It’s crazy to think it was just last night I asked my hubby what he thought of coming on the Podcast to do an Episode with me!

Immediately, I started brainstorming what we could speak about and trust me, there is so much we could talk about being married 9 going on 10 years! Finally, I think we are at a season where we have settled on a few things and see eye to eye in some areas. We choose our battles and have chosen to love each other through the good and the bad.

So, my 1st question is: on a scale of 1-10 how important is it for your spouse to feel like a priority! (Joshua answered 11 last night) In a moment we’ll discuss why! .

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Welcome to an impromptu, surprise Episode 4 on my birthday featuring me and my hubby! Really, featuring my husband, since God chose him to be the Priest of our household and me to be his help meet. And we’re both born in the same month ya’ll! January babies are truly making a splash everywhere! To think how far we have come from throwing a surprise birthday party with family and friends disguised under the umbrella of a housewarming party! He has always been the life of the party putting people at ease and having the whole room laughing at his many jokes and easy going attitude. One of the many things we enjoy about him.

I wanted to feature my beloved on this episode because I have come to see first hand how important it is to have your spouse know they are a priority and involved in your passion projects if at all possible.

Our good friend and minstrel in the body is the composer and creator of this beautiful song ‘Only If I Knew” he asked my husband and I to record…A great Segway to our story!

  • Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live Podcast
  • Date: 01/13//20
  • Episode: 4
  • Title: Bonus Birthday Conversation on Priorities
  • Subtitle: A conversation with Josh Zant
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In this episode of Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live …

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why is it important to prioritize and spend quality time building relationships

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Welcome to Episode 4 Featuring, the one and only Josh Zant

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Josh Zant was so kind to share his wisdom with us and here are the takeaways:

  1. I think it’s a matter of each person valuing the other person more than they value themselves. You know, that’s the commitment that Christ made to the church. And that’s the example that we should be following. He gave himself for the church, and as spouses, we should value each other enough to be able to give our all to make sure that the other person is taken care of, in whatever aspect, whether it be spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.
  2. A lot of times we get into gender roles as to what honor and respect and we understand that there’s a difference between men and women that were created differently, we have different needs, but at the same time, the crux of what we need is the same.
  3. It’s a balancing act. Certainly, I think within the scope of marriage, you have to understand that each person is an individual, each person is different, each have different responsibilities. They have different interests. But you both have made the decision to come together and to fuse those differences and individualities into a common goal into a common pursuit. And ultimately, the individual things are not as important as the common pursuit is because if the individual things remain, the focus, then the common pursuit will never be accomplished. And as we continue to journey towards a common pursuit, if those individual goals remain at the forefront, then we’ll never achieve anything common because each of us although we’re married, and we’re doing our thing as the young kids say, what we do as we continue to work, if that common pursuit hasn’t become truly a common pursuit, then we’re really just working on similar tracks but never really coming together.
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This week’s journaling questions are:

  1. Does the work I do fulfill my mission in life? If so, in what ways?
  2. Do I prioritize myself or the people I value the most in my life? 
  3. How am I preparing for the person I want to be in the future?

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