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Imagine you are sitting by the warm fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate looking over the memories you created this Christmas season all documented in this beautiful work of art in your hands. You look to your left and your right and wonder if anyone sees the look of wonder in your eyes and then a smile bursts on the corner of your lips. You took the time to embark on a journaling journey that would make you dream, reflect and work towards a plan to dedicate yourself to the process of journaling each day in your Daily Journal. Document your journey daily leading this holiday season and beyond. Now you can revel in the beauty and memento that is before you as you prepare for the glorious New Year ahead.

Today, I want to invite you on the journey of Journaling through the holidays with your Daily journal beginning when your schedule permits so you can have a few uninterrupted days of journaling prior to the new year! You can be the one experiencing the fulfillment of journaling daily this season and brief window of reflection. 

What is A December Daily – January Journal?

It is the intentional process of journaling each day during the month of December into the month of January. With daily reflection at the forefront of what you do, the goal is to journal your thoughts and experiences independently or in community with prompts and ideas provided so you never run out of ideas. It is a most wonderful way to make the most out of this season of preparation for the new year and decade. 

Here is a look at prior December Daily Journals:

The beauty in this type of journal is that you only need to find a plain antique book and re-purpose it to be your journal. 

You will then journal in it utilizing key elements suggested in the daily journaling challenge then share your page if you so desire with the official hashtag #RadiantDecemberDaily or #RadiantJanuaryJournal throughout the entire month of December and January.  Ideally, you will want to begin as soon as possible until the very last day of January. Especially since this new year will mark a new Decade! That’s my spin on making this more than your December daily and more of your New Decade Journal too.

How to Make Your Own December Daily-January Journal

You will want to gather the following materials to create your very own December Daily-January Journal as pictured and provided Step-by-Step below:

  1. Plain Book with flat surface
  2. Gift Wrapping Paper / Cardstock Scrapbook Paper
  3. Glue Gun with glue sticks
  4. Ribbons and Trimmings
  5. Deco Art Glitter Paint, if you’re that kind of girl! πŸ˜‰
  6. Key ring or gem pendant


Select items that best represent your style and choose a color scheme you love to make the process of creating your very own customer December daily all the more fun. 

My very 1st December Daily Journal was made out of an Antique book purchased from a quaint local antique store, with not much space to write inside other than between the beautiful historic prose and poetry found in the book. You can even watch the video on the creation of this December daily. The transformation from drab to completely glam is astonishing! Or so, I’d like to think. The best part was decorating my December Daily in community with other Journaling enthusiasts. 

Download Your Printable for Daily Journal Inspiration

6 Simple Steps to Create Your January Journal

Do you wish to develop the habit of journaling each day? Or perhaps you simply want to release anxiety and stress that is possible this season with a craft that is proven to be therapeutic. 

Tell Us Your Thoughts!

I would love to hear from you! If you have created your own custom journal in the past what was your favorite element you remember about that journal. If you plan to create a December Daily-January journal with us this season, what are you most looking forward to and what topic in the December Daily-January Journal Printable are you most excited about?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Utilize tools that will enhance your quality of life and increase productivity in ways you did not know was possible.

Today, get your printable list to plan for your next party or gathering this holiday season.

Be Productive and remain focused on the task at hand to celebrate the amazing seasons in your life.

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