You have the vision for a memorable family vacation? These are sure effective ways you can consider paying for your family vacation as you begin to plan your next Disney Trip or weekend adventure with your family.

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You have the vision for a memorable family vacation? These are sure effective ways you can consider paying for your family vacation as you begin to plan your next Disney Trip or weekend adventure with your family. Have you ever thought of ways you can utilize what you already own to benefit your family? Today, I will share with you ideas of things and skills you already posses that you can use to see your dreams become a reality.

When we think about the things we already own, most of the time, we either think about how special these things are, or how we really don’t need them. But then again, who has time to get rid of them and what would you do with them? I know the feeling because I am the same way. The other day, however, my friend had a “junk” bed frame to get rid of. It was covered in dog bites and scratch marks. She was going to call a junk removal company to grab the frame from her house, but decided to list it on Facebook Marketplace, just in case. She was shocked when she received over 50 messages in the first 30 minutes of listing the bed frame. Her “junk” was someone else’s treasure and she made quite a bit of money from it (considering that she did not have to pay for a junk removal company, as well). That’s what I want to talk about today – utilizing what you already have to benefit your family. Here are a few ways to make money from the things you already have in yourself and in your home:


  • First of all, before we get into the items that you have in your home, let’s talk about the skills that you have because those are important as well! If you really want to treat your family to a vacation to Disney World, but you do not know how you will afford it, get creative and think about the skills you have. For example, if you can cut a lawn and you are great at all, offer the services to your neighbors. If you are a fantastic baker, consider having a bake sale. There are so many ways that you can make some extra cash off of the skills that you already possess. This is a great way to teach kids about hard work, as well. Get them involved, if you can – have them run a lemonade stand, or offer to pet sit for neighbors.


  • Do you have a stash of jewelry that you hardly ever touch? Maybe that necklace that you got for a birthday present five years ago, or the earrings that your grandma gifted to you, but you hate. Either way – your jewelry can significantly benefit your family if you sell it or get a collateral loan in exchange for it. Chapes-JPL is the Nation’s premier jewelry lender and they actually happen to be an Atlanta-based company, as well. Chapes-JPL offers low-interest, short-term, 30 day loans that can easily be extended to fit your needs. They have interest rates as low as 2.5%, which are some of the lowest in the industry and the best part about it is the fact that there are no credit checks. In addition to their collateral loans, they will also offer you the best rate on selling your jewelry, as well. Chapes-JPL says, “Since 1980, we’ve dominated our industry because of our commitment to our client’s financial success. Our clients choose us simply because of our determination to make every interaction prosperous for them. Unlike a typical pawnbroker, we’re in the business of assisting our clients when they need it the most. As evidence, we’ve refrained from selling pawned jewelry because we believe that would be in direct conflict with our mission. We’re not in the business of capitalizing on our client’s financial distress. Chapes-JPL is here to help.” This is the perfect way to exchange something that you do not use on a regular basis for maybe a trip where you could make lifelong memories with your family.


Most people have a closet full of clothes that they never touch and they just sit there (or I guess I should say hang there) over time and gather dust. What if I told you that your family could benefit by having a garage sale and selling those clothes? Even if you do not want to have a garage sale, there are still other ways to make a bit of extra cash off of the clothes that you do not need or use on a regular basis. There are plenty of other places that will purchase your clothes from you – places such as Cillies, Poshmark, UpThred, Ebay, and more. Just makes sure that when you are selling it online, you make it reasonably priced and label it so that shoppers can actually find your item. It is almost like you are doing search optimization for your item!


  • Last but not least, you are able to utilize your love as well. I know this sounds strange, but bare with me and hear me out. Caring for others and spending time volunteering is something that you really must have patience and a heart for, but it can lead to so many benefits. If you have kids, this is a fantastic way for them to understand not only patience, but also the act of caring, giving, and being compassionate for others. Giving your love is not only limited to volunteering and caring for others, though. It could also mean adopting a pet from a kill shelter, helping out a neighbor, or picking up trash along the beach, or on the side of the road (but, be careful if you do this!). Celebrating and showing your support to those who are rejoicing a win or working towards a specific goal/milestone can make a world of difference. Use your love and heart to spread joy, love, and positivity is so beneficial for your family and for the people around you.

Now that you see the ways you can utilize what you already have to benefit your family, get your celebratory music going and get ready to travel and make memories worth noting with your family.

Turn on The Music!

Play some music on your Portable wireless device while you blast some music in Spotify or tune in to a radio station like the Joy-Fm and online radio like My Hope Radio to hear some amazing music that will really get you going as you take that road trip or take a flight! However, you decide to do it, just spend much needed quality time with your family!

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You have the vision for a memorable family vacation? These are sure effective ways you can consider paying for your family vacation as you begin to plan your next Disney Trip or weekend adventure with your family. Visit to Read Full Article and Pin to Save!
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