Caribbean Music Feature for Caribbean Heritage Month

June is here and we are already at the half point mark of the year. There is even more significance to this month if you are from the Islands. June is officially Caribbean Month in The United States and as a native Jamaican from a family who celebrates a rich culture in the Caribbean, this month is an opportunity to recognize traditions and invaluable components of our culture.

I believe it is safe to say music is a big part of one’s culture as we find food to be. On a regular basis I am blessed with the access to food native to my culture from home-made Oxtail and fruitcake to restaurants that carry a wide assortment of food options and snacks I grew up with in the islands.

Music that represents our Caribbean culture is not as prevalent in our area as Food Options Mentioned above.

Did you know that although music is one of the components that brings people together, a variety of christian music is not readily shared in our congregations? There are many reasons for this. However, in this article I want to take a moment to focus on an area that specifically speaks to me and many other believers who hail from the Caribbean Culture. I am always amazed at the impact music can have on the soul and how it can impact a life for eternity. Music is more than the harmony we hear or the rhythm we feel, but it is the spirit and emotions evoked through sound. In my case as a worship leader, music sets the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move.

I hear time and time again from older mothers in the gospel and other islanders who have the opportunity to have a taste of their home through music request for more Caribbean gospel music. This is why I want to take the time to share a recording artist who is near and dear to my heart on this Caribbean Month, my mother-Maxine Marks.

She has graced many stages and platforms as an Evangelist, Pastor’s wife and Psalmist over the years and I have watched and sung alongside her in various countries as a Caribbean gospel artist whose music and sound will make you rock and take you back to that “good ole island feel” while uplifting the Lord most high.

Maxine Marks Caribbean Album Promo Cover

The opportunity to experience one’s culture through music is sometimes just what we need to remind us of who we are deep down and to bring us back to the feeling of home. This is especially important if you are a foreign exchange student living in a foreign land. Traveling and ministering as a recording artist, you see the life changing impact music can have on a person’s life and how well it compliments The Word and one’s faith.

Caribbean music if you are from the Caribbean not only gives you a feeling of home, but it connects your heritage to your faith.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month alongside listening and supporting Caribbean artists like Maxine Marks:

  1. Go to a Caribbean Jerk Festival
  2. Attend a Celebration of Caribbean Culture, the arts and Festivities
  3. Visit a Caribbean Expo
  4. Patronize Caribbean Artists
  5. For all our travel lovers, this is a big one-Go on a Caribbean cruise.
  6. See what local events your Caribbean Association may be hosting.
  7. Collaborate with a Caribbean based media company to share in the rich heritage and culture.

Alongside Caribbean Gospel, we have the rise of the Christian Contemporary Music Genre.

I would be amiss not to share my “Thirst For You” music video project that was released in this same month, June 2018.

Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Do you plan to celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month? Have you ever been to a Caribbean Church Service or are you more familiar with Christian Contemporary Music and All Nations Sunday? If you already listen to one or both genres we would love to hear some of your favorites below.

Would you like to know ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month and enjoy Caribbean Music? Check out our featured Caribbean Gospel Artist and see a list of ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month. Click to Read and Pin to Save.
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TGIF!! Happy Friyay June Summer Fun Things To Do! Music Gifts Galore and more.. Did you know it’s Caribbean Heritage Month? We will be enjoying a Caribbean Festival after a full day of training for Educators in Atlanta tomorrow. What plans do you have for the weekend? And have you seen the amazing free new classes added to the list published in the #RadiantPearlLiving Newsletter that is happening now and next week!? Now that graduation season has past and it is officially Summer, I would love to encourage you to reflect and consider a few things as you prepare for a dynamic summer. Just recently this week, we covered A Caribbean Music Feature & Things to Do for Caribbean Heritage Month! We are almost mid-way through this 1st official Summer month and Anniversary of the 1st EP Release, so excited to share what awaits ahead and to hear what amazing things you plan to do to make this month a most radiant one! <3 #worshipleader #RecordingArtist #CaribbeanMonth #DigitalMarketing #Publicist #Educator #Design #Consultant #Blogger #Singer #Songwriter #Visionary #Entrepreneur #Infopreneur #BossBabe

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If you are a subscriber or have followed this blog for any period of time, you know that I absolutely love the work I get to do with local and foreign exchange students as a coordinator. Now that High school graduations have taken place in the Southeast, my husband and I had to make it a priority to celebrate each and every student.

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    The students we have been working with these past ten months and the host families who have sacrificed and invested time, resources and so much more to see these their student have the best experience they could have while on the program are worthy of double honor. Living and attending High School in the United States is not as easy as the media would project, but each of these students we know had an experience of a lifetime.

    Here are some of the gifts created with love and personalized by hand alongside my cricut maker to present on our final day out as a group exploring some of the highlights in Atlanta (Stay tuned for a dedicated post on Things To Do in Atlanta as the Summer draws nearer).

    Today, I hope this post reminds you and inspires you to spread the message that we should celebrate each other’s heritage and You Are Absolutely Radiant.

    Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Scriptural reminder for those considering hosting a foreign exchange student.

    ” Even those I will bring to my holy mountain and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on my altar; For my house will be called a house of prayer for all the peoples. ” ~1 Timothy 5:10

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    Would you like to know ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month and enjoy Caribbean Music? Check out our featured Caribbean Gospel Artist and see a list of ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month. Click to Read and Pin to Save.

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    Would you like to know ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month and enjoy Caribbean Music? Check out our featured Caribbean Gospel Artist and see a list of ways you can celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month. Click to Read and Pin to Save.

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