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Would You Like to Build your faith as a fearless creator and Mama trying to take your profits and  presence online to the next level? Then, you’ll Want to Tune In for this Episode to Learn How you can do just that and so much more. 

This episode is a part of our special series to further equip and encourage you as you plan for a radiant life you love and fearlessly create leading up to our Annual The Fearless Creator Summit. 

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Episode Transcript:

[00:00:06.620] – Stacy Zant

Hello, Fearless Creators, Radiant Pearl, and so delighted to have with me here today, the one and only Faith Lee. I’m going to share with you a bit about her and why she’s the perfect person to speak on her topic and present what she’s presenting leading up to The Fearless Creator Summit of 2023. Faith is the owner of faithbizacademy. Com, and she helps online entrepreneurs build a thriving business through creating and selling digital products with effective email marketing. In the last two years, more than 7,000 students have gone through faith design and online marketing courses, and she has conducted over 520 business consultation sessions. Under her guidance, faith clients have created and sold their first digital products and they made their first 100, 1,000 and beyond in their online businesses. When she’s not working, you’ll find faith at the gym hitting the bags at Mua Thai classes and practicing her newly acquired skills on her children. I hope I didn’t fully butcher that. Faith, it’s such a delight to have you here today. Welcome.

[00:01:28.570] – Faith Lee

Thank you. Hi, Stacy. Thank you so much for having me. It’s such a pleasure. I mean, we worked together before, so it’s great to have this opportunity.

[00:01:38.640] – Stacy Zant

Indeed. It’s such a blessing to be connected with you. I believe for those who aren’t familiar with Faith, she is such a lady of excellence. I really have enjoyed knowing her that these past two years, now time goes by so quickly. Whether it was just learning about her from the involvement and the collaboration that she’s had with others that I’ve been connected with, and then, of course, us personally connecting over the summit that she did and, of course, my summit. And it’s just amazing to see the work that she’s doing. You heard it in the bio. So we’re going to learn and jump into some more of what she has to offer and just to get to know her a little bit more. So, Faith, one of the first things we always love to ask is, what does it mean to you to be a Fearless creator?

[00:02:28.720] – Faith Lee

I think it means to just do what your club desires. Of course, we’re talking about food stuff, right? But it’s really about what you want to achieve and then having the courage to do it. In fact, just yesterday I was meeting a lot of our ladies. A lot of them are aspiring today. They haven’t really started an online business, but they want to start it. I was telling them, some of them have actually admitted that one of the biggest obstacles is them telling themselves that they’re not good enough. And I think that is such a self-belief. And if we could just put that aside, we focus on what we know, what we can contribute to the people we want to deliver our products and services to and just do it. Ignore the noise, ignore the negativity, and just do it. I think that will make us the peerless creator that we want to be.

[00:03:28.630] – Stacy Zant

Yes, I love that. Oh, my word. Ignore the noise. Focus on what it is that is your desire, what you’re designed to do, and just recognizing that you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to be like what everyone else is telling you to be, but what you know you need to be, and just stepping out. I love the work that you do, Faith. Working individually with people who have to push back on some of the fears and the doubts and the things they come across that’s telling them, just like you said, they may not be good enough or they may not be knowledgeable enough. And of course, it makes a difference having someone to mentor and get them through the process of getting to know enough. And so I want you to share what does your routine look like when you’re deciding to plan to do something amazing, which I believe every day you’re doing something amazing. And seeing that through from beginning to end, how do you go forth to fearlessly create?

[00:04:34.890] – Faith Lee

There has to be an end. What is the destination? Maybe I can talk about the recent course that I created, which is on video creation. I have been creating and recording videos for over a year now, and I’ve got people asking me how I create my videos, the tools that I use, and stuff like that. So I know that there is demand for that knowledge and skills, and then the objective is to help people gain their confidence, not just in terms of the tech stuff they can do, but also have the confidence to record their last video. So that’s my objective. And then we work backwards about what information is required in the course curriculum. And then, of course, because I’ve already taken so many other courses before, the creation of learning pages and stuff like that. It’s going to come much easier because I have a template, I have a fixed routine, I know exactly what to do in every step along the way, so that helps. But I would say if you have an existing audience, it’s really important to learn to listen to people’s questions and feedback because then you will be able to product up to the products and services that will directly help your audience’s problems.

[00:05:53.520] – Faith Lee

And then there is demand and you provide the supply and then you will be able to make money from the products and services that you create.

[00:06:00.900] – Stacy Zant

I love that. When you were sharing just the entire process of really being able to understand what it is your people need so that that guides you to Fearless, they create, I think that’s brilliant for everyone who’s listening to really consider when they are looking to sit down, plan and decide, Okay, is this something that is really going to pay off in the long run? And one of the things that you pointed out was the templates. And you were so speaking my language, Faith, because people feel like it’s always going to be like this. It’s always going to be daunting and a major task, but you said it. You’ve done it enough times, practice makes perfect, and so you’ve done it enough times that it almost becomes second nature now to plan and to create fearlessly because you’ve been able to overcome the hurdle of the first time and laying the foundation. Now it’s like you’re just rinsing and repeating, right? I absolutely love that. One of the things that you do, Faith, is you’ve provided some of these templates as well as really guiding people through the process, like you said, with the video aspect for those who now, in this day and age, recognize video is also gold.

[00:07:18.140] – Stacy Zant

That is one of the reasons why I’ve personally also gravitated towards you because video is something that I hold to the utmost value, and so many people need help in this area. One of the things you’ve done, Faith, is that you don’t really try to hide or keep all of the wealth of knowledge to yourself. You collaborate with others. And even though you have such a breadth of knowledge, you still find the time to introduce your people to others who also have a breadth of knowledge. I want you to touch a little bit about that as we’re going deeper in this conversation. Why do you feel like it’s so important to show up and to share and be involved in other people’s community and provide value in the ways that you have through collaboration?

[00:08:13.900] – Faith Lee

I guess my personality is an extrovert, so I actually love interacting with people. I find that being able to interact with people and help people actually really adds lots more meaning to the business and the work I do. Yeah, it’s not just creating courses and then my students learning tactically, but I love writing programs that allow me to interact with my clients and really like to have a lot of support along the way. When I first started out, I’m from Singapore, most of my audience are coming from America and the UK. Actually, in the beginning, I really struggled with identity. I found it really difficult to assimilate in the online community of online bloggers and entrepreneurs. So there was that sense of discrimination. I felt actually really lonely or very lonely until I finally found my community where they don’t judge me based on the color of my skin or my Chinese name, but to really value the quality and the content and the content that you need. And because of that experience, I really feel strongly about reaching out to other ladies who might also be struggling with being misunderstood, not having enough support, especially when you’re trying to build something online.

[00:09:46.150] – Faith Lee

Sometimes our family members and our friends don’t understand. You can’t really get support from them. The language is different. What is SEO? What is picture marketing? Stuff like that, right? It’s not that they love us, but it’s just really hard to get them to fully understand what we want to do. And therefore, I experienced that too, which is why I think very strongly about helping or bringing along more people into my community that I can reach out to and support them in a very casual way, whether it’s sharing knowledge or having group calls where we can have an online community to support each other, to celebrate wins. Recently there was a lady in my group who celebrated selling to me 62 cents from her email market and she was really, Oh my God! But we can all sense the excitement and we all celebrate it with her. It’s not so much about the money, of course, she admitted that it’s not going toI know it’s okay for anything, but it’s the fact that she achieved a milestone. And us, in her community, we understood what she went through. This as an achievement, we could cheer her on.

[00:10:56.750] – Faith Lee

So it really brings me immense satisfaction to be able to play a small part in the lives of these people and their journey of building their online business.

[00:11:06.040] – Stacy Zant

Oh, my word, so powerful. Just seeing the wins and celebrating those wins and recognizing the role that you play in that because you decided to share that knowledge and collaborate with others in the community. One of the things that you’re doing for the Made to create preview as well as for the Fairlet’s Create our Summit experience in the fall, is that you are speaking to an area that doesn’t really get covered a lot when you’re talking about fearlessly creating and being made to create, even as a creative person. We love to create pretty things, some of us. When we have our families as well, even if it’s just for us, we want to have these memories that we can flip through and look back on, But how do we find the time to do that, that part of creativity, but then also be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor in a profitable way? You have shared some secrets on that. I want you to share a little bit about your session and your presentation and why people need to make sure that they take the time to tune in. What can they expect to learn from you?

[00:12:28.680] – Faith Lee

I love what you’re saying, like how we are creatives and we want to create stuff for that development and that’s an outcome, and how we can convert our passion into an activity that could actually generate the company, right? So my presentation is on the key to building a consistently growing income with digital. In my presentation, I’m going to talk about how to actually identify who the target audience is. There is a difference between just creating something for fun and actually wanting somebody to pay for the products and services. We need to understand who the audience is and what product they’re looking for and how you fit into the picture such that people are actually willing to pay for your products and services. And I will also give you an insight into how to develop your sweet observation, what variety of product you can actually offer. Even for Stacey, you don’t just do one thing, right? You run podcasts, you run coaching programs. So there’s a variety of products and services that you offer. So if you want to just… Whether you’re doing something as a site customer or you actually want to run a food slash online business that gives you full income, it will really help you to build a strong foundation.

[00:13:50.120] – Faith Lee

If you first understand who your audience is, what solutions you can provide, how to provide on synthetic. I think that is so important. I like to tell people very honestly that I’m in this for the money because I’ve got three kids to raise, they look to pay for it. Guys, I’m selling things to be funny. That is my honest truth. But behind it is about the value that I want to bring to the people in the sphere, my product’s success, how my product’s success can help them improve their businesses or improve their personal life. I think if you really want to provide value like that and you think your value is not your mission, if you’re providing value, you should be really at the center of it. And then everything else is going to place. And also the needs, you want to make sure you’re not necessarily drawing income. So this is great. I find that this presentation will be great for our complete beginners. And even if you have already started something, testing things out, trying to make money online, I think my presentation was to be able to give you insights into how to make this more concrete, have a stronger foundation for your all right, this has to be a lot more.

[00:15:09.250] – Stacy Zant

So powerful. You know, Faith, we always get so much tremendous feedback when people tune in and they’re just like, Wow. Their mind is blown about all the innovative ways that they can move forward in what our mission always is. And you spoke about mission there, and I always have to bring it to the forefront to use your gifts, be fearless and profitable. I love that you’ve pointed out so many effective ways. You haven’t just spoken about, Hey, this is possible, and motivating people, but you literally take the time to guide people through and to show them. I know that’s why you do such a fabulous job with your YouTube videos and with teaching others is because you demonstrate. I believe not just the content that they’re going to be receiving when they tune into your session, but the way in which you deliver it as well. They’re going to be able to learn how they can also deliver and teach what it is that they’ve been called and they’re passionate about teaching to the masses and even to the one. Definitely, I want to encourage, if you’re listening to this on the podcast or you’re watching this right now, you’re going to want to make sure to take advantage of the teachings that faith really offers.

[00:16:26.890] – Stacy Zant

And it’s just going to open your eyes to so much of what is possible for you through digital products, as well as through using your gifts to be able to ultimately be profitable. And so, Faith, not only have you been generous with your expertise and your teaching and training, but also you have been so kind in including something in the power pack that people will be able to get access to when they upgrade and they get that all-access PowerPak. I wanted to just speak a little bit about that premium product and what they can expect when they upgrade and have access to that.

[00:17:08.740] – Faith Lee

When you upgrade to the power pack, my contribution is that you can join the Mastermind the one month free access is usually at $47. You get direct access to me. We have two Zoom calls a month of our space, open consultation. And those sessions are great because people come together even if you don’t have questions. I strongly encourage you to attend because even just sitting in the room and listening to other people’s questions is going to benefit you greatly because more often than not, you probably experience similar struggles with other people. I think that is why it’s so important because sometimes if you work on this alone, if you’re being a solo worker, you think that you’re the only one who’s in a struggle, but actually that’s not true. But when you come together with a group of like-minded people, with a motivation to do something online to add value to the audience and hopefully make some money out of it, you get that support and encouragement to be like-minded people. So we’ve got two such a lot of consultation sessions for everyone. We place the provider, we have a Facebook group where you can ask questions anytime, we can seek help from their members, and then just newly added is what I call the box or week of the month.

[00:18:33.070] – Faith Lee

So boxes are and you can just send me text messages or all of my letters. So I’m actually essentially extending one-to-one of the patient services to you as part of our group coaching. But you have that one way to actually reach out to me individually. So if you’re too introverted or trying to ask a question publicly in the group, that’s a great time to ask me questions and I’ll provide you with this wise advice.

[00:18:59.080] – Stacy Zant

So brilliant. I love that faith. And so this tremendous value that you all, those who are desiring to go to that next level and recognize that if they have this idea, they can really run with that idea and build a business around it and, of course, make income through these variety of ways. And trust me, there really is no limit to what is possible. And you’re really opening yourself up to not just faith. But did you hear the number earlier? 7,000 students, right? And just recognizing that there’s just so much breadth and wealth of knowledge that is available to you through this resource. So thank you for that faith. I want you to share any last words to encourage our listeners and those who may be watching this as well as a fearless creator that is really desiring to figure out what is next. What is it that I need to be doing in this season to prepare for my next or to prepare for what I ultimately know I’m called and need to do? Because I know you didn’t start where you are at right now, Faith, and you spoke a little bit about that.

[00:20:19.300] – Stacy Zant

You spoke about the process and the journey of what you’ve had to overcome to get to this level of now having helped so many people and having had so many consultations. Because right now, what we are finding is that… And just up to last week, I had a call with someone who was saying they are having difficulty just even having someone decide to take action with them, to go ahead and, in a way, convert from just being a passive listener to now saying, Okay, I want to book a call with you. And you’ve proven that it’s possible, 520 consultations. So just share any of those last words to encourage people to let them know that it is possible for them as well.

[00:21:07.340] – Faith Lee

I think if you strongly believe in your goal, you should just run with it. My husband wanted to be a lawyer at the beginning, and that was a huge, but bust of profit, because the person I love most didn’t believe all of the things that I was thinking. But my perspective was as much as I respect his opinion and I love him, but I saw something that he didn’t, which was the ability for me to work from home or taking care of my two kids. And all I want to do is to read that $500 every month and I think that will help me so much with paying for my kids. And I just tagged my mind on it is other moms with young kids could do it from the comfort of their homes while still being a baby or a baby, I can too. And that was my sole goal to basically repeat the success of other moms that I have read about and followed the e-mails and followed their ways and thinking that if they could do it, I could do it. So that was it really. And don’t… Unfortunately, it’s not a get rich quick scheme

[00:22:21.920] – Faith Lee

You could take a couple of months, you could take a couple of years where you can actually see results. Hopefully, when you get a good coach or a good co-coach, you know that gives you proper support, you can achieve that success in a much shorter time. But don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Expect mistakes to happen. Even now that I have an established business, I still make mistakes. I had a sale that went to flop just a week ago. So this is a little sorry, but the thing is that I told my audience that I just made a huge and my promotion really went to that and they really appreciate the honesty and because if you said confidence, even though you don’t know how experienced they are, you still make mistakes. So especially if you’re already experienced, if I’m experienced with three or four years and you’re still making mistakes, what more a complete mistake? So expect mistakes to help you, but learn to adapt and just keep moving along and just focus on that one goal. What drives you, what you want to achieve for yourself, for your family? I hope we just let me add on a little bit more.

[00:23:34.400] – Faith Lee

So in all honesty, business has been doing well, but personally, the biggest thing is I have actually been struggling a bit, struggling with help, struggling with burnout, which is why I’m starting to hire people to work with me. But then I also realize because this is… I think we have a lot of leaders in our audience, so I guess this is something I want to share as well. I don’t think I’ve always consulted a lot about what I want to do. But recently, I’ve been actually taking more time to read the Bible, to do my devotional. And suddenly, things become clear. There’s this burden that is lifted off knowing that I don’t have to struggle, knowing that there is nothing to prove and that… And funnily, I get ideas of what I should be doing that is more God-centered, and not just of my personal ambitions. So with my personal ambitions, I can do things pretty fast and I think it helps my business to grow, but at the end of the day, I do not want to lose myself in that whole busyness as well. So if you are a believer, I would also strongly encourage you to make sure you take time off to meditate on the thoughts, or to take a deep breath and take time to pray, and take time to do emotions because it’s going to be so good for your soul, and then to be refreshed, energized, to actually really help you fulfill your calling and add that in all around you.

[00:25:09.260] – Stacy Zant

So tremendous. Faith, as you were sharing, thank you, first of all, for your transparency. And really, you can sense that this is what you’re going to get when you, of course, upgrade to the power pack and get access to Faith Lee’s amazing premium product and, of course, access to her, but just also recognizing the journey that it takes to get to that ultimate place that you desire and hearing your story. One of the things from the beginning when you were sharing those words of encouragement, so motivational because you really are an inspiration, faith. One of the things that just kept ringing even in my spirit is this idea of you are your name. You are who you’ve been designed and called to be. You live out faith. And from the very beginning, having that faith in what is possible. Because you read, there’s one of the things that really does guide us and inspire us, the books that we read, and talking about the fact that you… Reading, we know, can look like a myriad of ways. Reading blog posts, we know the importance of the online and learning from others. But you pointed out email marketing.

[00:26:30.390] – Stacy Zant

That was one of the things that was pointed out in your bio. But also that’s how you learned and you read those stories of what other moms did. And that sparked something, ignited something. And I believe those who are listening here today, something has been ignited for them to also have the faith, have faith, have been able to have and then deposit in others. And so I just hope and pray that those who are listening right now, we always know that there is someone that is called to us and all they have to do is just make the decision to say yes and to take action. And so that’s what I want to do, is just give that encouragement, as faith has so beautifully really wrapped things up in this interview today, letting you know where she has come from and where she is today. Didn’t happen overnight, and you have to be in it for the long haul. It’s not a quick scheme that is going to make you rich, but it’s going to be something that you dedicated yourself to, keep the faith, and you even build your faith. Turning to the Master Creator to guide you and to give you these creative ideas because he’s given you the creative abilities, right?

[00:27:47.890] – Stacy Zant

And then the resources like faith or Fearless Creators that we’ve brought to you through this amazing collaboration and summit. So faith, I know I said, wrap things up with this motivation. Let people know right now how they can connect with you the best places they can go so that they can get more of faith.

[00:28:09.760] – Faith Lee

Just check out my website. Faithbizacademy.Com. You should be able to find ways to reach me on my YouTube and my Twitter and there.

[00:28:19.360] – Stacy Zant

Fabulous. Oh, so, so excited. And for those of you who are listening and watching this as well, we want to remind you when you take the time to watch Faith Lee’s presentation, you’re also going to see another fun and creative way that she has you connect with her, as well as the special offer just for you for tuning in for her session. And it has a QR code, so she makes it super easy for you to be able to get that and convert in taking action right then and there. So take action today. Do not hesitate as you’re listening to this before you move on to the next thing. Make sure to connect with Faith. Let her know how excited you were to listen and be inspired by this interview, as well as her session and what other amazing things that she’s taking the time to offer to you with her generosity. And so with that, Faith, we always love to say our mission here. Our mission is to help you, not only recognizing that you can be captivated, you can captivate others with our theme for this year with the Fearless Creator Summit. But as always, our mission is to help you.

[00:29:31.200] – Stacy Zant

Use your gifts, be fearless and profitable. Until next time. See you soon. Thank you, Faith.

[00:29:40.450] – Faith Lee

Thank you.

[00:30:05.660] – S. Renae Conyers

Greetings. I’m S Renae Conyers from the Pearl Gathering and Anchored In Grace. I am so glad to have this opportunity to share with you what the Fearless Creator Summit has done for me. I thought it was just coming in, listening, and saying, Hey, here you go. I checked the box. Little did I know that all the dreams, the ideas that were within me was going to have the opportunity to come out so that way I could actually produce. The Fearless Creator Summit gave me an opportunity to connect with people, so that gives you community, and empowered me to say, You have this, you can do it, provided the tools and the resources, the people that went beyond Stacey, went beyond her team, but I was able to collaborate and learn and do. We have not already secured your seat. If you have not registered, do it now. Do not wait. Another thing, do not just take any seat, but register and add on the power pack. What I learned is you’re not going to be able to consume everything in one sitting. You’re going to need to go back. You’re going to need to review. You’re going to need to look at your notes and then say, Wait, did I miss a step?

[00:31:10.820] – S. Renae Conyers

The power pack gives you an opportunity to go back and readdress to ensure you have everything that is needed. I am grateful because I came in to the Fearless Creator with the Pearl Gathering, and I left now, but not just that, but anchored in grace. Each time I’m learning new things so that I can develop the businesses and utilize what was placed within me. Now is the time. Register, and I cannot wait to see you there.

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The Radiant Pearl Prayer Journal Package, created to equip you for Faith-Filled Moments recorded intentionally each day through prayer, worship, journaling and Bible Study. And now we have the sample pack available to you for free so you can explore planning and journaling digitally this month. 

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