RPL Live Season 1 Cover Art

Date: 12/31/19

Episode: 1

Title: An Introduction to Radiant Pearl Living

Subtitle: What is Radiant Pearl Living?

Final Show Link: https://radiantpearlliving.com/episode1

In this episode of Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live …

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • What is Radiant Pearl Living and Who is a Radiant Pearl?

Welcome to the Radiant Pearl Living podcast where you will hear Fearless stories to nurture your dreams and inspire you to live a radiant lifestyle you love. Now here is your host, Stacy Zant

Stacy Zant  0:12

Welcome to Episode One of Radiant Pearl Living. Radiant Pearl Living, a podcast that is focused on finding and operating in your purpose and passion. It’s a place where we bridge the gap between the younger generation and the woman of wisdom through telling multi generational stories that inspire this show was birthed out of a passion to build community and bring together radiant pearls all over the world. It is my desire to see multi generational stories that inspire be brought to the forefront of our conversations. daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. And so this passion has brought forth an opportunity. An opportunity for you to hear the stories starting from everyday conversations between mothers and daughters to in depth conversations with business owners and radiant pearls who are able to unmask and peel the layers of their lives. Their experiences show us what it means to be a radiant Pearl, a Radiant Pearl in Progress. And so I’m excited to take you along on this journey! As you will listen to future episodes that will bring a variety of Radiance to your life. And so take that time, when you have the opportunity to sit down and listen, to take your notes to pull out your Radiant Pearl Planner, or your journal that you may have created on one of our lives together. We are a creative community that is always creating, developing, growing, striving and blossoming, flourishing into the radiant pearl we’ve always been destined to be, to live the dream and to live a radiant life you love!

Who is a Radiant Pearl? A radiant pearl is one who is always striving, progressing and moving forward passionately. She knows when to be still, when to be contented in the season that she’s in until she hears His still voice. Then, she proceeds by carefully considering her past and looking to the future.

What is Radiant Pearl Living? It is a place where you will thrive, where you will learn from stories that not only inspire, but gives hands on tips to conquer your day and accomplish your purpose with passion. Do you know how people lock, proper planning and time management skills to make their dreams and business success a reality? Well, I’m here to help provide a winning solution as a planner, an artist, a designer, and business coach. So I implore you today to take the time to listen to our upcoming episodes. That will be brought to you weekly on Radiant Pearl Living- RPL live with Stacy Zant. I would love to have you review the episodes that you take the time to listen to. And let us know your thoughts, so that we can share your review on future episodes. Connect also with me on social media, from our Radiant Pearls Facebook group, to our Facebook page, Radiant Pearl Living-Stacy Zant Create to the RPL Live Instagram page where we will share stories that you’ve taken the time to tag us to or utilizing hashtag #radiantpearlliving or #RPLlive. Thank you for listening to Radiant Pearl Living with Stacy Zant. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you live a radiant life you love and visit us at RadiantPearlLiving.com/Plan

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