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DIY Christmas Ornaments Glitter-Floating-Painted

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Your DIY Ornaments represent more than the color scheme used to decorate your tree. They are filled with names & designs that represent something as dear as a memory in time and a place that played a vital role in you being who you are today. Thanks to the Cricut last year and Decor Art this year, it is easier than ever before to customize your DIY ornaments with Glitter, Paint & Floating photos.

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Creative Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Creative ways to Prepare for Christmas Kick Off

Looking for creative ways to prepare for Christmas? You will find Gift Guides,  crafts you can enjoy with your family, scrumptious meals you can prepare for your next Potluck party! Not to mention, the recipe for the most delectable dessert you’ve always desired to bake to share with family and friends.

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