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Christian Content Creators Celebrate 1k together

Stacy Zant: [00:00:00] Has done. Oh, my word, look at what the Lord has done. It’s been so, so exciting and we just want you all to be a part of the celebration. So welcome to the Christian content creator club. If this is your first time, we want everybody to celebrate with us. If you’re able to come up on the stage and share with us what the Lord has done for you as a Christian content creator.

Oh my word. It’s just so exciting yesterday. Just to give you an idea want to just thank Kelly, April, miss toy or Rihanna, Joe. Who’ve just been so consistent as a family member and leader and admin here in the Christian content creator club and a special welcome to Marie’s Renee Natasha, Erin Carol.

Kristen Darnell, we’re so grateful that each of you are joining us here today. So we are going to just take the time to celebrate together. Surely what is not, what [00:01:00] could not have been possible without the Lord leading us to each other. And a lot of times we are roaming the hallways and we are seeing what room is relevant to us.

And for whatever reason, God saw fit to connect each and every one of us, not even of our own doing, but just simply being a BDN to the spaces we go into. And to even the rooms we corroborate, you know, a lot of us are running brooms here on this club, as well as clubs. And we just bind together as believers, as Christian content creators and supporting each other.

And I just want to hear everyone’s thought on what it means to you to be a Christian content creator. And how have you seen the results of making connections with other content creators who call themselves Christians, who are believers and who are just walking in this light and sharing this light?

Others. [00:02:00] So I’m going to pass on the mic as we share and guys raise your hands. Please do come up. I want all of my glorious friends way see in the listening lounge, just be a part of this conversation and so that it can inspire others. We want this room to be recorded, to be an inspiration. So people can learn about all the tremendous Christian content creators who are speaking up and you know, doing what it is that they’ve been called and placed and positioned on this earth to do.

You’re walking with purpose, with integrity, and it is making a difference. We’re doing it together in communities. I want to pass on the mic to Kelly as we celebrate, everybody’s going to share their thoughts today.

Kellee Williams: Hello everybody. So I am so excited to be on this stage and I’m next to safety. No, I’m just

so glad that we did it. And Joe, you [00:03:00] like the super, super, super, super hero with that. Push my God, praising God for you and your commitment and for your sacrifice, you were thrown in jail several times, trying to get this, get a push over to one K. And now we’re past that. So I am just so excited and I want you to hear my heart.

When I say that, please hear my heart. Basically, your question was how you know, what about our content and what that means for us and being a part of this club and what that means for me. Exposure. And what I mean by that is if it shines a light on Jesus, it shines a light on Jesus, because I know that he speaks through me.

I know that through the content I’m creating, people are able to feel his love and just experience his presence. So I thank God that he chose me to be a vehicle by which he can reach the hearts of his many, many people and to help build and [00:04:00] develop the kingdom of God. And so I’m so grateful for you, Stacy, all the moderators, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing, amazing, amazing community of believers and personal content creators.

I’m telling I’m completely.

Stacy Zant: Yeah it’s a true celebration. I, I just love you all. You guys are so tremendous and each and every one of you here you are my family and Ashley just came in the room. Hello, Ashley Love. You says so glad to have you be a part of the party today. We are celebrating one K because you know what, no milestone is too small, right?

Every milestone is worth celebrating. And so Kelly, my love, oh my gosh. As you were sharing, you just always speak from the heart and you speak a language that all of us resonate with. And so, yes, just like you said, Joe just gave that extra push, you know, that extra challenge. Sometimes we just have to have that [00:05:00] challenge and then we’re able to answer and meet that need.

And so he was like, you know, We can get to one K in the room yesterday in our usual room, I’m on social media and then creating, what are we creating? How can we support each other? And Joe just said it, and you know what? It took no time. We all just put our hands to the plow and took that moment to invite our friends, you know, using even this emoji.

Seeing who is it that identifies as a Christian who identifies as a Christian content creator and how can we get to connect with them and link, arms with them and make a difference with them here on this platform. Each of you are making a difference simply by showing up. And yes, my sister exposure, we’re more reaching far reaching together when we are able to rise together and lift each other up together.

And I’m just so excited about what is to come. Thank you, my love for always [00:06:00] sharing and what God is doing and what it means to you to be a Christian content creator. A pro would love to hear from you, my darling. What does it mean to you and how are you celebrating today?

April Scipio: Thank you so much, Stacy. So glad to be a part of it.

I love this club so much and it truly is family. I mean, this club, what I love about so many things I love about this club and being in community with all of you, but I’ll just share a couple. Number one. I love that Christ is all. This is center, right? We are Christian content creator, and yes, we are building our audiences and getting clients and all the things.

But at the end of the day, it is never about us. And we always keep the center. We always keep crashes at the center. I love that. I also love the unity of this club. We are. There has not been any competition. We believe every single person was put [00:07:00] on this earth with a purpose, with an assignment, and we’re pushing each other toward that excellence.

So we’re all winning together and that is so fun. So to celebrate people, take a next step, go out of their comfort zone, going on, live, starting YouTube channel, just all the things that we do, we celebrate each other. And I really appreciate it. And then last, I love how we honor one another, like to me, that is just incredible.

Stacy, who is our founder. She does such a good job of honoring every single person, not just the admin team, but everybody who ever comes up and speaks y’all and y’all have been in the room. So, you know how she honors people. So I truly believe that because we honor people that is honoring God and God, and God is honoring this club.

And this club is just going to continue to grow because it’s a platform, it’s a club, it’s a space where we can continue to point people to Jesus and continue to give God glory. So [00:08:00] I’m celebrated today just with a heart of thankfulness. I am so thankful. So thankful that God connected me with each and every one of you connected me with this club, thankful and honor for the opportunity to serve inside this club.

And this one is just the beginning. You got to watch out. We’ll be having two cakes next week on our celebration. So just be ready. And with that, I’m done speaking. Yeah, just

Stacy Zant: celebration here. My love, oh my gosh. Every time each of you speak, it warms my heart. April. You do such a fabulous job honoring everyone as well.

You are a reflection of me, sister. Like all of you guys are reflections of each other because we are in Christ. We are walking in his love. We’re walking in his truth. And as Christian content creators, you know, whatever we produce is truly impacting lives for eternity and for his glory. Oh my [00:09:00] gosh. And you know, just like true fashion style at the very end.

You know, even though this is a celebration, you know, we always close out in prayer. Guys. I want you to just ping your friends into this room. Celebrate with us as we love on each other, as we learn, like, as we’re sharing here, I want you to check out the buyers of these incredible moderators and speakers, because, you know, they have partnered with us and they have identified and they are proclaiming as believers that, you know, we are being obedient to this call and in what we create, we know it’s impactful.

We know it’s needed and we know that God is going to do with it, what he wills. And I’m just so appreciative of what each of you do in this community on clubhouse. And even outside of clubhouse, we’re connected over an Instagram. We heard it up when, when we see our each other’s posts, we have, you know, Backchannel conversations.

When we learn new strategies, we talk about them so we can apply them to our clubs and our groups. And [00:10:00] we’re, we’re showing up, some of us have Facebook groups. I want you to go ahead. Check out as you’re hearing these amazing shares from fellow Christian content creators, your life is going to be tremendously blessed and you’ll never be the same.

We follow each other around and we support each other. You said it says, love it, Ms. Over to you. Now say it’s a love for you to share about you and what it means to you to be a Christian content creator. Thanks for being a part of.

Ms. Toi: Oh, I couldn’t get out from here.

This is great. You guys, I love you guys. I have came in and instantly felt like warmth, inclusiveness, and that’s all because that is what we’re guided by us by being a part of including people, no judgment, no anything. And when I think about clubhouse, and when you think about branding yourself on here, you want people to say, what do they think of when they say your name?

You know? And so it was being a part of such a wonderful group. Christian [00:11:00] content creators is like, at least you’re, you’re putting yourself out there. I’m trying to be the best I can be. I want to be the positive person that I can be. I don’t want to cause drama anywhere. And to be a part of people that try to make sure you’re uplifted and filled that way, it’s best because of what you’re taught or what you’re trying to be like and portray yourself as I’m so glad to be here.

And I’m so glad that you’re at 1000 and going to be at 10,000 soon and just keep going and say, you’re a great leadership in this. And I feel so great being part of the back channel like you were mentioning, it’s not too many. You know, including that way too. So I’m like, okay, this is so like living the example of what they talk about, you know, trying to make sure that we all feel like a family.

So I’m so appreciative of you guys. I like love being a part of this and it’s helping me to be a better person and make better [00:12:00] decisions even throughout the hallway. Just consciously knowing that you’re, you want to be an example, so thank you so much. You guys, and I’m here for.

Stacy Zant: y’all, it’s a celebration here. Thank you. Each of you for being here with us, this is such a blessing to hear my heart is being filled as each of you are sharing Ms. Toy. We love you. We’re so glad you’re part of our community and we just all losing joy and love and peace. I know that’s Arianna’s word. I just love, love, love being here with you guys.

And you know, Ms. Toi, you said. So great. You know, we’re all holding each other accountable and we’re all cognizant of the fact that people do follow us. They look up to us, especially as believers. I know sometimes it’s like, oh, why do we need to go ahead and have a standard or have to hold ourselves to this certain place so that we don’t give off the wrong sort of idea.

But it’s true when you’re the light, people are looking to you to lead them to the [00:13:00] right places that have light as well. And so I just love that you pointed that out in your beautiful share and each of you guys, oh my gosh, I’m amazed at each of you and your growth and what is to come because we are all biting together and celebrating even the small milestones as we’re doing today.

Oh, really? You might lovely Ariana who started our co-working sessions. She’s been with me from the very beginning and, just having her continually lead and show up and even having been a part of the summit and speaking about mentorship and all of the elements going right after Ashley and her presentation there.

And it’s just so amazing to see where you are today. My sis I’d love for you to share what it means to you, to be a Christian content creator, and anything else that you’d love to share.

Sophia: Thank you so much, Stacy greetings to everyone blessings, all, you know, I’m, I’m feeling so full right now. And when you ask that question and Stacy, what does the Christian Content creator club mean to you?

[00:14:00] I went back a little bit. I was listening to Kelly this morning. She did a live and. And she was talking about, she was tearing up and I could kind of feel her, but that’s where I am right now. So I’m going to share with you all, y’all bear with me, cause I really need to get this off my chest. Praise God.

So so first let me go to the back channel. I’m going to start there. So in the back channel yesterday some of the things that when I was you know, after, Joe steps, his momentum, he was like, let’s give this push. He, he made a call to action. He said, let’s come together. Right. And I remember somebody in the back channel said yeah, well, you know, we’re going to celebrate, cause we’re grateful.

We’re grateful for what God gives us. We’re going to celebrate it. Retina 9 97. And you know, what’s funny is we’re well over 9 97 and this is what happens, you know, when God is in it and his children come together, United we’re walking in obedience. And we’re acting as truly as family as we should, which that’s what the Christian content creators space is.

It is, this club is family. I mean, you’ve heard it and it’s not said lightly. It’s a true thing. And we began to move mountains. I’ve watched so much growth from [00:15:00] everyone. I’ve been blessed to grow the connections that I had Stacy when you started this. I remember I met you during the 30 day lent calendar.

She had a 30 day lit calendar, everyone. And she was just going every single day. And when I came to this place, I was unmovable. I was immobile in Morwell. However you say it. And I was in my bed. I w I had COVID so I could not do anything. All I could do was just lay there. And a friend said the Christian content, or what is this.

And I found Stacy and her heart, you all her heart, you know, you recognize the spirit, you recognize the spirits and Stacy’s heart. And it looked like, wow. I’m like, oh God, thank you. Right. Y’all bear with me. Cause I gotta get this off my chest. You are a beautiful woman of God and I’m so grateful for you.

There’s an example. I have a heart for people. I love people. And there was a gentleman that came on and he was sharing some real truth. Y’all as Christian, we go through real things as we go through real things, but [00:16:00] sometimes. I don’t want to say Christian aid, but we said it can get in. You can get in the way, cause we’re not moving from what God has said.

Y’all bear with me. And she addressed this young man and she said, you know, and this, she was talking about in this country, the word that he used, she said, we don’t use that word because that word is considered vulgar. He was speaking from his heart. He didn’t say anything necessarily wrong, but he was saying just how he felt.

And afterwards she was able to tell him that she said it in love. He received it. She prayed. It was an example of God’s love that she gave and he received that. And so I’ve just watched Stacy do this. The connections were Lakrish. She has blessed me. Kelly has blessed me talking about how to move things along.

The Chris she’s just bubbly, joyful. My brother, Joe he’s helped me with that financial peace. I mean, there’s so much that I can say about this Christian content creator space. I will try to be mindful, but I just want to share these things with people who have truly sewn into me. Elizabeth Ms. Toi. She popped out something on Instagram.

It blessed me. Thank you, Renee. Brandy, the relationships, [00:17:00] my brother, Jeremy, what you all are in.AprilJust thank you. So Stacey, what you have done, what you have done. I just see faith, the size of a mustard seed. I’m seeing that growth. If you know how big that tree gets, I’m seeing the roots. The roots are deep.

You all the roots are deep and the people that are coming off the branches so much sharing with finances, sharing with love relationship business. I’m going to go ahead and wrap it up, but thank you, Stacy. What you have here is phenomenal and it is all of God. It is all of God. And so I declare blessing and favor.

You can see them move in obedience, Joe, my, my big brother, my brother Nii’s out there to somewhere those two brothers, those foundationals, there’s something about having those brothers. So I want to give them their accolades as well. But this group, all these fabulous people, Jeremy, my brother, Jeremy, he’s coming up in the work.

So thank you all. Thank you, my sister. Thank you for the club, Stacy. I love you. I really, really love you. Thank you for picking this little girl up, putting me in [00:18:00] summits with you. You know, sometimes like not to put you on a pedestal, but you know, you put respect where it’s due. You have really lifted me up and encouraged, and I am doing things I might not be moving just at the speed I’m ready to, but I am growing.

So thank you. My name is Oriana and I’m done.

Stacy Zant: Oh, my gosh, Oriana, Oriana. I just, oh my gosh. Love, love, love you. Thank you for always speaking your heart. Oh my gosh. You’re the best part of all of us. And I just so appreciate your obedience to God’s calling and the work that you’re doing and the ways that you show up.

And you always just speaking to the depths of our hearts. Every time you show up, every time you pour in, you pour into each and every one of us. And I really counted a true honor a true honor and privilege that you are a part of this community and you’re helping to lead in this community. Thank you, my sister, we just love, love, love, and appreciate you, Ashlye.

I know you’re going to have to pop out [00:19:00] shortly my SIS and I’d love for you to be able to just tap into. Share with us because you also have such a tremendous community, phenomenal women leading, and it’s such an inspiration to all of us. And yet, even though you have such great numbers, you take the time to support and to show up for each and every one of us who are also a part of your community.

And, oh my gosh, I’m just so excited that you’re also here and I want to give you that opportunity to share from your heart and what it means to you to be also a Christian content creator. My love over to you.

Ashlye V. Wilkerson: Hey, Hey. Hey. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are. Thank you so much.

Stacy listen, first and foremost, I am here to say congrats you late.

Love it. Love it. Love it. Thank you, SIS. Oh, you had a call come in. I did. They don’t know not to interfere with clubhouse or fight, but I wanted to say congratulations. Beautiful. This is a major milestone for the Christian content creator club. So excited [00:20:00] to be able to be a part of your one K club celebration.

And I’m so thankful for the work that you’re doing, the conversation that you’re facilitating and creating in the community that you are building so kudos to you and congratulations to the club. As you mentioned, my name is Ashley V. Wilkerson, the host and thought leader of the phenomenal woman, leading a club and community.

And it was indeed an honor and privilege to be a part of the fearless creator summit as a. When I say they seem so phenomenal. All right. In her planning and the execution of the vision given to her, by our creator, our creator himself, it was evident that she took the assignment seriously, that she was passionate in, that she wanted to operate in excellence so that not only she [00:21:00] created and produced an amazing experience for everyone involved, but that she also created a platform fitting for every participant and she honored the mission and the vision given to her by Christ.

So I just want to commend you Stacy, on the work that you’re doing on your obedience. And I think that’s the first and foremost step when being a Christian content creator, you sometimes walk by faith, not. Meaning sometimes you’re walking based on what he’s already in, downloaded inside of you, but you’re not quite sure how you’re going to manifest it, how you’re going to begin it, how you’re going to bring this into fruition.

But you know, you have to be obedient because when you get talents and skills, right, I believe it’s our duty to operate in it. I believe we should die empty. I believe we should leave everything on the court. At the end of the game, I believe it’s [00:22:00] disrespectful to die. Well, we don’t tap into the greatness that he’s put inside of each and every one.

So I am so thankful that not only is Stacy, embodying greatness inside of her. She is serving as an activator. She is activating greatness in others while edifying the kingdom at the same time, that is. Amazing work. It’s powerful work. It’s phenomenal work. It’s incredible work. And I’m so happy that I can be a part of it.

Witness it, support it and cheer it on. So congratulations to you on this one. K. This is your first milestone. So many more milestones to come, keep pushing, keep giving your gifts, time, talent, and treasure to the kingdom, and continue to pour into others as well. Thanks so much beautiful for the opportunity to be here and to share that special.

Hello to everyone on the stage and in the room. [00:23:00] I’m hoping you all have the most amazing day new month, new year season end of the year, fourth quarter

yeah. Oh my gosh.

Stacy Zant: I don’t know. Can you guys hear my, I just love when we have these mom ments. Thank you so much for speaking your heart as always Ashlye, when Ashlye speaks, everybody listens because, oh, my word, like I am just so appreciative. The keynotes, the opportunities that we have to show up here on this platform, as believers being a light, you heard from Oriana just moments ago, and then her dear Ashlye as well.

And I know God led you here. It’s not by coincidence and just so grateful for each and every one of you, Kelly, April, miss toy. Ariana Joel Lakrish Jeremy, Ashley Elizabeth Scoodle silk, Kristen, Tommy, Michelle, Sophia. All of you who are speaking and moderating today, this [00:24:00] would not be possible without each of you showing up for yourself and for each other, as believers.

And even in the listening lounge, I just want to take the time to honor each and every one of you, as you continue to hear these shares. And if you want to be a part of the conversation as we are celebrating in quick and amazing fun fashion style today, we just want to welcome you to the Christian content creator club.

And honestly, we would not even meet this milestone. If we did not get the challenge, we were at 900 and something. And Joel pointed out as we continue to roll out programming, consistent programming every single day for the week. That is our goal. And so we have our Tuesday room right now that we do, what are you creating and how can we support you then?

On Wednesday, April, she does a social media room and then well, we used to have a Thursday room now we’re celebrating. Maybe we just need to have a celebration room on Thursdays again. And then on Friday we take the time to talk about our YouTube and other ways that we can [00:25:00] fearlessly create content in the fearless creator club.

And so we have so much continuous ways. Jerreme actually is going to be doing his first room in our club that we are testing out for whether it’s going to be on Fridays or if it’s going to be on Mondays. And that is talking about blogging. And so if you’ve ever considered as a Christian content creator to blog as a faith preneur You going to learn all of the ways to do that effectively from the copywriter master himself, Jerreme, we’re just so grateful that he’s a part of us that each and every one of you are part of us. Renee, Natasha, Kimberley Georgette, Brandy, Jennifer Jessica Dr. Sheila Dawn, Kenneth Jack, TJ, Iris, Erin Tamora, Elizabeth Chakota Nikki.

Yo, hell God led you here. And we’re so, so grateful that you have answered the call as a Christian content creator. We want to celebrate you. And what [00:26:00] that means to you today. We’re going to pass on the mic to our brother, Joe, who led this amazing feat. And now we’re here. Oh my gosh, Joe brother, over to you.

Joe Sugg: Good morning, I guess it’s good afternoon. For many of you guys here in Colorado, it is just before noon and it is great to see everybody I’m so excited to be here right now. And I’m going to probably be a little bit long-winded. So I apologize in advance, but you know, this club has meant something to me that I don’t know that I can communicate in the other way to just say it.

And you know, like Oriana on I, I started coming to the room. Stacy was doing her Lent rooms. And, you know, they were not rooms that I would have normally gone into, but her, the spirit of the room and the energy of the room and just everything about the way Stacy handled the room with something that, for me, when I came in, it just set my mind at ease.

And so I’ve literally invited every single person on [00:27:00] my follower list to come and join the club. And a couple of people that actually sent me a message and said, Joe, why are you inviting us to a club that isn’t your club? And I said, simply that you need to be connected with other believers. And this club is something that has been integral in not only who I am personally, but in, in my journey.

And I just want to tell you, Stacy, thank you for being willing to reach out. Thank you for being willing to to allow the white guy. On the stage here to come in here and be accepted in your, circle, it with you with, and what’s going on. And you have constantly reached out to me no matter where I was at you guys supported the first room that I ever did on clubhouse.

In fact, you encouraged it. You were the ones who facilitated getting in there and you, you come alongside we’ve seen this over and over and over again. So when people ask me, what is it about this club that makes it special? I’m [00:28:00] telling you there is no better example that I’ve seen on clubhouse, that in a community that actually tries to support each other, these women on stage here, these men on stage here, that the people with the asterisk that I know from the back.

The conversations that are heart, their desire, that their willingness to just give and pour out. It has meant the world to me. And I just want to say thank you so much for all that you do. And if you’re down in the audience, I saw some friends down there and I know Kenneth is down there. Some other ones down there, make sure you’re connected.

With Stacy and Kellee and April and Ms. Toi and miss Oriana, Ms. Oriana has also been phenomenal, just, just so you guys know all the way back, she has constantly shown up and just been so consistent too, to help people who were a couple of times she was doing a room and she was just so consistent. She was just sitting in the room by herself and I jumped in and was like, what are you doing in the room by yourself?

[00:29:00] She said, I’m just, I’m being consistent. I’m just, I’m doing what I have to do. And I’m telling you that shows character, like I’ve never seen before. And so I could keep going. I was just so excited about this group and these people. And I just want you to know if you’re hearing my voice there, they’re the real deal they’re legit.

And you need to make sure you’re connected with them. This is Joe.

oh, my

word guys. , these are the people who you really want to be connected with. Like every time we leave a room, we leave so inspired. We leave so encouraged and we are truly a family and you know, we’re not keeping it to ourselves. They’re not keeping the love, the light and the joy. We want you to be a part of the.

Thank you, Joe, for leading the charge. And for always speaking with such eloquence, and all Authority, you’re a man of the word and you’re a man of authority, and yet you’ve come in here and you’ve been such a blessing and supporting each and every one of us as ladies. And of course we have a gentle another gentleman, Tommy, on [00:30:00] this stage and another fellow believer doing great things in the body.

And so I’m just so, so grateful for you and your obedience, you know, that you’ve had in just showing up, being a blessing to not only this community, but the kingdom economy, coach. And the kingdom economy club that you have here, and it’s just so beautiful. We all get to go back to the word guys, if you’re not following and you’re not connected, please do connect, not just with this club, but every single moderator here has clubs as well.

Take the time to just check out and the speakers. Oh my gosh. I can’t forget the speakers. They’re so tremendous. I want each of you to just take the time as you’re hearing this, and maybe you’ll get that nudge on your heart to come up and to share what it means to you to be a Christian content creator.

We’ve made the space available. We’re going to go for about an hour because we want to be cognizant of your time and you know what? We may have another celebration. I didn’t even get a chance to send this out to my email list. And I really desired to do that right before this room. I had a beautiful call [00:31:00] with Georgette because she’s going to be launching her podcast.

So excited for her, but I want you guys to know that we’re here for you and we want to create opportunities no matter how small that we can keep rising together, we can keep celebrating together. We can keep showing up together. That is what it means to be a Christian content creator. Just love, love, love you guys over the, you know, the Lakrish, let us know your heart.

What’s on your mind and heart today.

Sophia: Hello, everybody mark. Like I say, my to Tri-C cousins you know how everybody goes to a cookout and you’ll get a cousins ain’t there yet scout. So I am so glad to be here a month. My family, friends, those soon to be cousins. I’m just glad to be here. You know, when I came in at it, wasn’t that I came upon this group by accident and I was getting used to court house and you know, it just caught my eye and from then on.

It has been phenomenal. I hope you got this, you hear me at this port connection. Okay. [00:32:00] And you know, Stacy has been so nice, excuse me. She has been kind, right. Because I heard a quote that said, you can fake being nice, but kind is an inside job. And you’ve always been that Stacy see, you’ve always been authentic with pushing everybody and it’s about the people that you attract, that all brings us all together as one.

So I’m just being. Blessed to be able to connect with fellow Christians that are on the same level. We all elevate each other. We encourage each other. We challenge each other. Now I am doing my first live today. I didn’t do my hair and everything. Now I’m doing April, April and got me then tells me my first live.

So I am wanting to do my first live today. And what it’s all about, it’s all about being around people that want to see you do better. It doesn’t matter. We could all be doing the same thing. If you walked down to bread out is so many different loaves of bread, but everybody has a brand that they like and it’s enough for everybody.

So I am just I’m, I’m I’m [00:33:00] blessed. I am blessed to be able to be a part of a body that is, she’s just one of the best, I’m just thankful that it’s, you know, God led, it’s all about faith. It’s all about fun, you know? Cause. You know, God gave us a sense of humor and we use it the right way.

So I’m just so excited and just to be able to work with each and every one of you and you guys pour into me. And I just appreciate you all just taking your time with pouring into me, whether that may be because we, my last laughing at my real CIJ, I know I, ain’t gonna have to say, you know, how me and dad are.

So I just, I really do. I think I have for each and every one of you, I sincerely do. Even the people in the audience, I just know that God has great things in store for each and all of us. So yeah. Thank you guys.

Stacy Zant: Yeah, we’re so blessed to have you a part of us. And you’ve been one of those who’ve been consistent from the beginning being a part of our community, showing up even when there are other commitments.

And we’re just so grateful for what the Lord has done and for who you are. And I just love, I think we had our very [00:34:00] first on-camera zoom and you were sharing just some of the things you want to do with prayer and all of the amazing things that God is going to do through you. The best is yet to come my sis, and we’re certainly here to continue to encourage you and to.

Fan that flame so that you can continue to burn bright for Jesus and for what he’s placed on this earth to do. Thank you. sis Elizabeth and guys, thank you for your patience. I want to make sure we get to everybody here and we’re just going to keep honoring the voices and all the shares of what it means to you to be a Christian content creator and being a part of this community with us.

Elizabeth has been so amazing all the way in South Africa. She was consistently hosting a room. I’m taking back me, faith at work, and it’s just been so amazing to see the results, even from her communities. That she’s connected with through the tent ministry. I want to give you an opportunity to share my says, thank you for being a part

Elizabeth Strauss: hi, Stacy and everyone in the room. Thank you for having me again. You know, [00:35:00] guys, I just love you all. You embraced me as a sister from South Africa and every time that I joined you, I’m just telling you guys really encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone. So a lot has happened over the past few months since I joined you guys because I’ve learned so much from yours and what I implement in my business and at home, and even in our church it’s like everything you guys are teaching me and I’m like the pioneer and I’ll grip starting to doing what I GTV real, already an onset of.

Right. But I did stop. Yeah. So you guys have really inspired me, everyone and Kelly. I will love your Instagram. Always join your room. Doesn’t always work out, but God, I just want you [00:36:00] guys to realize that you’re in South Africa, I am implementing what I’m learning from you. We have big events, that’s coming up in October.

And so I’m a little bit quiet on clubhouse because I’m so overworked at this stage, but it’s still all because God has opened up so many doors. And I truly believe that if you are connected with a tribe, even if we just being connected with you all, and God is showing you favor all over the world, so guys stay connected and you know, thank you for everything you’re doing and for your absolute obedience

Stacy Zant: yeah. Oh my gosh. And being a part of our community and leading also in this community, we’re just so grateful for the work that you’re doing, just there in the field, you are part of the fearless creator plan. You’ve always just invested in [00:37:00] others, , just giving of your time, talent and treasures.

And we’re so grateful for how you are always just living that example. You see the results and the impact, and you want to sow the seed. And it really does go a long way. My sis, thank you so much for being a part of us and we can’t wait for what more is to come. As you continue to lead the charge with those who are connected with you through your ministry through 10 international, through Christine content creator, you brought a whole host of people from South Africa, India, all these different countries coming in as Christian and content creators.

And we’re so grateful that you’re a big part of us and the growth that you’re seeing here today. So we’re going to keep going back and forth between our lovely moderators and our speakers here. The stage. I want everybody to be able to share as you guys have been so amazing and such a blessing, having all of you celebrate with us.

So now we’re going to hear, I believe Kristen, you were up and then we’ll go to silk and we’ll, we’ll keep going back and forth. [00:38:00] Kristen. Welcome. We’re so glad you’re here. I’d love for you to share what it means to you to be a Christian content creator and anything else that’s on your heart.

Kristen: Thank you so much for having me up here laughing.

I can’t stop laughing because you asked what it means for me to be a Christian content creator. I’m sorry, but God, sometimes he is so funny and I have been praying. Have you ever had those times where you’re instead of spraying, you’re praying, but more like you’re whining at God? Well, I had a little whining at God’s session going on right before I got on here and it was like, okay.

I am not hearing you. What is, what plane am I in? I know I’m in the lane. I want to do your work. So I run a magazine, it’s a startup, I taste Cincy magazine. It is a high end looking and feeling magazine with a lot of foods, food on the covers, but a [00:39:00] lot of the content is to share it. The web of Jesus Christ.

I share God’s plan of salvation you know, articles about his love and, and different messages. And so I just figured out that I am a Christian content creator and didn’t know it. So it’s just so funny how I thought they could be right in front of my face. And I don’t see it, but that’s just me and how God has to deal with me.

And I am so grateful for this space. It, God led me here. I. Put the alarm on yesterday to join. And I didn’t know exactly why other than I knew that there were Christian content creators here that I, you know, I thought maybe there’d be somebody who might want to write a piece in the magazine or that kind of thing.

But I had no idea. I was one of y’all and I appreciate being here. Congratulations about the one K. And it’s one last thing. It is nice to be in a room that we can talk about business, [00:40:00] but we’re all rooted in Christ and.

Stacy Zant: Yeah, we are so grateful to hear your thoughts on this. Yes, God has a sense of humor and we’re so grateful that you’ve also answered the call and we want to welcome and graft you into our community. You are a Christian content creator and you are one of us. So thank you for sharing what God is doing through you, even with your magazine and let let’s know how we can definitely support you guys.

If you want to just tap into Kristin and the work that she is doing, and maybe you are a writer and you can contribute a piece. And just checking out that work. Thank you, Kristin, for sharing your heart and your joy. I loved your laughter and you know, a lot of us, you know, sometimes we don’t even, we’ve heard that actually time and time again, where people did not identify as a Christian content creator.

They’re learning more of what it means. And eventually they realize to some degree they are. And I believe all [00:41:00] of us are called to this. If we’re showing up on clubhouse, we are a content creator. If we open up a room, if we have something that we are creating as content, and we are believers, you better believe you are a Christian content creator.

So we’re just so grateful that you see that in you. And we see that in you as well. And we celebrate you today, says we’re going to go now to Tommy. I believe Tommy. Oh my gosh, Tommy. You’re so such a blessing. And I’d love for you to share with us what it means to you to be a Christian content creator and whatever else is on your heart.

Tommy Crozier: Thank you, Stacy. I congratulations by the way. This is amazing. Thank you so much. I hope you can hear me. I am at Austin. And we’re setting up for tomorrow’s event. It says poor connection. Can you still hear me? All right. So I am really blessed to know you, Stacy and you have really inspired me as Joe was saying earlier, [00:42:00] you have been such a support to me and an inspiration, and I’ve actually got a media team, a social media team at our church working with Jesus’ people in Chicago and they’ve.

Just amazing work. Thankfully I’ve connected with some of you off of clubhouse. I love, you know, just that we can connect via Instagram or your email. Stacy. I just love that, that you really do support and encourage and challenge us to continue to be consistent sharing our Christian content. And I am just thankful for, for the growth that I’ve experienced this last year with clubhouse.

I’ve only probably spent maybe an hour a week on clubhouse, so not much time but I’ve made some amazing connections. And so I started this Jesus people global club, cause I’ve met Christians, people that love Jesus, loved people from all over the globe. And I just appreciate meeting so many people that are putting out Christian contract tent in other countries.

So Lord bless you, Stacy. Congratulations. Thank you. From the [00:43:00] bottom of my heart, I really appreciate you. This is Tommy. Oh, my gosh.

Stacy Zant: You’re such an encourager as well, and such a blessing. I remember the first room that you did one of the first rooms that you did and you wanted to have worship, and you did all these things and you just invited me in, and it was just such a beautiful presence of the Lord.

And you know, everything that you do truly is such a blessing to the body, even in your local church. And you’re showing up here on this platform and we have. Do you, I’m so glad that you’re back. And I know anytime that you’re here, you make it a priority to just be able to come in and to support and even to listen in.

And we’re truly grateful for that and all the incredible rules that you play. It’s such a blessing brother. Thank you for that beautiful share. And for those lovely sentiments, truly blessed my heart today. And you’re a part of us. You are a part of this family, so please feel free to [00:44:00] be like Joe, our brother, that’s in this group as leading us in the charge as a believer and pastor, thank you so much.

Now we are going to hear, I believe Michelle, Michelle would love to hear from you what it means to you to be a Christian content creator and whatever else is on your heart.

Michelle: Hi blessings to use safety and all of the wonderful men and women that that question just, what does it mean to be a Christian content creator?

It’s simply means to me is being a reflection of the characteristics of Christ, all the characteristics of Christ. And I hear that through everyone that has opened thus far, or you can hear the love, you can hear the joy, you can hear the keys even in and I don’t know her name Lakrish. I believe it is.

She’s such a wonderful individual that each time she speaks, I can just really hear the peace of God. Arresting. So [00:45:00] it is just a blessing to be a month individuals that love God that do not mind being a reflection of who he is and the various vocations in which they said, and they don’t mind giving him all the glory.

And that is for me as praise and Testament of who God really is. And I love him and I yield them on.

Stacy Zant: Thank you, michelle, that was so needed. Thank you for lifting up our sister, like Lakrish that moment and, , speaking and pointing out the importance of that peace, you know, that peace, that surpasses all understanding that we find in Christ and that dwells in each and every one. And I’m just so grateful that you were able to identify that and point that out.

You are a part of this. My sis, Michelle, you are our sister. Thank you for coming up and sharing your heart and for exemplifying what it [00:46:00] means as well to be a Christian content creator in your share and in encouraging us as the body. We’re just so grateful you’re here and we celebrate what more is to come.

So please continue to just show up and be a part of us and let us know how we can continue to support you as a Christian content creator. So FIA, oh, actually, no, we’re going back to Natasha Natasha. My love. I’m so grateful that you’re here and the amazing work that you do always leading with conversations on purpose.

And I know you were out of commission for a while, but I can’t wait to interview you in the very near future and have coffees. So welcome to the stage of my love. What does it mean to you to be a Christian content creator?

Natasha Brown: Stacy Stacy, Stacy. Wow. Like I would go out now with doctor’s appointments and stuff with my daughter will fall break.

And when I saw that pops up, I said, I have to come in, and just take a pause for the [00:47:00] call, come in and just celebrate with you in the community. I couldn’t come to the stage earliest. I said, I need to wait until I’m still so that I can be intentional about what I wanted to share with you.

And, you know, just because, you know, even though I’ve been away, I still had my notifications on some days and I can still see, you know, when, you know, Stacy speak and Stacey speaking, or I would see something about Christian content, you know, creative, I will see things pop up from the club and I was still just smiled.

And what I, I would say to myself and even today is that this community and you are a consistent Christian content creator. Because you been consistent in doing what God has called you to do this community of Christian content creators have been consistent in doing what God has called you to do.

And that is what I’ve talked about all the time. When that, when I talked about you know, pursuing your purpose, when I hold, when I would hold my room, which I’ll be starting back Monday, and I can’t wait for you to [00:48:00] join, join me in, in, in the push for purpose, because, you know, God has given us all unique talents and ability.

Then it’s not for ourselves, it’s for other people. And we have to answer to that. You know, what did you do with what I’ve given to you to do? And you and your community are doing what you know, what God has designed you to do. And you are sharing Christian content consistently and building a community of other like-minded individuals and what you all are telling your community and telling all the over 1000 it’s more than one south.

Members of this community is that we’re planting the sea. We’re nursing them, we’re watering them and we’re watching them grow. And we’re blooming where we are planted because we are here and we’re showing up no matter if it’s a thousand, no matter if it’s five months, no matter if it’s just, you know, three of us on that day, but we’ve been consistent in doing what we’ve been called to do.

And so that’s what a [00:49:00] Christian content creator means to me. And this is the message that you all have given to everyone else on this platform. And so I’m here to give you April Ms. Toy, Ariana joy, Lakrisha Elizabeth, Tommy. Michelle is a product is community your flowers because you are showing up consistently to pour into every body that has joined this community.

You know, every way that they’re bringing, bringing a law, because I believe in the power of each one, reach one, each one, bring one to this, to this community. Keep doing it, keep doing it well and be positioned to prevail. Stacy, thank you for the opportunity to speak.

Stacy Zant: Yeah. Oh, my word, Natasha. You also spoke to her hearts deeply. You’re truly one of us. So grateful for the ways you’re showing up. And [00:50:00] even, that’s a Testament. Sometimes we do need to take a step back. We do need to pause. We do need to maybe shift our focus. We have our family or loved ones at home, but you can just come right back in and miss open arms, your family, your loved ones are waiting for you to continue to keep running forward with that Baton of obedience and consistency and purpose.

Oh my gosh. I’m so excited for your upcoming brim and thanks for inviting me to be a part of that. And. So grateful for each and every one of you here. We’ve been going now for almost an hour and of course we’re being respectful of your time. We have about two or three more shares. So I want to thank you guys.

This room would not be what it is without you. And just so you know, we are recording this celebration. So those weren’t able to make it live. We’ll try to choose another time in the future. When we get to two K who’s ready for two K celebration

Sophia: day. Oh my God. We are

Stacy Zant: going to keep celebrating these [00:51:00] milestones and what the Lord has done.

It’s not. Any one person or any one thing it’s because we’re binding together in one accord, believing for greater and trusting in the almighty that he has positioned. He’s called us for such a time as this. And we’re going to be obedient, and no matter what, no matter the few that are there, because when one or two are gathered there, he is in the midst.

And every time we leave a room, we leave celebrating what God has done. Every time we leave a room, we leave encouraged to praise and to pray. And we’re going to definitely do that in Christine content creator style today, we’re going to cover each and every one of you at the very end. And we’re just going to leave, celebrating what the Lord has done.

Jeremy, you’ve been tapping in and out, and I know you said you really want to be able to share. You’ve been such a tremendous blessing and you shared yesterday and we were just so floored by what you had to say about your experience as a Christian content creator.

And now we’ve got to record, [00:52:00] so we’d love for you to share with us what it means to you to be a Christian content creator, and also share about your upcoming room brother.

Jerreme Wade: Yes. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. First of all, I want to give glory to God. I want to say thank you to everyone that shares the one case celebration.

What it means to me to be a Christian content creator, is it just means rebirth there’s one word rebirth. I think when I, like I said yesterday, when I came into the clubhouse, I had an agenda to be just all about income. And as I learned, and from these Christian content creators, these fellow Christian content creators, I’ve actually rebranded my mission and my intent.

I have a room coming up this Friday called blogging for faith preneurs, and I’m a content writer. And my intent has always been to write a content to persuade, motivate, and inspire and, and, and get just certain information out there so that people can be motivated to actually click the buy [00:53:00] button, or it takes that transition.

Right, but it’s not about the transaction it’s about, and that’s what the Christian content creators club has showed me. It’s about investing your time and others that believe in God, that believes in the mission of what he is doing through you and in you to be. Impact others not have that income be the main agenda, because if you’re about impact over income, then you will serve others and you will be able to add value so that others find the true, genuine spirit within you and be able to see that God lives within you.

And so what I’ve done is I’ve branded my business based off of those that I put around me. And I’ve created an environment that is conducive to my success. A lot of times people say that you have to believe in your dreams and you have to believe in the firm. And I believe that too, but your dreams are a reflection of your environment.

So now that I’m surrounded by Christian and content creators, I know that it’s a rebirth within me and I’m blogging for Faith for Preneurs is just the beginning. We’re testing that on Mondays and Fridays. Like , Stacy [00:54:00] said in the beginning of the room, but the Friday room, if that doesn’t do well, I’m actually going to be launching.

What’s called faith per. And I’m going to be choosing some faith preneurs that I want to highlight on my Instagram page. And then whichever room that we decide to get the best engagement I’m going to also highlight them. With the scripture that I highlight as well. And then we’re going to tie that back together because I want to hit all aspects of business the biblical, and then also the aspect of streamlining, how you can blog up to create a business and create a message that resonates with everyone.

So what it means to me, and to be a Christian content creator is a rebirth, a new sense of how I can impact my community and create income for the future, because I’m just so excited to learn and be able to be a part of these people and these amazing just faith preneurs. As I like to say, Christian content creators that are teaching me so many amazing things.

The last thing that I’ll say is I’ve had, you know, some amazing conversation. [00:55:00] With some amazing people within this club over the last week. And just being able to see how I can repurpose content for Kellee and Lakrish and talk to Joe and be, you know, interact with Stacy. I mean, this community is amazing.

If you haven’t joined this club, please go ahead and click that green Mansion and in the sky, and go ahead and hit that bell notification where at 1.1 k we’re only growing the sky is the limit. And I believe there is no limits. So with that being said, I want to yell at the mic. I want to say thank you to our fearless leader, Stacy, for everything she has done in the road, she has paved them that God has blessed her in her heart to have this vision, to let it be known and let’s make it a reality.

So I appreciate you, Stacy. I appreciate you letting me be a part of this club and thank you for everyone else. for just impacting my life and influencing me in the best way that you will never know. And I want to do my best to make you all proud. This is Jerreme and I. Oh my

Stacy Zant: gosh. Oh my word. Like every time you speak, oh, my word, you’re just [00:56:00] such a tremendous blessing to all of us and the connections.

Like there’s never a room that you come into that you are not taking the relationships deeper. You go over you DM, you go over on Instagram and you really make those connections. And I can go back to the time when I met you, Jeremy, we did the fearless creator room and we were talking about endurance and you reached out and you stayed consistent.

And when you showed up in this room and I said, you know what, I have to get on, on a call with this guy. And so we ended up going on zoom. I spoke. You spoke from your heart, you spoke the vision, and right now, every time you speak, you know, not only are you a wordsmith, but also we’re talking about the written word and then the actual auditory word.

When you speak does something, Jeremy, you have such a gift and thank you for sharing that gift with us. Thank you for being a part of our community and a pit. epitomizing what it means to be a Christian content creator. Jeremy has, he has repurposed content for us. He’s done writing, he’s done things on [00:57:00] LinkedIn.

And I was like, oh, I need to get a group going on LinkedIn. So I took action and I love what you just said. hit that little green mansion up in the sky. Yes. Up in the sky. We’re talking about that heavenly mansion that will never rust. That will never. Grow old, it’s something that is eternal. And I’m just so grateful that what God has done here, it is going to live on it’s impacting lives truly for eternity.

And you’re such a big part of that. Jeremy, thank you for being a part of our community and the creativity that you’re bringing with the ideas and the ways that we can continue to soar. So excited for what is ahead and so grateful for you brother and for each and every one of you listening in today, I want to give Sophia and opportunity.

Sophia love. Thank you for being a part of us. She was a part of us on YouTube as well. She’s usually in our YouTube room on Fridays and she was on screen with me. So if you want to go back to the YouTube channel and watch her in action and tap into the amazing [00:58:00] work that she’s doing so phia I’d love for you to share, what does it mean to you to be a Christian content creator and whatever else is on your heart?

Sophia: Oh, man, there Jerreme really just blessed me, but to be a Christian content creator is it’s, it’s everything. It’s, it’s every part of me to be able to use my gifts and I mean gifts with an S that God has field in me. And it’s not just for me, but it’s for everybody else, for people to be able to see my story and connect with me and understand that they could be going through the same thing.

And me being an inspiration, even though I may be suffering, you know what I’m saying? Even, you know, even though those times where I can suffer where I don’t quite see the end result, and I know that God is right there and I get up and I get on Instagram and I might cry. I might tell the jokes, but I’m still inspiring others.

And that is the, that’s the goal. That’s what we do. We [00:59:00] inspire people and we bring people to God. We bring people to the love of Christ. The Bible says with loving kindness, have I drawn thee? But also your testimony is what brings people to you. Everything that you go through is not just for you and please believe it’s not personal.

When God said that I have to break you in order to bless you. That is what he has to do. And being a Christian creator and showing that story is what we do. We show the story. We showed the journey and we show that, Hey, just because I’m going through this, you can go through this key word, go through. And with God, we know that everything come with God.

It makes it easier when we’re with God, when God is in the midst of it all, that’s how we move forward. I’m sorry, because I feel so much in this room. When I say that the presence of God is here, the presence of God is here in this room and let [01:00:00] them, you know, let, let it fall on you. Like rain, let it fall on you like water.

Let it be an inspiration. Let it ignite the flame that in you, because at the end of the day, it’s that flame, that burns it’s that light, that shine, that light, that shines. It’s what you show. And that’s what draws people to God, because God can be. But I just wanted to share those different things. Stacey, thank you so much for hearing God, hearing God in this moment and creating this room, you probably didn’t know what it was going to do when you created this thing, but when you created it, God only gave you a vision.

He didn’t give you the step. You went forward with it. You took every step of the way you got on that Rocky road. And no, it was probably not smooth. Not everybody started with you in the beginning, but now look at what you have. You’re like Verizon, you have a whole network behind you. So keep moving forward, keep going forward.

Keep pushing forward. Keep coming through. Keep making step by step by step by step. Whether [01:01:00] it’s an edge, whether it’s a millimeter, whether it’s a yard and you’ll get to where that is taking you to. And at the same time, while you’re climbing mountains, you’re going to bring people with you. You’re going to be able to sow seeds into people and things of that nature.

And when you sow those seeds, you’re going to reap a harvest. Not only will you reap a harvest, but when you read that harvest, you’re going to be able to see maybe because again, that harvest is not for you. It’s for God’s children, but I thank God for you. I think I for you, I thank God for this room. I, I try to, I try to make every Friday or I try to put it on my make sure.

Make sure I have that. Make sure I’m joined here. Make sure I’m joined there. Make sure I connect with the other moderators. You know, then I tell the same for people who are down there, the listening ground, Hey, look to your left. Look to your right, look up, look down, follow the people that are here because we are here to help you.

We’re here to help you as other Christian creators is not just [01:02:00] us to hold on to everything because if we’re holding on to everything in our hands are not open, we can’t receive. So therefore our hands are not open. I mean, I’m sorry. Our hands are not closed. Our hands are open. So make sure you connect with us.

Connect with safety connect with April connected, Oriana Jo Lucrecia, Elizabeth, Michelle, myself, Natasha, Nigeria, everyone else that is down in the listening loud connect. If you need help, we are here. And I’m saying we, because I’m going to add myself to the group. I just wanted to say, thank you all. Thank you for this room.

Thank you for hearing God. Thank you for persevering through it all. I know. It’s not easy to keep up with everything and put things out for yourself. You probably got multiple businesses and things of that nature, but just keep moving forward. My name is Sophia Tompkins, AKA seek the CEO and I heal. Woo.

Stacy Zant: Oh my wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you my sis. Oh my gosh. [01:03:00] We’re just so appreciative of you and what God is doing and oh, that beautiful, powerful words of just impartation and encouragement towards each and every one of us as Christian content creators, since you discovered us and have been a part of us, you have remained consistent.

And I’m just so appreciative that yes, we have a team. We have a network. We couldn’t go this far and be. far reaching and doing the level of things that we’re able to do without each and every one of you just carrying that Baton, that light forward, Sophia. Yes. You are a part of us. You are a part of our family, our community, and I’m so glad that you.

Just ran with exactly the same spirit that is always here are we’re here to encourage and uplift and celebrate each other. And so I celebrate you today, sister, just speaking up and using your powerful voice and gifting. Oh my gosh, you are also a word Smith and I just love the work you’re doing even with your nonprofit.

[01:04:00] Thanks for tagging me to that. Sharing that with me. I just so appreciate when everybody here is just sharing how God is using them as a Christian content creator and how we can support and encourage and uplift the body, not just here on social media, but also seeing how the local body, where we’re assigned, where we’ve been positioned and placed truly for such a time as this, that we can be obedient to help and uplift others.

So if you feel like you can volunteer and tap into what Sophia is doing as well, please do check out her Instagram and see what she is. Sharing everyone. Moderators and speakers. They’re always doing tremendous work. And so I’m just truly grateful, truly, truly grateful that not only did God lead you here, but he’s connected us.

No matter if you, if you like it or not, we are connected for life. Like this moment is being etched forever in our memories and yes, forever in our recording, because we’re going to get this out there. [01:05:00] So the other people, Christian content creators can find us, find you find the community. I think it was Kelly that said it earlier.

Exposure. We’ve talked about visibility. We’ve talked about the fact that people they need, what you have to offer. They need your voice, they need your story. They need your product, they need your solution, but sometimes they just can’t find you. And so we want them to be able to find the incredible value and gifting that God has placed inside of you, and has given you, and it is so much easier for them to find you when you are showing up for yourself and in communities like this, God led you here for a reason, and we want you to stay connected to us.

And if you get that nudge. To continue to be a part of us. There are opportunities and ways. When you go to Christian content, you will learn about our admins. We’re still rolling out new bios, new rooms. We’re going to embed the calendar. Cause we have a Google calendar. We have a back channel.

We’re keeping things very organized and [01:06:00] structured so people can know that we’re here for you. We’re here consistently showing up to see you grow, to see you soar and to see you walk in your calling. Oh my gosh. What a beautiful mission and what a beautiful opportunity that we have to serve together.

Thank you. Sophia. Nii and Jason. You’re a last lovely shares today I’d love for you to share. What does it mean to you to be a Christian content creator?

Jason Kinte: Hey just means that it really is just our purpose, right? Like it’s a great commission. And honestly where we’re told that sometimes it will be outcast.

As a thank you, Stacy, because it wasn’t until I came into this room and Christian rooms in general that I really didn’t feel rejected. I have spent a lot of time and a lot of the other rooms getting thrown off stages. And then I told my story and then people think it’s because I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder and I was [01:07:00] like the only person that doesn’t charge anyone, anything for anything in the Bible is the business plan.

So I just realized that I’m supposed to be here. So. Like it is really means a lot to me that, you know, I learned a lot from your room and I always felt loved. And you know, you’re my favorite accent on the app. So I liked that you know, I started the club in 2011 and I still learned a lot from you.

And I told you that last time too. So congratulations. I really appreciate your leadership. And I’m just answered a question. That’s just who we are. We’re supposed to share the love of Christ. We’re supposed to advance the gospel and the great commission. So it just means that we’re being, we’re supposed to be.

And so it means a lot. I really appreciate your example. I told you, I’m copying you. And like, I copy God because we’re all supposed to be copying God. So thank you for being worthy of.

Stacy Zant: Wow. Thank you, Jason. We’re so [01:08:00] grateful that you’re a part of our community. Thank you for those beautiful kind words. And I’m so grateful that God really has allowed this to be a safe space for each and every one of us for you. And I’m just so excited for what more is to come brother. And thank you for just always tapping in.

And I’m so excited that you, it is one of the most I guess, greatest compliments. We spoke a little bit about. Yesterday. And when people do see kind of a model and they would want to implement that as well in what it is that they’re creating and what God has led them to do and to produce as a Christian content creator.

So I don’t take that lightly and I appreciate you, just giving even that credit and and just making that vocalized, it goes such a long way and really do appreciate you and the work you do. So thank you for being a part of our community and a part of us as a Christian content creator. We love you, brother, ni I was calling to you [01:09:00] earlier.

I don’t know if you are able to come off mute cause I know ni still comes in and supports when he can, even though he may be working and doing incredible things, serving, our nation and we just love and appreciate. He’s been one of those. It’s been with us from the beginning and he taps in when he can so we’re gonna go ahead and close out in prayer and if Nii does end up being able to share before we really do tap out, then we’ll certainly give him that opportunity. So let’s all unmute. , and let’s just cover each other right now in prayer .

Lord, we just thank you for this beautiful day that you’ve made. We thank you for the opportunity for us to be together. Content creators, to lift up our voices and one a card honoring you today for what you have done. Oh God, it is all because of you give you the glory. We give you the honor, we magnify you lift up your holy name and we thank you that you are continuously the vine Lord God, that we can remain [01:10:00] connected to.

As you’re enjoying all of these parts, showing all of these souls and individuals and content creators who are cruising in Lord, God thrive, where they can grow and feel the love and be supported and feel the peace and the joy of the Lord. Continue without. Thank you, Lord God for what you have done for who you are and who you will continually be, that we remain in you.

Jesus, thank you. That your word goes before us. You were the true author and the finisher of our faith right now, God that you’re giving us a mission and vision for far greater than ourselves or what we can comprehend. Let your spirit lead and guide and direct us every step of the way as we continue to go down deeper depth in you, Lord God, I

pray God

that you will continue to be our hope.

He would be our strength, Lord God, that we would [01:11:00] continue to soar an Eagle’s wings. Thank you for a double portion. Thank you for the gifting. No, God, even in this place, even in this club and you can check to just remain Lord God at the forefront of everything that we do not, we produce Lord God,

Sophia: I just thank you for all that you’re doing,

Stacy Zant: Lord God, that you would be glorified in the center of it all.

Let us be prolific in what we do and what we present and what we create and how we go forward. Lord God that we draw all men to you. Lord God, the lifter up you are the lifter up of her head and we just thank you, Lord God that you’re going to continually receive the glory and the honor in what we do and in how we were present you in your holy precious name.

We pray for that covering Lord God as we go forth and we produce and we create fearlessly. And for your glory in your holy precious name, we pray Jesus have your way. Amen.

[01:12:00] Look at what the Lord has done. Oh my gosh. It’s a celebration. You guys are amazing. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for being content creators Christine’s made in his image. Oh my gosh. It is such a blessing and we are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you be back again with us as we celebrate in times to come, all the other milestones we’re celebrating right now, we’re proclaiming it 2 K.

Joe, did you want to say any final words? Give that final call to action so that we can all bind together to just go further and grow deeper over to your brother.

Joe Sugg: Perfect. I want to welcome everybody to the Christian content creators club. A number of you are messaging me right now. You are trying to to go ahead and join the group.

And not sure if you did or didn’t. If you go to the house just above in-between Ms. Kelly admits April there. You’ll see that little house next to the [01:13:00] Christian content creators. Either say that you’re a member or it will say join. And if it says, join, go ahead and hit join. And if it says you’re a member, then I want you to hit that little invite button right next to it, and invite other people that you think would be a good fit for this for Christian content creators.

I can tell you, the people in this room are some of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met in my life. And you’re one of those people’s actually, I wanted to introduce her to. Here on stage she’s down there. She wasn’t able to come up right now, but miss L Michelle, if I, if you guys look down there into the listening lounge, miss L the shell is absolutely phenomenal.

And so Stacy Kelly, April or Oriana, Lakrish, Michelle ni those of you up here that know me matrix you connect her. She is a power house, and absolute phenomenal woman of God that you’ll want to get the notes with. That said, if you were in this room and you want to get connected, I encourage you once again, go up there and make sure you join the club and make sure that you invite others.

That would be [01:14:00] others that are Christians that are like-minded that are out there trying to make things happen and looking for the support. This is the community for that. This is the Joe.

Stacy Zant: Yes. Oh my gosh. Thank you, my brother. And you know what, when someone vouches for you, that is a person, not only integrity, but as a part of our family, then we take action.

L Michelle, you are a part of our community and family. So I made sure to follow, and I know a lot of others are going to heed to that call there to Joey. Can’t wait to have you come back up and share with us, you know what you’re doing? Who you are as a Christian content creator. Thank you, Joe, for always championing and even helping us to get right over the mark here.

Now we’re at 1.1 K and chances are, as we’re celebrating over in the DM in our back channel, we can’t wait to just bring this back to you as an opportunity for you to share what it means and to be reminded of what it truly means to be a Christian content creator, because I don’t have any other [01:15:00] celebration music.

Welcome back. Scoot on knee. Do you have any worship music? Anybody else has worship music? Cause I only have my fearless, the fearless creator podcast music, and I want us to leave when a high celebration. There

we go.

let’s put a praise on it today, guys. Let’s celebrate our way out today. Let’s just praise the Lord on our way out. We’ll just keep connecting until this music


yes. Just shout it out to the Lord right now. Just believe and proclaim what he’s already done in your business, in your life, in your content creation. Put a praise on it guys. Oh, the Lord is so good. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.


I don’t know how long you want to go.

Yeah. All right guys, we love you all. See you next time. Bye.

Lady Stacy