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Mustard Seed Faith and Lent

How Can you Make your Vision a Priority and a Reality?

If you desire to Be inspired to ACE IT, See it, Write it, Speak it and to simply BE the visionary you always knew you could Be, you’ll want to read this article or listen to this Episode. Are you a person who is wondering how you can get past just having a vision and seeing that vision actually become a reality? Then, this episode is for you!

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Light Your World, Embrace Setbacks and Prepare Your Purpose Statement

Ep. 18 Embrace Setbacks and Prepare Your Purpose Statement Cover Art

How do you embrace setbacks and move forward when life gets difficult? Prepare your purpose statement, apply the equations shared to find your solution and push towards your goal. Life is a beautiful journey as you stay connected to your vision.

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Why I Gave Up Netflix for Lent!

Ep.7 Self Worth, Finding Purpose and Passion-Crystal Jones

Ep.3 Joanna Hannah-Lifestyles Director

RPL Live Episode 3 Cover Art

Our Episode 3 Featured Guest, Joanna Hannah was so kind to share her wisdom with us and here are the takeaways-Pray and ask specifically for what you want. (Let His desires become your desires) Grow & glean from the wisdom of your elders….

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