[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: Hello, I’m back again. And I’m so excited. I have titled this particular talk to say challenge accepted. You heard me talk about the fact that I am accepting the challenge and the idea came to me while I was in the room. And I wanted to take a moment as I’ve accepted the challenge to come on here every single day to discuss. What it means to get organized and to welcome wisdom in your life, in the multiple ways that is available to us.

I had a. Full day. Oh my gosh. When I say full, I mean, in the essence of fullness, abundance, beauty so much that I’m so grateful for. I can never say enough about having a spirit of gratitude. And I am just welcoming all that God has for me in the season as a believer, but also welcoming each and every voice that I am blessed to [00:01:00] have into my life.

Speaking to my life and the opportunity for me to speak into theirs. Yeah. As a podcaster, as someone who creates content consistently, I figured it would help today to share a little bit about my schedule what it looked like for me as a community leader, as an owner of four businesses that are thriving.

I had two, you’ll see at the very end of my list of things that I accomplished and did today. The last thing I wrote down in my planner, As yesterday, I just came on without a plan, without writing anything down. It was all in my head, all in my mind. And I played it over and advance what it is I would share here on this app that would provide value and would make a difference in inspiring courage.

My mission in this world to help people live to their full potential and to embrace this journey of life with passion and purpose. Right. I think I need to do a title on that. [00:02:00] Probably that should be my third one third. Time’s a charm. So come back tomorrow for sure. When I talk about passion and purpose, I think that was one of my first episodes on The Radiant Pearl Living Podcast.

I spoke about turning your pain into purpose. And that topic was evolving because I had my mom and my sister involved in that, got all my equipment, set it all up. And so my mom wouldn’t have to travel to me. We traveled to her and had the whole Shabang. When I launched my episode, I got organized. Right.

Or we’re talking about. Welcoming this factor of organization to our lives in every facet of our lives, it really comes full circle. When we not only lay out, brainstorm, get strategic. When we take the time to actually, organize our thoughts on paper, if you’re not a paper lover, like I am having.

You can hear it here, having my planner. I just put on the desk here. Hopefully you heard that, but [00:03:00] having this tool, these are all tools, but it’s not the tool that makes a difference. It’s the person that’s using the tool that makes all the difference. So I always love to hear. I always look to interact.

And in this moment in this particular sphere interaction is only possible when we welcome people into our space and we extend that invitation for them to be able to join. In the conversation. Right? And so in this moment, as I’m preparing to share with you what it is, I was able to outline and place in my planner.

But as I mentioned before, if you’re not a paper person, The spreadsheet that I love making available to my Fearless creator community in our Christian Content Creator rooms and clubs on clubhouse. And now we are going to be taking this conversation over here because I know there’s so much wisdom to glean and to grow from and to [00:04:00] apply into all the areas of our lives.

So we can truly soar and do what it is that we’ve been placed on this earth to do. The steps that I’ve taken, starting from writing it down. I have a calendar right on my wall, in my home office and I’m looking at it right now. It’s a huge it takes up almost half of the space here on one wall, because it is something I.

And my seat across from my screen, then my computer and my light, my ring light and my different screens. And also my light box, which if you’re a YouTuber shameless plug, we have our YouTube room on Fridays. And so I have that in my planner, on my calendar, in my stories, I had to go on and remember to post that.

And that is what I say about being organized because you remember certain things you need to do. As a content creator and you don’t want to drop the ball. You don’t want to miss the mark. And, I see the difference that it makes when we take the time to get organized and to [00:05:00] welcome wisdom into our lives.

Just completing one of my milestones. Doing our summit, The Fearless Creator Summit. We actually had one of our sponsors. You may have heard of Deadline Funnel and they decided they would also do a webinar for us and our audience. And so I had to share that in multiple places, we had a hello bar on all my four websites.

Yes. I have four different brands and website, my personal brand. StacyZant.com Then I have Radiant Pearl Living, which is also a podcast and a blog. It started out as a blog. It’s a website, RadiantPearlLiving.com and then the brand of The Fearless Creator. And that’s also another podcast that I was able to pitch and get funding for, to really equip people, to fearlessly, create, to show up and to build confidence, whether you’re being an author and a writer, and wanting to convey your message out into the world with [00:06:00] words that are going to impact. And then also we did a writing well workshop series that was grant funded, where I interviewed a lot of authors and writers really get. For that. So we could impart wisdom with all of the speakers, with all the contributors and with all of the ways that we were going to bring people to the awareness of what they were doing and the books that they wrote that is truly making a difference.

Sometimes all we need is exposure. What we need is visibility. What we need is opportunity to do. The thing. Right? So what is your thing? Are you accepting the challenges I have, hopefully you are, because I recognize in this moment that sometimes. As I said yesterday, you simply have to speak. And I shared why I simply speak.

And so you sometimes simply have to say it first to yourself, but you’re accepting the challenge. The very thing that you’ve been meaning to do for a while. Now, you’re deciding that [00:07:00] this is the time, this is your moment. This is your. Season to get it done. And that brings me to my fourth brand and business anointed living.

That was the very first business that I launched while I was in college. I applied for my 501(c)3 and went through the process and we got notification in word that we were approved as a tax exempt organization had so many people coming to me. This is me as a college girl now, still in my teens. And cause I started college when I was 17.

And we had so many people reaching out and saying, how did you do this? I want to start my nonprofit. I want to go out and just fulfill my calling and help people in my community to receive resources and to receive, a plethora of things that I know is within their grasp and reach, but they just don’t know how, and I can show them the way.

And so. Yes, the fourth brand is Anointed Living, anointedliving.org. And that ties in very well with Radiant Pearl [00:08:00] Living, which is where I was able to also have an actual player on there. So people go to these websites, whether it’s a non-profit or the for-profit or the podcast or the personal brand.

speak a lot more about podcasting and journaling and planning. I’ve actually designed quite a number of planners and journals and created a whole program around that as well for people who are always interested in that, there are so many people who are interested in producing and creating, and they don’t know where to begin.

And so I’m telling you today to accept that challenge for yourself, what is it that you have been meaning to do. Challenge accepted. Yes. Challenge is accepted today for myself to show up every single day for 10 days, which is my first goal and action plan. And then, like I mentioned, we are going to move next to 21 days, build that habit.

And then the next. 30 days. And then the next goal is 40 days. Cause that is what I did on clubhouse for 40 [00:09:00] days of lent. And then we just kept it going, never missed a week, two times a week. Now we show up five days a week, every day for the work week, we’re producing content. We are praying over people.

We’re giving them opportunities to just be able to have a platform, to share what they’re creating, how we can support them. And it all started with just showing up, being. Saying that I’m going to accept the challenge. And sometimes you need a motivation. You need a force that is behind you to say that you can do this, but not only that, sometimes you need a special reason, a special reason.

Like you. Season to accomplish that one thing that, you know, you need to do, and then you can move on to the next thing. And so that is that sequential order, that same idea of being organized, getting organized. And when I said anointed living, it is anointed living.org, but the full name is called Girls and Guys [00:10:00] Organized for Anointed Living.

And that the acronym for that is actually goal. Right. So I talk a lot about goal having an action plan, writing the vision and making it plain. And a part of that is going back, going back to the drawing board, having a session where you’re able to brainstorm, and you’re able to make sense of the thoughts that are reeling around in your mind, in your head and getting it out on paper.

And when you say it and you speak it now you write it and you really are able to proclaim it, right. Making that vision very clear, not just to yourself, but also your community and those who are connected to you when you’re consistently bringing forth that message to them over and over again, they get to know you for that one thing, and then you can continue to branch out.

So. Going back to a very specific example, starting off with the idea that I started this nonprofit while I was still in [00:11:00] school. It was not yet a nonprofit. I was just operating on passion and purpose. I was getting young people together from my church and from different places and saying, let’s go out and volunteer.

Let’s bridge the gap. Let’s go caroling. I’m a singer, I’m a recording artist. And so many people want it to also use their gift of singing. Use their gift of creating, of playing the piano, utilizing their gift as an artist. As a creator as a creative being. And so when I said is, okay, you know what, we’re going to all come together and we’re going to go caroling in the community.

And so I just got on the phone and I looked up first online, all the nursing homes that were around and decided that. Tour, we’re going to do a Christmas caroling tour and it didn’t start like that. It started at just starting at one place, one nursing home. And then we saw how the reaction was. We saw the impact it was making.

We saw how a lot of our elders [00:12:00] and seasoned individuals. That’s a nice way to put it. You know, a lot of them they’re just. Stage of life where now hopefully they’re enjoying the fruits of their labor. And so we could come in and add another spark of joy. And so that is exactly what was possible with that vision after.

Deciding that we’re going to now get organized and we’re organized for anointed living. And this is for girls and guys, because I’ve always served in the capacity of youth working with the young people. And if you are in a position where you’re able to help the next generation. Why not they are or our future, but we have to lead by example.

We have to show the way by what we do as well as what we say, because you know, what, what we say is something that is fleeting. But what we do is going to live on people are going to remember you for how you make them feel, but also for what you have impacted them to do and to create. [00:13:00] And so even in that moment, while I was in school, Shared it with, our youth group.

I shared it with our young people, as it was going out ministering, doing things to let them know this is something fun that we can do together as a community. And then I took it to the next stage where I said, we are going to get community service hours. We are not just going to talk the talk.

We’re going to walk the walk and we’re going to reward our young people for spending. Time and using their gifts to be a blessing to the elders and their community. And so that is just what we did. We had to go ahead and record when they would come and did sleepovers at my home, bless my husband, having all these young people in our home.

He has a heart for young people, as well as a minister and someone that is in gospel, but also recognizing that because it was me. Kind of leading this. We had a lot of young girls who were just very excited to go out and bake their cookies and, get their recital of their piano things together and just being [00:14:00] able to be girly and come together.

And so we were able to do that and that. I sent it to build community, to have them feel like they were a part of something greater. They’re a part of, a family that’s not in their direct household, but is a part of their widespread community when I got feedback. And when we applied for different awards so we could get that award wedding status, they had two.

Do reviews and share their feedback on what the organization meant to them. And so when they did that, a lot of what they kept saying, and you can even read that today. If you go to anointed living.org, you can see some of those reviews from our young people and some of our participants who now own organizations. I feel so old when I say that because they were in middle school. I wrote their recommendation letters for college and, you know, for jobs. And some of them went through their Ivy league education. They started their own non-profits and they’re making waves in the [00:15:00] community. And when they tell me it’s as a result of the seeds that were planted and their involvement in this vision and in this work.

The feedback was that they felt like they were a part of something bigger than themselves. They felt like they were a part of something greater. And if there’s a message that I can say to you the way in which you will truly impact lives for. Especially young people is if you allow them to feel as though they are a part of something so much bigger and not just feeling it, but knowing it in their heart of hearts, you’re showing them not just telling them.

And you’re allowing them to see the impact that is going to live on beyond what they do today. Because for them they feel immortal. They’re still young. And they’re still making meaning of this world. And I feel like we’re positioned as leaders, as people who are filled with wisdom.

We’re here on this app. You can bring this [00:16:00] wisdom to the next generation, but you have. Get organized. Right? So I’m going to share a little bit about, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am a talker, so I wasn’t sticking to a script. I was just talking and I appreciate you who are here. But I want to go back to what I said in the beginning about this idea.

Not only getting organized, but recording it. And so I did record here what I was able to do today and how I am consistently trying to stay organized as I help others to get organized. And so the first thing I did, I had a call and. I set up a call because he wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing. And so we had that call and then immediately we had a room in the Christian content creator club by one of our other admins who’s consistently showing up and helping people. Build and to boldly show up for their businesses.

And she’s also a coach, a life coach. And so [00:17:00] we had that room today and then we moved on to, another, I committed to another room and the leader reached out to me and this room, if you were clubhouse, you were able to see it. And I saw a few people here from the wisdom app I’m involved in that room because it was breaking news.

And so we had about 500 and something people consistently in that space, learning about this breaking news from Facebook and, you know, social media and how it all ties together and the new name, you probably know it. Right. And so we’re all building, right? We’re all learning. And we’re seeing what some of these other huge conglomerate.

And companies are doing, and we can take a page out of their book as well. So giving a little rundown, learning about this idea of changing from Facebook, the name to now, Meta, and the purpose behind that, and our thoughts on that and seeing, and, and theorizing and, seeing if there [00:18:00] is really a purpose.

And something that we can learn from that. And recognizing that as you build, has you, go further in the wisdom you’re providing your audience and seeing what’s working, you have to stay ahead of the curve. You have to keep improving. You have to keep showing up, keep getting innovative in the ways that you are putting your content out there and that you’re providing value.

To the community that your culture reach and serve. And so that is what led me to be at the place where I have four different brands and businesses. And I had to mention that because at the end of my list, you’re going to hear what I had to do with those four different businesses. Right. And that made me think about how I probably should include that in this talk today.

So after doing. Additional room actually, while in that room, I was multitasking because we had so many voices, so many people with a lot of queue of people who wanted chime in. when you have [00:19:00] spaces like that, you need to be about your business, right? I always love to say, be about your father’s business, but you would need to be about your business as well.

You have to really be strategic with your time and have yourself organized. Accomplish the thing that you set out to accomplish. So while I was in there, I posted a welcome. Funny enough, we were talking about Facebook and I needed to post welcomes in my Facebook groups because I have three different Facebook groups by now.

You’re probably wondering, oh, my word, this is a lot, but how you maintain a lot of. By being organized. So I have my content calendar spreadsheet. I also have click up. And so I was able to pull the actual text and caption so that when we welcome new members and one of my groups, I was welcoming about 30 something, new members who.

Joined over from a summit that I was speaking in and I wanted to make sure to take the time to welcome each and every one of them. So I do an actual [00:20:00] photo image that says welcome. All  on brand and then I have each of them tagged to the welcome post and I have some links and some information for them, so they can navigate and know where to start and what to receive so that they can accomplish what they set out to accomplish, to plan.

That is the tagline for the Radiant Pearl Livingbrand and podcast is Plan for a radiant life you love. So that was in that particular group. I took that time and got that up and guess what? Y’all I actually got a notification and I was just like, are you serious after we’ve spoken about this? I got a notification about this post being removed because I was selling something and I said, No, I’m not selling anything.

I looked at my link. There’s nothing that I’m selling, but for whatever reason, it was put up as a sales post. Why? Because the actual partnering sponsor. RSVP was done through ClickFunnel, because they’re doing [00:21:00] follow-ups they’re going to be sending out a webinar replay. And so that’s the tool that they were utilizing to get the RSVP and the communication out there.

And so I was like, That may be why they said, but I’m actually not selling anything they’re registering for that workshop. And so when I went back on, my mind said, just send it to them to review. And I was so grateful after seeing that it was actually not visible to our group for about 40 something minutes.

And I went back up, I was like, why am I not getting any notifications from the group? And we just posted, and most times we do. Interaction. So thankfully I went in and I saw that, and I’m making a note of this so that if you encounter this, you will receive value in knowing what to do when you encounter this problem.


[00:00:00] Stacy Zant: I know that sometimes you have to speak the thing that you are looking to accomplish and do, and just getting.

It starts with you getting it in the forefront of your mind, but you’re going to do the thing, right? You are going to accomplish what it is that has been placed in your heart of hearts to deal and to make a difference. And then you can put it on paper. That is another way as you brainstorm and you make sense of all the ideas reeling around in your head.

And deciding that you need to take the next step, take it to the next level and make sure that you continually show up as the best version of yourself as you’re learning. And as you’re growing in wisdom. And so just being someone that has always been serving in the church, in the community, I. Speaking at different conferences and they had to get organized.

And my thoughts would begin with, of course, the thoughts that would come in my mind and then I would write it down on [00:01:00] paper and that birthed my first book. I had an opportunity with my very first book Pearls Of The Earth before Amazon became what it is today. We were in bookstores. We had the printed version and , at that point I was, a teenager, I told you I started college at 17 years old.

And so just as someone that. Now published and speaking at youth conferences at main ladies conferences and all around for young people to be encouraged and inspired as a young person myself and letting them know that there are. I got my very first journal, just coming from a writing household and family.

I had to get very organized at a young age when, as we were serving in ministry, my grandmother would write in the house, on the tiles. As a teacher and educator and as a pastor’s wife and going home, to visit after services, a church at that time and my grandfather’s church. And so I would just have lots of treats and [00:02:00] fun grandparents have the best job because they just spoil you rotten. Then you get to have fun with your cousins and your family members, and then they bring you back home to your parents who have to keep you on the straight and narrow. Right? So that’s what I found for myself is that it’s a part of my nature to want to write.

If it’s not something that comes natural for you, I want to challenge you in this moment.

Just to do the same thing that I’ve done before. And clubhouse to build up that momentum. And so I know that that is going to go leaps and bounds. That’s my hope. That’s my desire. And that is what I’ll be working towards and striving towards. And I do believe that it is something that y’all are going to hold me accountable to because I’ve put it out there.

I’ve spoken it, spoken it into the atmosphere. And I believe that when you speak something, it lives on beyond this moment and beyond. But then when you write it, you have it there on the forefront of your mind as you flip through the pages, or if [00:03:00] you’re like myself and you have a six month calendar on your wall where you’re able to see everything in front of you day in and day out.

When you sit down, whether it’s in your studio or your home office, you’re taking the time to really really make sense of what it is that you’ve set out to do for the day. For the week, for the month, for the quarter and yes, for the year. We always talk about resolutions, but I don’t think that has been so much on trend as it was before, because now we’ve gotten to a place where, we say one thing sometimes, and then we get distracted.

And I believe when we have it all written down for ourselves. For our community for those were infested in us. And those who were investing in it holds us accountable community really does matter and make a difference. And, sometimes we just have to talk about it. That’s the value of a think tank.

That’s the value of really having. People [00:04:00] around you that you can bounce ideas off of. So even in this moment, as I’m talking, as I’m sharing ideas are coming to me and I just got my pen out. Yes. My Radiant Pearl Pen for my radiant pearl living brand. For those of you who are new to that, I have a whole line of radiant pro living products from the radiant pro planner to the radiant pro prayer journal packages. We have enamel pens. We have. Pens with a Pearl on top rated Pearl. And on one side it says you are radiant.

And the other side, it has the scripture that refers to those who look to him are radiant and their faces are never covered with shame. can you tell me what scripture that is from? I’m going to give you a little while here to done jeopardy music it’s taken from Psalm 34, verse five. If you said that you’re correct.

If you thought that you are correct. Getting to a place where you’re able to see the value [00:05:00] in doing all of these things. Yes. You need to speak it. to write it down, but yes, you need to keep speaking about it. You need to keep showing up for yourself. And for those who are committed to making a difference in their lives, get organized.

That was what I said. I had to go ahead and just name this particular talk on instead of just challenge accepted, because I wanted to get even clearer and closer to the point we are discussing today. So get organized. How are you doing that today? I got organized. By writing down in my planner. So you can hear my pages turning that’s different about coming here on wisdom versus maybe being on an app like Periscope.

Like we did back in the day or being live. I love to go live. We are going live again tomorrow on YouTube, as well as on club house. And that is going to be at TheFearlessCreator.com. [00:06:00] Mastermind. That is a Pretty Link. And I’m going to talk a little bit more about how I get organized with that. And even with the workshop that we did today.

And so we were discussing affiliate marketing. I did a recording on that, so that I am able to repurpose that content so that you allow what you create to live on.

That is the beauty. Getting organized. You’re able to see results time and time again, if you are organized enough to record organized enough to repurpose the content and then to promote it. These are all the different ways. It’s a circle. I always love to think of. Marketing and showing up online on social media, on all of these social audio platforms, as a circle, you’re nurturing people, you’re taking them through a journey and you have different connect points because not everybody likes to.

Turn on a podcast. Not everyone likes to just go on a YouTube platform and watch videos. Not everyone likes to read a [00:07:00] book or to read a blog, but these are all different ways for a person who likes to do one over the other. They have an opportunity to discover you and to find the amazing content that you are creating, but you have to.

By now you should know what I’m going to say. You have to first get organized. So how are you getting organized today? And as I was asking earlier, how are you accepting the challenge today? Do you have something that you’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now? And you have yet to say yes to that?

You have yet to get organized about accomplishing that thing that you know, you need to do well, I’m here to tell you no more excuses. Today is the day to accept the challenge. Have you accepted the challenge if you have it definitely want to hear from you. If I decide to repurpose this for a podcast episode or somewhere, so people who are not here are [00:08:00] able to receive the value and the wisdom that you have to share, and that I’ve been able to share.

And, I want to make sure to get organized in having. System a way of bringing this forth and making it a reality. recorded that particular zoom call that we were on and I was able to go back. I went on my iPad and I did a screen recording just to get clearer and to make it very quick.

And bite-sized, people’s attention spans are not like it was so you need to be organized so that you can produce content. that will speak to someone that just loves just being able to receive something in a. Rather than having to watch a tutorial or a webinar for almost an hour, they can receive a gist of it.

Or you can promote that webinar. That is for almost an hour with bite-sized clips and [00:09:00] screen records. So they can see, you can add your voice over and you can make that itself a tutorial. And then if they want to have a slower paced one, and we see this on Instagram all the time, we see. Tik Tok. We see this a many social media platforms, but what did they have to first do in order for them to create all of these bite-sized content that is going to be impactful and that people are really going to tune into and can go viral.

They had to first get organized. I know that’s a hard thing to do. Even in my home office, I had to do a full blown. Get organized challenge for myself. And that meant I needed to get the right items that would inspire me and encourage me. I had carpet in my office at first, we had to lay a new foundation.

Maybe you need to lay a new foundation in your life. Maybe you need to lay a new foundation in how you are producing and how you were [00:10:00] creating. And you are. Putting forth your message out into the world and also even monetizing and becoming profitable. And it really does make a difference. So now I have hardwood floors I should say laminate flooring and we have that installed.

I have a big crystal ball. I like to think coming down, it’s a chandelier. It’s a Fandelier. Cause it has a fan. I knew that I needed a fan. Because at times it can get warm. I didn’t know what it is about being upstairs, but the heat, sometimes we know it rises. Right. And having the gem the curtain rods, having the actual curtain with pearls.

And it goes with my branding when I do my recordings having behind me a book case had. Sparkle. And with my color just on the edges has the teal as we have on the other side of my wall, it’s a part of my branding colors, having the mic flag with the branding of the fearless creator that goes with all the interviews that I do for the podcast on the other side.

It has the actual website. So if I [00:11:00] wanted to turn it around and have something that’s a bit more neutral, that all goes back to getting organized. I had to map out what elements I wanted to include in my space to really encourage me to come back to it time and time again, and then to create and to be inspired, to continually show up and do what it is.

I know that I need to do in this season. So as we’re going through this list, after this call, speaking about affiliate marketing, I was able to go ahead and create a quick screen record and having that available to piece together, I use InShot. InShot is a great tool. If you’re looking to do YouTube videos, like I host in my YouTube room every single Friday, and we just love being able to keep things simple that helps you to get organized. So if I have my InShot and I’m doing the screen recording, all I have to do now is have that screen recorded video immediately go into the [00:12:00] app, add my voice note. My actual voice recording and wala, it’s ready. It’s now literally YouTube ready at a click of a button.

And we’re able to actually put this in the stories. We can let this be a little snippet. On the Facebook business page in the Facebook group, we had a viral ruin today on clubhouse. Held by just such an incredible marketer and friend Brittany.

And so she has one of her speakers in The Fearless Creator Summit, and she does such a phenomenal job. And we were just there to add value and to share as moderators, what it all meant. Breaking news and how we can apply that to what we’re doing as business owners, as people that our marketing and they showing up, it has to start with you getting organized, having a plan, utilizing the systems available to you.

And right before the workshop, which is the next thing my planner, I had to get organized.

I went live on [00:13:00] IGTV live. So on Instagram, I went live. And then I shared with everyone, the fact that we were doing a countdown five minutes before the actual. Masterclass with the founder of deadline funnel and Deadline Funnel was one of our sponsors in the summit. And they were so generous to do a breakdown of this incredible tool and how it has been such a tremendous blessing based on the case studies well-known thought leaders who are seeing incredible results.

And even for myself, as someone that ran a summit that. It’s marketed for free and is free for a limited time. And then if you want it to have lifetime access or limited access, then you were able to upgrade. And so I did use this particular tool, deadline funnel. And so the founder gave us a special, limited time offer for our community.

And some of the other partnering things that I’m going to be sharing as a person that sees the value in affiliate [00:14:00] marketing.

And so many people are curious about that. I have my own affiliate marketing program and I went in depth with that about having even. Tiers of affiliate marketing. So you have people who you’re directly sharing with and they’re excited about it. They become ambassadors, they become partners and affiliates.

They make, commissions and proceeds off what it is that they’re sharing. So enthusiastically about it. It’s not a concept that is new to us, but not enough of us are taking advantage of it. And it’s not just for the big businesses.

That change, get organized and really entice those who are connected with you to connect with your vision and what it is that, you know, you’ve been placed on this earth to do and know it’s not easy. I know that it’s something that takes work. It is a work that is worth doing.

So I’d love to hear if you are someone that is thinking about that very thing where, you know, you need to get organized. Maybe you have that little face that I have [00:15:00] here, that emoji in my title that has that sweat coming down like, oh my gosh, I know this is me. This is something that I totally need to do.

And I just probably need a bit more guidance or help with this. I did give out to my email list, subscribers, a digital planner, because it’s easier for people sometimes to pull out on their phone, on their device, on their iPad.

And so you’re able to go ahead and utilize something that you can download on your phone and start. Adding your thoughts and getting organized and looking at your week, looking at your month, looking at, the days to come and plan out your content. So that’s what I did. I have my content calendar that I always love to give to my fearless Creator community members and our Christian Content Creators as well.

I have that as a spreadsheet so we’re connecting with us in our rooms and.

The spaces that we are creating content and, and you know, the beauty of this, I did a whole blog post on this, [00:16:00] but I did five reasons why you need a content calendar. And I now have this entire year filled out, and then I’m going to be able to look back on it next year and see what it is that I already created.

What is it that I was able to see, great results with and all I’m going to do. Just do it again, rinse and repeat, keep it simple. See the results, see the impact because I’ve chosen to get organized that I won’t have that emoji that has the sweat. I’m going to have the star face because. Debating between having the star I’d face emoji or the one here with the sweat, knowing I probably need to get better with this.

And it makes such a difference because when you are able to look back on what you’ve already done, which is why I love having my planner, this whole planner is filled out from January and I can look back and see every single. Day week, months, and now for the entire year, the things that I was able to [00:17:00] do and accomplish, and the different, fun, excursions and.

Opportunities and experiences I was able to live through. And then it’s inspiring. That’s the beauty of a diary, having had a diary for as long as I can remember having journals. That’s how I wrote my first book. When I was in college as a teenager, I had. Diaries upon diaries writing every single evening before I went to bed, when I read a new book, when I was in my college dorm and, , just living out on my own learning what it means to be an adult still really a child.

And, just being able to be outside of my home where I know, yes, it’s safe. But I’m sheltered and I’m not able to really be or know who I’m supposed to be in call to be outside of what my parents have told me. And of course, being a church, baby, someone who grew up in ministry, father and grandfather being pastors, just knowing that and now I had to [00:18:00] make sense of it all on my own.

And a big part of making meaning to that was writing was taking the time to record my thoughts. And yes. Get organized. I got organized from then and I saw the difference that made. And so looking back on that, it was able to pull all of the posts, the experiences create a college guide while I was in college and speak, you know, minister.

So I would sing and then I would speak and I would preach some of you would say, teach and do all of that. Because I was able to record the moment. So guys, I’m going to write that down in my little spreadsheet here, and then I included different templates for social media and ways to just rinse and repeat and make it easy to continuously create content, Fearlessly. Right? So these are all proven things that I know have worked, not just for me, but other people who are utilizing it. And then in the community, I went a step further and I decided to create.[00:19:00]

Coworking sessions for our community. So that’s another way that we got organized is by allowing your communities to not just have the tools and the systems, but then we decided you’re not just going to let it on a digital shelf and collect dust. No, you are going to put it to use. And the way that we could hold people accountable with that is by having these workshops, which brings me.

To the next thing on my list that I have here in my planner. And so just being able to have these co-working sessions month after month, we have the next co-working session. At the beginning, we like to do it at the beginning of each month.

So that is one of the ways that we really try to make sure that people stay on top of things with what they have available to them as a resource. And of course, Get organized. So the the fifth thing that I have here on my list, I updated my pretty links after we had the workshop by deadline funnel.

And I did the podcast interview, which we’ll get out on the podcast. I updated the pretty links on all [00:20:00] four sites. Yes. The four sites that I mentioned and the brands that I have. So we went on StacyZant.com for the personal brand. I have a hello bar that was going directly to a renew and refocus and just being able to journal.

And so they got some reflection sheets. Also able to get some other resources and checklists and things to really help them to renew and to refocus and what they need to refocus on is every now and then I will make that the hello bar that they’re able to utilize and to download as new people discover my page, because it’s been around for a while from those days of Bible journaling and Periscope and all those fun things that I’ve been able to engage with and do.

And so it does have SEO juice and people will discover. I used to wonder when I was in school, how I’d get all these notifications of people joining my email list and I wasn’t doing anything. I would just every now and then put up a [00:21:00] blog post. That was just a recollection of a Bible journaling page that I would create, but I wasn’t promoting it anywhere.

Yes. I was showing up on Periscope and probably they were discovering it there. Really, it was the fact that people were searching for Bible journaling and they were coming across my website because I had it up for a while it gained Google juice and it just had that authority online for people to find, to discover it.

I was on Pinterest, which we know is another search engine. And so getting organized allows you to show up in multiple places and it allows you to create this presence that is going to allow people to trust you, to like you, to know you and to want to connect with you. And so that is what I found to be the case.

With, at that point I was using MailChimp since then, we talked earlier about that room that went viral with over 500 people in it talking about Facebook, right? The idea is that Facebook didn’t stay at where they are. [00:22:00] They didn’t just decide that they’re going to just do that one thing and that’s it.

They would just end up in a cocoon and probably die and be irrelevant. Unfortunately we know off blockbuster and story. I was one of those children. I was a girl that loved to just showing up every Friday, if we could just go to blockbuster and pick out a new movie and just enjoy with our family, getting popcorn and candy.

And it’s no more, we have to go on Netflix and all these other things. Like we have Hulu subscription, Amazon prime, like all these other things, and now they’re irrelevant. So we have to stay ahead of the curve, right? I want you to To really think about the difference that getting organized will make for your life. I want you to think about how you’re able to incorporate, not just speaking about it, but now I want you to take it to the next level, go to the next.

Place that you can now to take [00:23:00] action and write about it. I want to hear more people publishing their books, writing, getting organized. That’s why we create the planners that we create, like the Writing Well Planner, The Writing Well Workshop Series, or, interviewing other authors and creating a program.

If you’re someone that. You are not able to really just sit down and get it done on your own. That’s why people invest in coaches and consultants and mentors. As someone reached out to me and they said, I need someone that’s going to like, hold my hand and take me through step by step. And I was like, you know, I don’t have a specific thing for that, but I’ll create one.

I have the no with all, I have the systems and tools and I could get it up in that. Just like the digital planner after speaking at a conference that had over 4,000 registrants, just from my session alone and just seeing different people that were engaging and responding and they shared what it is that they would love to see.

[00:24:00] From even me and I decided to create it. And because I had things already set up, it literally took me a few hours to get the landing page up, get the product up, make it available, get the upsell after they would opt in for the freebie of that particular template, then they could get the full on thing of the actual full digital planner.

That was the Radiant Pearl Digital planner. And so within a day we had. All of these things up. And we were able with deadline funnel who did our workshop I was able to go ahead and see consistent revenue coming in, literally in one day, making hundreds of dollars.

And that is just because the system. I was utilizing it going back to that thought that it’s not about the system or the tool it’s about you using it. And you have to get organized to know what systems you have before you, how you need to go ahead and utilize it, how you need to show up and how you’re able to let it work for you.[00:25:00]

Incorporating it in your calendar, in your schedule having this content calendar to plug it in, plug it into the days of the week. We have Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And then further on you have not only ideas about, business. Do you want to concentrate on providing tips on social media?

Do you want to show up in your business and create a new product or market that product? there’s a section here that says promo. So what promotions are you going to feed do affiliate marketing. What is it that you’re wanting to promote? This month. And how are you going to lead people through taking action starting?

You need to start with your particular audience. You need to start dropping it in their mind to look out for it a whole month in advance. So then you need to know, Hey, I’m organized enough to put it on my calendar that I need to start talking about this in October, [00:26:00] because I know. The actual black Friday sale comes around.

And not everybody is wanting to order things online that is going to be shipped to them because shipping is slow. So do you have a digital product, a digital download a planner, a book, or, something of value that you are able to create and provide.

It’s going to require you to get organized so that you can have a strategy. You can have a system, you can have a plan in place and you can start, dripping out the idea and the possibility that something is coming, something amazing is on its way. Stay tuned or putting a PS by the way, at the bottom of your email newsletter.

Or after you’ve run a room, you build up that hype. That’s what we do when we are creating events. When we’re creating an experience that people don’t want to miss out on and that they want to be a part of. And then [00:27:00] when you have other. That you enlisted to partner with you and to be a part of the promotion than it’s going to even go further.

If you have that plan and that strategy in place, you recorded it. You have a section here in the content calendar that says promo, you know, it’s coming, you know, okay, this is what I need to do the week before. You have calendar now for the full month view and you can go ahead and add.

I wish you could see this visual. If you want the visual, as I mentioned in the talk yesterday, I went through my newsletter and those of you who actually are subscribers, you saw exactly what it is I was talking about. And then I could send this episode or this talk and say, okay, if you didn’t take the time to read the newsletter or to read the thing, or the blog post here is a recording of what it is that’s sitting in your inbox here is a recording of what is there available for you on the worldwide web to read.

Make available to your audience, multiple ways to consume content, right? They can consume content through your podcast [00:28:00] and they can consume content through all of these amazing ways. But if someone prefers. To receive the value that you have to offer, make it available to them. And it doesn’t have to be extravagant.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It can be simple, it can be organized. And that is what is going to lead to the simplicity and to you being able to streamline. Can never leave that out because a lot of us, we want to be able to do what it is we love and what we are passionate about doing, but that is going to require us to do the work that is necessary to set ourselves up.

To be able to produce that income and to have that lifestyle that we desire to have, and that some of us honestly, long to have in our lives. So I know guys where I am it’s about midnight. So I’m going to wrap this up,

Just to wrap things up and want you to know there is a column here for the actual month, each month for the entire [00:29:00] year, then there’s a promo section. So you can type in your promo with, yes, it is color coordinated. So you can have. Aesthetically pleasing and on-brand for what you desire. And then there’s an area that says blog podcast topics you could make just for blogs or just for podcasts.

But I like being able to see a full picture view, which is why I love having my calendar on my wall. I love having my planner on my desk. I love having my digital planner on my iPad. I love having all of these multiple ways that I can. Yes. Organized. So there is no shortage of ways that you too can get organized.

Then I had to have another column that says newsletter topics. So that allows me to plug in all of the titles of the different newsletters that I’ve sent. And yes, you may not have plugged it in, in advance, but make sure to go back to it. I do this too with my actual planner. If I forgot to notate in advance as to what it is, some people have to do lists of things they [00:30:00] need to do.

Well. I have a got done list, like things that I got done and then allows you to be able to see what you were actually able to accomplish. And it becomes almost like a memorabilia. You know, it’s something that is going to bring you back to that time. Like a diary of what it is that you did, what it is that you experienced, what it is that you were able to accomplish.

And that does give you a feeling of all my gosh, if I was able to do this, Then I am more than capable to do this now. I want to definitely encourage you if you’re not yet having these ways and modalities of you being able to get organized,

If you were able to record some of the things in retrospect, I do want you to be proactive. I do want you to plan out in advance, but if you’ve not been able to do that, don’t beat yourself up, go back. And for that day, it’s a therapeutic thing to journal.

It’s a therapeutic thing to write. To have your [00:31:00] hand to paper or your apple pencil, for those of us who prefer digital to your iPad and to have the motion of your hands moving across the screen or across the paper, and you being able to say, yes, I did this and yes, next year, this same time I can look back and see if I need to do the same thing again, because it was well, we’re going to be doing another bundle. We’re going to be giving opportunities to our partners,

connections and those who become affiliates to have an opportunity to share what they’re creating and have an opportunity to be able to connect with all of our audiences. That’s how we grow. That’s how we are able to see, the ripple effect of building community together of collaborating.

Because truly, if we’re in alignment, everybody wins when we expose each other to each other. Right. And so that is one of the things that I’m noticing is that even for the post that I made [00:32:00] about five reasons to create a content calendar, I’m going to be able to go back and see all of the amazing things that we accomplished as we posted about the newsletters that really took off that people clicked through I can look, I can, my analytics, I can even go further and say, what was the click through rate of this title?

That wasn’t too great, but this one was really on fire. Maybe I need to look and see what the difference was and I need to revamp or revise and now improve what it is that I sent out last year around the same time. so this next year, I’m going to be able to not start with a blank canvas.

Like some of us do when we’re not organized. But now I’m able to improve. And able to go back and enhance what it is that I already created what already worked. And maybe it did not work. Maybe something was a flop, you replace it, but you’re not starting from [00:33:00] scratch. You’re seeing something that’s been filled through just like with a template.

That’s why you guys love scripts. That’s why people will pay to get the blueprint of something, rather than having to start in mid. Like grasping for straws grasping for air, trying to figure out will this work or will this not work, but think how much further along you will be when you’re able to actually have a canvas that has already begun a canvas.

That is a beautiful tapestry of what you’ve created in times past. And now you can add new colors. You can make, had a different dash of splash for a glitter, like I love to do. I looked at glitter eyes, everything. And you see that in my Bible, journaling people actually really love that. The first year I did a session on sequins, how to incorporate sequins in your Bible journaling.

And then this year I utilize embossing. So we did embossing powders. So you could do raise defects with your tip pens and your. And [00:34:00] then we did you, you being able to do cards and greetings and things that are just going to live on and it’s going to be beautiful and aesthetic, and it’s going to bring you back to want to delight and delight in the word of God.

And so that is exactly, one of the things that I know is about me, what works for you? What is it that you need to add as a special flair based on what you’ve seen work in times past and what you need. Could work in the future and then test it, see what the results are. It’s okay. If it flops because then, you know, and you will learn from that experience.

Failures are teaching moments in our lives. We hear that time and time again. So I definitely want to challenge you in this moment. Organized don’t have this emoji, like I have right now on my title, that it has a face with a yes, it’s smiling, but it’s definitely sweating. Cause it’s not so sure you don’t want to be in a place where you’re not so sure you want to be at a place where, you [00:35:00] know, you tried and then you were able to conquer.

You were able to be fear less. Not because there’s an absence of. But because now you can fear less because you know what will work, you know, what will not work and you know how to improve and to get to where it is you desire to be. And so with that I’m just so excited. You have been amazing.

You have just really hung in here with me. I really appreciate you and your time and you seen value in getting organized and in what it is that we’ve been able to share in our time together today. Love you so much appreciate you and hope to see you again very, very soon until next time, you know, it.

Always here to equip you to fearlessly create and Encouraging You to Plan for a Radiant Life You Love!

Lady Stacy