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8 Games You'll Want to Play this Holiday!

As we prepare to make the most of the holiday season with loved ones, it is natural for us to think how we can make the most of our time together as friends and family enjoying quality time in community. With winter beauty just before us, there is a warm feeling in the air that reminds us that Christmas is almost here!

Today, I want to share with you 8 simple games you can enjoy at your Holiday gathering this Christmas.

Here are the list of game you can play to make your Christmas Holiday Adventure memorable for all:

  • Musical Chairs
  • Trim The Tree
  • Secret Santa
  • Say The Word
  • Guess The Christmas Song
  • Christmas Charades
  • Guess How Many (Candy Canes or Kisses!)
  • You’re the Gift
  1. Musical Chairs

Chairs are placed in a circle with one less chair than the amount of people playing. As the music plays, each person walks in a circle until the music stops. Everyone must find a seat to remain in the game and as one person is removed from the game for not finding a seat when the music stops, a chair is removed until only one person is left as the winner.

2. Trim The Tree (And Create Gifts your family will love as pictured below)

Supplies Needed:Mini Christmas tree, plastic Christmas ornaments

How to Play: 
Pick up a handful of mini Christmas trees and place them in a line on the floor. Give each player a bucket full of plastic ornaments that have hooks on them and have them stand on a line of painter’s tape 10 feet away from the mini trees. Players race to be the first to trim a tree by tossing ornaments from the line to try to get them to hang on the tree. First one to get five ornaments on their tree wins. (Provided by Play, Party, Plan)

3. Secret Santa

A very popular game, pairings are done prior and gifts are purchased within a certain budget and exchanged at the gathering.

4. Say The Word

Decide what the taboo word of the evening and if an attendee says the word they have to give their candy cane away to the person who identified they said the word first. The person with the most Candy canes is declared the Word King or Queen.

5. Guess The Christmas Song

A tune of the song is shared and the 1st person to guess the correct name of the song earns points to win!

6. Christmas Charades

Teams are selected and then actions will follow from the actors motioning to team members to guess categories and factors pertaining to Christmas.

7. Guess How Many

Have a clear jar of Candy Canes or Kisses placed in a visible area so guests can guess how many are in the jar and write or state the amount they guess is in the jar. The closes to the official number wins.

8. You’re The Gift

Create a Gift Tag (The Quick & Easy way I’ve done here!) or Present Cut-out for each guest and have their name written on it. Everyone will sign a note stating why the person is a gift. At the end of the evening, each person will read aloud the reasons why they are a gift.

@stacyzant On this day of celebrating the birth of our savior and season of gift gifting, never waste your pretty paper after a project again. Simply create tags with your left over paper and we’ll do here 🥳 Come back to see the actual project I created with this paper selection 🎀 ##christmas #gifttags #giftideas #papercraft #paperpunch #scrapbooking ♬ Creative – Smile
You are the gift Christmas game pin
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Let Us Know Your Thoughts

Share in the comments below some fun holiday decor ideas you’re doing this season! I can’t wait to hear all the fun things you are creating! 

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8 Games You'll Want to Play at Your Party This Christmas

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