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The idea of your Story matters and Writing Well continues with this interview featuring Today’s guest speaker is Mischelle O’Neal, the Founder of Mastering Your Monday, a lifestyle enrichment firm. She valiantly served her country and is a retired United States Air Force Veteran. She’s been affiliated with the military and government for 30 plus years.  Her greatest accomplishments include successfully raising a daughter with Bipolar 1 disorder and climbing Mt. Fuji. So she knows a thing or two about overwhelm and pushing that start button even when you don’t feel like it. She shares her impactful story and what led her to write her 2nd book as a wordsmith analyzing the Serenity prayer line by line. There were so many thought provoking moments in this conversation and I just know you’re going to be blessed by her story and what she has to share when it comes to Mastering your Monday, the significance of the M.A.T  and how you can have the courage to do what you are called to do with the help of the right mentors and guidance in your life.  


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*Radiant Pearl Takeaways

  • It’s so important to know and see the solution ahead for your situations in life. 
  • Go through the process of being a master. The mat is your mind shifts from those old mindsets. It’s those things that we’ve learned, those patterns that we’ve created throughout our lives, and how we shift.  Are they good patterns? Or are they bad patterns? Are they things I want to keep? Or are they things that we need to shift from and say, hey, maybe they no longer serve me? Or is it no longer a truth? Or it never was a truth? And then think about what is in our arsenal. What do we already have? And  believe that we have everything we need already inside of us.
  • After we have looked at our arsenal and looked around, what is it that we find or think we’re still missing? What piece of knowledge? What techniques are we missing? And how do we learn it? How do we do the things we need to do to grab what is necessary and put that in our arsenal?
  • The value & purpose of a coach: If I can find a way to get there faster and less painful, I’m all for it. So that’s why I have a coach, I don’t want to take all the years of experience that they’ve already put in. That’s why I hire them because they’ve put in the work. So now they can give me the cliff notes.That’s the purpose of a coach to help you get there faster.
  • If you really want to master something and be able to get an abundance, then in that process, you ask questions and receive guidance on how to get more of what you are searching for on your journey. Ask yourself how much do you want to master that particular skill you know you need to get to where you want to go. 
  • What is courage? Does that mean I have no fear? Absolutely not. That’s that you move forward in the face of fear. You step out fiercely as the woman that you are and rest in the fact that God’s got your back.

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  2. How can I take time to become a master and find the right mentor in this season?
  3. How will I share my story and experiences after I have exercised the discipline of journaling, planning and finding meaning line by line?

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