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Now that we can visit neighbors, friends, and relatives, is your home curb appeal ready for the guests that might be visiting? I know many of us have been pampering and primping the inside of our home but the outside needs just as much TLC too! Below are a few ideas to make your home looking it’s best, especially now that the weather is warmer and more people are venturing out to enjoy it. 

  1. Work On Your Landscaping – One of the biggest things many of us have neglected to work on while we’ve been stuck inside is taken care of our landscaping. You don’t need to spend a fortune to make it looks amazing or add landscaping to the front of your home. Start with a few simple things such as trimming back some branches that have overgrown to let in more natural light into your home or bothering neighbors as they walk by. Add some greenery to your home with either a dark green wreath against your door or a few shrubs near the front porch area. Colorful flowers add instant color for the season! If you prefer not to plan them in the ground, put them in a few pots along your walkway area. Don’t forget to water them too! 
  1. Clean and Repair – Take your time to clean and repair any items that that might need fixing. Be patient while working with broken fence panels, broken shutters, missing siding, or any sidewalk repair you might need. Don’t forget about your mailbox too! Whether it’s on a post in the yard or up by the front door, you want to make sure it’s polished or painted. Any numbers or letters that you have on it should look clean and neat. Be sure to clean your windows both inside and outside, door handles, and your lights on your garage or porch. Those bulbs will sure to sparkle once you’ve gotten all the debris and dirt off! 
  1. Adding A Self Care Area – One way to make your curb appeal stand out is by adding a small little self-care area. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Think of a cute little table and chairs with plush pillows, a welcome sign for neighbors to view walking by, and a small basket with either a light blanket, lanterns, and a comfortable outdoor rug. 
  1. Paint The Front Door – Looking for a way to make your home pop? Add a fun color to your front door. If you have a white house, consider painting your door a bold red or black to make it stand out. If you don’t want a bold color, make sure this is taken care of when looking at your house overall. You want your front door to be inviting and welcoming to your guests and having it freshly painted will do that.

Image: Curb Appeal Photography

  1. Hiring a Curb Appeal Photographer – If you ever think about selling your home in the future, you want the pictures to speak for itself. Another fun and unique way to get potential buyers disinterested in hiring a curb appeal photographer! I had no idea that this even excited and I wish I had for a few friends who sold their home. Curb Appeal Photography offers you an exclusive and exciting way to sell and show off your home! They offer virtual staging, before and after the progress of your home, photography tips, and even drone photography! Located in the Atlanta GA area this realtor drone photography can capture the details and charm your home offers from a new perspective. Having a drone can give your potential customers or even neighbors a view from the sky of your property as a whole as well as incredible video footage. Matt Harrison, the owner, and head photographer of the company has 3 Expertise “Best Real Estate Photographer in Atlanta” under his built from 207-2019. Not only can enhance the beauty of your home but also teaches how to learn more about drone photography and videography to help you if you’re interested. 
  1. Mow The Grass– Mow as often as you can when the weather is good this summer. A little fertilizer, followed by some watering will help create a deep lush green lawn your neighbors will be envious about. Make sure to get rid of those crabgrass patches and weeds as well. Nothing says a ‘turn off’ to a house than those growing everywhere. 

There is no right or wrong way to make your home stand out to you, your family, and your neighbors. However, you do want to keep your home looking it’s best both from the inside and the outside, and by making it more curb appeal ready, you’ll enjoy your home more. Are there other tips and tricks you can do to make your home pop this summer? I can’t wait to hear in the comments! 

Thinking about selling your home or ready to upgrade? Tips To Make Your Curb Appeal Pop This Summer including photography expert details.
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