yourself and you have to remind yourself as you’re looking in the mirror, or as you’re writing down is you’re recording your day and what it is you hope to accomplish or what it is you did accomplish be reminded.

You are radiant in you’re being chiseled, you’re being refined. You’re being reminded [01:11:00] of who you were created to be even in the storm, even in the valley, and even in the fire where you were not scorched, you were simply refined and you were able to become that Radiant Pearl, that exquisite gem that would not be possible without the pressure and without the heat that you’ve had to endure.

on the other side is a scripture. Which is my key scripture that led me to start my blog, Radiant Pearl living, and then the podcast Radiant Pearl living podcast. And the scripture is from Psalm 34, verse five. Those who look to him are radiant and their faces are never covered with shame. So be reminded of that fact today you are absolutely radiant, be grateful for the radiance that illuminates inside of you and outside of you.

It glows and other [01:12:00] people are attracted to it. If that’s not the case for you yet, keep refining, keep under the flame. And eventually you’re going to see that radiance shine through. Embrace the process and brace the progress, embrace the journey that you’re on. And look at that perspective, look to the one who makes you absolutely radiant, and you will never be ashamed.

You will walk with your head held high, knowing that all that you’ve had to go through and endure is for reason for season, for a purpose. Right? And so I just want to remind you of all of that today. I just feel like after having had these amazing voices and guests here tonight, it just gave me a fresh new wind and fire, right.

To just keep sharing and keep showing up and recognizing [01:13:00] even when you don’t feel like it, it’s that moment you need to lean in and you need to do the thing that you have committed to doing. Because you don’t want to stop before the time you don’t want to throw in the towel, you don’t want to stop digging, right?

When you were about to strike gold, you’ve heard those stories and you don’t want to be that story. You want to be the one that continue to plow on that continued to have the right mindset and perspective to accomplish the thing that you knew you could accomplish. And that God knew you could accomplish.

He saw it in you. He called you to it. And so he’s equipped you to do it. And yes, you may not have it all in yourself or by yourself. But if you align with the right people, if you find your tribe, those were some of the topics that came up tonight. If you even build the community, [01:14:00] the right people will come

and they will be. Encouraged inspired, ignited. As a result of you walking in your purpose, walking in your calling and helping them to accomplish the goals, the dreams and the desires that they have, maybe yes, it’s been delayed, but it doesn’t mean it’s been denied. You just have to keep pushing forward, keep showing up, never giving up on yourself.

Having that attitude of gratitude, showing appreciation, having that quality of being thankful is defined when we consider and when we embrace gratitude, I am appreciate of you. I’m appreciative for you. And I will return kindness and the ways that I’ve been gifted and [01:15:00] blessed to do so I recognize, and I appreciate the gifts that are all around me.

That is why we never have to feel threatened when people around us that are incredible leaders and authority figures, as we are come around us, they only allow us to shine brighter because of birds of a feather flock together. If you feel so inclined to be a part of what it is that I’m doing, if someone feels inclined to be a part of what you’re doing, see that as a blessing as an honor, because it only makes you.

Grow and go deeper knowing that those who are at incredible levels felt the connection and felt the desire to be a part of the vision and to help even build the vision. That is the beauty of collaboration. We’ve spoken about that as well. In [01:16:00] previous talks I just love the fact that we can have these conversations and they really do become a part of a tapestry that flows together.

I am grateful for that. I’m grateful for the leading of the holy spirit that has led me to share with you in community today. Thank you for your time, your talent, your treasure. Our most recent summit title was user gifts. Be fearless and profitable. I want you to feel as though you’ve been able to use up every gift, every ounce, if you ever get depleted, like I said earlier, where you can feel as though you’re at the brink and you need to be refilled, take a pause, take a moment and embrace that. Being, just being still counting your blessings, reminding yourself, writing and [01:17:00] recording what it is you are grateful for right here. Right now, even speaking it, it does something. It goes into the airwaves and it communicates not only with your mind, but it communicates with others.

You are blessed. Wow. That was their topic last night. See what I said? When everything ties together, it’s just so beautiful. You are so beautiful. And we will continually create a space where we can exhibit the beauty and the kindness that we are so blessed to receive and give and feeling of this moment because I’m creating now a series of gratitude and we’ll come back tomorrow and we’ll speak on having a grateful heart and whatever else.

The Lord leads. [01:18:00] I started creating a journal and I honestly have so many journals now, not just printed, but PDF versions. You know, I’ve created a lot of workbooks. I placed an order for another book because I’ve written a lot of books. Some of them are on Amazon. Some of them, you can only get on my website.

And some of them are printed with color and design. Some of them allow you to add your colors and do your coloring and it’s black and white. So just so many forms and ways in which you can record what you’re grateful for and your journey. And so just this talk has inspired me. I’m going to create another thing and it’s not going to be something that will deplete me.

It is something that will give me life because I know it’s going to be a blessing and it will give others life as well. And I will include that as I normally include in the beginning of the month, I included a spread for November. That was a digital planner spring. That people could download on their [01:19:00] device, whether it’s their phone or their iPad on good notes and they could plan digitally without the mess, right?

And every month I do a new spread where you can personalize it. And I email it out to my email list, along with all the fun printables and reminders of upcoming rooms and scheduling and ways to connect with other Christian content creators and Fearless creators. And I’m going to gift to my subscribers.a gratitude journal. It’s something that we have our prayer planner and a lot of other incredible things that people have used by the thousands. And they always comment on not just the variety of colors and themes and beauty that really encourages them to use, utilize these tools. But also recognizing that there’s always a way you can focus on the one [01:20:00] thing that is not only giving you life in this moment, but is going to have you be in a position to spread the love light to others, because you’ve taken that time to be introspective and to dwell on the things that are pure, the things that are lovely, the things that are off of good report in your life.

So that’s something that I’m going to work on. Sending out. I already started drafting the email to be sent out with updated podcast episodes, as well as the workshop for this month that was held by Dubsado We did demo to help people get organized and streamlined and simplified. So you heard me talk about it earlier.

I am always creating new things and getting innovative. And it just seems like I can’t stop. Why? Because it’s overflowing. I show up in these different places and we get [01:21:00] ideas. We link arms and then woo. A light bulb goes on and it’s like, it cannot be contained. And I have to go in creation mode. And then I recognize the value when my husband says, okay, it’s time to get away.

This is just going to be time for us. This is going to be time to just replenish and enjoy and be on the beach because yes, I’m an island girl. I love the water. I love the beach. And just seeing that these are all moments and opportunities to just rest. And reflect. And if you ever need to go deeper in knowing what that looks like and knowing how you can embrace that, then do take the time to listen to the other talks.

And just thank you. Thank you for showing up for being who you’ve been called to be, and for being a part of this community. so I’m going to end with this last call to action. I [01:22:00] want to invite you to go to and submit your takeaways. Some, make your thoughts, even add your own perspective of what it is you’re grateful for.

And when you take the time on the main page, you’ll see that you can click over and submit. To get the SpeakPipe and implement, add your voice and we will hear it in an upcoming episode. And normally you can fill in your information and I’ll reach back out to you and let you know when that episode goes live.

So that is an opportunity even when you’re not able to come on here, live with me and have conversations. You’re able to still be a part of the beauty and the curation of creation that we’re bringing to our subscribers. And we’re bringing to the masses, those who want to plan for a radiant life. They love. That’s the motto. That’s the purpose of our Radiant Pearl living podcast, and then equipping you to fearlessly [01:23:00] create, as we share on the Fearless Creator podcast, love you all tremendously and absolutely mean it. I cannot wait until we’re back together again. I’m leaving this. So inspired, so encouraged and reminded of the value and appreciative for you and having an attitude of gratitude until next time.

This is your host Stacy Zant, and we’ll be together again very, very soon.


Lady Stacy