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Bible Journaling

A Collection of Bible Journaling resources such as bible journaling tutorials, bible study tips, bible journaling printables, bible journaling activities and more.

Ep. 10 Leap of Faith-Koneaka Brown

Need Encouragement right now as you are stuck at home? This Episode will explore the Importance of listening for God’s still voice when you don’t think you are qualified to do a certain thing. The doors that will open when you take that leap of faith, listen and do the work that is necessary to fulfill the call. Be inspired as you hear Koneaka Brown share her story as a Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and mentee now mentoring others.

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Ep.7 Self Worth, Finding Purpose and Passion-Crystal Jones

Author Crystal Jones shares how she overcame comparison to other believers and how she became an open book to share her testimony as a published author. With consecration and prayer you will find your purpose.

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Ep. 6 Perfect Peace & Health

Episode 6 Perfect Peace and Health Goals Talk

Radiant Pearl Living-RPL Live with Stacy Zant Episode 6 Features End of the Month Thoughts, Scripture reading on How to Find Perfect Peace and Goals for Great Health.

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Ep.5 Traveling Nurse | Speaker | Author Jacki Edwards

EP.5 Cover Art

Jacki Edwards, Traveling nurse, author and speaker was so kind to share her story of How purpose found her. Listen to this newly released episode glean from the wisdom shared with us.

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Ep.3 Joanna Hannah-Lifestyles Director

RPL Live Episode 3 Cover Art

Our Episode 3 Featured Guest, Joanna Hannah was so kind to share her wisdom with us and here are the takeaways-Pray and ask specifically for what you want. (Let His desires become your desires) Grow & glean from the wisdom of your elders….

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WPForms Giveaway: Win 1 Year Pro License Subscription (Worth 399) and more!

A few months ago I shared a little about how you can use WP forms to create beautiful signature forms for your business. Recently, we partnered up with WPForms to give three of our readers an opportunity to win the WPForms Pro License Subscription. The winner will be able to choose the best offer of 4 plans: Pro ($399). And a special reviewer will win a gift card to shop online! Enter the giveaway here today!

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Episode 2-Purpose, Passion and Pain

Episode 2 Feature Image on Purpose, Passion and Pain

Listen to a poignant conversation between Mother and daughters from a span of generations discuss How do you identify and know that you’re walking within your purpose and how have you come to embrace the pain and struggle in life?

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