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In this episode of Radiant

In this episode of Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live …


The idea of your Story matters, Writing Well and purposely planning in community continues with a focused exploration on The Shield and Systems during one of our weekly conversations on Gathering with purpose as Radiant Pearls and Fearless Creators. Also learn how to give and grow with your goals in this season. Have you thought about your personal story and why it matters? We will continue to discuss the power of your personal story, prayer, journaling and community through discussions in our Facebook Group and on Clubhouse throughout our series as we meet continually in our exclusive community and weekly to provide support & share stories though our club.  


You’ll want to make sure you have a designated space to record and get clear on your personal story. If you would like more help with this and have a story to share when it comes to your home-learn more here for an opportunity to be featured as a co-author in our upcoming book and have your story shared in audio format as well in an upcoming series to be released on our Podcast. 

Ready to Write Well, Learn more on worship and how to get published? You’ll want to check out this episode and resources to help you on your journey to writing well. 


In This Episode you are encouraged to consider the importance of The Shield and systems as a fearless creator, be inspired by some of our Fearless Creator conversation leaders to consider core concepts to help you on this journey to fearlessly create and Operate In Your Calling With Excellence as you give, grow with your goals! #WritingWell #Podcast #ChristianPodcastSeries #Journaling #TheShield #Systems #Giving #Goals #Grow #Author #Coach #Mentor #Publish #ChristianWriter #PublishedAuthor #WriteWell

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The Fearless Creator and Radiant Pearl Circle prepared strategically and intentionally with a collection of resources, planning tools in a variety of ways-there truly is something for everyone and community to help you operate in your calling with excellence. You will have access to a plethora of training, products along with The Fearless Creator Summit we host each Spring and Fall. The Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal Package, created to equip you for Faith-Filled Moments recorded intentionally each day through prayer, worship, journaling and Bible Study. And now we have the sample pack available to you for free so you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. 

Learn more at https://thefearlesscreator.com/samplepack Or check out the circle at https://thefearlesscreator.com/circle

Everything we discuss in this Episode including the show notes can be found at RadiantPearlLiving.com/goalswithgiving


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The Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal Package, created to equip you for Faith-Filled Moments recorded intentionally each day through prayer, worship, journaling and Bible Study. And now we have the sample pack available to you for free so you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. 

Learn more at https://thefearlesscreator.com/samplepack 

Please enjoy the full transcript of this podcast episode below:

How’s the season going for you? I pray you have found much needed time to rest, reflect and think of all the beauty that surrounds you during this season and what we pray will be a blessed new year! 


I always enjoy reflecting with you when I can since these episodes are a glimpse into what’s happening and how we can continue to best serve you while on this creative journey of life. I didn’t think we could have more than three commitments in one day so far along, but alas it is still possible. During the holidays, I shared in my weekly newsletter how one weekend we started out with a contractor coming in early in the morning to replace the carpet in our guest room turned nursery and then my doula came to go over some exercises and information we are grateful to have to feel a bit more prepared as 1st time parents. Then, we had just enough time to get to another baby birth essentials class before we had a Christmas fellowship for ladies and gentlemen separately for our church. To say it was a full day is to say the least, but if you like to socialize and do all the things as we multi-passionate beings love to, you’ll know this simply re-invigorated us rather than tired us out. So thankful for supernatural strength and after twelve years being at a place where we can receive the promise God has for us. 


What are you doing right now or in this current season to prepare for what blessings are headed your way? I’d love to know. Encouraging and sharing testimonies of God’s goodness is just a small part of why we exist and I can’t wait to share more of what is to come and ways we’ll be able to encourage each other in community to plan for a radiant life we love & to fearlessly create. Thank you for being a valued listener and subscriber to our podcast, newsletter and some of you are patrons…You have partnered with us to provide multiple resources to our communities. We couldn’t do this without you and your support and I’m excited for the various levels of support coming to those who simply want to plan and plan well for the vision radiantly & fearlessly! For this special moment counting down to the new year I want to gift you with a special opportunity available for a limited time!


https://thefearlesscreator.com/circle (and if that wasn’t enough to have a digital planner you can utilize on your devices through Goodnotes or notability, a cost-effective physical TN Journal you can use as your physical planner, we have the tried and true google spreadsheet categorized and color-coded for you to best use in 2023 with community accountability to get things done and simply plan for a radiant life you love with radiant pearls and fearless creators on a mission to fearlessly create!)



As always, we’re all about making memories and capturing those moments to share with others to inspire. So, I’d love to see how you are making the most of this season to cherish the moments whether it is through journaling, gathering, scrapbooking or simply taking a picture. 


On that note, I’m going to keep posting updates when possible on social media so you can see some of the things I’m so excited we just got in! Happy mail like custom thank you picture perfect greetings and so many delightful things light us up. The fact that we get to send out these goodies to radiant & fearless friends like you as we connect further and build our brands brighter together is a true honor!


If you missed last month’s newsletter focused on giving in this season, you may or may not have known that my mission got started in the community through coordinating and collaborating with groups and churches to bring merriment and cheer for the holiday season to our elders, those in the nursing homes and then children homes…Now the mission has grown tremendously as we help to bridge the gap between the generations with the resources like our podcast, programming and more provided through the arts. I’m so excited to give you an opportunity to be a part of that through the Radiant Pearl Benefit combined with The Fearless Creator Summit happening in person in 2023 and in Atlanta with components available virtually. 


I love popping into your inbox to remind you of the power of giving this season (It doesn’t hurt that your giving is tax-deductible) and to remind you about special new goodies I’ve added to the shop just for you this season!


If you’ve missed my previous emails that had special categorical savings and goodies, no fear, we’ve got and more specials for you here!


It’s a true honor & delight to serve you! ~Stacy Zant  

As we continue to share multigenerational stories that inspire, I want to invite you to tell a friend about this podcast. Tag me on Instagram or Facebook what was your greatest takeaway from this episode (when it comes to The Shield, systems and goals with giving)


Remember, we love being social and hearing from you! So connect with each other and me on Instagram @LadyStacyZant and @RadiantPearlLiving where I personally respond and reshare your highlights of your takeaway when you tag me! You can also connect on the Radiant Pearl Living Facebook page and group! Use #RadiantPearlWritingWell for a chance to be featured.

If you are a person who loves to see, watch and do, we plan to bring more crafting live along with dynamic fearless creator interviews to you over on our YouTube channel!


Outro-Listen to the stories of our elders, millennial mentees who’ve become mentors themselves as you strive to find your purpose. Delve deeper in the discussion and ideas through journal questions provided in our weekly newsletter. Thank you for listening to Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live with Stacy Zant do make sure you are subscribed to this podcast. I look forward to connecting with you as I encourage you to plan for a radiant life you love and equip you to fearlessly create!

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