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A clean and uncluttered space brings clarity and tranquility to your mind, heart and soul. Today, I want to encourage and inspire you to take the steps to get your space how you want it with the declutter challenge and freebie I am offering my readers and subscribers. I started with a closet. Start to think of what scary and completely cluttered space you will start with to declutter.

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Did I mention that my home is undergoing a full transformation due to a flooding in the main level portion of our home?

This unfortunate circumstance gave me the necessary push to do what I have been meaning to do for quite some time! Some updates include changing out the carpets that came with our home and replacing the window treatments that we bought our home with since it was a model home.

I live by the motto that all things are working together for my good. So it is of no surprise that I see this unpleasant flooding experience as a blessing in disguise, to get what needed to be done, completed.

How have you chosen to declutter your space and home this season? In this post, I want to share several (7 ways to be exact) ways to declutter your home and then redesign, start afresh!

  1. Download the Checklist
  2. Survey your Space
  3. Create a plan
  4. Discard the trash
  5. Donate the things you don’t need
  6. Craft a Redesign Strategy
  7. Celebrate your home makeover!

Get Productive and remain focused on the task at hand as you make your home a radiant place that brings you joy and others you invite over.

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I have a few interesting and exciting options I wanted to take the time to share with you. However, I would love to hear from you before I decide on what to share and what content to create next to keep you inspired. I would like to provide what is of importance to you! Take the Survey here.

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As you strive to create and share a most radiant space you love, I hope you will find supporters who fiercely love keeping their homes and space as clutter free as possible. This I am positive will maximize your productivity and take your family, business and dream to a higher level.

We are encouraged and inspired when affirmations and our journey is shared and celebrated in community. Learn more about our Radiant Community and what great value this space can provide as I continue to share creative content curtailed to your needs.

Now that the process of completing Home Decor DIYs has begun and my home continues to undergo major transformation, I hope to inspire you to make your space beautifully yours as you dedicate a place and time to make the dreams you may have had for a while, a reality.

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I am excited to share the story of what led me to this project and how it can get rid of the clutter (Download the Declutter Your Home Checklist immediately below!) you may be experiencing in your space presently!

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Along with decluttering your space, consider the design and ways you can beautify your home, spaces.

Even your business inside and outside of the home can have beauty all around. Due to multiple requests from beloved clients and friends, as a means to help you with the design to beautify your business, I updated my portfolio to showcase some more pieces of design I currently offer clients who wish to take their local and online presence to the next level.

Create a Space You Love with this Decluttering Checklist

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7 Ways to Declutter Checklist and ReDesign Beauty in your home
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