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The idea of your Story matters, Writing Well and the fact that you were Made To Create matters. Join me and my special guest and Hot Seat Call Winner, Lisa Assetta as she asks some interesting questions to fulfill her vision and mission in this season. Her calling and experience is great as she embarks on this unique and extraordinary journey. You’ll be in for such a treat as you listen to this Fearless Creator and the founder of Cancer Life Organizing share her heart. Enjoy more Fearless Creators at our Made to Create event and The Fearless Creator Summit.

Lisa Assetta, a cancer survivor and owner of Office Assistance Plus and Cancer Life Organizing explores ways she can effectively market her business and reach out to her target audience as a fearless creator.

Without any further delay let’s get right into the interview. 

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The Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal Package, created to equip you for Faith-Filled Moments recorded intentionally each day through prayer, worship, journaling and Bible Study. And now we have the sample pack available to you for free so you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. 

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[00:00:14.010] – Stacy Zant
Hello. I’m so excited to have with me here today, Lisa, and just want to take this moment usually for our hot seat following summits. Just really enjoy being able to reward and give really marvelous attendees like Lisa the opportunity to ask their questions, kick my brain, and then just to be able to help her on her journey as a fearless creator. And after learning so much through the summit experience, being able to see if there are any areas that she may be getting stuck and seeing in what ways. Lisa, I am able to just be able to help you effectively do what it is you’ve been called and purpose to do and learning the different avenues to accomplishing your goal to hopefully fearlessly create. And I know particularly with the most recent collaboration, the theme was positively Reach, Grow and scale. And there were so many incredible presentations in that regard. Of course, right now I have my frame that shows Made to Create, because two weeks following that, we actually had a Made to Create preview event leading up to our Fall Summit. And that just included people being able to get a taste and a feel for some of our incredible speakers that will be joining the Fall Summit.

[00:01:51.210] – Stacy Zant
In helping you to captivate captivate your audience, you be captivated as you’re doing what you’ve been purpose and called to do. And our overall mission from the beginning and will always be to help fearless creators to use their gifts, be fearless and profitable. All right, so I want to go ahead and give you the opportunity here. And I know I love kind of pinning the views so that when there is that recording that we put in our dashboard and in the membership, people will be able to learn from hot seat calls like this and of course be able to have it as a point of reference as they’re looking to fearlessly create on their journey as well. So I want to go ahead and give it to you. Lisa, let me know a bit about you, and we’ll go into you asking your first question and me being able to help guide you through during this hot seat.

[00:02:55.290] – Lisa Assetta
Okay, thank you. I’m really happy to be here with you today. Stacey, I thank you for the opportunity to have this hot seat coaching moment. I really, truly did enjoy what I was able to see at the summit. That was a particularly busy time for me. So I wish that I could have made even better use of the time. And I was very intrigued. I would have watched every single presentation I could. I caught a handful of them and actually was able to gain some insight from those as well. I just love the camaraderie, the women, the strength, the empowerment that they offered, which is actually something that I hope to do with my own business, which is a segue into what I do. I’ve created right and innovated a business that actually helps cancer patients and caregivers and survivors get organized. And it’s something, as you had mentioned, I actually feel that I’ve been called to do. My personal history is that over the past ten years, I’ve actually bought and survived three cancers, including the last one pretty recently in 2020 during COVID So my previous experience as being an executive assistant for C Suite executives such as CEOs, and having to be an expert organizer to facilitate productivity for those executives and their offices and their executive teams led me to have the experience that I have now.

[00:05:05.090] – Lisa Assetta
To now focus on helping cancer patients during treatment and even recovery get organized so they can be productive despite the chaos and overwhelm of cancer that I know all too well is real. And to really just keep on keeping on, to be able to keep moving forward, and by organizing your surroundings, your living space, your rest and sleep space, your care space, all of the different spaces that you are in surroundings. And then also the productivity piece is how do you keep track of all those appointments and all of the tests that you need to do. And your whole schedule changes when you are in cancer treatment. You may have worked a business or a job before, but now your job becomes getting well from cancer. So this is what I do. My business is called Office Assistance Plus, but I say now that it’s cancer life organizing powered by Office Assistance Plus because I transitioned to doing this after realizing that I could use all of my skills and expertise to give back to people like me, people who have fought or are fighting the battle of cancer.

[00:06:43.010] – Stacy Zant
Wow. Lisa, it may seem like I use this word loosely, but I really don’t. I try to be intentional with this, but you really are absolutely radiant. And for those who may just really be listening to this and not seeing the beauty, the glow, and the joy of the lord, that is your strength. We spoke earlier, and I know that you’re a person of faith, and I can see exactly why and how you really allowed that to help you on this journey. I mean, just going through it once is already such a feat of, okay, I have to get through this turmoilous time. But knowing that the number of times that you’ve gone through it and where you are now and who you are now and the joy that you emanate and I love that you spoke about, I would have had no idea. Right. You heard this thing a lot that you don’t look like what you’ve been through, you certainly don’t look like what you’ve been through. And just recognizing that you can use that you’re welcome. You can use that to equip you, to empower you, to go out and help someone.

[00:07:58.570] – Stacy Zant
I hear this desire and this purpose in really niching down to help this particular audience. And that will make all the difference because there’s so many people battling with what you’ve battled with. And you have that experience, but you also have that expertise. And so I want you to let me know what one thing you are looking to do even this quarter, because sometimes you have to break things up. And I love that you spoke about organization, because even at the recent conference that I went to in person, another thing that happened right after this collaboration that you were a part of is that I had some raven. Decluttering books. And I just put it there really, for decor, to go along with the planners and journals and all the fun things like you see back here. And the ladies were just like, do you have more? Everyone was buying them off. And I was like, I wish I had printed more copies so that I would have them available. Because people sometimes like the idea of having a beautiful organized space or even organizing their minds because of all, like you said, the chaos.

[00:09:12.810] – Stacy Zant
And they just really need guidance and help. And sometimes it can start with simply walking people through the steps in a book. And that’s one thing that I’m going to recommend if you haven’t done yet, since it’s a hot seat call, talking through what kind of products that you do already have to help people and to also really be able to scale and produce that income to help everything to be sustainable in your purpose, you’re calling in your mission. So, yeah, let me know one thing, because I know I said a lot of different things there, but let me know one thing that you’re looking to accomplish in this quarter or in the next quarter and how you think or believe I could maybe come alongside you and help you in giving you advice to accomplish that.

[00:10:01.570] – Lisa Assetta
Okay, thank you very much. I believe that I’ve done a good job of making myself and my business and my unique offering very visible. I am a one woman show. I do my own website. I do all of my own social media. I have been in the community. I started a cancer life support group. I’ve been running math for about three months. I have done some speaking on the topic, and I have been involved in certain community events such as Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Relay for Life. So I actually have quite a few connections with the cancer world, if you will. I was treated at Moffatt cancer center. I volunteered there afterward. In fact, I just did a photo shoot for their salon where they take care of patients hair. Even though I am only going to moff it now for follow ups, they are still the ones that do my hair. They helped me when I didn’t have hair, keep my scalp and my hair healthy, and I trust them. I go back, and they’re keeping this amazingly longish hair that I’ve been blessed with since I had none healthy. So all of that people love my idea, Stacy.

[00:11:34.030] – Lisa Assetta
They see the need for it. So the visibility and all of the kudos about this is an amazing business that is all working for me. What I am challenged with is actually getting people to call me, email me, request my comprehensive organizing assessment, and then book the sessions afterwards that I want to have with people to help them through the process. I guess the question really would be is if you have any advice for me on how to create an offering that will engage people into sort of that first step. I have tried recently to have people contact me for a 20 minutes free virtual consultation where they complete a pre assessment first at no cost, and then I provide them with some organizing guidance and then recommendations for next steps. Those next steps would be the ones that they would pay for. So I’m basically kind of trying to take the idea and the visibility into a way to produce revenue.

[00:13:07.050] – Stacy Zant
Yes. Wow. Lisa, when I hear about the work that you’re already doing in outreach, you would hope and pray that all of that is going to yield visible results in those tangible ways of even the bottom line. But I know that you know how incredible it is just to have you be a witness, right, and you encouraging others in the community. But what I’ve seen is that people see and they’re excited to come alongside and support and they’ll even express that, but sometimes they don’t exactly know how until you tell them and not just tell them once. Because that’s one of the things that I always tell our students and those who are looking to even reach out through the avenue of podcasting or through the media, is that you have to say it 20 something times because that’s statistically the amount of time sometimes you have to say and reiterate before someone takes action. And so one of the things I always love to say is that you want to reinforce what you’re asking people to do in these multiple ways. Because I know there’s so much out there, there’s so much destruction. And people have well intentions and they want to support and they want to sometimes you have the solution to their problem and they want to be able to get that solution, but then they get bombarded.

[00:14:39.360] – Stacy Zant
They get busy with all these different things that is vying for their attention, just even on social media with the scroll. And I told my husband this last night, I said, I don’t know how my phone recognized that I was watching a preview to something on Netflix because my phone was upstairs. But for whatever reason, all the media is connected. And all of these big media outlets, they’re talking to each other, right? Whether it’s through AI, or through technology. They’re saying, oh, Stacy saw preview on Netflix for this thing, but she didn’t watch it. So go ahead and put it in her feed now to remind her to go back and watch it because maybe she was thinking about it. And so thinking about the fact that these huge companies already understand the psychology of how things work and how busy we are and how inundated we are to kind of put it back in front of us to remind us that, hey, you were thinking about this. Go ahead and click through and actually do the thing. We have to think like that as well. Put on that big company hat even though and you are like so many other fearless creators where we have on all these hats, we’re doing all the things and sometimes it can get overwhelming.

[00:15:57.400] – Stacy Zant
But we want to bring ourselves back to the fact that, okay, what is really going to be strategic, what is really going to really move and push things forward? And so what I would advise is that you really map out the journey that you’re taking people on and seeing how you’re continuing to reiterate your message of not just giving hope and encouragement to let people feel good and to let people say, oh my word, I need this, but then actually saying, okay, I need this. I need to go ahead and book the call. I need to go ahead and get that session. I need to go ahead and take action in going further and getting the expertise and the guidance from this amazing lady and woman of God. And so what that can look like is that you already have the calls that you’ve implemented, but what other ways through social media, since you are doing that, can you even after a while, autopilot to say, okay, I have my content calendar and I’ve organized it? Because you’re an organizer, right, as such, where you’re able to remind people, you may say, oh my gosh, this is the same message.

[00:17:08.840] – Stacy Zant
I don’t want to keep pestering people with what it is that I do and what it is that I have offered, I have to offer. But no, you’re not doing that. New eyes are seeing your stuff. And sometimes people may have seen it, but like I said, they forgot about it or they’re scrolling by and you thought they saw it because you can see sometimes, of course, if you’re using Instagram or Facebook, you can see who’s watching your stories. And people are going there for entertainment, to social media, for entertainment, but they’re also going there because they have a need. And some of them, they have questions, they have issues, and they’re looking for a solution. And sometimes they don’t even know that they’re looking for a solution until they see your post, until they see what you’ve been through and how you’ve overcome and what you have to offer. And so I want to ask you this question. Do you believe you’re putting what you already have to offer out there enough? And have you found various ways in putting out there what you have to offer? Because what I want to do next is go through all the ways that I usually teach to our fairness creators to package what you have to offer, because people learn in different ways through different styles.

[00:18:23.580] – Stacy Zant
And so if you’ve already created something, repurposing that in another format so people can consume and receive and really be able to get the value that you have to offer and to pay you for that value that you have to offer.

[00:18:40.630] – Lisa Assetta
Thank you. Yes. After what you just kind of laid out, am I doing enough? Am I reminding people and repeating my message? Probably not, Stacey, because of kind of what you said. It’s like, how many times do I say the same message? I am very conscious of that, and I think that maybe I’m thinking that I shouldn’t say it over and over and over, but I probably need to and potentially say it in different ways to try to reach the various people out there that may have a specific need. That is part of what my offering is. I do not currently have an email marketing plan. That is something that I absolutely have to implement. My website. I started with a blog on my website and did have a mailing list through that. Some technical glitch we were talking about technology earlier seems to be preventing people from subscribing. So instead, I’ve taken all of the people that I have been talking with and put them into my own spreadsheet and emailing them from my own email, which I know is not the most efficient way to do it. And I feel like I’m losing ground on that because I’m losing touch with people that I have spoken with who are interested because some of them may not be on social media, some of them may not be going to my website, as you said, because they’re distracted and busy.

[00:20:30.490] – Lisa Assetta
And when you think about my particular market, cancer patients are very overwhelmed and so are their caregivers with so many of the things that I am actually trying to help them organize. So I thinking about it may actually have to try extra hard, send extra reminders to let them know that I’m here to help them. So the answer to that question is no, I’m not getting it out there enough. And I would love to yes. Have some advice on how I can move that piece of my business forward.

[00:21:13.610] – Stacy Zant
Yes, certainly. So you were talking about maybe the possibility of making sure that you are sharing your message in a different way, right? So that you don’t feel like you’re just saying the same thing over and over again and repeating yourself. And one of the beautiful things about this season and this kind of day and age that we live in is that we have technology once again to help us and be for us with, of course, AI. That’s a buzzword right now that’s on trend. And really to take off so much of that responsibility, knowing that you are all in one man show, right, just doing everything and being that multifaceted fearless Creator that you’ve been called to be. And so just not adding another thing on your plate, but recognizing that you’ve already put together the message that you want to share and you want to give, maybe even using AI. And we can even test this out and see together where you share what your message is and say, okay, what is another way that I can share this? And you can keep doing that. You could say maybe give me ten ways that I can share this.

[00:22:33.420] – Stacy Zant
So you don’t even have to think of trying to put together. And yes, you may want to spend the time in finding multiple ways in your own words, but that’s the beauty of AI this day and age is that you can even set the tone because you’ve already created that message and you say, write it in that message in that tone as well. And it can get very specific and that gives you at least something to start working with that you don’t have to build from scratch. And then you can just tweak it as you need before you put the message out there, right? And so that’s going to kind of speed up the process when you’re looking and I’ll say even now with the content calendar, that’s going to be helpful. And I always go back to that. Sometimes you just need a community in a space to say, okay, put to use what you already have and make the best of that so you can get what you need to get out there and done. And that’s not only with social media posts, because as you mentioned, your particular demographic and audience may already have so much going on, they don’t have time for that.

[00:23:38.680] – Stacy Zant
So finding a way to help them in that journey from the get go, just with the way that you are, your persona, just the calm that you bring as you speak your body language. So for those who may be listening, they may want to come and see what I’m talking about. But just recognizing that as you’re creating content, maybe with that new inspiration that you’ve put together, you create a checklist, or you create, like, a guide, or you create a mini ebook, and you make it very easy, because you already have templates that you’re utilizing, whether you’re getting one from the Fearless Creator Portal or you’re utilizing one that you’ve already acquired. And you just need to revamp it with your new content. Just recognizing that you can create these sort of guides as an opt in to help with the problem of even the email list. So one of the things we’re going to do is look through because we have the guide, the toolkit where there’s so many different email providers that you can choose from for your email marketing service and based on your budget working that in because, yes, you’ve heard even from the summit, email is gold.

[00:24:56.710] – Stacy Zant
And that’s going to be the way that you’re going to be able to establish reaching first, it’s going to help you to grow and it’s also going to help you to scale right? And so we don’t even have to talk about that because we know the value in that. But then finding effective ways to build out from that first point of them coming into your funnel, coming into your email service provider, creating that journey experience that we spoke about earlier, where we map out for you. Okay, after they come in, what are they getting next? They get that opt in that they chose to join your email list for and then they go through a sequence based on you’ve been through what you’ve been through and you’re helping people who are going through that or may have gone through that. What would be the time frame that would work for them based on what they’re going through in life? Would they want to hear from you and your message each day or every other day or once a week? You can time that so that you can get your time back to do all the other things like you want to do, which is maybe getting on those calls and helping people through their journey, mapping out how they can get organized.

[00:26:12.070] – Stacy Zant
And then while you are meeting and having those opportunities with people, if you want to kind of warm back up the audience that you met with originally and that is on your email list, maybe if they provided their phone number, maybe you could call them up. Or if it was just an email, you can send out an email directly to them and say, I know it’s been a while, but I’m offering a complimentary session. And you’re doing this not only to help them and to warm them back up, but you’re also giving yourself that opportunity to have content to create and to help maybe put something on autopilot for the audience that you’re going to be leading through this sort of journey that you will be creating. And that’s going to do the heavy lifting for you. That’s going to take off some of the burden off of creating it every time specifically for each person and create another revenue stream that will allow people who are not able to pay maybe the premium price in having your one on one time to be able to still receive something from you. And then when we talk about the repurposing of that, you could just like I’m doing with this call right now, I’m recording it, right?

[00:27:28.480] – Stacy Zant
I’m going to repurpose it not just for our membership, but I’m going to repurpose, with your permission, a portion of it for the podcast because we know people like to listen on the go. And I don’t know if you’ve thought about your audience, whether they’d love to listen to your soothing voice on the go as you’re creating content and you get an idea of inspiration, and you just simply record it utilizing Zoom or whatever other platform, and you strip the audio and you just put it up into as a podcast. It’s very easy this day and age to get that out, that audio out, and you have a template for your cover art. All you do is just drop in the new title and literally you can have that done everything for that. You have your Show Notes template, so you have that for your actual description to let SEO work for you. So that people who don’t know you personally, they’re not finding you on social media, but they’re doing search on Google, they’re doing research online, and they come across your content, they opt into your email list. They come into your journey because you have the right tools in place.

[00:28:39.400] – Stacy Zant
You’ve done the heavy lifting, you’ve laid the foundation, and now they’re getting the message in multiple ways from you. And you’ve created kind of like a wheel that’s ever turning and that’s where we want to get you so that it becomes like that. And then because you’re so pleasant to look at as well as you’re sharing people, yes, you can strip the video and just have a YouTube channel or a place. If you have a Facebook group or you have a Facebook page, go ahead and put it up on there as well. Let what you’re creating work for you in multiple ways and let it be able to reach the people that are consuming and like to consume in these different ways as well.

[00:29:22.710] – Lisa Assetta
Yes, absolutely. I can tell you that I have been told that I should do a podcast. I know that I’ve been told also that I should do a lot of video. I find that a little bit challenging. That said, when you were talking about the podcast, I felt like a little light bulb went on because a lot of the people that I am trying to reach spend a lot of time sitting and waiting for appointments. I spoke with a woman the other day whose chemo treatment literally took 7 hours. A lot of times, right when they’re in the hospital, they’re watching TV or they are listening to something and why not listen to some inspiration and encouragement during that time? I think what happens is I keep saying to myself that I’m going to do these things later, right? Like, not now, probably because I’m an organizer. I kind of have all these steps that I think I’m going to go through. But I also think that sometimes I’m not seizing the moment or seizing the opportunity. I am also so excited about a product that I have created, and I find myself saying, well, once the product is ready, then I’m going to really have something to sell, right?

[00:31:00.260] – Lisa Assetta
Then it’s going to be easier. But you know what, to go from where I am now to the final product is going to take a while, not necessarily that long. I’m hoping to have it done within three to six months, but in the meantime, I can still offer other things. So I don’t like to use the word should, but I feel that I could move forward more now instead of like, I’m always waiting, right? Like, I’m going to wait till the product’s ready. I’m going to wait till it’s the right time to do the podcast. And meanwhile, I feel like my business isn’t moving forward. The number of followers isn’t jumping. The number of contacts isn’t jumping. I’ve made a lot of progress and very proud of what I have accomplished so far because I started my business actually when I was still in recovery from my recent cancer treatment. So I did give you mentioned grace before. I gave myself some grace to take the time I needed to focus on my health and to just kind of move slow and steady, which is really my Mo anyway. But now that I’m feeling a lot better, I’m not 100% admittedly still work in progress, although we all are, right?

[00:32:23.790] – Lisa Assetta
I feel like now is the right time for me to just I need to jump. I’m ready for it because I’ll tell you why. I actually feel like I’m sitting on something that could help someone. I’m actually kind of frustrated with my self in a way, because I’m like, I have the opportunity to help people and I want to do it, like, today. So putting all of these ducks in a row all the time is slowing me down from getting out there and helping people, which is my main objective. And as you mentioned before, I truly believe it is what God has called me to do. I survived a couple of cancers, and when the third one happened, I literally had a moment where I lifted my hands up and said, okay, God, now what? I asked him to lead me to what I really should be doing. Why was I going through this? What did I need to learn? What is it that I could now offer? And when I got through that cancer, I said, you know what? I am still standing for a reason and I am absolutely going to give back and find a way to make a meaningful contribution.

[00:33:52.570] – Lisa Assetta
I mean, I am grateful every single day that I am here and that I am well. And I don’t want to sit on this. Right? I am just ready to burst to help people. Like, if you gave me a room full of people that I could sit down. And help. I would love it. So this frustration is building up in me that I really need to jump out of wherever I’m at and get everything out there. And I know it’s going to take some work. I agree with you. That podcasting could be a great idea. I definitely need to start up on my email marketing and maybe some phone calls to people I hadn’t been in touch with. Keep going with my product, which is amazing. It’s actually a binder that everyone that’s going through cancer can put their information in one place. And then I have a kit that goes with that and a bundle. I’m already ready. It’s here. The prototype is here. I’m going to be meeting some people next week to kind of help me figure out how to make that part a reality because it’s very unique. No one else is doing it.

[00:35:13.960] – Lisa Assetta
You know why? Because I’m supposed to do it. Right, Stacy? So all of that right now, you hear it’s like, I need to get out there and help people. And so that’s where I’m stuck. And that’s why I’m here on this call today.

[00:35:37.050] – Stacy Zant
You’re going to be stuck no more. There’s so much power in what you said. I know you already know this. And God hears the desires of your heart. I hear the desire of your heart and those who will be listening. You exemplified something that I was going to say as well, is that you want to start giving people a taste of what is to come, getting them an expectation, excited about what they can prepare themselves for. So that when the time comes, especially for this market, that you’ve been called to this audience, this demographic, giving them time to catch up or to wrap their minds around this thing that is really going to be beneficial in helping them on their journey. And if you start teasing the fact that you have this, I don’t know if you’ve done behind the scenes as you were creating it, but organizing yourself now to say, okay, I’m going to capture little moments off the production piece because you said you’re meeting with someone. You could even do a video in that moment with the excitement of, oh, I’m about to meet with the person who’s going to help me to produce this.

[00:36:49.200] – Stacy Zant
Show them the prototype and the video, even if you don’t share it, live in this moment, having that particular footage for when you’re able to organize and get it on your content calendar to lead people through a journey of excitement to the release of that product. Right. I always say start with the end in mind. Whether you are planning an event, you’re planning a launch like you’re doing of that product, or you’re planning to do something that you know is going to really be beneficial for the person receiving it, but also for you and your business. Right. And knowing that, like we said, people have to hear it multiple times. People get excited knowing that they were a part of the producing of that product, that they feel more invested in investing in that particular product when it becomes available. And so even getting feedback from now, you’re talking about not waiting the three or six months before they actually product is in hands, even getting pre orders. We talk about that when something isn’t complete or even just having an idea for something, getting a survey or getting an idea from people who you know it’s for to say, okay, I’m going to test out and get reviews in advance.

[00:38:13.000] – Stacy Zant
Do you want to be a part of the launch team so that I can get your feedback and you can utilize that as reviews when you’re launching, so people can already know how it’s impactful. Right. And even before that full product is done, we do this with our courses or our memberships or whatever way that you’ve packaged what you have to offer. In essence, the opt ins and the freebies, like the checklist and the little mini guides, they come from that big product, right. So it’s not that you’re creating all of these things, but you may be creating this one big thing and you’re pulling from there smaller things to give people a taste of that big thing, and then it really allows the journey to be complete, to be full, and to make sense, right. So when people book that call with you, you’re giving them a taste of that big product because you’re pulling from that product something that’s going to help them. And you’re giving them a taste maybe in the form of that checklist or that one page guide or that three page guide that they’ve downloaded they’ve received so much value from.

[00:39:19.430] – Stacy Zant
And they’re like, wow, if this is so impactful and life changing, I can just imagine what it would be like to get that full thing or to have that full session with her or to work with her individually. I want you to think about that kind of journey that you can take people.

[00:39:36.600] – Lisa Assetta
I love that. Yes.

[00:39:38.490] – Stacy Zant
And you can start putting out there now.

[00:39:42.410] – Lisa Assetta
Yes. I love that. I actually am putting this whole prototype together for the trademark attorney because she wants to have specimens, right, for the fact that this is already in use. But while I’m doing that, I can use it as content for myself and I could add some videos in as well. So I love that idea. And Stacey, do you think that I could ask the people in my support group for feedback? I’ve kind of been keeping this whole thing a secret, but I can’t hardly stand it. I really want to bring this. And what do you think of this? Do you think this would have helped you during treatment? Do you think it would help you now as a survivor? Maybe get their input? And then I thought about selling this as a preview version or a launch version or I wasn’t sure what to call it. But if I could get even this prototype in the hands of people, I would already be helping them instead of waiting, right? For the six months for the final product.

[00:40:47.840] – Stacy Zant

[00:40:48.320] – Lisa Assetta
So could you give me your thoughts on that, please?

[00:40:51.720] – Stacy Zant
Yes, certainly. Oh my word. So first with the checklist revamping that even to be something where you are able to kind of help them through the journey of getting their minds ready for what it is that they have to do right while they are preparing, it’s not going to be quite like what is there? Because they don’t have the prototype, they don’t have the actual organizer in the binder. But just being able to see. Okay, what is it that I wish that I had or mentally? I needed to check off my list while I’m going through this and just kind of have the same stuff. And then maybe just kind of saying, okay. At the very end, you’re publicizing this particular product after you allow them to take that mental check with the checklist that you’ve created as an option for free. So that you are getting really the ideal avatar and audience on your email list because they’re interested in something that you’re going to be able to help them with. But then you’re also linking at the bottom that particular product that they’re going to be able to go even further with having a tangible help with.

[00:42:05.760] – Stacy Zant
And then you’re able to say maybe something like, and I got the binder to help me go further in organizing myself and overcoming this challenging experience and putting a little visual there, just like you said, off the actual binder and so forth. So you have it there already on their radar that, hey, this is even another thing that I mentally need to check off my list in getting so I can go further. So, yeah, take some time to think about that and to create that and really be able to get people, like you said, aware and alert and even putting in that option where you can say, okay, I do this on my guides and in all the products that I create. Here’s a link to maybe book a discovery call. But here’s a link as well to preorder something so I can get an idea, maybe create a waitlist of people who would want to order this. And also, feedback is everything maybe you want to create. Just like with the summits, we always say, okay, here is the link to go ahead and send us a feedback and a survey for us to know what we can do better, how we can improve, how we can better serve you.

[00:43:21.590] – Stacy Zant
And so getting feedback on that checklist, that resource that they downloaded and saying, okay, what other things do you feel like I can put on here that would be helpful and they can end up helping you to build out that list and building out other things to create for them. Right, and then also even knowing what’s already on there, that’s working because nowadays it’s sometimes even more difficult to get people to opt in for a free thing because they’re so inundated with all these emails and all of these resources. So being able to highlight feedback from other people of how this free thing has helped them can just be the next thing to really push them to that place of saying, okay, yes, I need this. Yes, I want to hear from this person who’s helped this person and has already yielded incredible results and I need these results and this kind of impact in my life as well. Yes, just figuring out these different ways. I know you said you’ve been keeping this amazing resource, but I believe you can work through what you’ve already created in creating smaller little tastes, little nuggets, leaving little trails to helping people, encouraging people until they can get this full thing.

[00:44:45.850] – Stacy Zant
I would even dare to say you could have it sold out before you actually have it available. Right? That is the kind of faith that I believe God wants to get us to. When he gives us an idea, he purpose something in our heart to help and to be the blessing that we’ve been called to be. And I know that this journey that you’ve been through, as well as what he’s put, that seed he’s put inside of you, this burning desire, there is that ultimate breakthrough and incredible thing that is ahead that God wants to fulfill and he wants to bring forth. And he’s going to blow your mind with that immediately. As you were sharing different things, I was thinking about people that you need to speak to that have been a part of our summit, who have overcome cancer as well. They’ve created coloring books, they’ve created things that will help people in their journey. And maybe your resource is also for them, but maybe there’s a collaboration that can be in the works because their audience is the same as yours. Right? And so just thinking about there’s also another member in our Mastermind who she has a caregiving community and she does an in person event because you talk about the in person as well, how you’ve connected with people in that way and that modality.

[00:46:06.590] – Stacy Zant
And she has like her forums, but she also has an event once a year because she has a foundation where she raises funds to help with Alzheimer’s research. And so she actually has caregivers all across the world where she gives awards, but she also raises money and she brings them together to just relax, listen to jazz and music and enjoy this experience with other people who have to give care because of all these different ways or reasons. Right? And so thinking about the fact that I want you to connect with her as well and see in what ways your resource could be a blessing as well as her resources could be a blessing to your community. And so now you have more to give and there are more ways in which you can reach together.

[00:46:56.730] – Lisa Assetta
Oh, thank you. That would be wonderful. I enjoy being a pioneer, but my challenge, I think, has been getting connected with people who very likely have the same desire to help the same community. In other words, yes, I understand that I can go to some of the big hospitals and all of this and do a presentation, and it would be wonderful if Moffat Cancer Center wanted to order thousands of my binder, for example, for their patients. But I feel like I did it the other way. Like, I am so much more comfortable and engaged with my community and wanting to help my local community and then kind of rise up from there. That’s been what’s worked for me so far. Some people say, well, don’t start local, start big and go backwards. What do you say about that? I’m so wanting to share with the people around me, the people that live and work around me that may be suffering.

[00:48:21.030] – Stacy Zant
Oh, yes, I believe do it all, do both. Do the ways that’s going to really be impactful for everyone that God has called you to, and that is to the huge corporation like the hospitals and so forth, but also it’s to the One, right? When Christ came, it was to the one as well. And just recognizing that, yes, the masses need what you have to offer, and you’re already producing and doing what’s necessary. And I will make a note here because I’m going to edit out some of the parts that you’re talking about for the trademark, just because I know that you’re going through that process.

[00:49:00.270] – Lisa Assetta
Thank you.

[00:49:01.040] – Stacy Zant
Yes. And we want to make sure that that portion is what it needs to be so that we know people out there, for whatever reason, they don’t operate in integrity. And so we want to make sure that that’s definitely honored so that you have communication there. Yes. This is also an example, I believe, to even what you would want to do as you’re reaching and connecting one on one with people, whether it’s through Zoom or you have coffee in person or however you decide, or tea. I love my tea instead of coffee. And just recognizing that you are able in this day and age to really do it all. And it’s not to overwhelm you, but it’s to really help you, because if you have, like we went back and we said earlier, the right things, the right tools in place, it’s very simple, right? Going on the Zoom, getting this done, if you’re meeting in person, having your tripod there and saying, okay, is it okay if we just record part of this or this entire meeting. You don’t have to do that all the time, but just to be able to have that sort of footage so that you are able to have that content to help people and to even show when you’re pitching to that huge hospital or so them getting the raw emotions of the people that you are helping, because I am going to do that.

[00:50:24.170] – Stacy Zant
At the end of this call you may want to send, which I do follow ups. Because how many times do people need to hear something before they take action? But you have a captivated audience when you meet one on one with someone and you’re helping them and they receive something that’s been valuable to their experience. And maybe you need to get them in that moment. Because at the end of this, I’m going to say, lisa, do you want to just have me record you sharing how impactful this time, this session was? Just to receive and to start the gift of new ideas and hopefully to help you to create something to really start taking action with what it is that is deeply rooted inside of you by the Lord, by the Master creator, to fearlessly create. And you don’t need to put a limit on what of course God is able to do, but what you’re able to do as well, because you remain in his image. So knowing that you are able to go ahead and do all of that and you can make it very effective for you to do all of that as you have these meetings with people and as you reach out.

[00:51:35.150] – Stacy Zant
To these other corporations and hospitals to say okay, I have this coming up I want even to get your interest in advance to see and giving them a taste having that sort of preview like you mentioned in the word that’s why we did our preview for the Made to Create event. We’re giving people a taste and let that taste be sweet. Let it be great and grand and good, right. So that they’ll realize that, okay, I need more. And this is going to be something that’s going to be beneficial and you’re getting that feedback even before that big thing comes so that people will we are sold. And I believe you heard this from Tara as well through the summit and the collaboration with the hey girl, you can community. And I know this community is going to be perfect for you as well, because even on your thing, it can is highlighted as right.

[00:52:28.750] – Lisa Assetta
I always say if I can do it, you can too. Yes, and I always say to live your best cancer life, but it’s C-A-N definitely, because you can. Now, some of this, I have to admit that before the trademark is official, I was a little afraid, you know what I mean, that someone might copy the idea or some scenario like that. But I think getting a preview version out there would still be wonderful. And as far as starting off big or starting off small, you know what I realized that I’ve been doing? I’m going with my gut, but I’m also going with which doors are opening. And I do feel like that’s something that God might be managing a little bit for me because I’ve seen some doors close and some open, and I’m just going with the flow. I am just following along. If the door opens, I say yes, I do whatever that is. I have a strategy, but when it happens easier, when it happens easily, it feels like it’s meant to be.

[00:53:41.350] – Stacy Zant
Yes. And I believe that’s going to continue to be your story as the Lord moves the barriers and blows your mind in terms of what you thought would be and the possibilities, they truly are endless. And I’m already inspired. Just hearing not just what you’ve been through and how you’ve overcome you’re welcome. But just knowing that you’re putting all of this what you’ve been through, you’re putting so much effort into making sure that others who have gone through or they’re going to go through that they have a resource like yourself to help them. And it’s not just you in the body form of you talking to them, but it can look like a myriad of ways. And so definitely even from I hope you’re thinking about this. When we talk about the podcast, like with the podcast planner, we say, okay, you plan out not only your launch episodes, but you plan out all of the different maybe for a whole year. If you’re releasing once a month, if that’s what you can manage, or you’re releasing once a week or however amount, you can decide if it’s going to be a five minute just like a boost in a person’s day or if you want it to be longer as they’re sitting down and waiting for their doctor appointment.

[00:55:03.480] – Stacy Zant
However you want that to look like, you can plan it out in advance. But you already have a resource. That’s the beauty you can be pulling from your binder. And you may want to give people a taste of what it is they’re going to be getting in the product and have a handwritten, but you’ve given them a taste to your podcast episode by actually creating episodes based on those chapters or based on those right. You’re not reinventing every time you create that one main thing and you’re able to go ahead and pull from that main thing to create and repurpose in all these other ways. And so I definitely want to encourage you as we’re wrapping this portion of just us coming together here and just knowing that you already have everything you need really at your fingertips. I believe it’s just a matter of really mapping out, like you’re helping other people to do someone helping you as well to do that and really creating space that time. And actually plugging in all of these things that you know is going to be beneficial and helpful for others, but it’s going to be beneficial and helpful for you knowing that, hey, you’re getting this thing done, that you know is going to help others.

[00:56:15.350] – Stacy Zant
And that God has placed this desire for you, this burning desire to get out there and literally do you know how long it takes me to get a book up on Amazon? Or to do something? If I just block it off, put it on my schedule, I can get it done. In that day when I’m doing a whole map out of a journey or a funnel or something, I just have to say, okay, I’m dedicating this hour, 3 hours, however long it takes, just to be able to dedicate myself. Because I know if I leave it, I’m going to find other things to do and it’s going to take so much longer to get it done. But this is priority, this is important. I’m going to get it done right.

[00:56:52.820] – Lisa Assetta
I’m a good time blocker. I do follow a calendar and I think putting these types of things on the calendar is now what I need to do. And by the way, I created this product, I think the power of it is whether it’s the organizing sessions, the speaking, the product I’m hoping to finalize soon, it’s actually tried and true system that I created for myself that I use to keep myself moving. And guess what? I’m still using it today. And I first created the binder for myself. I take it to every doctor appointment and I do share with people, hey, look, I make these. And I’ve even gotten a lot of interest from the medical community for that. But I mean, I actually use it and I keep tweaking it and making it better and I know that my clients who receive it will too. And I’m hoping that I can fine tune it and just have it be something that really makes a difference for people in their care and recovery from cancer.

[00:58:06.450] – Stacy Zant
Wow. So incredible, so beautiful. You’re the first partaker of what it is that you’re providing to others. And you see and there’s nothing like that, seeing how it’s so effective and how it’s made a difference in your own life. And people will see and feel that as they’re consuming that particular thing that you’ve prepared for them to feast on. And I always love to say when we’re closing out, to just be able to have the opportunity to pray with you because I know God has such great things in store for this vision and what he’s placed on your heart. One of the other things that you had mentioned earlier that I really want to get here and say is not worrying about what other people may do, right? I know there are things out of our control when we give people a taste of what it is that we’ve produced and we’ve put out there because no one can quite do it like you, right. The flavor that you bring, the experience that God has allowed us to uniquely experience, who God has for you, is for you. And that’s the beauty in knowing that God has released you to share something and they may decide to copy.

[00:59:17.530] – Stacy Zant
There’s so many copycats out there. But just recognizing that there’s a special imprint that only you can bring to that thing that God has placed in your heart and has placed in you to put out to the masses. And so I’m believing that with you, as you may share certain things and there may be, and even though this is a very particular market and not everyone like you said, it’s unique in what you provide as well, you won’t have any fear in that regard. And as you’re going through this process.

[00:59:50.430] – Lisa Assetta
Thank you for that. Yes, I have to, I feel release that fear because the desire to get the product out there and to start helping people needs to be bigger than that fear. And like you said, I have this unique combination. I have said that to myself. Who else, right, was a C suite executive assistant for over 20 years, an expert organizer and a three time cancer survivor? I don’t know. So that would actually put this together and I put it together and started the business during treatment and recovery. So, yes, I absolutely bring my own flavor to it and I’m being driven to continue. So I agree with you. I don’t think that I should really even consider what other people may or may not do with the information because it’s more important to get the information out there.

[01:00:50.290] – Stacy Zant
Yes. And finding the various ways that you can do that with the emails, because I know we were emailing each other, I wasn’t so sure exactly what it is that you do from your actual email signature. And that happens for all of us, especially when you’re multi passionate and multi gifted like yourself. You’ve done various things and I’ve done various things and sometimes like, oh, should I? So I kind of make it very specific. I have different signatures based on who I’m communicating with. And that allows me to be able to say, okay, I know that this is going to be very specific to what it is that would be helpful for them as we’re communicating. It’s almost like you’re dropping these hints even if you’re just communicating on another topic because you never know who it is that they’re connected to as well that could benefit from specifically what you have to provide. And of course, when you have that resource right, I know at the bottom of your signature, you can have a link showing that, hey, you can get this here as well. Because we don’t know how effective that can be in really being able to convert people who we’re just communicating with into actual people who book with us or purchase our products and all of that.

[01:02:09.310] – Stacy Zant
So finding these different creative and effective ways in our everyday communication and in our everyday sort of really reaching out and making these connections to be able to get them further along on the journey with us. And so, yes, I’m excited. Thank you for your time and really, honestly, all that you do, Lisa, and just how you carry yourself. And like I said, you don’t look like what you’ve been through, but you’re radiant witness of what God is able to do and how no matter what life has dealt, your things that have the mountains that you’ve had to climb up, you’re able to still be that ferless creator that God has called you to be. So I want you to share with me. And then, of course, those who may be listening to the iteration of the podcast episode that will go out there, how did you discover and connect with me? Because people don’t realize that there’s so many effective ways to find and discover and really be able to meet people who you never know may be that key or maybe be that person that God has divinely placed there to help you accomplish a specific goal and mission and vision.

[01:03:24.710] – Stacy Zant
And how did you find out about not just myself, but about the summit and that community that we collaborated in producing the summit, because I love to give credit where credit is due and then how people can also connect with you further.

[01:03:43.270] – Lisa Assetta
Okay, well, thank you. I actually attended a summit with Kristen Donkey. I’m sorry, I don’t know how to say her last name. Are you going to record this? Can I just look it up real quick? I want to make that Christian drunkie. D-R-O-N-C-H-I.

[01:04:08.110] – Stacy Zant
Okay. One of our speakers.

[01:04:10.850] – Lisa Assetta
Yes, one of the speakers. And I had attended a summit with her previously because of her business being faith based coaching type business for women entrepreneurs. And I believe that she is the person who promoted the summit that you held. And I like how we have the same sort of cancan, but it was, hey, girl, you can summit, right?

[01:04:48.940] – Stacy Zant

[01:04:49.610] – Lisa Assetta
Be saying that perfectly well, but that really drew me in, and I went ahead and I heard you speak. I joined that. I heard you speak. I listened to several of the other speakers, gained a lot of insight. I did join your Facebook group. I really kind of wanted to get more encouragement and inspiration and empowerment and motivation from all of you. And the one or two sessions that I did attend, I really found exciting, and I was participating, and I was in the chat group, and I know that you guys appreciated that and gave me the opportunity then for this hot seat coaching, which I absolutely had to take advantage of. I just. Appreciate the way that you are out there helping us live our missions, right. Just making it happen. And I really felt today that I wanted to accept this opportunity because you can tell, I think, from what we’ve spoken about, that I’m ready to take more action in a way, than I am doing. And I have to tell you, Stacey, you have given me that motivation. So this was very valuable.

[01:06:15.030] – Stacy Zant
Wow. Oh, my word. So you actually did something that I didn’t even intend to do in this moment, but you pretty much wrapped up what it is that I was going to ask for, like a testimonial, so to speak, of taking advantage of this hot seat. Just knowing how we got connected. It’s amazing how that works, because I think this really exemplifies the fact that not holding on or keeping valuable resources to ourselves really does enrich and bless the lives of others. But then it also speaks volumes of you, because, of course, I didn’t have to, but I wanted to take this time to find out how did you come across? Because that is just such a banner of beauty to the other person, giving them honor, knowing that if it wasn’t for her kristen if it was not for her, then I wouldn’t have had this tremendous opportunity and honor. Of meeting you, lisa, and hearing your story and just being able to see who I’m connected with that can be blessed by what it is you’re doing and how it is that you’ve overcome and how it is you will continue to overcome and be the light and witness you’ve been called to be as a fearless creator.

[01:07:37.240] – Stacy Zant
So it’s just a circle, right? A circle of life. When we give, God gives back to us. It’s shaking together, running over. And so thank you for that. How can people connect with you, Lisa?

[01:07:50.150] – Lisa Assetta
Thank you. My company name is Officeassistance Plus. You can reach me at Very easy. And I am also on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Alignable. If any of you are on the small business network of Alignable. I was lucky enough well, maybe it’s God, right? Is it luck or God? But I did win an award through Alignable 2022 and 2023, local business person of the year for my town in Tampa, Florida, which is called Carawood.

[01:08:35.670] – Stacy Zant
Wow. Tremendous.

[01:08:37.660] – Lisa Assetta
If anybody happens to be in the area, I am holding this monthly support group in Tampa at yoga, at a yoga studio called Moondrop Yoga Studio. And that’s once a month on the fourth Tuesday of each month. And I will be holding my next support group meeting next Tuesday. So looking forward to that very much. I love to have the one on one with people.

[01:09:04.540] – Stacy Zant
Yes. It’s all for you, Lisa, and I’m so grateful that you have answered the call and we said it earlier about the mission. Really? That is our mission. Every time. We want you to use your gifts, be fairness and profitable. And I’m just so excited to see what other ways we’re going to be able to connect. I want to encourage those maybe listening to this or watching to really take action. I know we said it over and over. Sometimes you have to hear it over and over again before you take action. But especially if this is for you. You know, when it’s for you and the demographic maybe connected to someone who it’s for. Don’t hesitate in sharing it out so that they can be inspired, encouraged and receiving the tools. Just like Kristen did with this particular summit that led to this meeting and this opportunity and maximizing every moment. Because Lisa wouldn’t have had the opportunity if she had just received access, but did nothing with the access. Right. She was able to enjoy the experience and receive and consume the content based on her schedule. But then she was able to go even further in having the resource available on replay and other ways because we specifically chose people that we know took advantage of the opportunities through the powerpack and the all access and so forth to make sure that they are serious.

[01:10:32.750] – Stacy Zant
Right. They’re serious about wanting to see this take effect in their lives with the theme of positively reaching, growing and scaling. And so it does start with saying yes and maybe signing up for that free thing. Like you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Lisa, but then it also speaks volumes. And invest right investing of not just your time and showing up for that thing that is available to you, like the Summit experience. But then also maybe making that investment monetarily and having that to go back to based on where you are in your journey to receive the resource, to consume the resource, and then to release the resource of what it is that God has placed inside of you to produce. So, Lisa, thank you again for your time today, your talent, your treasures, and I’d love to just go ahead and close out in prayer.

[01:11:25.670] – Lisa Assetta
All right, you’re very welcome. Thank you so much, Stacy.

[01:11:29.070] – Stacy Zant
That’s an honor. Lord, I just thank you for Lisa’s life. I thank you for all that You’ve deposited inside of her over the course of her journey and her life. Lord, up to this moment that you are allowing to produce fruit, fruit in season that’s going to enrich lives, that’s going to impact and transform lives beyond measure, I thank You, Lord, that you’ve given us life and life more abundantly in you. And for you, Lord, what you are able to do. We’re in awe, Lord God, that you continue to give us fresh and new day. Lord God, every morning we can rise up and see how blessed we are with the life that You’ve given. Lord, I just thank you for Lisa’s life and all that you’re bringing to pass even in this moment. Lord God, the seeds that have been planted, that’s germinating, that’s producing fruit in the individuals that have had to overcome just like her, Lord. And you know, and you see God, those who will have to go through Lord journey and experiences that they maybe didn’t desire, but you knew that they would have to go through to be an overcomer in you and through you as their guide.

[01:12:54.000] – Stacy Zant
Let Lisa continue to be that guide and that light, that witness, Lord God in the darkness, lord God, of how you shine bright in the darkest of places. I pray for open doors to continue to open wider and wider, for closed doors, Lord God, to make room for the open doors that she needs to walk through. I thank You, Lord God, for just placing this burning desire upon her heart and allowing, Lord God, everything to fall into place as it should. You have said in Your word that everything is made beautiful in its time. And you knew that this would need to be the time for things to fall into place and for her to meet the right people, even to those who are helping her to produce with the trademark and this particular product. I just thank You, Lord, for allowing everything to just come to fruition beautifully, masterfully, as you’re creating the masterpiece out of her and out of what it is You’ve placed inside of her to bring to the masses and to bring to the One. I just thank you for Your peace, I thank you for Your love. I thank you for the patience and for the comfort and for the reminder, Lord, that, Lord, this needed to be the time that she is not behind the time and what it is that needed to come forth.

[01:14:16.490] – Stacy Zant
But everything, Lord God, is coming full circle because you have seen fit to germinate and to produce and to put into place and into motion what needed to be before this could come to fruition. And tonight, we just thank You, Lord God, and we give you the glory, we give you the honor for who you are and what you will do through her and through this ministry, through this business. We just place it in Your hands right now. In Jesus precious name, we pray. Amen.

[01:14:48.430] – Lisa Assetta
Amen. That was beautiful. Thank you, Stacy.


Ready to Write Well, Learn more on planning and creating fearlessly with a special focus on how to get published? You’ll want to check out this and all our episodes and resources to help you on your journey to writing well. 


In This Episode you are encouraged to consider the importance of Fearlessly Starting Again as a fearless creator. You were made to create.

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Have you thought about your personal story and why it matters? We will continue to discuss the power of your personal story, prayer, journaling and community through discussions in our Facebook Group, through our summits, connect sessions and as we meet continually in our exclusive community and weekly to provide support & share encouraging stories with ample resources through our club.  


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