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Finding Your Purpose Through Failing

The idea of your Story matters continues with this interview featuring Ben Swicegood, a fellow Podcaster who shares his incredible story of coming out of darkness to finding hope and allowing his story and experiences to fuel the work he does and shares in various forms.

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Faith and Family Talk (Marriage Segment)

If you desire to be inspired to fuel your marriage with faith and set boundaries as a couple so your spouse can know they are a priority, this episode is for you! Are you a person who likes to think Big picture plan or think in terms of smaller goals and tasks, this episode is for you!

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Back to School Back to Work

Have you ever wondered how you can find the best deals and resources to prepare for back to school? This article is for parents, students and those returning from extended summer vacations-Back to work is here! I share tips and tools to help you find just what you need this new season of the new school year ahead.

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WellStar; Your ENT One Stop Shop

Are you ready for relief for your nose, mouth and ears? These are sure solutions you can consider through the Wellstar Medical Group before your next family vacation as you plan your next outdoor adventure. Visit to Read Full Article and Pin to Save!

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