[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: All right. Hello. Hello, welcome everyone. We are so excited that you are here and as you all saw, we had just a little bit of technical difficulties getting started, but we’re so glad that we were able to hype ourselves up as fearless [00:01:00] creators today with fearless creator music. And hopefully you’re just sitting back relaxing and enjoying what will be the power of Endurance speaking and writing consistently in community.

I’m definitely loving the fact that we have both our speakers, as well as our panelists and those who RSVP in advance are joining us on zoom. If you are capable and wanting to be on camera since this particular lovely talk today is going to be. Podcast and it’s going to be videocast dead later on and that’s on the Fearless creator podcast and channels, and then we also have the YouTube.

And so we want it to have the visual, the video where you are able to kind of have a retreat experience where you can pull out your notebooks, get your journals out. As we delve deep in this beautiful topic on the power of endurance [00:02:00] speaking and writing consistently. So if you’re not speaking consistently or writing consistently, or really enduring, I believe we’re all to some degree enduring the fact that we’re here today and we’ve lived through a pandemic, we’ve lived through so much to bring us to this point in junction in our lives.

And so I know we are all fearless creators. And so we want you, if you are not at that level of speaking and writing consistently, this is your opportunity to jumpstart that, get your journals out, take some notes and get ready later on. We’re going to bring up others that would like to contribute their voices to this topic.

And we want to invite you right now to ping in your friends, those who you believe. Would receive value and provide value in this conversation today, so that when we open up the opportunities for others to go ahead and add their thoughts on the questions and the topic being [00:03:00] discussed, you will be able to really enlighten us and rich.

The conversation perspectives are so invaluable when it comes to growing and fearlessly, creating in all of these amazing spaces. Awesome. Awesome. So we’re going to go ahead and while I’m doing a little housekeeping in the background, as we have a few more people sending messages to join us here today, we have such a marvelous fearless group here already on the stage or moderators.

I’m so delighted that my friends have joined me, my fearless friends on the screen. I am welcoming and seeing my brother, Joe Kellee April and in our room today, we have Mary Sonia. Dr. Adair, Meg, April Oriana, Joe Kellee, Dr. Jasmine, Tam rah. And then of course in the room, we’re delighted to have Heather Kibatti body Thola Rana, Diana

alum just want to acknowledge all of you. [00:04:00] Amazing individuals here. Fearless creators, shalisha Alicia, Monica Ali. Welcome to clubhouse. Shalisha Tola we see your news. So we definitely want to welcome you Shantelle so we’re just so delighted. Go ahead and have your friends join in with us today.

You’re going to be in for a treat. We are going to go ahead and move down the line. We want to give you an opportunity to hear from my Fearless friends and speakers today and say quickly introduce themselves. And just to begin with our very first question, and we will actually give everyone an opportunity to kind of popcorn style as we’re going through the questions that we are going to be sharing and discussing today.

So we’ll start with our lovely sis Mary, I would love for you to share a bit about yourself and also you can start answering this question. What does look like for you in this season off to you, [00:05:00] Mary?

[00:05:00] Mary Snyder: Hi. Thank you Stacy. I appreciate it. Hello everyone. I’m Mary R. Snyder. I’m the host of take the safe podcast and the founder of activate your speaking career.

What I do is I help aspiring Christian speakers who know God’s given them a message. I help them craft that message, find the confidence to present that message and then take that message to the stage. What does endurance look like to me in this season? Endurance looks like to me, not forgetting the most important thing.

I think sometimes we get caught up in the hustle and particularly as some people that are getting things done, that we are forgetful to stop and remind ourselves that we, for me, I can only speak for me, have to start with Jesus every day. I have to remind myself, how am I going to serve today?

And that to me is endurance. It is being mindful of what is my assignment and how will I serve the people. The Lord has interested [00:06:00] with me today. Thank you, Stacy.

[00:06:01] Sonia Adams: Hello? Hello. My name is Sonia Adams and I am an author and an author coaches. Well, I’m a pastor leader of a community and through a variety of things through crisis hit, but keeping it all balanced. Serving and just giving, pouring, and helping to empower others to be their best selves. Well and I’m so excited about this conversation today because it’s so important that we do remain consistent in sharing our voice and sharing our heart and even writing which I love to help others share their stories because our voice and our stories are so impactful and powerful.

And when others can glean from them. When I think about endurance, I’m a former athlete. I ran track and played basketball in high school and college. And a lot of times when you look at sporting events and you may start out in one place in your athletic career, but if [00:07:00] you continue to endure to do the training and the practice and the things that are necessary then you will see yourself finishing the race.

And so we heard the term, the race is I not into the one But it’s those that finish. So finishing well is what I would say endurance takes. And even in the process of getting there, you’re gonna make mistakes. Things are gonna happen, but if you keep the end goal in mind, and you plan to finish well and you keep going and, then you can move.

And so that’s my perspective on that. And I’m finding when I’m done.

Hey, good afternoon, everybody. I am Dr. A dair and I am a book writing coach. I’m the best selling author of 16 books. And I love helping other people bring their stories to life, share their stories, the good, the bad, the ugly. And so I’m the owner of the Johnson and Tribe publishing group. That’s really what we do working with [00:08:00] authors individually and in group courses, do all the things that I do as well.

[00:08:04] Dr. Adair: I’m a retired educator, so I have programs and presentations working with women and teenagers because I’m in a band and my heels and helping people to speak their true stand, their truth and truth in their books. And they can come out in different genres and part of what endurance means. It’s hanging in there, really, really hanging in there when plan a doesn’t work, you need to shift the plan B plan B doesn’t work.

You shift the plan C because I always tell people when you hit rock bottom, there’s no place else to go, but up and you have to be resilient to do that. So people ask me, what do people want born with resilience? What if they’re just not naturally resilient? How can they endure? Whatever comes across their path.

And this is where my faith comes into play. Because as long as you trust and believe, and you know that God, or is your steps, you have the endurance and resilience that you need. If you let your faith be stronger than your fear, then you have the resilience and endurance that you need to keep trudging forward.

So while I do a lot of things, my [00:09:00] way, a lot of hats it tests my endurance, but you have to hang in there because you just have to no place else to go when you hit rock bottom. But my response, but that’s generally what I think of when I think of endurance. And I’m Dr. Adair and I see Tamra next to me.

So if this is correct and when to pass the mic to her, thank you.

[00:09:18] Tamra Andress: Hey, Dr. A dare. That was amazing. And I am going to just launch into. Hearing God speak to you. Well done. My good and faithful servant. As you share that, knowing that that is your heart set every single day, because that’s truly what he has in store for us when we all endure.

And it doesn’t mean no other hardships or it’s heaven on earth experience and during the still apart of the good, the highs and the lows. And so that part specifically just spoke to me knowing that he sees us even in the mundane and he sees us even in the miracles. And so endurance is saying yes, is waking up every day and that gratitude HeartSpace and saying, okay, where do you want me to go today?

Who do you want me to impact [00:10:00] today? Who do you want me to experience today? What am I going to be convicted? Up-to-date to become more like the version that you have planned for me since before I was in my mother’s womb. And so endurance is choice after choice after choice in line with what and who got that.

And so my name is Tamra Andress. I am an ordained pastor and minister, and I activate that every single day by activating others into their purpose. And for me specifically that looks like business and being an entrepreneur that makes kingdom impact in your unique calling. And so I love to help cultivate with people hand in hand, create if you will what it is that they are intended to do here on earth and how they can not only make money doing it, but in a more important scale, be joyful and that experience, and then not be a solar preneur, but a female prenuer for God.

So that’s a bit about me and I believe if I’m the PTR, I’ve got meg next. Thanks for having me.

[00:10:58] Meg Glesener: Hey everyone. [00:11:00] Hello, fearless creators Stacy gathered this big group together, a with creators and we’re all hearing so many beautiful things. My name is Meg and I’m a mother of eight and a podcaster and a founder of several clubs here on clubhouse.

And really I’m a grateful child of God. That’s just the core of who I am today. And when I think of endurance they get ability to withstand hardship or adversity. I think that’s wrapped up in every single one of our calling, right. It’s not bubbles and chocolate every day. You know, there’s for me as a podcaster, it’s 2:00 AM.

I’m sitting here editing, having technology problems while my husband’s sleeping, house is all dark. And then I’m pushing through to meet my deadline, to present a beautiful episode for people. My podcast has letters from home and where I share every day, extraordinary stories of faith. And as I’m [00:12:00] sitting here editing and hearing these beautiful stories and weeping, I’m pushing through and to prepare.

So I know we all have those kinds of things. And as our in-person life is all coming back, I live in Seattle. It’s puts extra strain on our ministry, you know, but I refuse to let anything before family. So I lose sleep sometimes while I’m trying to meet my deadline but I have to say it is such a blessing.

And when we push through, we find God’s strength. When we are weak, he is strong and I’m so grateful that I can be involved in serving him and when our mission and our why is super clear. That’s the thing that gets us through the endurance part. When I know that God has called me to do this, when those moments get tough, I’m able to push through. So I am so looking forward to here and I passing the Baton onto the lovely, [00:13:00] April

[00:13:00] April Beach: thank you so much. I’m so excited to be here. Everything that all of these other leaders have said, it’s just, I need to remember that. I need to remember that. And so it’s just such a privilege to be surrounded by you guys. My name is April beach.

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur, a business designer, and that’s important to say when we talk about endurance simply because I’ve never, I’ve never done anything else. I grew up in a lifestyle entrepreneur family. And so I don’t know how to do anything else other than first design your business and build it that surrounds your life.

And that’s what I teach entrepreneurs, how to do, but that is hard. And so when we talk about endurance and we talk about what that looks like for really a lifetime of building businesses and helping our kids build businesses, man, we had some really, really tough times. And I’ll be honest with you guys. I feel like I used to be. Go go go. And I said, hear, people say, wow, I’m burned out. And I [00:14:00] would think, wow, that’s not me. I have so much energy. I can go forever. And just in about the last year and I’m 45, I have just kind of hit this playing field where it is slow and stop. And I really feel like God’s saying, you have got to listen to me.

You have done so many things now, stop, stop what you’re doing and listen to me. And in order for him to make me stop, I’m one of those people where I will run into that brick wall 10 times and felt like if I’m going to pick you up, pick you up and put you back here. It’s really, really interesting conversation.

And so endurance to me now in the past, it was always being very strategic, very focused endurance to me now is literally waking up every single morning. And of course I have a set plan and in teams and lots of clients we’re responsible for. So waking up every morning in it’s almost like a sister. I see it as a [00:15:00] strainer in only letting the most important things like drift through. Strainer. And so it is something that for the first time in my life I’ve actually been struggling with. But showing up everyday consistently is is what it’s all about. And it doesn’t have to be 120% every day though. Some days for me, it’s 5%. And so that’s just really what it is, what it is been for me.

And so I really loved this conversation if I could just share one more thing, but it’s just interesting. One of the things that I’m learning is I have a teenager. I have a 16 year old. That is an entrepreneur and he, even today it’s, we’re speaking is released that he’s been working on filming and producing the editing, the video 410 days.

And it’s dropping today, the premiere. And you guys he’s exhausted and he’s up till two, three in the morning, still doing school, still doing these things. And I’m seeing him just pushing and pushing and pushing. And I’m wondering, yes, he’s 16, but I’m wondering, how are you doing that? Like, how are you physically doing this?

And it’s [00:16:00] because I asked him and he said, it’s because it’s a scooter movie, like a, not a skateboard movie, but I like a scooter movie. And he said, because there’s little kids out there that think that scootering isn’t as good as skateboarding. And they need to see this movie to believe in themselves and what they love to do. And it was just so like wow, that’s right. Has nothing to actually do with you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us, but it’s about those people that we are supposed to serve. And it’s those people that are going to get inspiration by our endurance. And so I’m just learning a lot, kind of watching him. And so I’m just so pleased to be here. Thanks for having me, Stacy, I’m April and the turquoise, and I’m done.

[00:16:39] Oriana Chun: Hello. Hello, greetings to each of you, peace in your hearts and minds and your homes. So you reside. Wow. That was so great. April, thank you so much for sharing. I was chuckling with some of the things you said about hitting that wall and then just God, just repositioning you. That was so relatable.[00:17:00] My name is Oriana.

I’m a purpose and wellness coach. I coach two women to overcome mental barriers and move ahead by powerfully positioning from setbacks. I teach women how to effectively step forward with strength and grace, to the purpose and calling I use an agape approach to empowering these women, and allowing them to focus on balancing their mind, body, and spirit.

When these three components properly mindsets, renewed giftings growth, longevity increases and progress becomes naturally part of our lives. When we surrender to the holy spirit. Well, what does endurance look like to me? You know, my sister up there, one of them, I believe it was used. Sonia, you had mentioned about being in, being in athletics in high school or being when you were in high school or college. And it related me to when I ran track. And so all I did was I did the short burst, the hundreds, the a hundred yards. I didn’t do hurdles or anything like that. And I remember one time [00:18:00] if any of you are familiar when you in high school, when you’re running or when you’re in these events, sometimes you need somebody to participate in each thing.

So that way you’ll rank in that field. And I remember one day that we didn’t have anybody to do the hurdle, and this was not something I had. I had seen people do this, but this was not something that I did. And so my coach, he said, you know, Danielle, that was my last name. And he was like, we need you to do this. And I’m thinking to myself, I can’t do that. But you know, it was about doing it for the team. And so I went through and I did those hurdles and I hit everything or harder that I did just to reach the finish line. But I share that because for me, endurance it looks like when we’re patiently committing to the end.

So we know the end goal, the end goal for me for that was to make sure that my team plays and it was to be accountable for my teammates to help us out. So I was looking for it. That was what I was trying to finish out and was a little bit painful. Bumping those hurdles with my needs. It [00:19:00] was very unfamiliar. It was very uncomfortable, but I believe when we stay focused on what we know the end is, you know, God, we know what the end is even with. Quite what we’re striving for. So when we’re in during these, these content creations, and we’re speaking, sometimes we’ll trip up, we’ll trip up on words. We may even trip going up the stage, but we want to remain committed to what we’re seeking out and what we’re working towards.

And for me, that’s what Endurance is. My name is Oriana. And I’ve been speaking to my brother, Joe.

[00:19:30] Stacy Zant: I just got a lovely reminder. I’m going to reset the room really quickly before you come on my powerhouse brother and share. Yes. Oh, it’s just been so encouraging. So uplifting. It’s so powerful, everyone who is here on the platform, just sharing their heart and what they do, the reason why I’ve invited each of you.

As my friends here to join in this conversation as fearless creators is because I know you live it, you live and [00:20:00] speak and breathe Endurance and speaking and writing consistently whether it’s on this platform. Of course we’re here on clubhouse, but also for those of us who have our businesses and we’re just putting our hand to the plow.

And so I just want to invite and welcome everyone who has joined us here today because you are in the right space. You’re in a fearless space that is going to empower and enrich and encourage you as I’ve invited these marvelous, moderators and speakers to pour into each of us, because I believe I’m being poured into all of us on the stage are being poured in together as well.

And it’s just such an encouragement when we can hear how each of us are exemplifying Endurance in our walk and in our journey, we learn and we glean and we grow from each other and each other stories. And so your voices are so powerful and I want to encourage everyone. Who’s joined us here today. I’m just so elated.

I see so many new [00:21:00] faces that may be new to me, but you are connected with a speaker here. And so we just want to invite you. If you consider yourself to be a fearless creator, please do click the green house and just join us as we have these conversations month after month with a larger panel. But we also have weekly rooms that just help you to share what you’re creating.

How are you? This is our SIEM right now. We just started the calendar of endurance. We finished a 40 days calendar on fruitfulness and prior to that was being faith failed. And so we always just love to go. Deep dive deep into a topic. And so this is leading up to a summit that will be held

and most of the speakers that you see here will be speaking in that as featured fearless creator speakers. And so we want to invite you to connect with each speaker. If you’ve heard, the pouring out that have happened thus far, and we’re going to continue on we hope that they’ve resonated with you.

I’m sure they have. And I want to invite you to follow each [00:22:00] and every speaker, those who are moderators, those who are up on the stage here. I mean, I invited them. They’re my friends and they’re incredible. And I just am so blessed to be connected with them and the work that they do week after week. And so we can’t do this alone.

We need community, and that’s how we build Endurance and being in community, holding each other accountable. And so with that I really appreciate that April bought our hearts to the fact that our Y I want you to think about, as you continue out in this room, pull out your journal. We’re also on zoom. If you go to the fearless creator.com/live, you will see that you are able to watch the video.

And then we are going to actually repurpose. Episode for the podcast, as well as for the YouTube chat. Also we’re connected in all the spaces to help you all amplify your voices, to connect arms, to build bridges and to build up and Endurance. As you build visibility by speaking and writing consistently, we see some raised hands we’re going to bring up, [00:23:00] raise hands after.

I have been able to go through the panelist and those who are invited here as featured speakers to share who they are, will give opportunities for people to also give their perspectives. And we do ask that you keep your shares for one to two minutes, because we do have a limited time and we want it to be power packed and fearlessly fun.

And so we are just so excited about what is happening here today, and we want you to stay connected. The last announcement I will give is that we do have a giveaway and the giveaway. You’re going to get a starter pack as well as an actual journal package that will be shipped out to you. And so if you do want to enter that, we’re going to close the giveaway at the end of this event.

So at the end of this event, you’ll have about two hours after the end of this event at 5:00 PM Eastern standard time, we’re going to select a winner and we’re going to announce a winner on the actual face. Group and page because yes, we do have a Facebook group in page as well. Like I said, we’re everywhere.

So we want you to be [00:24:00] a part of that. Simply go to the fearless creator.com/giveaway, feel free to DM me or any of our speakers here. If you ever have any questions and want to connect, because I know that there are a host of resources and knowledge, you know, wealth of knowledge as well. So with that, we’re going to move on to our brother, Joe.

And I’m going to quickly just say thank you for those who are new to clubhouse though, lab and heat up our PETA leaf, Suzanne Debra. Jishnu , we’re so glad that you guys are here and you’re new to clubhouse. So everybody just, we always love to have people feel welcome. So I want everybody to unmute and just say welcome, welcome, and just give them a round of applause for being here. awesome. Awesome. All right. So Joe, we’re off to you, brother.

[00:24:57] Joe Sugg: Thank you so much, Stacy, this is Joe Sugg. [00:25:00] I’m the guy in the blue background. I am a speaker, coach and trainer, primarily focused with financial opportunities. I focus heavily on asset preservation and I am passionate about helping the kingdom of God in finance it.

And so that’s really the focus of everything that I do these days, unfortunately, to have built multi, multiple two figure or two comma businesses, multimillion dollar businesses. And now I’m on my third and I am just looking to try and help as many people as I possibly can. I’m a certified speaker, coach and trainer with the John Maxwell team.

And so I do a lot of leadership training as well. Just helping people when, where, and how I can. I’m excited to be here today. Endurance for me really focuses around being able to see life as a journey and seeing life in a much bigger picture and recognize that it’s not about the goal that’s right in front of us.

You know, a lot of times people say, well, it’s about the business. It’s about family. It’s [00:26:00] about whatever. And the truth is that yes, it’s about all those things, but it’s really about. About making sure that we are focused big picture on what our purposes and the purpose is a much bigger thing.

And you know, you look back I’m big on the Bible is so, when I look back on the Bible and stories in the Bible, I see that people really had a dream. They had a passion, they had a purpose, but sometimes that purpose and that dream actually was generational. It took multiple generations to fully come to pass.

And so, I see that as being a major focus for me from an endurance perspective and on a much smaller scale, I see endurance being able to press through all the little aggravations, like the fact that my dog just ate my earplugs, but that’s another story. This is Joe and I am complete.

[00:26:46] Stacy Zant: Joe. Thank you. I’m so sorry to hear about that, but yeah, that’s a true test of endurance right there. Hi everybody. Hello. My name is Kellee Williams. I am a lifestyle management coach and with [00:27:00] great pleasure. I help women learn how to gain peace in their lives, in their homes, their marriages, their relationships, so that they are able to be more productive and more profitable in their businesses.

And today it to me looks like comfort. It looks like hope and knowing that I am not alone in this, that whatever it is I’m going through. It’s part of the process. And when I completely yield myself and surrender to God’s plan, I can do this because his word says I can. So to me in Durham, looks like in going through this process, that inevitably to Joe’s point will get me to my purpose, the purpose, the bigger picture, the bigger plan, the bigger goal for me, that is to impact the kingdom, to build up the kingdom and to just glorify God in every area of my life.

My name is Kellee Williams, lifestyle management coach, and I yield to Mike to [00:28:00] Ashl ye

Can y’all hear me. Yes. We can hear you now. Ashlye, I think a call tried to come in. But we’ll, we’ll give you an opportunity for that to come off. Are you, are you back with us, Ashlye?

All right. So in the meantime before Ashley comes back, cause I know she got booted off, so our dear Ashlye when she comes back in, we’ll give her an opportunity to go ahead and share Dr. Jasmine, my friend, sister, you’ve been a part of us here for a while and just really appreciate you.

And we had a room on Thursday and you shared so powerfully thoughts on this very topic of endurance. And so before we move on to the next topic, we’re going to go popcorn style after this after we’ve had every panelist introduce themselves. And so I want to make sure that and Shira has just joined us welcome shy Rab.

And so we want to go ahead and have you, Dr. Jasmine, let us know. What does endurance look like for you in the season and share a little bit about you as well? [00:29:00] Dr. Jasmine

[00:29:00] Dr. Jasmine: blessing. Everyone on the stage and in the room this is Dr. Jasmine Gordon and I am blessed to be in this sacred space. I am going to call this sacred space.

I call it a sacred space because our heavenly lift father is lifted up here. He is it is really sacred and this is very special to me. So thank you for inviting me to this stage and thank you for allowing me to speak. By profession, I’m an educator. I am also a minister for me. It’s all about teaching and learning.

I served in a variety of capacities. And so in whatever capacity I serve, I serve with passion and purpose, my passion and purpose, you will mean in the choice. And so I’m also an author. The profile picture you’re looking [00:30:00] at is the cover of my book in my ministry or in my service, right, as an educator, our minister and minister inner healing.

And I help individuals to discover and grow in feeling. Because it’s all about purpose. We were all born with a purpose and I hear so many of you use that word purpose. That’s what it’s all about. And the most miserable person you can find is the person who is not operating in his or her purpose.

Some people are striving on their trying to find, what that is. And they do not know what that is yet, but they have the desire to find out. And so I help individuals also to discover what their purpose is now. What does endurance mean for me? And for me as though it is strength. It takes strength to endure, whatever it is we’re going through.

It takes two. [00:31:00] But let me just say that Endurance is also accompanied by hardship because Endurance means, okay, Am I going to give up in the difficult times. Are I going to persist? Am I going to go on? So even in over weakest moments, that’s when tested, do we have the faith and the courage to stand and to endure.

So I want to encourage you to keep going on, keep enduring to the end. And here’s what the word of God says. All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord who are called according to his purpose. And to me all things mean the high the low, the mountain, the valley, the difficult, everything works together for good.

So when you have endurance, you will courageously and encourage yourself and convince yourself that you have the [00:32:00] ability because you face whatever those challenges are. Why? Because you’ll have hope in the outcome. You know, that’s on the other side of what you have to. There is the prize. There is the goal, right?

So Stacy thanks times again, and the Lord bless you richly thanks for this amazing session where we can strengthen each other and encourage each other to not give up. But instead endure for weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. This is Dr.

[00:32:41] Stacy Zant: Yes. Thank you so much, really, really appreciate that share your perspective. Always filled with so much wisdom and I always ask everyone, if you have scriptures or quotes, you know, things that you live by to help you on this journey to build endurance and [00:33:00] to make sure that we can continue to show up and fulfill our why, which is what I know we’ve been touching on.

That’s going to be a driving force to all of us, to keep going forward. When we encounter those hurdles that Oriana spoke of earlier, and the stumbling blocks that we come across in this journey of life we can endure together. We know the race is not for the swift, but for those who will endure welcome back up Shyra rhe.

I want to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself as a fellow moderator here today and speak her fearless creator. I’m just so elated. All of my beautiful fearless friends who have joined us here today. And Shyra, I want you to just share about you and what does the power of endurance mean to you in this season?

[00:33:46] Shyra Lowe: Thank you so much, Stacy, for this wonderful opportunity to share this stage with you and these phenomenal moderators. I’m super excited about being in the room today and also being a part of this [00:34:00] amazing, amazing summit. I’m super excited about I’m speaking on the power of endurance today. And just being faithful in that space.

I tell people all the time, and I think I’ve heard someone on the stage already say, I am a Spelman and graduate. So similar to my my sister Stacy. So amazed at having the opportunity and chance to meet her in this platform, but also not only being a Spelman graduate, but also being a mom and I’m a healthcare executive, I’m a budding author right now.

You guys the authoring space writing a book is a phenomenal space and I’ve had to actually really fortify myself in the space of endurance. I tell people all the time, one of my favorite scriptures is this. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but those who endure to the end, they shall receive the prize.

and endurance means this to me, to be able to endure to the end, to overcome every obstacle, to stay in steadfast and resilient in the power in which God has given, but also be to determine in order to [00:35:00] put my hands to the plow and not look back, stay committed to that assignment that has been given.

I tell people all the time, half of the battle, if not 90% of the battle is being able to stay committed, dedicated, Focus and purpose filled in terms of doing what God has called you to do, activate that spirit and strength and power of God in you to be able to say, no matter what I’m going to stand, I’m going to stand fortified to five and committed to the assignment, committed to the wind, but not only that committed to serving other people this morning.

And I do apologize for being late to the room. I was committed to two separate rooms. And I tell people all the time, I’m a person that keeps my word. Why? Because endurance involves you keeping your word no matter how difficult the task, no matter how daunting the task, no matter what you have to absolutely keep your word.

So for me, as the Spelman graduate, when my father passed away in my second year of undergrad, and I didn’t even know he was sick, I had to [00:36:00] endure, I had to stay committed to the promise that I was going to be the first one to graduate with my degree from an undergraduate institution. When I was actually going through a very trying time, difficult time in my professional career, I had to stay committed to the promise to my mom and my father that passed away that I was going to help my communities and stay committed and stay steadfast bad, no matter if.

supported or not, no matter if I had all the finances or not, no matter if I even had the physical health and the strength as I have actually been diagnosed with cancer three times, and it’s super naturally disappeared by the grace and the power of God. I had to stay committed because that’s what endurance does.

It stays committed to the promise. It stays committed and faithful to the actual task, no matter how daunting, and it stays committed and faithful to the end. So this is Shyra Lowe I’m done speaking now, and I’m so honored again, to be on this platform with these amazing [00:37:00] moderators, but most importantly, to be in this room to share all that God has done for me and to me and through me in that place of endurance, God blessed.

[00:37:09] Stacy Zant: Hey Amen. Oh, so, so powerful. I felt like we went to church. My SIS, I just love and appreciate you Spelman sister and all of my glorious sisters and brother, can’t forget the brothers. I know we’re waiting for a few others who will join us, but right now, Joe is riding so lo in the brother space on the stage right now.

And we so love and appreciate you. And so I want to, we’ve been talking a lot on endure ance, and I don’t know if any of you have any thoughts on this and you want to be able to add to the questions that we are going to be addressing. I want you to feel free to always just flash your mic and I’ll keep a look out and give you an opportunity to share an interject your perspective and your thought, because I know all of that is so valuable as we grow and learn and glean together.

So Sean, I see that you’re [00:38:00] flashing. So we’ll have you go ahead and share your perspective before we move on to next topic. Thank you.

[00:38:05] Shanna: Good morning. Good afternoon, everybody. I am so glad I am in this room. I was scrolling through the hallway and I jumped in and I gotta say, God is good because I was not expecting listen from so many strong and fearless powerful Christian women. I will tell you that the word fearless creator is what attracted me.

I am the founder of fab women, which is a community that supports and uplifts women diverse. I love diversity diverse group of women to come together and collaborate. We are not your traditional networking group. And fab stands for fearless Authentic and bold So when I saw the word fearless, I’m like, whatever’s going on there?

I [00:39:00] need to be a part of this. What is so cool on the meaning of endurance is what I hear is the mental, the mental endurance In our mind, weak and endure, whatever is happening in our lives, then we can move forward. So when, as I was listening to all of you, I’m like, if there’s a physical, is there a mental?

And then I have this conversation. I don’t know if I’m the only crazy one, but you know, people might think, I hear voices, but I know I hear a God in it. It is. It’s about this mental endurance that no matter what no matter where we are and that we keep going, because we believe in what we’re doing, we believe in what we’re providing.

And it’s what propels [00:40:00] us forward. So when I think of endurance, I just think of that, feeling of, okay, I just want to give up and God is just picking you back up and he’s like, Nope, there’s still a race. Come on. I’ve got you jumping on my back and we’re going to make this happen. And then after you get through it, it’s that satisfaction of going?

I did it, you know, and I also think. It means a lot when people see you going through that, because then you’re inspiring others to feel strong and say, Hey, if Stacy did it, if Mary did it, if I could do it too. So not only are we doing it for ourselves, but we’re doing it to inspire those around us and uplift them collectively.

And this is a Shanna that I Stacy, thank you for having me and.

[00:40:52] Stacy Zant: Thank you so much, Shana, so amazing. I love how we’re all aligned and sometimes we’ll just be there in the [00:41:00] hallway and something will call out to us and speak to us and we just have to enter in and it’s that voice that’s saying, okay, this is where you need to be.

You’re fearless. And you identify with all the other fearless creators that have. magnificent space. So we’re so delighted that you’ve joined us here, Shanna, and to hear the incredible work that you are doing, and looking forward to seeing you as stay connected with us. Thank you for that share.

So I want to go to our actual document. I know you did a lot of different preparation organization to make this happen. And our speakers, my fearless friends here also speakers for the fearless creator summit, which you can join the wait list for that. If you go to the fearless creator.com/summit, and of course, make sure if you’re just joining us.

Now, you enter the giveaway and then you get a fearless creator starter pack, and as well as a journal package that will be shipped to you and.

I see the contents. You’re just going to be so elated and happy because this is a topic on speaking and writing consistently as well. And if you have a product or a [00:42:00] package that is just so beautiful and has great reminders, quotes, scriptures, and it’s just calling out your name to write. So then you’re going to be more consistent and pulling out that radiant pearl pen and fearlessly creating and writing each and every day.

So we want to equip you with what you need to be consistent and build up that endurance. So we’re so appreciative that this question that I’m going to throw out now, any of our speakers and those who are on the stage would like to speak to this. we would love for you to just tap your mic and we’ll give everyone that opportunity to share.

So this question is how do you make speaking consistently a priority? So we spoken about endurance and what that looks like for us in this season, but how do you do the hard thing? The important thing prioritizing speaking consistently, anyone wants to share on how you’re doing that.

Go ahead, Mary.

[00:42:54] Mary Snyder: Thank you so much, Stacy. Hey everyone in the audience, I am so glad y’all are here. Thank you [00:43:00] for allowing me the opportunity to speak and safety for inviting me on the stage and. I’ve been in the speaking world for a long, long time. And let me tell you what, what, what helps is doing it every time you get the chance, particularly if you’re an aspiring speaker or you’re a newer speaker, or you are just in the early day of your speaking, and maybe you’re getting booked four or five or six times a year, every opportunity you have to step up and speak before a group of people and create a message.

You take it. If you’re on a clubhouse room, you clip that hand, raise you, get up there and you share something, put it on Facebook, live, do an I G T V. Get your message out there. No one can book you as a speaker. If they don’t know you’re a speaker. So speak every opportunity you get. This is Mary and I’m done speaking for now.

[00:43:57] Stacy Zant: Awesome. Thank you, Mary. Just the [00:44:00] nudge we need. If we’re being fearful, instead of being fair, less love, love, love that sis and just, , hit that button raise your hand. And so we’re just really encouraged by the work you do. I did see another mic clap, if you want to go ahead and tune in I believe it was go ahead, Meg, and

[00:44:20] Tamra Andress: Hey, Stacy, this is Tamra. So I love this question. I think it’s very critical.

I hear this often as like, you know, I only have one follower, right. And it’s my mom. Okay. Let your mom be your fearless. Person and your audience first show up. And every single, like Mary suggested, even things like Facebook live, you’re going to gain traction based on your consistency. It’s less about having the perfect words is less about not fumbling over or maybe saying that every once in a while or less about nerves, it’s about saying yes to the opportunity.

And if you have something that’s boiling inside of you, as I know, many of you already do, [00:45:00] the fearlessness is cultivated through action. And I say this often, like when God called Peter out of the boat, he could have stayed in his comfort zone, right. That would have been much more comfortable. However, he opted out, he opted to stand up and stand out, even though I’m sure in his mind, he’s like, wait a second.

What do I need to bring with me? How do I, how am I going to dry off? Is this even going to work? Right? Our minds are always thinking about that. Even in speaking, even if you perfectly script something and then you press live and you feel like you’re going on a total different tangent, you still show up because sometimes the tangent is what speaks to the people the most, because you’re authentic in what you’re saying, and you’re doing it more vulnerably.

So in your speaking, make sure you’re sharing your heart and it’s not just scripted. Facebook, live Instagram, live ID TVs. The way I consistently do it is I schedule it into my calendar if it’s an appointment with myself. So when I first started podcasting three years ago, I knew [00:46:00] every week I was going to be going live.

And I do a video podcast. So there’s an extra L to speaking, right? Is that I’m showing up in conversation. And if you’re like, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do this comfortably, get good at interviewing, become an interviewer. So then the spotlight’s not on you. And you’re just here asking questions and probing a conversation.

People will still hear from you. Cause just like you’re going on a coffee date with someone you’re not going to not say anything, you’re not going to just nod your head and be like, Hmm, interesting. Right. You’re going to give them feedback. You’re going to have something that sparks inside of you as they’re talking.

And so that’s how I jumped into it. And now love going and speaking to conferences and so bad in-person conferences are coming back, but virtual is going amazing and clubhouse has been awesome too. So I hope that gives some people some encouragement. Thanks for being here.

[00:46:45] Mary Snyder: That was amazing. I just had to hop in Tamra. Thank you for such good, such a good word.

[00:46:52] Patricia: [00:47:00] Thanks for inviting me to the stage. I just want to jump in and just to echo what Tamra said. But you know, I’m in Canada and you guys are a little bit more released in the U S congratulations. But in the meantime, when we got shut down in the pandemic and stages were closing and everything in-house was shutting down, you know, I really felt the Lord challenged me.

So are you, so what’s your excuse now? Are you going to wait for the invite, make your own stage? And I challenged myself to go by for 30 days on social media, no audience, so visible audience, some of us like me, raw energy from seeing people and interacting with faces and, and so forth. And I checked myself and I will tell you, there were days when I wanted to break that commitment, but I made that commitment to myself.

I made that commitment to God that it was not about me. And it was on those days that I did not want to go live. It was on those days when I felt I [00:48:00] jumbled everything together. It was those days when I would get the one or I’d get the two, I get somebody that I had never met before and they would send me a message and they would tell me, you have no idea what you said today, how it impacted my.

I am. So I just want to echo what Tamar that just step in and go do it. Don’t wait for the invitation. We have opportunities to speak into people’s lives all the time, send a visual message. We don’t need to as a platform of a hundred people where we’re visibly standing in front of people, I believe that we are speaking into people’s lives more often than we think.

And people are just waiting for it. Some likes that you have to pour into them. And oftentimes when we get the focus off ourselves and on the fact of people needing to be filled up and to be poured into it [00:49:00] becomes easier. So my name is Patricia. I am complete at this moment. Thank you

[00:49:05] Stacy Zant: so powerful. Thank you, Patricia. All right. Someone else wants to chime in. believe before you Shana, though, we had Meg that was also wanting to speak on this topic, and then we can go to you Shana, go ahead, Meg.

[00:49:18] Meg Glesener: Hey Stacy. Everyone. Oh, this has been so great , hearing all the different thoughts and you know, there’s so many new people in the room, so many new party hats in the room, and we’re talking about speaking and you know what?

We are all here on club. So I’m going to talk about speaking on clubhouse, because I can say for me personally, it has given me a lot more confidence in speaking in general. So you know, one thing someone told me before starting a podcast is what is something that you are super passionate about that you could talk about for hours, right.

You know, and maybe that’s the thing that you should be speaking on. And clubhouse is the perfect [00:50:00] place to do that you could think about maybe the three things that you had really liked to, to talk about. Like, for me, I’m a mother of eight children. I love talking about big families actually just did a couple of rooms yesterday.

So write down a couple of topics. You know, Stacy is always encouraging us to journal things that you’re interested in talking about and thinking about a room title rooms that you could start and get a conversation going. And like Marian Tamra was saying, you know, there can be a little bit of fearfulness associated with it, but just, just do it, get that room going.

And you will find yourself being so encouraged with the conversations that you have. And as you run rooms and as you start a club and as you be brave and raise your hand and feel like, oh, no, Hey, you can build that confidence in speaking. I know that has happened for me in about four months. I have so much more confidence in [00:51:00] what I’m sharing, how to say it, how, how to just engage in conversation.

So and you know what? I don’t want to come and support you as you’re learning to speak. We’re here to support one another. So over to you, Stacy, basically, may I pop in?

[00:51:16] Dr. Adair: So I just want to amplify a little bit of what makes sense in terms of using clubhouse as a platform. I want to speak as an introvert and using clubhouse. I don’t think I lacked confidence that really hasn’t, you know, when I first got on the app, it was just, I don’t know what this says, let me figure it out.

But I’m one of, I have something to say. I don’t mind saying it, but as an introvert who owns, you know, businesses that require me to be speaking consistently part, you know, was challenging because I just don’t want to do it, you know, for lack of any other way of saying, I just don’t want to do it because it’s integral.

I’m not into warm chatter, you know, the [00:52:00] chitchat and all of that. I. I’m just an introvert, but what clubhouse has allowed me to do, which ties into what makes it is find those rooms where I feel I connect with. I feel like I have a voice. I feel like I can contribute. So it doesn’t feel like work to me to speak.

Whenever I I’m also a professor. So whenever I’m invited to do things that are related to professorships stuff, a lot of times I just don’t want to speak on it. So now retreat back into my introvert weight. Clubhouse allows you to pick and choose what you’re going to do. And it also allows me, like, I love helping people write their story, share their stories in the written words.

I love that I’m passionate about it. So when I get to speak on it a clubhouse, it doesn’t feel like it’s work. So speaking on behalf of the introvert, is there any hint audience, this is a great place to get you, to feel more comfortable to speak consistently, and also to help you build your businesses because you can choose those [00:53:00] rooms that you want to go.

When I start your own rooms to speak about what you’re passionate about, and then it doesn’t feel like so much work. Just my little 2 cents. I’m back, Dr. Adair.

[00:53:09] Stacy Zant: Yay Dr. Adair. I love that. You said that cause there, I’m sure there’s some people here in the audience who’ve joined us and never know even here on the stage that may consider themselves to be introverts and they just need that extra motivation and reminder to just really keep moving forward and do what makes you uncomfortable.

That’s sometimes what’s required of us if we’re determined and we recognize it’s not for ourselves. If there’s a greater purpose behind why we’re speaking up and doing what we’re called to do, we never know who on the other end needs to hear our message and to be inspired by our story. And simply doing it scared, being fear, less, and not even relying in and of ourselves, but the strength that God gives us, our faith plays such a big role in us, sometimes stepping out and moving forward.

So really appreciate that. Shana. I know you [00:54:00] wanted to say something on this and then Sonia, we’ll go to you as well. Our fellow fearless creator speaker here.

[00:54:06] Shanna: Thank you, Stacy. I just feel how cool this is. I believe Patricia, you were talking and it tied back to when Endurance, because we gave ourselves, you know, you can give yourself a challenge to give yourself the 30 days to go live no matter what, which is powerful, because as part of that, you’re going to do it no matter what. And it ties into me speaking one of them. Before I go on Facebook live, I actually reach out to what I call my inner circle. So might be about 10 of my besties or 10 other people I know and say, Hey. Can you jump in on Facebook live. I need a little bit of support, especially if you’re doing it like for the first time or as a new topic.

So that way they are supporting you. And by when [00:55:00] they jump in Facebook, Facebook sees that there’s some activity in there. So then they start showing your life a little bit longer. I also know that you need to be, if you’re doing Facebook live, try and be complicated, but you need to stay on more than five to seven minutes because a lot of people don’t get the notice.

So you can be that you’re jumping in on Facebook. Live-ing you think? No one’s watching, but because they haven’t seen you come on live and then make sure that when you’re done, you go back and read the comments and engage, because that puts you back up the beautiful algorithms for Facebook and puts you back up so that people can see your life.

But so that was one of the tips and, and I think Meg, I believe you said this it’s the same thing with clubhouse. I haven’t done a fab women club yet, but I would be doing the same thing. I will be going, Hey, Stacy mag, if you guys have a chance, I’m opening up a room. I would love for you to come in [00:56:00] because I think you’re more connected.

If you have people in the audience, even if you don’t see them physically, if you know that they’re there, then you’re at more of it. You’re at ease to talk about your subject. And lastly Patricia, I love what you said because it really, God uses our voice and our story. No matter what, you really don’t know, who’s on that other side and you don’t know the story or is there, who is it going to empower?

Who is it going to resonate with? People like authenticity. People love it when the people are tired of you know, pretend to be calm, cool, and collected it’s okay. It’s Facebook lives. So if you forget something, if you say, oh, no, I can’t believe people love that because then you’re connecting with them at a human level and that’s what people want and people need Stacey, thank you.

[00:56:56] Stacy Zant: Thank you so much, Shana. I want to make [00:57:00] sure, I don’t know if it was just me, but I did hear an abrupt ending there. And I hope everyone is able, are you able to hear properly Sonia, we’re going to give it over to you, but always appreciate Shana I love that she brought up the fact that do it with others.

You know, we, we talk about that time and time again, even with our last IGT live those of you. Go

[00:57:21] Sonia Adams: ahead, Sonia. Okay. I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened. I said, I’m, I’m speaking from a different perspective in the sense of. Who’s been speaking all of my life. I probably came out of my mother’s womb with you. know talk ing like what’s up how you say that because I love, I love to talk. It’s just something that has become very natural for me, even as a kid.

And I’m sure some of you on the stage can recall giving that, that notice some new teacher, great student, but talk too much. If that was you. That was me as well. And so what I have [00:58:00] learned though, from being a secret and speaking all the time, I’ve been a pastor for years as opposites and the speech and debate team through middle school and high school to speech classes in college.

And I always wanted to be a RA, which I didn’t really all. I knew it was someone that spoke, but I know I was going to be called to ministry. And it was like, God, nately put that inside of me because he knew the call was on my life before I did. Because he called me. So he knew that I would be speaking and speaking for him and speaking to empower others.

But what I’ve learned is as a person who speaks a lie and talks a lot, that we have to learn to be chained and temporary ourselves because sometimes, and I’m sure even this happens in club houses, people who speak well or speak a lot, they sometimes can dominate the conversation or take over the conversation.

And what I have learned being [00:59:00] comfortable in speaking is to help empower others who also have a voice and who have something to say, and that you’re not always the one that has the mic and always has something to say, but to listen. And so over the years, I’ve learned to just be quiet more and listen more and speak when necessary and speak blend.

I really have some added value in that’s what I’m trying to do more often, even in all of the speaking spaces that I have ministering tomorrow at our church and I’m looking forward to speaking, but we’re speaking on it’s gonna be a panel discussion. And so I’m just going to kind of sit in the.

And I only share what God has given me, because I think it’s more impactful when you face something that resonates and that can make a difference as opposed to just talk and talk. And we know those people that [01:00:00] sometimes just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, and be a turnoff when you’re just talking just to be speaking, but it’s more beneficial when you’re speaking and you’re saying something that can be impactful, that can be meaningful, that can be encouraging.

And so temperance is so important and I’ve learned that over the years because many times I will speak out of turn or space something when I should have been quiet. And so I just wanted to share that too is well in also to let those know who who may be dealing with, you know, the see here or speaking, or maybe dealing with I need encouragement or even more opportunities.

I would definitely love to connect with you because I love, you know, my friends tell me I just, I push and I pull, I have a rope and I just pull people into their destiny. I call myself a purpose igniter, and that’s what God called me to do. So when I see [01:01:00] purpose in potential and people. Push on it and pull on and they say, come on, you can do this.

And so I have platforms and opportunities where people I ask them to speak, even if they’re shy, even if they feel like they don’t have anything to say, because when I see the purpose inside of them, I know it’s something that they have to say that can make a difference in the lives of others. So I want to, just to add that to that in my name is Sonia and I’m done.

[01:01:29] Stacy Zant: Yes Sonia. Oh, my word. I think it’s so invaluable. It does take maturity, right? To get to that place where we can humble ourselves and be at a place where we can be still and listen. I see, rather than just, speaking, like we know everything. I just love that you brought that to our attention and finding that balance, that harmony in knowing when to speak up and when to just listen and receive what God has for you.

So appreciate that. I want to give before we go to Shyra to [01:02:00] share a bit on this topic, I want to give some of our new moderators. Also speakers, fearless creators, and I’m so grateful for everyone that’s been joining us. Don’t have sometimes time to go and read all of the amazing names of those of you joining us.

Cause we have a much larger room together today, but I always love to acknowledge everyone. And I want you to look to your left and your right. And, and really we love to call out even for our new clubhouse members, Debra Fabienne and Emma and not hiree Sophia. We just want to welcome you to clubhouse and let’s go ahead and unmute ourselves, speakers everyone in the stage and give them a warm welcome


yes, yes. Love it. I just love when we are able to create that safe space with our rooms here and hope [01:03:00] you will just continue to come back time and time again on clubhouse to be encouraged and inspired. we have rooms like this every month where we have a larger life panel and this month we’ve been just on the tail end of endurance, just talking about the power of endurance.

And so as you see here, we are talking about the power of endurance speaking and writing consistently. And so we want to encourage you to definitely join the club. And we have rooms throughout the week. You know, a lot of you all are not strangers. As sometimes you share what you’re creating, how you’re building up into your ends, how you’re being fruitful and how you are being what you’re called to be in the season and beyond in community, we can do this together.

So we’d so appreciate you being a part of us. And if you would like the giveaway simply go to the Fairless creator.com/giveaway. And we’ll announce a winner over on our Facebook page and group. Yes, we do have a group. And so you can connect with [01:04:00] us and get other fearless creators starter pack as well as a physical journals shipped out to you and then learn about some of our speakers as we’ll continue to add bios on there@thefearlesscreator.com slash live.

This shows you our past panel. Recording as well as our current panel. And then you can go to the Fairless creator.com/summit because we have that summit and some of the amazing speakers on the stage here, they’re already confirmed to speak at that, and they’re going to present and share more of the incredible services that they provide and value that you really want to tap in today.

So please follow all of our moderators, those who have come up on the stage, just pouring in and providing value and supporting as Fairless creators. So I want to go ahead and give the ad is going to be Aggie, Aggie, and then Jim Dray, an opportunity to just quickly introduce themselves and let us know.

What does endurance look like for you in this season? And then we’ll go to am shy rat to share on this new question.

[01:04:59] Aggie Luna: [01:05:00] All right. Hello everyone. It is exciting to be part of this panel. My name is AGI Luna. I am a learning strategist and of course, creation coach, and I helped me Lee mental health professionals, therapists, coaches, and allow them to scale their life’s work through group coaching and online courses. And in the season what does hindrance look like?

For me, it’s a little bit different than what I anticipated because I am a recovering perfectionist, like a lot of people. And in this season I see like endurance for me means having the humility to ask for help. And what I mean by that is you know, when you’re a solopreneur or you’re trying to you know, find your space in the digital world sometimes it’s very, very tempting to do it yourself.

Right. And I I’m sure that, you know, most of us, if not all started that way. Right. So we started in building ourselves in classes and learning about you know, the, the side of digital marketing [01:06:00] that probably we’re not an expert on. Right. Which is the actual sales and marketing cycle. But right now I, I know that my disability has to be sustainable and sometimes that looks like having a team sometimes for me the season.

I would have to really strategically plan those breaks. I’m going to repeat that you have to really strategically plan where you’re, you can just receive from the Lord and you can just receive you know, impartation and inspiration. Cause oftentimes it’s, it’s very easy to get lost in the rat race and we’re not called to do that.

Right. As fearless creators, we are enrolled in a rhythm called life. And part of that sometimes means that we really have to rest. So in the season for me to read this, cause I have to first like declutter before I can develop and, and deceased. And that means that I need [01:07:00] to hire a therapist. I need to train the team member.

And that will enable me to do the very important things that God called me to do, like being in front of the camera, showing up on clubhouse. And I can sense a relief in my show and I know that I’m not here just to overwork myself for the next 90 days. Right. We are here. Because that’s part of our calling.

We are here to break generational curses are here to gender ratio that we contribute to a lot of people that God is called in our lives. So that’s for me right now. It’s really having the humility to admit, Hey, you know what? These are my plans. I’m not the only one that can accomplish it. So I need to reach out to mentors.

I need to reach out to team members. And at the same time, what that looks like is just making sure that we don’t lose sight of what’s really important, right? We’re all doing this for our loved ones for our families. And [01:08:00] if we’re losing time that we’ve been chased that dream, then we’re doing it wrong.

Again. This is Aggie and I’m done speaking,

[01:08:07] Oriana Chun: thank you so much. Aggie. Can we we just appreciate what you said and I so agree with you about strategically planning. Oh my stars. Yes. Thank you so much for sharing that. And we just really encourage but everything that’s gone forward. So we’re going to pass the mic to Jim Dre at this time, if you would, my brother, we’re excited to see you.

And we are encouraged to hear what you have to say about speaking consistently or whatever God has placed on your heart.

[01:08:32] JimDre Westbrook: What’s going on, Stacy, everybody else, and everybody in the audience. I’m an entrepreneur selling author and founder of God ideas club right here on clubhouse. I’m very blessed to be with you all on today.

As far as endurance goes and how that’s happening in my license, this sheet, I was very interested in, I was having a conversation with [01:09:00] Stacy. I believe it was on yesterday. And for those who don’t know I’m getting married in 60 days now. I just actually jumped off of a premarital counseling session with my fiance and me.

And thank you for all the Mike taps. We’re very, very blessed, very humbled through this season. And one of the things that came to mind is page I have a, COVID-19 called live at your own pace. And it’s all about you doing your own thing at your own speed in life. But pasted out to me within our mirror, premarital counseling and just within my life.

Because when you talk about endurance, you want to make sure that the right pace is being set. And in order for the right pace to be checked, you have to go like you have to use the momentum that God has given you. And I think a lot of times people don’t need. Right. We’re not even walking, we’re not even running, we’re not even running the race that God has for us.

So I’m always trying [01:10:00] to make sure that, you know I’m in my lane that God has created for me and I run my own race. And I love that I can talked about breaks cause you need breaks. You need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself holistically. So you can finish this to that race because I always feel that if you run your own ratio always come in first place.

And that is one of the things that, you know, I am making sure that myself and especially, especially together with Tiffany that we have and we set the right pace so that we can continue to do the things God wants for us as within our covenant. But then also within our individual purposes.

So for me, it’s very important to speak and to you know, encourage other people to not only keep going, but to set that proper pace and that patient’s, God’s pace, you know, whatever he has placed into your heart, those God ideas, those God dreams those are things that he wants all of us to do and not just for ourselves, but to continue to build the kingdom of [01:11:00] God, because all of our dreams, all of our passions, all of our purposes are divinely connected.

So that pace part is very important not to just get going and just to get there the fastest. We want to make sure that we have everything. To be equipped enough to actually finish the race and be there as far as getting everything we need so we can continue to be a blessing to other folks. So, so that’s kind of what it looks like is very interesting again, since you know, we will be starting a new chapter in our lives in 60 days, but the pace of it all want to make sure that we are equipped and we enjoy what we have during the season, because we know that that will be the momentum that can carry us to continue to start a new race in 60 days.

So again, I want to keep my time short. I know we got a lot of people on this stage. I’d love to hear from everyone else. So my name is Jim Dre and I’m done speaking

[01:11:52] Stacy Zant: thank you so much, Jim Dre, just so appreciate you and your heart and the ministry you have even here with the God [01:12:00] ideas. And I’m always such an honor to collaborate with you with the faith and business room.

And I know you guys have the relationship and faith room, so many different programming, so definitely I want you all, if you’re new to any of our speakers here, please do connect and see the incredible work that they’re doing, the clubs that they have, I’ve invited them here as fearless creators or fearless speakers, and they’re going to bring you to the right spaces in the right rooms.

Some of you. Our have seen a lot of them around, cause they are very established here on clubhouse speakers and they’re really living out endurance even here on this platform. But they were doing that before this platform. And so that’s why it’s so easy for them to translate it over here.

We know it’s something that you build up over time with your business and with your teams. I know April mentioned about her team as well and so many incredible work and ministries that you all have, and I’m just so blessed to be connected to each of you. So look to your left to your right [01:13:00] up down everyone in this room, we consider ourselves fearless creators and we’re so delighted that you are adding your voice to this conversation.

So Ashlye has joined us back again. My dear sis phenomenal sister. She’s the thought leader of, I know the phenomenal leading lady, women leaders and that clubs. I want Ashlye to get an opportunity to share and introduce herself what she’s doing and of course addressing what endurance looks like for her in this season.

And then we’re going to go to shy ra. So she can answer the second question. That was posed. Go ahead, Ashlye off to you.

[01:13:33] Ashlye Wilkerson: Hi, beautiful Stacy. Thank you so much to the fearless creator for hosting this space and hello to everyone on the stage and in the room. It’s a pleasure to be here with all of you today. For me. I’m Ashlye, I’m the host and thought leader on Phenomenal women, leading community where empowered women empower women. I serve as a coach consultant and success strategist for business [01:14:00] leadership and public speaking development. And for me in Endurance in Endurance simply means for me not giving up and so understanding that challenges will come, but that it’s.

The process. And when we learn how to train our mind to know that challenges are going to be a part of the journey that we should actually welcome it, and we should plan for it. We should plan for the things that may happen to get us off track. We should plan for the challenges that may present themselves.

We should plan to have difficult moments when working towards achieving goals. And when we do that, we’re even stronger for it. We’re more successful as a result of it and our propensity to quit or to get frustrated is. As a result of it. I think it’s also taking the fear [01:15:00] with you and understanding that fear is a part of the practice and all of us as humans, we get nervous, we get afraid, we get the, we get fearful of things, but we don’t allow it to be a hindrance.

We don’t operate in that space. You can most certainly acknowledge that it’s there. You can recognize it for what it is, but you don’t use it as a crutch or a reason to keep you from doing something. So simply taking the fear with you doing it anyway, getting the fortune from the follow-through and the power from the, in doing all of that, you will be able to endure all things.

So this is Ashlye and I hope that helps. And it’s a pleasure being here.

[01:15:46] Stacy Zant: Yes. Thank you so much. So powerful. So rich, every time you share you, definitely with example in that just really pushing forward and leaning into, even when you do have that fear, doing what you’re called to do. Ashlye just [01:16:00] love and appreciate you as always sis And, Shyra, I know you were wanting to speak to this topic that we have had so many shares on. And before we move on to the last question of our time together, I’d love for you to chime in, you know, how do you make speaking consistently a priority?

[01:16:21] Shyra Lowe: Thank you so much again, Stacy, for allowing me to share this space in the stage, it’s been a phenomenal conversation and I’m so honored to be here. I tell people all the time I, to similar to pastor Sonja have been blessed to be a moderator and a speaker in all of my spaces. Not only as a healthcare executor, but also as a minister and also just a person that’s very engaged in my community.

As I do community outreach, a lot of community activism, helping serve people in the community. From literally since I was a little child, I believe that seven years old, I remember doing my first speaking program at my school. And I thought to [01:17:00] myself, this is pretty amazing, but what I realized growing up as a young child and also just evolving into the person that I’d been called to be that I’ve always had to be intentional and purposeful in my communication and my moderating and my speaking and what I mean by intentional and purposeful insists.

The more that I was intentional and purposeful about serving others and helping others and engaging others for their. Then it also worked together for my good, I tell people all the time, all my clubhouse, they do, literally they are purposeful and intentful about helping and serving others and empowering others and enriching others.

I always set goals when I’m on the clubhouse stage or even when I’m actually, I’m invited to speak in, in different environments. I make sure that I draw out the goals one to three goals of what I want to accomplish in terms of my presentation and my [01:18:00] moderation. And speaking for others, not the goal in terms of self determination or self adulation or self promotion, but making sure that I am promoting, serving, loving, helping someone else.

I come into the space and say all the time when I’m hosting my clubhouse spaces, every Thursday. I say, who am I going to help today? Who is going to be empowered today, have lifted today, encouraged today, who can I give a resource that can help them become better from this space. And so I tell people all the time, the reason why I’m able to endure, not only through the grace of God, am I able to endure, but because I set my mind on.

To be intentional and purpose field for someone else. There’s a saying that is so wonderful and powerful to and I hope that this adds value to those who may be on the safe and even in the room, whatever good thing you make happen for somebody else, God will make it happen for you. And so when I show up in these spaces, intentional and [01:19:00] purposeful to help someone empower someone to lift the burden off of someone when I’m speaking and presenting, you know and also moderating on stages.

When I show up with that intentful and purposeful goal or objective in mind, then I am in turn empowered with the ability to endure not only in fulfilling the specific task at hand, whether I’m speaking, but also to endure in my life, goal and purpose and that’s to help someone and be a blessing and encouragement and empowerment and upliftment to someone else.

My life has been remarkably changed. Why? Because I’ve set my heart and my mind and my life determined to help and serve somebody else. And so that’s why I believe that even having been diagnosed with cancer three times and being able to take victoriously overcome that never having to go through any treatment, being able to literally go through what I’m going through in my life right now, serving as a caregiver to my mom and everything.

I’m not stressed. Why I’m [01:20:00] not overtaken, why I’m not, oh, I’m burdened down. Not because I’m super woman and whereas on my chest as, because when you are intentful and purposeful about helping someone else, whether it be in your presentation, your service and your speaking thing, you supernaturally receive the ability, the strength, the power, the wherewithal, the mindset, and the resources in order to do what you need to do and manifest what you need to manifest in your own life.

So I’m intentional and purposeful. And when I’m doing that in terms of helping and serving someone else, then it automatically boomerangs back to me. So this is Shiloh. I pray that that added value to our conversation today and add value to someone’s life in the audience.

[01:20:45] Stacy Zant: Definitely. I want to thank you. I just heard someone on mute and I was trying to see where that came from, but I appreciate that definitely added so much value. I believe Shyra, your walking testimony, your journey, what you’ve [01:21:00] overcome and how you still fearlessly lead, even as a host on this platform and bringing together invaluable conversations that need to happen.

And so definitely just so love and appreciate you. And I want to encourage everyone. Hello, let me see so many beautiful faces coming up here and joining us in the conversation and we want to acknowledge each of you. We know you could choose between a plethora of other rooms, but you see the value and see yourself as a fearless creator and the importance of.

Having endurance speaking and writing consistently. And I hope and pray that you’ve had a chance to pull out your journal, take some notes from our incredible speakers, fearless speakers. We’re also going to be joining us in the summit and you’re just getting an opportunity to wet your feet, so to speak and be a part of this retreat.

We’re over on zoom. Some of us are on zoom here. So you’re going to be able to watch the recording of the video as well as the podcast off of our [01:22:00] wonderful shares and perspectives here today as fearless creators. And so we do invite you to join the club. We do have rooms throughout the week and all of our moderators and speakers here on the stage.

I know you have some delightful, amazing rooms and you all are going to want to follow the tap in to those amazing rooms. Just look to your left and your right. See the other fearless creators in the rooms here, the room here today, and please do connect with each other. Jude. I saw that you tried to unmute, did you want to add your thought in this conversation before we move on to the next question? Our last question for today,

[01:22:32] Jude: Stacy, first of all, thank you for inviting me up to the stage I’ve been following you. I accidentally hit the mute, so I’m on mute. So I’m so sorry, but yet while I’m here, I just been listening. I tuned into about the time that I think it was Tracy who was talking that tomorrow was talking and I really enjoyed what she had to say.

And at that time you were talking about speaking consistently, and I think now you’ve moved to. And so I do want to say one thing about speaking, and this is to everybody. [01:23:00] I come out of a background of television talk show, hosts, news, all of those things. And the very first time I went on television live, everything was live.

I think that I did just felt was it was nerve wracking, quite frankly. I mean, I knew I could do it. I had the competence, but nonetheless, my first time, and I think even my second and third, it was like the blur. I didn’t even know what I said because it was live TV, number two market in the country, Los Angeles.

And I hadn’t done it before. And so there you have it, but I had the opportunity and that’s what I want to stress here. It was the opportunity and clubhouse has given so many people the opportunity to have a voice. And I know that not everyone is a natural born extrovert. That’s on the stage and love it.

But I just want to say to everyone, and, and this came so close to me because I coach a lot of high level people and I coached a woman for media coaching and for speaking. And now I want to say that she’s a very successful seasoned woman, [01:24:00] head of an international household name, real real estate company, and travels all around the world, Paris, all these places, very well-respected.

And when she went through the presentation, what she wrote to me afterwards has stayed with me and I want to pass this on to everybody on this stage, man or woman, she said, you gave me a voice. Now really we know that that’s not true because I can’t give anybody anything we can give them, but what they do with it is the difference.

We can give everything. We have to, everyone, we coach meet help, but we can’t make them do it. They have to be the one that does the work. So she really, it, all of us do. So she really had to do the work, but that touched me so much that when she wrote that to me, it made me, it really brought tears to my eyes because I thought here, she was probably, if I said, see since maybe under 60 and she just found that she really had something to say, and I think that everyone has something to say, and clubhouse has given us that opportunity.[01:25:00]

I haven’t done this yet, but I promise that anyone who’s listening, I am going to create some free. And I mean, free, complimentary advice on speaking to everyone. And if you DM me and just put speaking, that’s all you have to do. I haven’t done it yet. I haven’t even talked to my team about it. I made up my mind today because this is the third time I’ve heard people say about being hesitant to speak this morning, the third time this morning.

And I said, if I can provide anything that I know from experience and how I coach people, I want to give that to you. And the question that I have is about I’m new into social media. So see, I have a vulnerability too. I’m new into social media. And so I do want to do, and this is when Tamra was talking to.

About all the videos that she was talking about, the videos, the reels and IGTV. And I just wondered if anyone could speak to that, like how long these videos should be, how often? Because I haven’t really hear it come out of TV. So it’s kind of embarrassing to say that I don’t have video a lot of video, but [01:26:00] I will have video thanks to all the expert advice.

So if anyone can suggest any way to go on launching videos, how frequent, how soon long versus short I’d really love that advice. Thank you so much.

[01:26:11] Tamra Andress: Hey dude, this is Tamra. I would love to chat with you and there’s a lot of answers to that one question, which can feel a little overwhelming, but once you choose a platform that you want to utilize for me, YouTube and reels has been that choice.

So I also do tech talks. Each of those have their own segmentation of time, 15 to 30 seconds, our reels and the 15 second ones have more virality. So I would suggest trying to keep it short and sweet. YouTube, if you ever want to get paid for your YouTube, they need to be 10 minutes long. Cause that’s when ads will infuse.

Once you hit a thousand subscribers and then, or Tik TOK, they can be up to a minute, but again, the shorter that they are, the faster they take traction. So hopefully that helps for at least some quick tips. And if you want to DME offline, I’m happy to help any further questions.

[01:26:59] Stacy Zant: [01:27:00] Fantastic! Thank you so much!

[01:27:03] Jude: I am following you. So I definitely will. And I’m following quite a few people on this stage, so I definitely will. Thank you so much. And I appreciate it. And I am opening finances late. I have enough as I’ve been asked to open some clubs and other people’s clubs.

And I’m so happy to be with you and hearing so many people of faith as well. Thank you so much.

[01:27:22] Stacy Zant: Thank you, Jude are so glad that you’ve tapped in today and yeah, this is your wheelhouse as well. We’re so appreciative and Tamra, I love that you pointed that out. So one of the reasons that we have every single Friday is actually is YouTube a part of your strategy and Why It should be.

And so a lot of us, you know, are utilizing YouTube in our strategy and very easy, effective way Jude to simplify and streamline creating content is if you’re already interviewing people or you’re doing live streaming, then you can repurpose, that particular video like we’re doing today.

You’ll be able to get the video on YouTube. Once we add our [01:28:00] branding and, do our little editing that we need to do, but for the most part, we’re not going to do too much so that we can get it ready to go up on the YouTube channel and live premier on the Facebook page. And then of course, you know, building the channel, Tamra mentioned earlier, you can become monetize as a passive form of income.

So we talk about that. Jermaine, so to speak here every week we’re growing, our channels are following each other. We’re fearlessly creating, doing what we’re called to do and not doing it alone, doing it in community. And so we want to invite you if you want to be a part of that conversation. Every single Friday, we have that and we have different speakers and those sometimes people who have literally 900 and something thousand subscribers on YouTube.

So I mean the wealth of knowledge that you can get some times, or even if you’re just that little bit, you know, at a level everybody can bring value. And if you’re just a little step further, you can pull someone up along to go further in their mission and their vision as fearless creators. So really appreciate you [01:29:00] asking that question and want to definitely do that call to everyone who wants to fearlessly create in video format.

Okay. So we want to go to. I’m looking out for any flushing mix. All right, Heather. So we’re going to have you go ahead and share the question though, before you share for our speakers, our panelist, our fearless creator speakers to think about auntie aunt to answer. And Joe will be our first one to speak on this because I know he’s been, he’s been ready in bubbling over here, but I’d love for you to think about, you know, what has speaking and writing or writing consistently done?

What has it done for you and your business, but want to hear the impact and the effect that writing and speaking can have for you as an individual individual personally, or for your business. So start thinking about that and then I’ll look out for some Mike flashes after Joe to share on that, [01:30:00] that almost last question there. Heather, we’re going to go ahead and have you respond.

[01:30:05] Sonia Adams: Wow. What an absolute, unbelievable time. This has been with everybody adding so much value. I’m just, I’m excited. I’ve been taking lots of notes and just really taking it on. I, you know, when I start thinking about the speaking part of things, obviously I liked speaking on stages and I like speaking live, but you know, one of the things that I hear most is the hesitancy you know, the kind of the, you know, what do I even say?

How do I say it? What if I fall on my face? What if nobody likes what I say? What if nobody thinks that I added value and you know, it’s no different than any other business where you’re going out and you’re having to figure out a way to speak in a way that you’re generating revenue. And so I wanted to add just a quick little nugget here hopefully that you could apply.

And if you’re not on, if you’re not watching this on a clubhouse right now, if you’re on zoom, if you’re on the website, if you’re [01:31:00] someplace else, then I would encourage you to get on to clubhouse if for nothing else for this one point. And that is that clubhouse gives you an opportunity to speak over and over and over again to different audiences, to different people.

And so it’s a great platform to test messages. And so if you’re on clubhouse right now, what I would recommend is that you test your messaging. You say things, and you say them the way that you would like to say, you try for tray what you’re trying to portray and convey the message that you’re trying to get across.

And when you start thinking all the little microphone is blinking and you see people get excited about it and you see people well, yes, that resonates. Write it down, write down what you said, and then take that and start implementing it into your messaging. And what you’ll find is that all of a sudden your messaging will start coming together.

You see when you’re meeting with people, one-on-one over time, it takes a long time to get enough [01:32:00] experience, to get enough opportunities in front of you to make that messaging work. And so, you know, one of the hack there is really around speaking and around talking, it was just getting in front of enough.

People have the message that makes sense. And then just start spitting it out over and over again. If you tell a story and people really liked the story, put it down, it’s right in your arsenal of stories to tell if you tell a story and nobody really gets excited about it. All right, let’s try to work on that one or maybe put it off to the side completely.

It didn’t work. And that’s okay. The great thing is, is that, you know, even when it doesn’t resonate, Yeah, there are people on this stage right now that I have talked in a room and they’re like, yeah, that’s really good. And then I’ve been in the same room with the same people and I say something and they’re like, yeah, you know, you could’ve worked on that a little, but then you put in at any time into it.

And so it doesn’t really matter, kind of get out of your own way and just get encouraged to know that there’s all kinds of opportunities right in front of you. What has that done for my business? It [01:33:00] opens up and accelerates the timeline to actually be able to bring in revenue. It accelerates the opportunity for me to get my messaging down so that it resonates.

It accelerates the brand, it accelerates all those things. And when you’re pivoting from one thing to the next, you need to make sure that you’re doing lots and lots and lots of it. And so it’s just a great opportunity to be able to do that. When you think about clubhouse rooms, they turn over for about every 10 minutes.

And so even if you’re in one room and you start to say something and you’re like, well, you know, somebody has already said something similar. Well, if it’s 10 minutes later, it’s probably different people listening anyway. So just give it a shot. Didn’t there. Talk to people, add as much value as you can and go with the attitude.

How can I help people today? This is Joe and I am pausing. I really appreciate the opportunity to be here. And I have really enjoyed hearing everybody talk.

[01:33:49] Stacy Zant: Yes, so powerful. And you, do you see the Mike’s flashing, Joe? You know? Yes. You hit a spot there. You’re resonating. I just love it. It’s like fire [01:34:00] fireflies happening up here in this stage.

Love it. So so I wanna make sure if anyone else wanted to Ariana, you, did you want to go ahead and jump in here? And then Meg, I saw you flash as well, even though everyone flashed and then Dr. Tara, go ahead.

[01:34:15] Oriana Chun: wonderful. Thank you so much, Stacy man, my brother, Joe, that was so good. And you know, one thing when she was talking at, when she asked us about speaking, something that you just said, just really, really hit me.

And it was, you know, we’ve been talking about insurance with the group for, for the last month. You mentioned the word Excelerate. And so I was, I was thinking, you know, one of the things we do is when we start speaking, I mean, even for myself, I’ve spoken before, but then I’m trying to take it to the next level right now.

So as I’m doing that again, many of you have mentioned it and thank you so much. You said that we have to continue to, just to speak. You have to start making it more regular and allowing it to allowing yourself to become more [01:35:00] comfortable in speaking. So I’m picturing this as wearing during, so you start speaking, you speak, if you’re speaking on rails, you’re speaking, you’re speaking, however, you know, in clubhouse and continue to do it.

And as you gain momentum, you can sing you to speak even. Because you’ve been practicing, you’ve been doing this thing and now you see that that goal is right there so that you just get that birth. You just got to break through, you know what I’m saying? So I’m just getting so excited. Thank you all so much for what you’ve been pouring in. Thank you my brother.

So thank you all. And remember, as someone else mentioned it, community, let us stay in community. Get with those teams, get with Stacy, get with Sonia Dr. Adair. And I guess like, I dare not call everyone. There’s so many wonderful people on the stage. Look at the stage right now. Wonderful people follow these people, connect with these people.

She actually put herself out there and said to her in the room so she can be supportive. So my name is Oriana and I’m done speaking, continue to accelerate to your finish line.

[01:35:56] Stacy Zant: Hey men. Ah, so, so, so [01:36:00] powerful. Thank you. sis the excitement just continued to rise in this room in this space. And that’s what we have from week to week in our rooms.

For those of you who are not familiar, Oriana is one of our admins here and she does our coworking room on Wednesdays. And so we always love to just support and show up and get our work done, be productive as fearless creators. And so that’s the mission and the kind of vein here is just really taking time to cheer each other on.

You could definitely hear the love and we love and appreciate each of you here today. We want to go ahead. I did see some other flashing mikes. So I want to, I want to honor those who wanted to speak on this topic as well. Go ahead, Dr. Adair.

[01:36:41] Dr. Adair: Hey there. If you don’t mind, I know Heather down there has been flashing and she was supposed to go with somehow she got mixed up in the mix.

If we can let her go and I can speak immediately after her, that would be great. Cause I don’t want her to be mixed up, but she’d been flashing like crazy for like 25 minutes.

[01:36:57] Stacy Zant: Okay. No, I appreciate you bringing our [01:37:00] attention to that. Yes, please. Oh, okay. All right. Awesome. Go ahead, sister. Heather, go ahead and share your thoughts on this.

I appreciate you.

[01:37:14] Heather: Okay, thank you. And I love what Joe said to you. I actually took note of testing out what works and doing that with different audiences. So thank you so much for that Joe. Cause I’m a new public speaker. So that is like, so thank you so much for this room safety. I love it. And I love talking about endurance too.

So endurance to me means going after what will actually help me to expand. So on purpose, like every single day, I’m actually looking for the areas of my business and even my life that caused me fear. Like I go before the fear and I’m actually moving towards those areas, [01:38:00] knowing that it’s going to actually bring that breakthrough that I’m looking for, knowing that it’s going to take me to that next level of strength and my endurance, which then unleashes the expansion.

So I actually used to say that I would never speak in public. And that came from a horrible experience when I was a kid where I just sweated through all my clothes and I almost passed out and I said, I am never, I literally never going to do that. And so I avoided every single area of life where I might be called on to speak.

I mean, even Bible studies, like women’s. Oh, I was like, ah, I’m definitely an introvert, but then God gave me my mission to help restore sex and intimacy within marriages. And so my never turned into a, I have to like, I literally am like, am I soul? Like I have to. And [01:39:00] so I just wanted to bring that up to help other people that might be on the introverted side or might be in that avoidance.

If you have a powerful mission and purpose as to why God has placed you on this planet, his strength is going to turn your methods into, I have to, and your mouth will just open and you’re going to find that God will speak through you. So even if you don’t have the power within yourself, yet, if you trust in God and you trust in his ability to speak through you, it’s going to happen.

Like I’m literally showing up in these uncomfortable places. I’m even scared right now, my hands are shaking, but I know that as I show up and I open my mouth, God opens the doors. I’m literally seeing. Him open doors that I never thought would happen. And as I’m walking through them, [01:40:00] my endurance is actually getting stronger and I don’t fear coming up against that wall that is going to help to take me to that other side.

My voice is getting stronger. God’s expanding me as a person and he’s expanding my business as well. So that’s what I have to contribute today. My name’s Heather, thank you so much for having me here. I’ve taken so many notes. I love you all. Most of you guys are my friends. I literally have so much love and appreciation.

[01:40:31] Stacy Zant: Yay. Yay, Heather. You’re so awesome. You have such a powerful voice. I have to say. And I always love seeing how you keep growing and your laughter is so infectious. I know we found each other through one of Ashley’s phenomenal women leading rooms, and we’re just so appreciative that you always come up.

I would have never known that you’re there shaking. So I really love and appreciate.

[01:40:55] Heather: I actually stayed for like five minutes after. Oh,

[01:40:59] Stacy Zant: you’re doing [01:41:00] it scared. You’re exemplifying fearlessly doing it in spite of the fear. So we appreciate you sis, yes, you’re welcome. I want to give an opportunity as we’re getting ready to wrap up here shortly.

You all, we are just wetting your appetites because this is, I want you to know that this is simply just an opportunity for you to learn and to dig deep in the fearlessness that is within you and have some incredible leaders who are doing this thing fearlessly, they’re fearlessly creating in spite off, maybe their personality may be being introvert.

Dr. Adair. We’re going to have you share a little bit in a moment, but I wanted to honor, everybody here, all of our moderators, if you’re just joining us, please do connect with our moderators. They’re so graceful. and just so kind in their time sharing of their time,

and so we want to honor everyone’s time. We want to keep it limited. And that’s why we asked for some concise shares today. But before our week, we [01:42:00] get ready to close out. I did want to acknowledge the fact that we’ll allow Christine to share shortly, very soon as well as Dr. Adair, but let me just shout out before Shaya also has to go.

I am so appreciative that Sonia, Dr. Derek Tamara. April Ariana, Joe Kelly, Ashley Shira, and Aggie. Jim Dre has taken the time out to just really speak and to fearlessly do what they’re called to do. And they’re leading by example, so many incredible communities. They have clubs on here that are in the thousands, tens of thousands.

And so, you know, they’re leading by example and they’re servant leaders. They, they live to serve and to honor, and to just lead with grace and kindness. And so I really love and appreciate you all, Dr. Jasmine, Patricia, Heather, Kristin glossy, Annie, who’ve come up to the stage. I just love and appreciate you guys.

You guys are no strangers to us. I see some of you time and time again in our rooms [01:43:00] throughout the week. And I wish I could call everyone out by name because I see so many incredible faces, but it’s just too much and not enough time, but. I see you all, please do connect with our club. And when we have some of our smaller rooms, we’ll be able to talk and have you come up and, and, and just delight in getting to know each other and fearlessly creating and holding each other accountable.

So Shyra before you go, SIS, I’d love for you to leave your last thoughts, because we’re going to go down the line and have people leave their last thoughts before we wrap up. And I’d love for you to leave your last thoughts on this topic. You know, whether it is or, some of your tips that you may have on building endurance, writing and speaking consistently, and, and how that has shaped you into being the fearless creator you are today.

I just kind of lumped up all over questions because you’re, you know, you have to go and we’re limited, but off to you, sister, go ahead and share what’s on your heart.

[01:43:50] Shyra Lowe: Thank you the most amazing Stacy again for this, I’m the space allowing me to hear the platform with all these amazing, a remarkable moderators.

And [01:44:00] they’re also beautiful and handsome as well. So kudos to you guys. I feel so honored and blessed genuinely to be in this space. And I’ve learned so much, I’ve taking copious notes and I would say this and thank you again for allowing me to cheer. And I do apologize for having to I’m committed today.

And that’s what I told you guys. I started off the conversation when I’m committed. I keep my word. And that’s one of the things that has helped me to endure, but I don’t think you guys in terms of being a fearless and, and during leader and also just a servant over. I tell you my license, not my own.

I was set in this world in this earth in order to serve people. And I’m committed to do that into the day I actually die. And I tell you that there’s been so much value and power and upliftment for my own individual self in order for me to get there folks, because I’m committed, I’m intentional and purposeful and staying on task and OnCourse and committed to what God has uniquely called me to do.[01:45:00]

I would encourage the room today is that everyone has a voice. Everyone has a unique voice. They have a Clarion voice that have a voice of purpose tap into that voice. And if it’s one person or 1000 people just know that you have absolutely been uniquely called to be a voice to someone in this earth and tap into that voice, tap into that call up into that destiny, tap into that purpose.

Why? Because someone is waiting for you to be able to overcome the spirit and the space of fear to do it afraid like Heather said, and to be able to step out there in the waters and be able to say, I’m going to do it. Not for just my person, but for the greater good and for that person or those individuals or that group that I’ve been called to.

You’re the missing link. You are the answer. You are the tools that someone needs in order to be successful, to be victorious, and also to learn how to win. So in do do it, do it [01:46:00] afraid if you have to do it alone, if you have to, but nonetheless absolutely do it. And when you step out there and do what you’ve been called to do, you will literally, there will be a pattern and a fire, but most importantly, in a divine ability that will be ignited in you in order to be able to serve in order to be able to speak in order to be able to moderate in order to become fearless, to overcome challenges, you will be empowered to do it.

Why? Because someone needs you, you are wonderfully and fearfully made someone needs you. You are unique and that’s okay. Someone needs you, you are different. And that’s amazing because everyone’s voice has not been called to be the same, but when it has been called to be as intentional and purposeful in terms of serving other people and in serving other people, you will in turn, be blessed in serving other people.

You will in turn, be empowered and, and encourage and strengthen in order to endure. So teapots and fighting. Keep on speaking, [01:47:00] keep on being wonderful. You and I’m telling you it will satisfy and gratify not only you, but those you’ve been I’ll call it. So this is Tyra loan. Thank you again, Stacey, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful consortium of amazing, amazing speakers and leaders.

This is Shyra and I’m done speaking. Have a great day. You all.

[01:47:19] Stacy Zant: amen. And just got my little sound effect and appreciate love and appreciate you. Just preaching here, sister. Thank you for your time today. And we’re going to just go ahead. As we’re going to take the time to wrap up here, I really love and appreciate each of you and your time. So invaluable and everyone who’s connected here, we’re just waiting your appetite.

We’ll be back again. We want you to connect with the club. If you feel like you want to be a part of future panels, please do DM and reach out. We have ample opportunities for you to just be in the number to speak up and to build your [01:48:00] endurance in community. So with that, I did see Kristen you were flushing her mic, so we’re going to have Kristin share and then Dr.

Adair, and then we’re just going to go down the line of our speakers to give their last tips and words of encouragement. Before we wrap up, we want to honor your time today. So go ahead, Chris.

[01:48:17] Kristin: Oh, well, thank you so much for this opportunity. I will keep it super brief because of all the wisdom that has already been shared.

My name is Dr. Kristin Donnelly. I’m coming to you from Philadelphia, where I am an empathy educator, TEDx speaker, and business owner, who is convinced that curiosity can change the world. And what I would like to, I could say so many things on endurance and a lot of things on consistency, but I would love to offer this.

Encouragement to anybody who thinks that it’s too overwhelming or too much. I want you to look at all the faces of these people that have found their calling and their mission and their paychecks, perhaps through this process of public speaking. [01:49:00] And that may seem like that’s not really your thing, but you know, you have something in you that needs to be shared.

I want to remind you that public speaking is speaking to any one who is not your mirror. So public speaking is your small group. Public speaking can be the PTA committee. It can be the other parents at the bus stop, and then it can be larger and larger crowds. You don’t ever start with the biggest ones.

You start with where you are and what is comfortable and where you can practice. You heard practice several times in here and practice is so, so important, not just because of, you know, you learn what your body does when you’re nervous and you learn all those things. But also like Joe said, you test out the words in your mouth.

And I know I’ve been speaking on essentially the same things for 25 years in a lot of different languages and a lot of different words. And that practice has continued to get me to where I am today and where I will continue to go. When you find your bravery, we invite you and beg you to share it with us because as has [01:50:00] always been said, your voicemail.

You carry something in you that will bring the rest of us closer to the healing of humanity and the coming for those of us who are faith-based people, the coming kingdom of God, we need your voice. We need your message. We need your passion. So when you are in a place to offer it to us, we are ready to accept it.

Gratefully. I am Kristin and I am completely.

[01:50:20] Stacy Zant: Yes. Thank you so much before you all, I’m putting out all the stops. We’re getting ready to end, really love and appreciate that. And wow, TEDx speaker, just the work that you’re doing and the message that you’ve gotten clear on. We can hear it in your voice, that confidence and just the conviction there.

And that really makes a difference as you continue on, just really appreciate that you’ve come up and you added that depth and perspective here to our conversation. I want to go ahead and I’m looking on the stage. I want to make sure I had not missed anyone, but we’re going to go down the line of our speakers here today since we are getting at that end now and [01:51:00] just really love and appreciate, I can’t say that enough.

Each of you and your time as fearless creators and speakers for the summit that we have coming up you’ll be able to tap in more and we want you to get on the waiting list for that. Just go to the fearless creator.com/summit, and you’ll be able to where we’re going to be unveiling speakers.

Can you imagine so many incredible speakers coming to you in different paths? Just helping you to be profitable, be fearless, and to use your gifts. And so you’ll have different tracks, whether it’s in podcasting and publishing your book as an author, an authorship also in YouTube being there.

Non traditional spaces, you, that you can make a living utilizing your gifts and your passion, and still being able to be profitable as a fearless creator. And we want to see you thrive in what you’re called to do in this season and beyond. And we get so much further together in community, and that is why we’re here.

So I want to invite you to definitely go and tap into [01:52:00] that. And then if you want to see some of the bios of our speakers here, just go to the fearless creator.com/live. And that’s where the recording of the YouTube video of this actual podcast episode will also be uploaded and available on the Fairless creator podcast.

And then make sure if you’re just joining us to tune into the giveaway if you simply go to the fearless creator.com/giveaway, you’re able to enter that and have the opportunity to win a fearless creator starter pack with templates, and a lot of incredible things to get started along with a physically shipped journal package so that you can write consistently and be inspired to do that with all of the goodies that will be in there.

You’ll see the pictures and all of the fun, the fun that is to come. Okay. So we’re going to go down the line. I want all of our amazing fearless creator, moderators speakers to share their last tips. And you can choose from. How does has endurance shaped you into the fearless creator you are today?

What [01:53:00] has speaking or writing consistently done for you and your business, or what tips you would like to share on building endurance, writing and speaking consistently you have that document? Cause I know that was a lot of questions and I would love for you to just share the last powerful words that you would like to share with the community today off to you, Sonia.

[01:53:19] Sonia Adams: Well, thank you, Stacy. This has been a great room and great empowerment. I just want to say a as my last thought too I love the title of your room to fearless creator, but to know that even though, you know, it says that it’s sort of an oxymoron in the sense that really. When you do step out, you will.

And I think Ashlye said this, I’m reiterating just a little bit, just to emphasize the fact that sometimes you will have fear. And I use a sports analogy earlier and I want to use another one in running track and my son runs track. You get those butterflies. And I get those butterflies many times, [01:54:00] even though I’m a speaker, I’ve been doing it all my life, even when I get up tomorrow so we can match church.

I’ll have the butterflies, even sometimes when I get on here and clubhouse, I have the butterflies and I love the fact that I do, because it helps me to lean on a strength greater than me. And that’s, God then know that I can’t do this within myself, but I still show up and I show up consistently, I show up to serve others, whether there’s one person in the room, a hundred person, a people, or whatever the case is, show up and continue to speak and continue to do what you have been empowered to do.

So I just think when you do that, you connect to the right people, the right doors open and the things that are in your heart to do the visions and dreams that you have, they become a reality in your life because you have decided like Peter to get out of the boat and walk on water. Even though you have a [01:55:00] little fear and trepidation, but you just say, you know, Got a walk.

And the more you do that, the more things continue to work for your good. So those are my thoughts. And again, thank you for having this room and I’m going to pass the mic right to doctor.

[01:55:18] Dr. Adair: Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this room. It definitely felt like a safe space. I’m in my element.

When we start talking about writing, that’s just not what I do as a part of who I am. And so I want to speak to the question is what has speaking or writing consistently done for you or your business kind of hopping on the writing aspect of it? Because the writing component created my business for me.

I grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic mom who died. She was only 37. I was 14. So a lot of stuff that came along with it, I guess we call it a trauma filled environment. So my refuge was writing band. That was my escape. And so I wrote all day everyday, whenever I could to get all my [01:56:00] feelings out.

But despite all of that, I still, you know, ended up accomplishing all of my dreams and my goals and people would always ask me, how do you do it? Or how do you do it all? So now I decided to share my life in the book. You know, how I can turn my message or a message and tragedy into triumph. And from that book after I did my first book, it went well in terms of how it was received.

I then was able to retire. I retired early and decided I wanted writing and publishing to be the rest of my life, but I wanted to do so. I retired at 47 years old. I think I was I’m 55 now. My math might be a little bit off, but after doing that first book, I wrote another book and another book and another book.

Finally, people started asking me, how are you doing all this? Because I was self publishing. So then I invested in courses and was able to create my publishing company. And from that publishing company, I, so now I’ve written 16 books and entered something bestsellers. I’ve learned the business. So the writing became the business.

And now it also led to speaking [01:57:00] engagements where I say that I’m a up, you know, I’m a speaker as well, but variety is just who I am. And I’ve been able to, you know, go to India and Canada to Bahamas all over speaking because of that one book that I first wrote me sharing my story and it being received so well, it consistently let you know to income, you know, passing it.

And I want to say aggressive, passive and active income for me. And so now I have three businesses. Is the one that’s the most fruitful at this time. And so now I really take it to heart to help other people share their stories, because you never know what your story can mean to somebody else. You never know what you’re passionate about, and it can be any drama, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, a children’s book, whatever.

But I really, really, and very, I’m very intentional when I work with people to help them share their stories. But if I know what it, what it’s done for me, so this question that asks, you know, what has it done consistently for you or your business? My writing has been, become my business. So [01:58:00] it’s not just what I do is the part of who I am.

And so I’ve been able to speak because of the writing and, and all of that. Good, great stuff with it. So that’s how I respond to that question. So if you have a story, I want to encourage you to have a story inside of you. Go ahead, get that story out. Even if you never publish it for the world to see, go ahead and get it out, set a time every day or every week where you can write, you know, and get some of that.

I write a lot on my phone, you know, when I have some downtime, whatever it takes, because I think that every word makes a difference. So I just want to encourage everybody. I just think everybody has a story inside of them. They just have to, you know, just need help in getting it out. And so I guess I’ve been a little bit long-winded, but I felt compelled and passionate to show how writing became my business, because that’s exactly what has happened to me.

I’m Dr. Adair and I’m going to pass it over to Meg.

Hey, well,

[01:58:53] Meg Glesener: thanks Dr. Adair there. This has been such a great room and you know, I just want a quick sure. Quote, the best [01:59:00] view comes after the hardest climb. And we’ve been talking about, you know, all the different things in there. You know, what, what is in front of you that, you know, that you’re thinking as part of your calling, is it to speak?

Is it to podcast? Is it to write, is it to serve? You know, what, what is that first step that you’re looking at, where you might need some endurance for? And for me, I’m a mom, mama, and I stay at home mom for 30 years and God tapped me on the shoulder and said, maybe you should start a podcast. And I pushed her, all the technology, all those kinds of things.

And if anyone needs any podcasts in the room, you can message me anytime. I love helping podcasters with accomplish their vision and their their mission, but after all those years and that just starting a podcast and just being faithful to that one thing right in front of me, and God has really blessed my podcasts and.[02:00:00]

So many other opportunities for speaking and that I just would never have thought of. So I’m super excited for everyone in the room, whatever that thing is that you’re looking at and thinking maybe that’s what I should do. Maybe there’s a little fear. And when you take that step, it’s amazing how many other opportunities can open up.

So I’m really excited for you all. It’s been great getting to serve with everyone here and hearing your stories. So April over to you,

[02:00:31] April Beach: thank you, Meg, on this, Casey, thank you so much. This space is amazing. And you guys in this room are really only getting like a little preview of this amazing summit.

So I would just reiterate if you are not yet following Stacy or gone to the link in her bio to get all the giveaways in the summit, sign up, I would do that. And I, what I want to share is really what podcasting is done for me as well, but from my business standpoint, because of my business design and development [02:01:00] coach and turn this into something.

So I want you guys to really be thinking about this, especially if you’re here, you’re on clubhouse, probably the majority of you, or you’re either entrepreneurs or you want to be entrepreneurs. And so you have a solution, you have a unique framework or you have a method, or you’re in the process of developing that.

That is yours and yours alone. It’s your, what we call intellectual property, but it’s also your God given genius for other people, and nobody can deliver it the way that you do. And so when we take that fact that you have a solution in a different way, that is only comes from you. And what I want to share for me is I had that forever and I’ve been coaching businesses for 25 years, but until I started my podcast five years ago, I really felt kind of like, you know, best kept secret if you will.

And podcasting for [02:02:00] me gave me an opportunity to take the framework. Take literally like sometimes I’m sure many of you guys can really drop down something in front of my face and I just see it and it’s visual and it’s all laid out and I’m supposed to take that and give it to other people, but I didn’t have a way to do it.

And I, you know, I have two special needs kids and, you know, there’s so many things happening. I had to really figure out a way how to do that in podcasting did it for me. And it really enabled me to give the solutions that I know that I am uniquely called to deliver to the world. In a way that works for me in a way like Meg, you know, we can do it from home and sometimes you guys have to listen to my podcast is there are like, I have three boys makes like superstar.

I mean, you know how you do it, girl, but something on the wall and I’ll even leave it on my podcast and be like, okay, there’s my boys. They just came in from the garage, whatever, you know, and just being uniquely and authentically who I am, but also finding a way to [02:03:00] bring the solutions that were uniquely mine to the world so that I could change the world.

And, you know, our mission is to inspire and equip a million entrepreneurs to design their life through entrepreneurship, by giving the systems and the strategies. I never could have done that without starting my podcast about five years ago. And I still have so much more to go. And so when I’m talking about what it’s done for me, whatever it is for you, whether it’s writing or showing up on Instagram live, you guys have something that is so uniquely yours, that nobody can take it for you from you.

It is your inspired genius. And so I want to leave you with one thought, you know, if you don’t go and say it, or if you don’t go and write it, w what’s going to happen to the people that have literally been laid out before you in put in your pathway, who need it, because God gave you that genius to give them, he gave you that solution to give them he gave you those step-by-step [02:04:00] processes or the inspiration, and you’re sharing your story or whatever.

Which can happen to them if you don’t show up. And so I just want to encourage you to do it scared. I was so scared when I first spoke on my first clubhouse Rooney wise, I was like winded and out of breath and kind of made an excuse that I was like walking up the stairs or something. When in fact then I’ve been speaking and obviously podcasting for years, I was so scared you guys.

And I don’t know why I was so scared. I was really nervous and I’m still nervous. Oftentimes when I get up and speak in certain places. So I just want to say scared. Remember that you are given something or you’re in the process of being given something, or you will be given something that is your genius for the world.

That is your gift to the world. And if you don’t get out there and if you don’t say it scared or whatever it is, if you don’t set aside the time and distantly, bring it out of your mind out of your heart and put it out into the world, nobody can do that for you. We can hire a lot of teams, a lot of people to [02:05:00] do a lot of things for us, but nobody can take that out of you and extract it out of you.

But you, so I just want to encourage you guys. I’m so excited to be here and be part of this. Thank you so much for everybody who spent time with us here today and Stacy and all these other amazing moderators that I just, I just soak it in. I’m like a sponge I learned so much from, and I just want to encourage all of you guys just to remember that you have a unique gift and you are called to do good things and change lives.

Thank you so much. And I’ll pass it on to Oriana.

[02:05:31] Oriana Chun: Thank you so much, April batch of glasses, such an encouragement. And I tell you how to even, you know, let it even more of a fire under me as it’s reminded me of several things. I would like at this time, everyone would look up at the top next to that little green icon and you see the fearless creative.

So, you know, right now that you’re in the club of fearless creators, I wanted to share with you all and it’s coming from the amplified [02:06:00] version. And it says, do not therefore fling away your fearless confidence, where it has a glorious and great reward for you have need of patient endurance to bear up under difficult circumstances without compromising so that when you have carried out the will of God, you may receive and enjoy the school.

What is promised when you know that something has been given to you and, you know, God has put something in your heart. When you have this thing you keep saying, I need to, I need to put it on Instagram. I need to write this book. I need to speak about the things that I’ve gone through, these things that I’ve experienced when you know, and it keeps coming and you have a peace about it, but there’s an, I don’t want to say an interesting, but you’re just so eagerly.

And when you see, and you know that the Lord has given that to you, or you know, that it’s a place from above and you have to run with it. We have to endure, just get away from the fearless you’re in the fearless creator club. Therefore, we are like Steve right [02:07:00] now. A lot of the people here know that I love gardening.

We are seeds right now. And we have been poured onto, we have, there’s been a little bit of fertilizer that’s gone forth and you know, things may be even convicting us in our hearts. Like, yeah, I know I need to do that. I want to encourage you. If it’s in your heart, you know, what’s in your heart, you can do this.

You were set up for such a time as this, to hear the word you were set up to be surrounded by these people that have different versions and different, different ways that they’re just sharing what they went through. Second touch each and every one of us. So I want to encourage you, you know, you have to do it, get up to it.

I believe in you. God knows you can do it. That’s when he assigned it to you. And as my sister, April said, there are people that are waiting for you. They need it the way that you can present it, not how I can present it. Maybe not even have that doctor or this lovely Dr. Buck can present it, but they need it the way that you can present it, go forth and do your job, do your work and enjoy it.

My name is Ariana and 10 speaking, and I [02:08:00] passed this on to my brother, Joe

[02:08:01] Joe Sugg: man, man, man, that is so good. I, you know, I want to I want to kind of tag on to that. Just say that you were not disqualified. You were not disqualified. I know that a lot of people were sitting in there right now. And you’re saying, you know what, there’s this reason or that reason, or you don’t know what I’ve had to go through in my life.

You don’t know the resources that I don’t have. You don’t know what people have said about me. And honestly, it was true. You were not disqualified. When you look in the mirror, I want you to know this. God doesn’t see your scars the way you do.

He has something for you. And on the back of literary on it says, there are things that only you can do. There are people that only you can reach. And the thing that you think disqualifies you is the exact thing that [02:09:00] is going to actually make the impact. In 2010, I lost a business that was a multi-million dollar business.

I lost everything. I had to file a chapter seven bankruptcy. I was more than $10 million in obligations exposed. I was completely destitute and a guy in the financial arena. That was, that was the end.

And the very thing that I believe disqualified me is the very thing that so many people these days actually can relate to because they know that it’s not coming from somebody who’s. It’s coming from somebody who can relate. And I want you to know that God has a plan for your life. This is not about a destination.

This is about an adventure. Life is an adventure. This is an endurance race. This is about continuing to press on. And if you are not dead, you are not done. It’s time to move forward. It’s time to get up. You [02:10:00] can do this. You’re that little thing that’s kind of in your way. That is not the end of the line.

That’s just an obstacle. Obstacles are designed to be overcome and you can do it. I believe in you so many people up here on stage, believe in you. And one thing I would encourage you to find people on the stage, not only follow them, but connect with them, engage with them, get into their DM, get to know them.

Find a way that you can, if they have information that will get you, that next level tie in tie in with Stacy. She’s amazing. She doesn’t talk very much, but she is absolutely. Tie in with Stacy tie in with this group. If you are somebody who needs to have access to opportunities to expose your business, then maybe you should tie in with Stacy and ask her how you could be a part of this upcoming seminars, upcoming conferences,

how can you get in there and sponsor? And how can you, can you, can you tie into all of the great things that are happening when you surround yourself with the [02:11:00] right people, that’s going to help you overcome. But regardless of what you do, just like the mortgage industry, doesn’t let you pre-qualify yourself.

You need to understand you. Can’t pre-qualify yourself. You need to step into God’s call in your life. This is Joe. I’m going to pass the mic on to Kelle because she’s got this under control.

[02:11:17] Kellee Williams: Oh, my goodness. I almost feel like how do I come in after that? but you know what, I’m just going to do it authentically? You know what they see? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for this. This has been an amazing time. My heart is full. My said and how wonderful that all of us get to come in this room. As we celebrate the ultimate creator through the manifestation of our actions, I am so excited to be here and I just want to encourage the room.

I’m going a little bit off the rails. I’m not talking about, you know what I do. You can read my bio and know what I do, but you know, you’ve got to complete [02:12:00] it to complete it. That’s what his word says. So you know what this is for the person that is not sure the person that might be a little bit scared, the person that is questioning, okay.

You know what? This dream, this journey, this race, this path, it is not in vain. Your process is not in you matter. Your voice matters, your gift matters, and I’m telling you the race was not given. But the one that

I want everybody to just be blessed to be blessed and take joy in knowing that everything is working for your good. My name is Kellee Williams and I am so complete right now.

[02:12:48] Ashlye Wilkerson: Everyone’s already said such amazing closing words. I’m going to just say a couple of things. One of them is a quote by Henry Ford, whether you think you can, or you think [02:13:00] you can’t you’re right. It’s a lean into the power of you can don’t bull yourself before you get on the stage. Don’t tell yourself no. Before you even ask the question, you’ve literally come too far to stop, right? You come too far to get this far. So keep going, keep pushing, keep working towards those calls. Forge your way through the challenges, lean into the nervousness. When the nervousness comes, you know, that you’re committed to excellence, you know, that you care about the end result.

You know, that you are striving to do the right thing and to hone your craft. So don’t use it as an instrument of fear or an instrument to prevent you from moving forward, lean into the fact that you may be nervous and you may be a little afraid and do it anyway. So push through, get it done, the power, [02:14:00] and the confidence comes from you continuing to move through the thing that you’re working on.

So you can totally do it. Tell yourself you can net half the battle. My name’s Ashlye, and I’m done speaking.

[02:14:13] JimDre Westbrook: What I have to say real quick is just kind of like what a lot of folks talk about using your voice. I know for me, one of the things that I did about shoving years ago using my voice as a blogger, I didn’t think that it was that important, but as I use my voice to tell my story about practice. As the 30 year old Virgin, I saw that it was bigger than me.

It wasn’t the fact that that was my story, but I was telling my story the way that God wanted me to. And that’s a message that I feel for all of us. We’re all one of one God created is uniquely. No, one’s the same in this room. And that’s just like, with all the stories that we have is that you have the power and the ability you have [02:15:00] everything that you need to tell the story that God wants you to tell, not for someone else to tell it for you, but for you to tell now, yes, you may get some help along the way, but you have all that you need.

And that was something that I had to understand when doing it afraid and writing blog posts. When I knew the only people who was reading my stories at the time were my mama and my little sister, but for the fame or notoriety, I did it for God because I knew that, that I just wanted to honor the relationship.

And I knew this back to be diligent and share the story. And with doing that, it changed everything. Like literally everything that I have right now is tied that to me, just honoring that moment, honoring my truth and letting people know that it’s cool and okay to be you do your own thing, cooling, okay.

To live at your own pace and truly embraced the patient with. For you. [02:16:00] So that’s what I feel riding can and will do for all of us within the space. You have a story. It is yours. It is to be told because people need to hear exactly what you’re going through, what you went through, because it’s truly going to bless them.

It’s some of it may fall on deaf ears, but trust and believe. There’s somebody out there who is experiencing exactly what happened to you in their own way. And they need that confidence. They need that. They need that transparency. They need to hear it from you so it can click something. It can inspire, it can motivate, you can encourage them to finally continue to do what God wants for them.

So at the end of the day, I know for myself, and I’m pretty sure for a lot of us in, if not everyone, when we started writing, when we started using our voice, it changed the game. It literally changed everything for us and not just for us personally, but everything within our space, our [02:17:00] lives holistically, and it gave us more love, more faith, more peace, more growth.

It stretched us to where we can start influencing other people to truly use their voice and their stories and their dreams to inspire other people. My name is JimDre and I that’s all I got.

[02:17:21] Stacy Zant: Wow. Wow. Wow. Just so richly blessed by each of you today, your presence speaks volumes. Your words have impacted us for eternity.

I’m so grateful for each of you. Those of you who may have just been joining us, we’ve now been together for two and a half hours, discussing the power of endurance speaking and writing consistently. And if there’s anything that we can leave today and run with today, I mean so much that we’ve received and [02:18:00] hopefully we’ve written down.

Some of you have already shared, you’ve done that. You’ve had your journal close, and if you’ve been on zoom or you’re watching the replay, you know, that you can mull over so much incredible words of wisdom to feast upon day in and day out. I want to leave this last thought with you. And it is a scripture that tells us to run with perseverance, Hebrews 12, verse one in the NIV translation says, therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles and let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us.

Each of you have a race to run. Each of you have a calling a unique voice. We’ve heard that time and time again from the speakers here. And it is so necessary. If there was ever [02:19:00] a time that we needed your voice, it is now, but know that no one else can do the work that you’re called to do, but don’t do it alone.

Has a scripture tells us we’re surrounded fearless creators. We’re surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. I see you running forward. I see you speaking and doing what you’re called to do writing consistently and impacting lives. And that inspires me. That encourages me to keep putting my hand to the plow, keep putting one foot in front of the other, keep doing what I know I’m marked.

I’m called out set aside set apart to do with perseverance. Even when there is hindrance, when there is stumbling blocks, when there are the hurdles, as you guys mentioned so beautifully today, let us [02:20:00] do this. Let us run this race together. I hope and pray. Each of you have been encouraged to continue on fearlessly, create, do what you’re called to do with passion and purpose.

And you know, I’m not going to give the last bit of, of announcements. I know I’ve said it time and time again, you know, go to the, to the bio over on Instagram, let’s connect with each other, send the DM. If you feel like you need a reminder and we’ll send you the podcast, you’ll have this particular recording on the Fearless creator podcast.

And it will also be on our Facebook live premiere, as well as the YouTube channel, encourage each other, stay connected with each other. And I look forward to you hearing from each of our speakers again in the future fairness, creator speakers for the summit in September, and just go on the waiting list at thefearlesscreator.com/summit slash summit.

You all, we’ve been so blessed [02:21:00] today. Just love and appreciate you all. I didn’t have the opportunity to say hi to each and every person, but if we can unmute ourselves and say our goodbyes and just love on each other today, we just love you guys. And we’ll leave out with our fearless creator music at the end here.



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